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Survivor Spoilers: Worlds Apart Reward Challenge – Week 5

The Survivor 2015 Reward Challenge this week on Worlds Apart is called “Air Raid” and brings the slingshots back in to play as castaways compete for a new luxury.

Survivor 2015 Challenges: Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Challenges: Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

John Kirhoffer tells us in the Challenges sneak peek video that this is his favorite challenge of the season which of course should get us excited to watch it on Wednesday’s Survivor. This looks to be a new challenge which is great to see fresh ideas coming in to the series after thirty seasons.

The Survivor 2015 tribes are playing for Reward so they’ll of course be working collectively, but still individually here as each team works toward hitting five targets from across the playing field. They’ll race to a holding station where one at a time the players will climb a multi-tiered platform and fire off sand bags using a slingshot. The targets are roughly 150 feet away and will throw up a flag when tagged.

We’ll have to wait and see what they’re playing for this week, but hopefully no one hits Kelly in the head this time around. I’m looking at you, Dan. Check out the pics below for a preview look at what’s ahead then watch the video of the Survivor Dream Team in action.

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Next Time On Survivor 2015: New Tribes & Old Alliances [PICS]

The 3 Collar Tribes are gone on Survivor 2015 as the remaining castaways adjust to their new camps with old alliances falling under the pressure of new opportunities.

Survivor 2015 - "Old Alliances Crumble"

Survivor 2015 – “Old Alliances Crumble” on Episode 6 – Source: CBS/YouTube

Last week’s double elimination sent home Lindsey Cascaddan pre-shuffle and Max Dawson as the first to be voted off from Nagarote. That leaves Escameca with a numbers advantage opportunity if they can hold on to things for awhile longer. Could a bromance put that all in danger?

In the preview for this week’s Survivor 2015 episode we’ve got Joaquin and Rodney with a new found appreciation for each other’s macho ways, but that’s got Rodney’s old allies worried about Escameca. Did they make a mistake not getting rid of him over Lindsey when they had the chance?

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Over on Nagarote there’s uncertainty between Shirin and Carolyn, but I wouldn’t exactly call that an old alliance since they were never really that close. Considering Carolyn flipped on her former tribemate Max last week I don’t think she’d have any issue doing the same to Shirin given the chance.

Wednesday night’s Survivor episode will be back to one-hour when we’ll find out which new tribe comes out on top and who is the next castaway voted off Worlds Apart.

Survivor 2015 – Worlds Apart Episode 6 Preview:

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 5

Thirteen castaways remain on Survivor 2015 as we head in to Week 5 with two new tribes and the opportunity for some new alliances to emerge.

Survivor 2015 Tribes in Episode 6

Survivor 2015 Tribes in Episode 6 – Source: CBS

Max Dawson was the first castaway eliminated from the new Survivor tribes when he was caught off guard when his tribe, Nagarote, targeted for elimination and former ally Carolyn went along for the ride.

Check out who is left as the pool narrows on which player will be the Sole Survivor and winner of Survivor Worlds Apart.

Escameca Tribe – Blue:

Nagarote Tribe – Red:

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Survivor 2015: Power Rankings – Worlds Apart Week Five

Last week Survivor 2015 Wednesday was jam-packed with two episodes that included a tribe swap and two eliminations. At the end of the first episode, Lindsay was sent packing. Then we saw a tribe swap go down before the second elimination, a blindside, sent Max off the island. We’ve got two new tribes and a lot of new dynamics so let’s get into the latest Survivor 2015 Power Rankings.

Sierra Thomas on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart

Sierra Thomas on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Escameca Tribe:

1. Sierra Thomas. After the swap, Sierra has become the swing vote. Both sides want her, and after the last Blue Collar tribal, she’s likely to turn on her previous tribemates, leaving them in the minority in this new tribe. She’s definitely in the best spot right now and will be able to decide which way she wants to go.

2. Joe Anglim. This dude’s got the golden social game. And he’s very valuable to any tribe he’s in. He’s great at camp and great in competitions. And he’s seemingly very appealing to Sierra. So if he gets her to flip to his side, he and Tyler and Sierra can run things.

3. Tyler Fredrickson. Just a little lower than Joe because of the obvious lesser social game, Tyler is definitely in a good spot as long as things go as I mentioned above.

4. Mike Holloway. Even though Mike is at risk of being in the majority, he’s not exactly the one most likely to go. Even though his previous tribemates were wearing thin with him, the new dynamics may be his saving grace.

5. Joaquin Souberbielle. Unless Joaquin is seen as a bigger threat than anyone else, I think he’s going to be OK this week. He’s not got a lot of game left in him, but I think for now he’s OK.

6. Dan Foley. This is where it gets tricky. I think Dan and Rodney are definitely somewhere near the bottom here. Again, it’s all about what Sierra does, but for now this is how I’m seeing things.

7. Rodney Lavoie. If the rest of the tribe see Joaquin and Rodney bonding, they could want to put a stop to that right away and I think Rodney will be the one to pay the price.

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Survivor 2015: Max Dawson ‘Day After’ Interview

Max Dawson was voted off Survivor 2015 this week as part of the double episode night, but his elimination did not stop him from thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to experience he had studied for so many years.

Max Dawson on Survivor 2015

Max Dawson on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS/YouTube

Max says he got the full experience of Survivor with the good and the bad and that’s the way he wanted it. And while he spent years studying the game, nothing he did began to prepare him for the challenge he met out on the beach.

The social aspects were far more difficult than the physical suffering, says Max. He would rank handling Carolyn higher on the difficulty scale than dealing with severe dehydration.

Overall, he may have been booted after just fourteen days at camp, but he left satisfied despite missing out on some of the great aspects still ahead in this season of Survivor.

Max Dawson “Day After” elimination interview:


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