Next time on Survivor 2015 the Second Chance finale arrives and awards one of these last six castaways a one million dollar prize wit the title of Sole Survivor.

Survivor Finale on Wednesday

Survivor Finale on Wednesday – Source: CBS/YouTube

We’ve got three hours of Survivor starting at 8PM ET/PT on Wednesday night with the first two playing out the last of the Survivor challenges and tribals plus an extra hour of the live reunion show.

Along the way we’ll see Keith, Kelley, Tasha, Spencer, Kimmi, and Jeremy face off in a string of challenges and four more tribal councils. It’s going to be a crazy night.

Now that Abi-Maria is out and off to Ponderosa everyone else really does have a better shot at getting to the end since she solidly held one of the final three seats. Who will be the three to go now?

We’ve seen a shift in alliances and attempts to pull things together so I’m anxious to see who comes out of this mess aligned by the end of the night.

Who do you think will reach the Survivor 2015 finale?