Next time on Survivor 2017 the Tribe Merge has finally arrived. Thirteen castaways remain and the fourth round of tribe arrangements is heading their way on Game Changers.

Survivor 2017 - Episode 7 - Tribe Merge

I can’t imagine we’ll have the same level of Tribal Council drama that we saw this past round, but that’s probably just fine. Instead we’ll get a big dose of shifting dynamics and a power struggle to control the numbers.

Thirteen castaways means the majority needs seven and they can head off the next eviction vote. After all the back and forth tribe shuffles this season there are going to be a lot of mixed alliances put to the test.

From the “next time on” clip we can see there’s likely a divide along the sexes and that’s no surprise for any season of Survivor. Also looks like Sierra may be considering herself the “new sheriff in town” unless she’s mocking someone else. If she is in fact patting herself on the back then is it too soon to call her as the next elimination?

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