Next Time On Survivor 2017: Lines Drawn In Concrete

Next time on Survivor 2017 we’ve got the fallout from Zeke’s attempt to start a “war,” Debbie’s possibly too-soon excitement over controlling the votes, and a supposedly inspirational moment at this week’s reward challenge.

Brad Culpepper on Survivor Game Changers

Last week before Tribal Council Andrea discovered that Zeke was trying to stir the pot and cause some misdirection and that didn’t go over so well with his former allies. Now he could find himself on the outs of the majority, unless it’s not really a majority.

Debbie is touting the majority controlling vote with six members of an alliance, but we see in the preview that Sarah might not be solidly with them. She’s instead talking with Zeke about making a big move, something he definitely wants in on.

Then over at the reward challenge we hear from the narrator that we’re about to get “the most inspirational moment of the season.” Well that’s a big claim, huh? Jeff appears to be watching over a swimmer so maybe someone struggled to the other side of the water course, refusing to give up. We’ll find out soon enough.

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