Jeff Probst talks Survivor 2014 Cast

We’re so ready for the start of Survivor 2014 and now that Dr. Jeff Freud is here to give us his Survivor cast psychoanalysis things are set to go for a mother, I mean another!, season.

Jeff Probst runs down the new season’s cast list and gives his thoughts on each of them. A few standouts with Jeff’s comments:

  • Cliff – Other castaways already know who he is and a pro-sports background ($$) could be trouble
  • Tony – He won’t make it to the end if he can’t relate to others better
  • Woo – Likely to end up at the finish line and catch everyone off guard
  • David – He lives in a world the others don’t & he’ll have to come to their playing ground
  • J’Tia – Can’t get a read on her & all her different personalities
  • Kass – Her plans to play the villain won’t work. She needs to think fast for a better plan
  • Spencer – Not a chance that this arrogant, clueless guy can win the game
  • Morgan – She’s used to using her looks, but on Survivor no one cares

Want to hear about the rest of the cast? Check out Jeff’s video below and get ready for Survivor 2014 to start on February 26th on CBS!

This is a great preview for more insight especially considering how little “real” we get in most of the castaways’ CBS interviews.

Jeff Probst talks about the Survivor 2014 cast: