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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 6

Aras and Gervase on Survivor 2013

Tonight on Survivor 2013, Blood Vs Water, there will be another round of Redemption Island and an Immunity Challenge, but the most interesting part of this week’s show may be the tribe shuffle.

According to the spoilers we reported earlier this week the Galang and Tadhana tribes will not merge, but instead be reassigned. We’ve revealed who ends up on which tribe if you’d like to read those spoilers.

As for the Redemption Island challenge we’ll first see if Ciera wants to trade spots with her mom, Laura M, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that info. Instead Laura M should face off against returning arena competitors Brad and John that ends in another puzzle according to our first look at tonight’s Redemption Island.

Then at the Immunity Challenge the tribes will be competing in “Buoy Oh Buoy” and this does not look easy. The new tribe assignments should make that even more interesting with a heavy imbalance of the sexes on each tribe.

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Survivor 2013 – Episode 6 Sneak Peek:

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Survivor Spoilers: Redemption Island Challenge First Look In Episode 6

Redemption Island on Survivor Blood Vs Water

It’s time for a new Redemption Island challenge on Survivor 2013 tonight when three former tribe members enter the arena where only two can leave. Of course this week’s new arrival, Laura M, will have the chance to swap with her daughter Ciera, but I doubt that we’ll see that happen.

John Cody has been on a roll, but this week he faces a new competitor in Laura M. Galang suggested they were sending Laura there to deal with Brad so we’ll have to see if she’s the challenge threat they hope she is.

In the pictures below we can see the set up for a final station for assembling a puzzle, but what it takes to get them there has yet to be seen. If John can get to the puzzle part quickly then he’s got a good shot at staying in the game.

Which castaway do you think is in the most danger of being eliminated this week on Survivor? Check back with us tonight for the live recap and results.

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Survivor Spoilers: First Look At ‘Buoy Oh Buoy’ Immunity Challenge

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water - Immunity Challenge Week 6

The Survivor 2013 tribe swap is over and they’re ready for their first challenge as a new team. This week’s Immunity Challenge is called “Buoy Oh Buoy” and this does not look easy.

With six players on each tribe no one will have to sit out this week and instead all will compete together. The castaways from each team will go out in pairs to untie and release fish traps. Inside the fish traps are puzzle pieces, of course. Once all sets of pieces are back the teams will work to assemble their puzzle. First tribe to finish will win immunity and send the other side off to Tribal Council.

The new tribe arrangements will make for a very interesting challenge. I really wanted to see if Tadhana had finally found its groove after getting a win following four straight loses. We’ll never know though as it’s out with the old and in with the new Tadhana.

Check out the pics below of this week’s challenge and watch the Survivor Dream Team put it in to action as a preview for Wednesday’s Blood Vs Water episode.

Survivor Spoilers: Buoy Oh Buoy Immunity Challenge Preview

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Survivor Spoilers: New Tribes Revealed For Blood Vs Water

Redemption Island on Survivor 2013

This week on Survivor 2013 the Galang and Tadhana tribes will hit a stop, reset, and shuffle their castaways between them. We’ve got your spoilers on what to expect and which teams end up with which players. Read on for the details or steer clear to be surprised on Wednesday night.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water: Tribe Swap This Week

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water - Tribe Swap

You can drop your buffs. It’s time for a tribe swap on Survivor 2013. Castaways will be shuffled from Galang and Tadhana over to a chance to play with their loved ones, but not all loved ones are reunited.

According to the mini spoilers it looks like Tina gets reunited with her daughter Katie, but other couples like Hayden and Kat do not. Oh the drama.

We’re pulling together the full list of which players have landed on which tribes and we’ll post those Survivor spoilers later today.

It’s surprising to see a shuffle come the round after Tadhana finally, finally won its first Immunity Challenge. I’m not sure if Survivor has as free-flowing a schedule as a show like Big Brother where things can change on the fly.

It would have been fun to see if Tadhana could build some momentum, but maybe one win out of five rounds doesn’t provide a lot of confidence.

What do you think of the tribe swap on Survivor this week? Should the tribes have remained intact until the merge later this season? Share your thoughts!


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