Next time on Survivor 2017 it looks like we’re about to get a fiery Tribal Council after Jeff reveals a twist for this week’s Immunity Challenge: three teams will compete, but only one will be safe.

Survivor 2017 Castaways shocked on Game Changers

You know how we usually see a 3-way tribe challenge go where the first two to finish are safe and the last place finisher heads off for a night of Fire & Jeff. Not so this week. Scoot over, it’s about to get crowded at TC.

In this week’s “next time on Survivor” clip we see Jeff reveal to the castaways the new twist as they’re preparing for the next Immunity Challenge. Shocked faces all around but then we get to see a shot of host Jeff Probst at the Tribal Council and he looks even more surprised. Whatever happens should be entertaining.

Back at the camps it looks like TJ is preparing his big move to make Sandra the target and escape his danger spot as the only non former Mana tribemate. He’s pitching to Malcolm that Sandra is too dangerous to keep around, but will Malcolm be swayed?

Get ready for the next Survivor 2017 Game Changers episode on Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. And for Big Brother fans, we’ve got BBCAN5 following at 9/8c and we’re covering it at our BBN site.