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Survivor One World: Leif Answers Twitter and Facebook Questions

Last week Leif became another casualty of Kim and her tribe of women on Survivor One World, and today we’ve got some answers he gave to fan questions on Facebook and Twitter.

Becky M.: What do you think your biggest mistake was?
Leif: My biggest mistake was not voting for Tarzan last night because everything else panned out just fine except that. Also, on the one immunity challenge that I gave immunity to Chelsea. I could have easily won it. I should have won it and gave it to Jay. I had no idea they were voting Jay out. That came as a huge surprise.

Amy C.: Leif did you have an alliance, or where you just banking on the fact that you weren’t that big of a threat?
Leif: It was both. I did have a slight alliance with some of the girls, or so I thought. That deteriorated really fast. One of my strategies was just to keep the target off of my back as long as possible.

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Survivor One World: Leif The Day After Elimination

Sure he might not have really been playing the game and probably won’t exactly be missed, but what did Leif have to say about his Survivor One World experience?

Leif talks about how living on the island puts things into perspective

“You’re constantly battling the elements,” he said. “And when we’re just back home and how we take  so many things for granted. I’m never going take a single moment with my family for granted again.”

What would he have done differently?

“I really should have voted for Tarzan because that would have at least brought around a tie,” Leif said.

OK, so he’s not the most well-spoken person, so excuse me as I stop trying to decipher it for you. Here, watch it for yourself:

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Survivor 2012 One World Episode 10 Recap: Troyzan vs. Everyone

Survivor 2012 episode 10

Last night’s episode of Survivor One World was the start of a war. The game is now Troyzan vs. Everyone. And “Everyone” thought and hoped it would be a short-lived war, but Troyzan was out to prove otherwise.

At the start of the show, we get the aftermath of Jay’s elimination, which was really just the result of Troy having the Survivor 2012 immunity idol. So he realizes he was the target and he’s letting everyone know how he feels. He focuses in on Christina who is used to abuse by now. And what happens next is actually pretty hilarious. Alicia comes to Christina’s defense. REALLY? After all the nasty things she and Colton had said and done to her? To think that wildebeest  is defending poor little Christina just makes me laugh.

The tribe finds some tree mail and this time, there’s something for everyone. They all get an envelope with their names on it and $500 inside. Did the price of coconuts just go up? No, they’re about to attend a Survivor auction!

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Survivor 2012 One World: Episode 10 Results

Survivor 2012 episode 10

Survivor 2012 kicks off with another “what’s worth more to you” challenge for this week’s luxury round. The remaining castaways each receive an envelope of cash and bid on everything from doughnuts to a warm shower to letters from home. Oh, and there’s also a clue for the upcoming challenge and Troyzan puts it all on the line to get all the help he can, but will it be enough?

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Survivor One World Episode 10 Tonight

This week on Survivor One World it’s “Troyzan vs. everyone else,” according to the preview for tonight’s episode.

And that seems to be exactly what’s, in Tarzan’s words, afoot. If Troy doesn’t want to go home tonight, he’s going to have to win immunity. That seems very obvious. So, like the preview says, it’s not just a game anymore, it’s war.

The official CBS show summary: Castaways go on the attack when one tribe member forces a confrontation, and a heartfelt message from home brings the Tikiano tribe to tears.

Be sure to check back during the show for Matt’s live coverage and elimination results and come back tomorrow for my complete recap of the episode.

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