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Survivor 2018’s cast was released today by CBS ahead of the season premiere on Wednesday, February 28th. This season the Ghost Island theme brings us back to “cursed” items of Survivor lore where twenty castaways will try to “reverse the curse” with one of them taking home the million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor!

Starting Wednesday, February 28th, we’ve got two tribes this season with Naviti and Malolo, a nice shift back from three tribes. Hopefully that means a better time of getting to know each tribe dynamics without having to jump around so much between camps.

Take a look at the Season 36 castaways and the tribes below then see which side you think will take an early lead and who has the advantage to win it all on Survivor 2018!

Gallery: Survivor 2018 Castaways

Survivor 2018 S36 full cast Survivor 2018 S36 Malolo Tribe Survivor 2018 S36 Naviti Tribe

Survivor 2018 Cast: Naviti Tribe (Purple)

  • Angela Perkins (42) – Army Veteran – Cincinnati, OH
  • Chelsea Townsend (24) – EMT/Pro Cheerleader – Los Angeles, CA
  • Desiree Afuye (21) Student – Brooklyn, NY
  • Kellyn Bechtold (31) Career Counselor – Denver, CO
  • Morgan Ricke (29) – Marine Animal Trainer – Orlando, FL
  • Bradley Kleihege (26) – Law Student – Los Angeles, CA
  • Chris Noble (27) – Male Model – Brooklyn, NY
  • Domenick Abbate (38) – Construction Supervisor – Nesconset, NY
  • Sebastian Noel (22) – Fishing Guide – Satellite Beach, FL
  • Wendell Holland (33) – Furniture Designer – Philadelphia, PA

Survivor 2018 Cast: Malolo Tribe (Orange)

  • Jenna Bowman (23) – Account Executive – Venice Beach, CA
  • Laurel Johnson (29) – Financial Consultant – Minneapolis, MN
  • Libby Vincek (24) – Social Media Strategist – Houston, TX
  • Stephanie Gonzalez (26) – Graphic Sales – Ocala, FL
  • Stephanie Johnson (34) – Yoga Instructor – Chicago, IL
  • Brendan Shapiro (34) – Physical Education Teacher – Herndon, VA
  • Donathan Hurley (26) – Caretaker – Kimper, KY
  • Jacob Derwin (22) – Music Teacher – Brooklyn, NY
  • James Lim (24) – Business Analyst – New York, NY
  • Michael Yerger (18) – Real Estate Agent – Los Angeles, CA

Before we can get to the new season of Survivor we’ve got to get through the Celebrity Big Brother series. Once that season wraps up on February 25th we’ll jump over to Survivor 2018 on the following Wednesday before what I’d expect to be a thirteen week run per the usual routine.

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Survivor 2018 Season 36 Theme Revealed: Ghost Island Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:15:47 +0000 [...]]]> Survivor 2018's Ghost Island S36

Get ready for Survivor 2018 and the season of “Ghost Island” starting this February on CBS and CBS All Access as twenty new castaways face past fears of the game for a chance at the million dollar prize.

We just saw S35 wrap up with Ben Driebergen taking the jury’s votes but now it’s time for a new Sole Survivor and a new twist. Survivor “Ghost Island” will be filled with “cursed” items that have brought down players in big ways and now they’re back to possibly do it again.

Jeff explains the new theme in an interview with EW:

JEFF PROBST: Ghost Island represents all the bad decisions made by former players. Think of it as the graveyard for Survivor mistakes. We found a really creepy island that serves as Ghost Island and we designed it using actual Survivor items from previous seasons. For instance, castaways who spend the night on Ghost Island will sleep underneath the 35 previous torch snuffers. So as they drift off, they are reminded that one mistake can mean your death in the game.

And every idol or advantage in the game will be from a previous season. These are the actual, authentic items from past seasons.

With these cursed items back in the game there will be the chance to right the wrongs of past players, but of course there’s a chance things could still turn in to a huge mess yet again. Jeff explains, “the concept is those items are haunted and have been living on Ghost Island. The new players will have the chance to reverse the curse and play them properly… or suffer the same fate.”

This sounds like a very fun idea for a season but to get their money’s worth I imagine we’ll see another endless supply of hidden Idols and gimmicky advantages. There have definitely been too much of that recently and I’m expecting that to continue on Survivor 2018.

Get ready for the new season and the new cast of Survivor Season 36 with the season premiere on Wednesday, February 28th! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, & get our Email Updates for more.

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Survivor 2018 Season 36 Schedule On CBS Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:00:10 +0000 [...]]]> Survivor Ghost Island on CBS

Survivor 2018 starts on Wednesday, February 28th after just a short two months off since last season. The new installment will return to its regular spot of Wednesday nights on CBS and CBS All Access following the completion of the new series, Celebrity Big Brother.

We’re used to seeing 13 weeks of Survivor each season which would put us at a May 23rd season finale, but CBS has not yet confirmed when we’ll see the season finale, only the start date.

This new season, Ghost Island, will bring twenty new castaways and a lot of old, bad spirits to the game for a new twist. The castaways will have a chance to redeem “cursed” items but at the risk of falling victim to them as did previous players. We’ll have to wait and see just how that all comes together.

Are you ready for the new season of Survivor 2018? We’ll be back with our season long coverage with results, spoilers, and everything else that comes with Survivor!

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Survivor 2017 Finale: Season 35 Winner Revealed 12/20/2017 Thu, 21 Dec 2017 03:20:22 +0000 [...]]]> Castaways on Survivor 2017 finale with Jeff Probst

We’re ready for the final results of the Survivor 2017 season as Jeff will reveal who won Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers, but before we get to the final vote we’ve got a few more castaways to vote off. The show will run longer than usual tonight as the finale event lasts from 8/7c until around 11/10c so settle in for our live recap and results coverage right here.

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Survivor on CBS All Access

Before we get to the first challenge it’s time for Ben to go hunting for the next Immunity Idol. Well guess what, yep, Ben found the next Idol under the raft. He’s just secured his spot in the F4. There are simply too many Idols in this game.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 1

Immunity is back up for grabs. The castaways return to the water with a series of obstacles and a puzzle to wrap it all up. Winner of this round will secure a spot in the F4.

Chrissy wins Immunity & Reward!

Chrissy won the reward of “comfort food” and can pick two people to join her: Mike & Devon.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 1

Who will fall short of the F4? Ben and Mike are the obvious outsiders, but this group has been taking a lot of shots at their own in the last few weeks.

Ben plays his real Idol while Chrissy’s fake Idol is obviously useless.

Jeff reads the votes: Devon, Mike Tied!

Re-vote: Mike, Devon, Mike

Mike Zahalsky was voted off Survivor!

Survivor 2017 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 2

Immunity is back up for grabs and this will secure both a spot in the F3 and supposedly a twist that gives them the choice on who else will join them there. That last spot will go to another challenge or decision.

This is a massive headache of a challenge! Castaways have to set blocks that spell out HEROES HEALERS HUSTLERS without knocking any of them over in the process. It’s wildly difficult as they keep knocking themselves out of the running. Ben almost has it but had one letter upside down and spills all the blocks. They all keep doing it. It’s a huge mess!

Chrissy wins Immunity!

Chrissy ties the record for the most Immunity Idols won by a woman in a single season. She also wins an advantage, the last secret of the game. Chrissy learns about the twist here. She gets to pick one person to join her in the F3. The other 2 castaways will face off in a fire-making challenge.

Chrissy decides she’ll take Ryan since she thinks Devon has a better chance at beating Ben in the challenge. Remember we saw Devon making fire earlier? It’s not a bad strategy.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 2

Time to settle our F3 for S35. Who will be knocked out and who will stand in front of the jury for the million dollar decision?

Chrissy picks Ryan to join her in the F3 per her advantage. She reveals the details to the tribe and jury before making her decision official. Now it’s time for Devon and Ben to battle it out over who can make fire first to lift their flag. Well this certainly is more exciting than usual!

Ben gets the first flames going and starts to build it while Devon starts to pick up his pace but he still lacks a spark. Ben is building his fire quickly! Here it goes!

Ben wins the challenge! Devon Pinto is eliminated.

Did you like that twist? Jeff announces back in the studio that it’ll be a repeating part of the game now so watch out for it again next season.

Now with the F3 settled they’ll need to prepare for a potentially brutal Q&A with the jury members.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Winner Revealed

Jeff reads the votes: Ben, Ryan, Chrissy, Chrissy, Ben, Ben, Ben

Ben Driebergen wins Survivor!

What did you think of the Survivor 2017 winner results? Did the jury make the right choice? Share your thoughts below! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, & get our Email Updates for more Survivor.

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Tonight On Survivor 2017 Finale: ‘Million Dollar Night’ Wed, 20 Dec 2017 12:00:36 +0000 [...]]]> Survivor 2017 S35 Finale night

Update: Find out who won Survivor 2017 S35! The results are in for the latest winner.

Tonight on CBS the Survivor finale kicks off at 8/7c for a three-hour show to reveal who won Survivor 2017! One of the remaining five castaways will get all the cash and title of Sole Survivor.

Last week it was Ashley who was cut short of making the big night so that leaves either Ben, Chrissy, Devon, Mike, or Ryan to take the crown. They’ve got a few more rounds of competition including a new twist that’s intended to change up the way we’ve seen the strongest players cut out at the last step. Of course that twist will allegedly just make it easier to get your goat to the end with you. Go figure.

Think your favorite will win? Let’s hear your predictions below before we settle in for the big reveal. Then when it’s over there’s still the hour long reunion show (that’s all part of the three hour event) so hopefully we’ll get some fun insights to the season from some of the castaways we might not have heard from quite so much.

Watch this sneak peek scene from tonight’s finale to see how Chrissy works on getting her hooks back in to Ben in case he wins Immunity. She’s set herself up pretty well to get to the end, but would enough of that jury vote to give her the million dollars?

Get ready for tonight’s Survivor 2017 finale at 8/7c on CBS and join us live right here on the site to chat with other Survivor fans throughout the show. For even more coverage you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates too. Catch past episodes of Survivor on All Access!

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Who Is Left: Survivor 2017 Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Finale Week Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:00:43 +0000 [...]]]> Tribal Council episode 13 on Survivor 2017

This is it! The end of Survivor 2017 has arrived and we’re down to just five castaways left after Ashley was blindsided by her allies. So who will win Survivor this season? We’re about to find out.

Of the five castaways left it looks like Ben remains the top target among the crowd while Chrissy finds herself insulated by two close allies of her own. Or maybe we’ll see Dr. Mike off to join the Jury next. It likely all comes down to the next Immunity Challenge and who knows how that will go.

Oh, and we’ve got a new twist coming with the Final Four. It’s supposed to turn strategy on its head by keeping us from seeing the strongest players knocked out just before the end. Of course it does also make it that much easier for the weakest to be dragged along.

Catch up on who remains in the game here on Survivor finale week!

Who Is Left? Survivor 2017 Season 35 Week 12

‘Solewa’ Tribe

  • Ashley Nolan (former blue Levu)voted off last week
  • Ben Driebergen (former red Yawa)
  • Chrissy Hofbeck (former yellow Soko)
  • Devon Pinto (former blue Levu)
  • Mike Zahalsky (former red Yawa)
  • Ryan Ulrich (former yellow Soko)

Who do you think will be the next castaway voted off? Share your predictions below.

Watch last week’s Tribal Council vote from Survivor 2017 Season 35:

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Survivor 2017 Ponderosa – Ashley Nolan [VIDEO] Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:00:23 +0000 [...]]]> Ponderosa on Survivor 2017

Ashley Nolan joined the jury this week at Ponderosa after being voted off Survivor 2017 in a blindside by her allies. Chrissy got her way and Ashley got a ticket to the resort life. Despite that quick yank of her game Ashley isn’t too bitter, a nice trend we’re seeing this season.

Arriving at Ponderosa Ashley was a little nervous that she’d be poorly welcomed after helping vote out all but Lauren, but that wasn’t the case. They greeted her with hugs, drinks and a big spaghetti dinner. She was thrilled.

Next up was her challenge to find her “thing” for her Ponderosa video. Everyone Survivor juror has a “thing,” she explains, but she doesn’t know what to make hers. She searches around, asks the other jurors, and finally takes Joe’s advice to just be herself and let that be her Ponderosa feature.

There’s of course also Ashley’s “finding herself” moment as she explains how Survivor has changed her perspective on life and she can’t wait to get back and keep exploring what’s next.

Overall, it’s another fun segment and one worth watching if you’ve got ten minutes. Check it out below along with a few scenes from her stay there. Then get ready to see Ashley again next week for the Survivor 2017 finale on Wednesday, December 20th!

Gallery: Ashley Nolan at Ponderosa

Survivor 2017 Ponderosa: Ashley Nolan

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Survivor 2017: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 12/13/2017 Thu, 14 Dec 2017 12:45:02 +0000 [...]]]> Survivor 2017 results & episode spoilers

We’re racing to the end of Survivor 2017 with another episode last night ending with one more castaway voted off to Ponderosa to prepare for the Jury’s decision next week. Here we have six castaways and one big target among them. We’ll see how things go for Ben this week and if he can dodge the tribe’s fire at the next vote.

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Survivor on CBS All Access

Survivor 2017 Week 12: Reward Challenge

Back to the beach we go for the latest reward competition. Last week the luxury was time with family so how are they going to compete with that tonight? As long as the competition isn’t “pull a rock out of a bag” we should have something interesting to watch.

Players are working in teams as they work through the water to retrieve rings to toss on a post at the end. First pair to finish heads off for a night at a private resort where they’ll eat the whole time and sleep on a real bed. Nice!

Teams: Ben & Ashley, Devon & Chrissy, Ryan & Mike

After a huge lead through the whole obstacle course we see Ben & Ashley fall to last place in the tossing. Devon has the method down and a big lead… and pulls off the win along with Chrissy!

Devon & Chrissy win Reward!

They can pick one, and only one to bring along… Ryan.

Survivor 2017 Week 12: Immunity Challenge

Get your hustle on because this is another big scale challenge with immunity on the line. The castaways will have to cross the obstacle course playing field while collecting bags of puzzle pieces for the last stage of the comp. There the players will have to assemble a gear system to win the challenge.

Chrissy wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 12: Immunity Idol

Ben is the only one out hunting for the replacement Idol and he’s been doing it all episode so obviously he was going to get at least close, right? Well Ben found a clue that sent him to dig right under the bed in the middle of camp. He’s afraid to be too obvious while everyone is there… before we find out if he’s daring enough to dig the scenes shifts to Tribal Council.

Survivor 2017 Week 12: Tribal Council

Who will be voted off tonight? We’re going from six to the Final Five right here so grab some fire.

As the TC gets heated here comes Ben with his Idol. Sure enough, he found it under the bed. No surprise. That’s going to shift the plans dramatically and he does this openly unlike last week when he could control who went home with his one vote.

Jeff reads the votes: Mike, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley

Ashley Nolan was voted off Survivor!

Next week is the Survivor finale! Wednesday, December 20th at 8/7c for the 3-hour event including the reunion show after the winner is revealed.

What did you think of the Survivor 2017 results? Did the tribe make the right choice in their votes? Share your thoughts below! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, & get our Email Updates for more Survivor.

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Tonight On Survivor 2017: ‘The Survivor Devil’ Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:45:38 +0000 [...]]]> Ben is the target on Survivor 2017

Update: Find out who was voted off Survivor tonight for the Final 6 castaways!

Tonight on Survivor we’re going to see Ben in the hot seat after narrowly dodged being voted off last week. Can he do it another round this week on Survivor 2017?

There are just six castaways left in Season 35 as we’re only one week away from the season finale. It’ll all be over soon. Phew!

Heading in to this week it’s obvious that Ben is the target, but Mike isn’t exactly sitting pretty so if Ben pulls off a safety win here then it could be big trouble for the doc. With all the hype about the pressure being on Ben I’ve gotta expect this to be a close Immunity challenge and I won’t be surprised to see him win there.

The castaways will face a huge obstacle field competition that ends with a puzzle of gears to assemble. They’ll be darting across the course to gather bags of pieces before sprinting to the top of the platforms and scrambling to be the first to finish.

At this point I think we’re out of hidden Idols and special powers, right? Mike played his pointless the other week. Mike burned up Lauren’s. Lauren left with the extra vote unused. And Ben wisely played his Idol last week. It’d be nice if they just let them play the game, but who knows what they’ll do next. We do know there’s going to be a special F4 twist this season so that should be exciting even if we don’t get it tonight. Soon though!

Get ready for tonight’s Survivor 2017 episode at 8/7c on CBS and join us live right here on the site to chat with other Survivor fans throughout the show. For even more coverage you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates too. Catch past episodes of Survivor on All Access!

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Who Is Left: Survivor 2017 Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week 12 Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:00:42 +0000 [...]]]> Tribal Council - Survivor 2017 S35 Episode 12

We’re down to the penultimate episode of Survivor’s Season 35! We’ll go from six castaways to the final five this week and then next round will be the season finale where we’ll find out who won Survivor 2017. The season is nearly over, but there’s still plenty left to do.

Last week was a painful dose of secondhand embarrassment as we watched Lauren throw away both her hidden Idol and her secret advantage of a second vote, either of which could have saved her from elimination. Oops. At least she’s got Ponderosa to enjoy.

Now we’ve got the last six players and Ben is high on the list of targets. It’s do or die for this cowboy and with all the drama that CBS is hyping around it I’ve got to assume he’ll pull off the immunity win this week. But if he doesn’t… see ya Ben!

Catch up on who remains in the game this week as we close in on the end of the season in just a few more rounds.

Who Is Left? Survivor 2017 Season 35 Week 12

‘Solewa’ Tribe

  • Ashley Nolan (former blue Levu)
  • Ben Driebergen (former red Yawa)
  • Chrissy Hofbeck (former yellow Soko)
  • Devon Pinto (former blue Levu)
  • Lauren Rimmer (former red Yawa)voted off last week
  • Mike Zahalsky (former red Yawa)
  • Ryan Ulrich (former yellow Soko)

Who do you think will be the next castaway voted off? Share your predictions below.

Watch last week’s Tribal Council vote from Survivor 2017 Season 35:

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