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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Finale Recap: Dawn Goes Teethless and Cochran Wins!

Cochran wins

Survivor 2013 Caramoan crowned a winner Sunday night but not before Brenda made the whole season worthwhile when she made Dawn remove her false teeth during the jury/final three interrogation.

As you already know, John Cochran won the Season 26 $1 million prize. But let’s back up and see how he got there.

The episode picked up right after Brenda’s elimination and Jeff is called in when Erik is having some sort of medical problem. “Everything is spinning,” he said. Jeff calls in the doctor to check him out.

The doctor says he’s in the early stages of starvation. The doctor pulls Erik from the game. Which was probably a good move because Erik seriously looked like he was starving to death.

So just like that, there are only four that remain: Cochran, Sherri, Dawn and Eddie. How Eddie made it to the final four is kind of beyond me and sort of amazing in its own way.

Now that Erik is out, Dawn, Cochran and Sherri have to figure out what to do now. Is Eddie still the choice? Or is it time they turn on each other? Cochran is thinking about it right away. He wants to be the first person to get to Eddie since he’s most likely to win the next immunity idol and will decide will get o go to the final three.

And that’s what Cochran does. He and Eddie shake on a deal.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Season 27 Theme Revealed

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Blood & Water

Yes, Survivor 2013 will return with Season 27 starting this fall. Tonight during the Caramoan finale where we found out who won host Jeff Probst announced that instead of revealing where they were going they would give a teaser. Check out the image above. it was a few seconds long clip that showed blood dropping in to water.

So what does it mean? Yes, it’s that obvious: Blood is thicker than water, as the saying goes. Survivor Season 27 will pit family members against one another, so the rumors have indicated, and this teaser seems to confirm that news. It’s also rumored that it’ll be more “Favorites” returning to play against family. Hmm, Boston Rob and Amber won’t show up again in this perfect overlap, would they?

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What do you think the teaser means for Survivor 2013’s second season? Did I miss the mark by interpreting that as “blood is thicker than water”?

And yes, the next season will take place in the Philippines yet again.

Update: More info revealed at the very end of tonight’s reunion show. Yes, it’s “Survivor Blood Vs Water” next season when Survivor 27 returns in September 2013.

Survivor Blood Vs Water


Survivor 2013 Caramoan Finale: Sole Survivor Winner Revealed

Survivor Caramoan cast

Tonight on Survivor 2013 we’re about to find out who won Caramoan and becomes the 26th Sole Survivor. It’ll be either Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Dawn, or Sherri walking away with the one million dollar prize. Let’s find out who it’ll be.

Ten “super fans” faced off against Survivor “Favorites” but by the end there were just two fans and three favorites but two more of those will have to go before we get to hear host Jeff Probst reveal tonight’s winner.

After tonight’s results show there will also be the usual reunion show and I’m curious to see if Hantz is invited back. We’ve already heard Brenda won’t be friendly with Dawn and from the comments here on the site, most of you wouldn’t expect that it.

Readers have voted and a slim majority predicts Cochran will win tonight and if he can make it to the final three then I’d have to agree that they’re right. If he can avoid being tonight’s medical evacuation then he’ll be just one elimination away from that.

The medical emergency hits quickly and early in tonight’s show. On the way back from Tribal Council Erik says his head starts spinning. Jeff immediately arrives and is concerned about Erik’s condition. The doctor comes in and identifies Erik as being in an early stage of starvation. The doctor gives Erik and IV and says he’s pulling him out of the game. I would throw a fit, but Erik is passive and accepts it. He is definitely in rough shape.

We’re now down to 4 castaways on Survivor Caramoan and just three days left in the game for them to compete.

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Survivor Caramoan Finale Tonight – 5 Castaways Remain Preview

Survivor Caramoan - 5 Castaways remain

Tonight on CBS at 8PM the Caramoan finale show arrives and we’re ready to find out who won Survivor 2013! It’ll either be Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, or Sherri who becomes this season’s Sole Survivor, but before we get there one of them will be knocked out when a medical emergency hits the tribe.

According to our poll, more than half of the readers here expect Cochran to be the winner of Survivor. If he makes it to the end vote then I think he just might pull it off.

Check out the preview for tonight’s Survivor finale and then join us back here at 8PM for a live blog recap of the action while we wait for Jeff Probst to tally the votes and announces the winner.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Brenda’s Exit Interviews

Survivor Caramoan Favorite Brenda

This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, Brenda was the last person to be voted out before Sunday’s finale.

After her elimination, Brenda sat down for her exit interview, which we’ve got for you below. She’s also since talked to The Hollywood Reporter where she threw in some more details of her experiences which are much better than her exit interview because she’s had time to digest things.

And the question we all want to ask Brenda has been answered. Has she patched things up with Dawn?

“I’ve had no contact with Dawn and would not actively seek out a friendship with her,” Brenda told THR. “It if wasn’t for the finale [airing live Sunday on CBS], I wouldn’t talk to her. It’s not out of bitterness, but more out of, “I don’t want someone like you in my life.” Cochran, I’ve talked to, I have no problem with him.”

And how did this season stack up to her first?

“This was 10 times better,” she said. “Even though I wasn’t necessarily in the driver’s seat like in Nicaragua, it was so much more gratifying. I obviously got farther in the game, and got to see my dad and win a challenge together. I didn’t cringe when I watched the TV. The first time, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I said that.” This time, I was proud of myself. I didn’t feel like I deserved to get voted out, like in Nicaragua. This time, I honestly did my best.”

Oh, and would she play Survivor a third time? In a word, yes.


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