While we still wait to find out if Boston Rob was successful on his umpteenth visit to Survivor we do know what he’ll be doing after the mid-May Survivor Redemption Island finale.

Rob Mariano is teaming with up with Dennis Anderson to travel the world using various, often unconventional modes of transportation as part of a new show for the History Channel:

In Around the World in 80 Ways, Mariano and Anderson will challenge each other to circumnavigate the globe using 80 different methods of transportation with the caveat that each cannot repeat any way twice.

“I think The Amazing Race gave me a foundation for traveling,” Mariano tells PEOPLE. “However, the approach that we are taking in Around the World in 80 Ways is completely different from anything I’ve done before in that this show will be a celebration of transportation throughout history.”

This sounds like a very entertaining idea, but it definitely reminds of Big Brother‘s Jeff Schroeder’s own “around the world” adventure last year. I guess Boston Rob had the right connections to make it in to an actual show.

Will you tune in to watch Rob ride an ostrich as he navigates the globe?

Source: People