Gen-X may have been able to ditch their leader Paul this week but Ken says a new one has quickly filled the dictator spot as Lucy tries to take over the Survivor tribe.

Gen X tribe struggles to win the Survivor challenge

So now with Paul gone from Survivor Millennials Vs Gen-X you’d think this was Ken’s chance to step in and lead the team he says he knows how to lead. Apparently that doesn’t happen so we’ve got some interpersonal conflicts coming up in the tribe. No kidding, right? But there’s more on the playing field too.

We’ve finally reached the point of having both an Immunity and a Reward challenge this week on Survivor 2016 when the castaways face both a water challenge and an obstacle course competition. For the water battle it looks like it’s a team on team effort with some wrestling around to take control and the win. Zeke is seen in the preview saying the Gen-X guys are too big. Well they’re mostly sturdier than the 18 year old kid, except maybe for David.

Check out the CBS press photos from the next episode and get ready for another round of Survivor Season 33 on Wednesday night.

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Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS Entertainment