Update: An earthquake hit the Island of Samoa yesterday and set off 4 tsunamis.  At least 99 people are dead and a dozen still missing from the islands of  Samoa and American Samoa.  The Survivor crew were not filming at this time.

I have been looking for some spoilers for everyone about the upcoming episode of Survivor.  Last week I found some good information however the lid is tightly closed regarding this weeks events.   It looks like the reward challenge will be interesting as the teams are pulling crates out of the water in what could be a puzzle contest.


If the rumors are true then Galu will win the challenge and get to choose between a tarp or bedding and GRussell chooses bedding much to the disappointment of his tribe.  Apparently it is raining quite a bit and they really needed the tarp to stay dry so he has to endure some harsh words from his teammates.  Could this be the beginning of the end for GRuss??   Or is Galu’s dislike of Shambo enough to send her home?  She didn’t do herself any favors last week not coming back with any fish and swimming around in the swamp.  How about losing the mouth piece from the snorkel?  Her tribe is not happy with her so when she goes off on them for doing yoga this week, don’t be surprised to see her voted out if Galu loses the immunity challenge.

What is in store for team Foa Foa this week?  The commercial shows Jaison trying to rally the troops against BRussell.  I wonder if he will tell them about the immunity idol?  Since BRuss does have the idol it doesn’t make much sense to me for Jaison to go after him.   For all he knows Bruss could save him from eviction.  Why go against him now?   Episode 3 is titled “It’s Called a Russell Seed” so it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his so called control of the tribe.  I had hoped that Jaison would stick with him because they would have definitely gotten far together.  If Foa Foa loses the challenge, I am anxiously waiting to see whose side everyone takes.

foa foa 1

Who will win the immunity challenge this week?  Who gets to visit the other tribe?  Who gets a clue to the immunity idol?  And who will be the next castaway evicted from Samoa?

I hope we do not see Foa Foa sitting at tribal council this week or I hate to say it, they are doomed!

I will continue to update if I hear more rumors before Thursday.