,,,And we’re off! Big Brother 11 ends; Survivor Samoa begins! The new season started; and the spotlight was surely on Russell; a self-proclaimed Millionaire “Oil Tycoon”, with a “personality” all TOO familiar to those already missing Big Brother 11.

– It’s a bit difficult to write too much as we’re all just getting to know who’s who. Within the first 30 minutes, I’m sure many of us wondered, “what the world Russell did to gain ANY one’s trust/respect?”!

– NO doubt, this will be one Volatile season! Which of the other guys/gals will emerge as the “stronger” Players?

— A few of the castaways that stood out for me; Eric; VERY handsome, strong, can easily be a huge Favorite for us “Fans”, JaSon; did y’all see that man swim?, and for the girls; you had to feel bad for Marissa, one rather “innocent” comment; and just as “Russell ordered”, she became the first to have her “flame” put out!

– It’s certainly going to be fun getting to know the rest; Will Shambo be able to hang on? Will we see another strong player stand up to the obnoxious Russell? Share your theories, add your comments; OUR flame STAYS Lit!

(My apologies if I screwed up any names!)
– Joey Lee*