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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 8

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 8

Survivor is back tonight on CBS and this is a big one in the storyline of the season. The tribes will merge as Redemption Island closes its doors and send one castaway back in to the game. Thankfully that means we can get back to focusing more time on players still in the game rather than competitions with a revolving door. Yeah, I’m not going to miss Redemption Island one bit. Bring on the extra luxury competitions instead.

Either John, Laura M, or Laura B will be back in the game by the end of tonight’s Survivor and I’m guessing it’ll be Laura M but that’s just speculation with no spoilers to back it up. Which castaway do you think has what it takes? This does not look like an easy challenge and it’s not like anything John’s be able to dominant in the past few weeks.

The tribes will merge and we’ve got spoilers on the new tribe name if you want to check that out. Once they get together there’s immediate action by Tyson to secure a new secret alliance and I’m thinking he’s going to do well with this one. Is it finally time to say goodbye to Vytas or Aras? Castaways having been craving a split on those two for awhile now.

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Survivor Spoilers: Final Redemption Island Challenge On Blood Vs Water

Survivor 2013 Final Redemption Island Challenge

The final Redemption Island challenge arrives this week on Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water. Thank goodness! John, Laura M, and Laura B will face off for one final chance at getting back in to the game and only one will walk back to join the new camp while the other two will walk off the game.

We’ve seen this type of challenge before and I’m not envious of what they’re going to go through. Each castaway will straddle a telephone poll (of sorts) and hang on for as long as they can. This is a complete deviation from what we’ve seen the castaways tackle so far this season. There’s no puzzle or strategy, it’s just a pure endurance competition.

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Considering the competition I’m going to put Laura B at a disadvantage compared to John and Laura M who appear more physically prepared for this sort of challenge. Then between John and Laura M I’d have to go with Laura on this one. We’ve seen these sorts of things over and over on Big Brother competitions and the smaller frame woman frequently wins out over the larger male. Of course that’s all just a guess and we could all be very surprised when the results are revealed.

Check out a clip below and the pictures above for a look at what the final Redemption Island castaways will face on Wednesday night.

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water – Final Redemption:


Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Tribe Merge Has Arrived

Survivor 2013 Tribe Merge - Kasama

Drop your buffs! It’s time for the Tribe Merge.

At the conclusion of this week’s Survivor 2013 episode we got a glimpse of what was coming up next and we now know it’s time for the end of Galang and Tadhana. Starting next week the two tribes will come together and form one tribe. Read on for spoilers and more details on what happens.

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Survivor 2013 Castaways Enjoy Halloween [PHOTOS]

Pavarti, Hayden, & Kat on Survivor After Show

The Survivor 2013 castaways might still be playing the game on TV, but in real life they’re back home enjoying things like getting out their Halloween costumes. Check out some of the Blood Vs Water cast’s costumes they shared last night online.

Hayden and Kat went as bumblebees, plus the bonus shots of her in a cat suit for this week’s After Show with Pavarti Shallow. Brad was dressed as some sort of Freddy-ish Tadhana player. Colton and Caleb were the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. Gervase went as “Bruce LeeRoy.” Then you’ve got Ciera as a flapper.

We’ll keep an eye out for even more costumes and see what else pops up online or you can jump over to see what other reality stars were wearing from Big Brother and American Idol.

Which Survivor castaway do you think pulled off the best costume for Halloween this year?

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 6

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Pavarti Shallow is back with this week’s Halloween-themed Survivor After Show featuring the latest Blood Vs Water eliminated castaway, Kat Edorsson.

Kat sits down with Pavarti to run through her experience returning to the Survivor battlefield and the challenges faced playing it with a loved one this time around. There’s a lot of discussion like we heard from Brad on how it’s that much harder playing with a loved one over a relative plus a big focus on Hayden and Kat’s long term plans. Kat still insists that Hayden would have swapped spots with her even though he was the one convincing her it was a bad idea.

There’s also an interesting discussion on how well off the Survivors were this season compared to past years. Pavarti is shocked at all the luxurious food options these castaways had at hand and thinks they had it way to easy. Kat says Hayden lost 20 pounds during his stay!

Watch the interview video below of Kat and Pavarti with the “After Show”:

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 6

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