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Survivor 2012 One World Episode 3 Tonight; Challenge Preview

Survivor One World continues tonight and as the show promo has alrady told us “alliances are breaking, tensions are rising and the lies … are just beginning.”

So it looks like the females of the Salani tribe are not going to be the only ones strained. Tonight it seems the men and the Manono Tribe find a couple cracks in their once-solid foundation.

It also looks like we’ve got a pretty cool challenge tonight and we’ve got  behind-the-scenes look (below) at how the challenge works — fully equipped with stand-in players. 

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Survivor 2012 One World Preview: ‘Alliances are Breaking’

Survivor One World

It looks like things are really going to heat up on Survivor One World this week.

According to the promo, “alliances are breaking, tensions are rising, and the lies … just beginning.” And from the video below, it looks like Colton might not be public enemy number one this week. It looks to be Matt. Will the cocky self-proclaimed leader of the Manono Tribe to something that will cost him the Survivor 2012 game? We’ll find out Wednesday night.

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Survivor One World Secret Scene: Kat Interview

Last week on Survivor 2012, we saw the Salani Tribe lose another challenge and all fingers were pointing to Kat (despite Nina being sent home). In this Survivor One World Secret Scene, Kat owns up to what she did wrong with the challenge.

It sounds like she’s learned some lessons from her mistakes, so we’ll see if she (and the others in her tribe) improve their performance.

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Survivor One World Secret Scene: The Stresses Are Already Showing

Survivor One World Matt

In this secret scene from Survivor One World, we see Matt adding a new hole to his belt. That’s because he and the others haven’t been eating that much. And after only four days, Matt’s pants have started falling down.

Aaah, the emotional and physical torture that is reality tv. And we love it.

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Survivor 2012 One World Secret Scene: The Colton Effect

Is Survivor One World castaway Colton playing a mean game or is he just a lonely guy who doesn’t fit in with his tribe? Kim weighs in on those question and isn’t exactly sure of the answer herself. But I think it’s pretty apparent she and other Survivor 2012 contestants are kind of annoyed with him. Michael weighs in on Colton also and calls him a disgrace to their tribe.

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