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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 9 Challenge Preview

Survivor 2012 Philippines episode 9

Survivor Philippines is back tonight and we’ve got another spoilers preview of tonight’s luxury challenge. The competition is called “Muddy Waters” and sends the players crawling through the mud, over an a frame, digging through a mud puddle, and finally tossing balls in to an overhead basket. They’ll be doing that last part while covered in rice. Yum.

The video below doesn’t call this out as the luxury challenge, but since they’ll be working in two teams it seems pretty obvious that this one won’t ended in an immunity for anyone.

Get ready for tonight’s Survivor 2012 episode and check back for live results and a recap later after the show. We’re about to find out if the alleged final three player survives another week.

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Survivor Philippine: Episode 9 Tonight


It’s Survivor Philippines night and according to this week’s preview, Lisa is once again the star of the show.

“After being bullied by her alliance, Lisa turns to Penner and could flip everything upside down,” Jeff Probst says in the preview posted below.

So it looks like Lisa might decide to ditch Abi, Pete and Artis and turn to Penner.

“Maybe it makes sense to go with the other alliance,” she says.

TV Guide offers another angle to the episode with their episode description:

A priceless reward proves to be a life-changing experience for some of the castaways, and an unlikely friendship threatens to alter the game.

One thing can definitely be said of Lisa. And that’s that she is certainly playing this game.

Be sure to check back later here for live coverage of tonight’s episode of Survivor Philippines and tomorrow for a full recap of episode 9. And as always, we’ll be here for all of your Survivor 2012 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor Spoilers: Philippines Final 3 Castaway Revealed?


A member of the final three for Survivor Philippines may have just been revealed. Read on if you’d like to know some possible big Survivor spoilers or stop right now if you’d rather see it play out on TV.

National Enquirer has uncovered, yes yes I know the source, details that explicitly state one of this season’s final three castaways thanks to a source they won’t reveal.

“Lisa [Whelchel] wants to act again, but she’d also love to have her own talk show. She believes her expo­sure on ‘Survivor’ will lead to that,” says a source.

But she’s been a rabid “Survivor” fan, the source said, and after divorcing her husband in March, she won a spot on the show and used her experience to outfox her younger rivals.

“Lisa has watched every episode of ‘Survivor,’” said the source. “She called on her knowledge of the show to scheme her way into this season’s final three.”

So there you go. According to this spoiler it seems Lisa Whelchel has worked her way down to the final three. I really don’t have a hard time believing this, do you? Lisa has been playing a surprising game and is making moves I didn’t expect to see (revealing Malcolm’s idol to everyone, etc.) so getting to the end of the game could be just another one of those surprises. What do you think of this claim?

Source: National Enquirer via Reality Blurred


Survivor 2012: Jeff Kent Criticizes Lisa’s Game


Recent Survivor 2012 castoff Jeff Kent went out with a bang with his end-credits remarks and his exit interview, and now the former baseball great is cutting on fellow contestant Lisa Welchel to People Magazine.

So what is Jeff saying about the former TV teen acrtress?

“She never played the game,” Jeff told People. “She stood around in groups and during the conversations said, ‘I’ll do what you tell me to do.’ She never once showed in any conversation that she was trying to play the game. We were ripping on her for not having any strategy.”

And hee feels really strongly about that statement.

“She had no game. No clue at all,” Jeff continued. “She was fighting her morals and ethics, worried about lying. And then she starts lying to people. The way she played the game really hurt her chances.”

His criticism doesn’t stop with Lisa.

That’s the thing: these people weren’t playing the game,” he said of the others on the show. “They weren’t playing well at all. I got out there and was playing hard, but I think I was the only one sometimes.”

It should be interesting to hear what Jeff has to say when it comes time to vote for the winner of Survivor Philippines.


Survivor Philippines Secret Scene: Jeff Campaigns


Last week on Survivor Philippines, Jeff Kent’s torch was snuffed and he headed out of the game. He didn’t go out without a fight though.

What we didn’t see was Jeff really working the game ahead of tribal council. He was doing everything he could to try to convince Denise and Malcolm to vote for Artis, Abi-Maria or Peter to leave next. We get to see that now in one of CBS’s latest Survivor 2012 Secret Scenes videos posted below.

“I’m an offensive player,” Jeff said. “I like to swing the bat. Save your own butt for another day.”

Of course, as we know, his hard work did not pay off. And there aren’t too many fans sad about that now after Jeff’s post-eliminaton speech at the end of the episode and his arrogant exit interview.

Survivor Philippines Episode 9 airs Wednesday and we’ll be here for your live results and full episode recap. And as always, here’s where you can find  your Survivor 2012 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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