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Survivor 2014 Cagayan Cast [PHOTOS]

Survivor 2014 Cagayan cast

The Survivor 2014 cast of Cagayan is here! CBS shared the official details confirming what the season spoilers had revealed and gave us even more information on the castaways. Now we’re set to watch them take on the challenges and head to Tribal Councils starting this Wednesday with a two-hour premiere event!

Here’s a rundown on who is part of the cast and which tribe they’ll each join when the season premieres on February 26, 2014.

The “Brawn” tribe is named Appari and their color is orange. Joining that team will be Cliff Robinson, Sarah Lacina, Trish Hegarty, Lindsey Ogle, Tony Vlachos, and Yung “Woo” Hwang.

The “Brains” tribe is named Luzon and their color is teal. On that tribe you’ll find David Samson, Garrett Adelstein, J’Tia Taylor, Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, Latasha “Tasha” Fox, and Spencer Bledsoe.

Lastly you’ve got the “Beauty” tribe named Solana under the purple banner. On that team is Alexis Maxwell, Brice Johnston, Jefra Bland, Jeremiah Wood, LJ McKanas, and Morgan McLeod.

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Which tribe do you think will do the best? Does Brawn have the advantage for the challenges or will the Brains beat them out at the puzzles? Can the Beauty tribe use their own advantage on one another or are they immune? We’ll find out soon on Survivor Cagayan!

Survivor Cagayan Cast Bios & Details:

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Survivor 2014: An ‘Inside Look’ At Preseason Sneak Peeks

This week brings the start of Survivor 2014 with a Wednesday night premiere featuring a two-hour episode and lots of fun from what Jeff Probst is telling us with the ‘Inside Look’ preview.

Morgan McLeod on Survivor 2014

Morgan McLeod on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

Jeff is here to break down the premiere, like he did with the cast review, and we’re immediately reminded why Spencer is going to be very annoying.

As always we have an arrival scene with Survivor and this year they went with the mind games approach. Production brought in the Brains tribe on a helicopter, the Beauty tribe on a boat, and the Brawn tribe by truck. Jeff says this immediately got each tribe wondering why the other got a “better” arrival and in the clips they show it seems some were miffed.

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Jeff points out another interesting angle of the season. With three tribes there just aren’t enough players to control the game after the tribes merge. This should make things even more difficult and force the tribes to start working together and plotting whether they want to or not.

We’re just a few days away from the Survivor premiere on Wednesday night at 8PM ET/PT on CBS. We’ll be back all season doing live recaps, sharing updates, discussing the game, and looking for spoilers so join us for the fun!

Survivor 2014 – Inside Look with Jeff Probst

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Survivor 2014: Meet The Ladies Of Solana [PICS]

Solana Beauty tribe on Survivor 2014

Ahh, the “Beauty” tribe of Cagayan. Those ladies of the Survivor 2014 tribe Solana were brought to the beaches for their good looks so we’ll make no apologies about featuring a block of their best season premiere episode photos.

CBS released an early batch of photos from the premiere episode and Jefra Bland only managed one solo appearance in the available pics from CBS while Morgan McLeod, the ex-NFL cheerleader, managed five pics. Alexis Maxwell snagged three pics. Looks like CBS know which side of its skimpy-clad toast is buttered here.

So the whole angle here for each tribe is that their attribute will help them in the game, but just how well will “Beauty” help in its own tribe. Should we expect the other tribes to be so distracted by Morgan’s slow-motion jogging down the beach that they’ll forget about the puzzle competition at hand? We shall see!

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Don’t worry, ladies. We’re preparing another post with the guys too.


Survivor 2014 Cagayan Starts In One Week!

Aparri arrives on Survivor 2014

Get ready because here comes Survivor 2014 Cagayan! The new season starts next Wednesday, February 26th with a two-hour premiere event at 8PM ET/PT.

We’ll be here all season doing live recaps each Wednesday night and then sharing Survivor spoilers, updates, and pics until the very end.

This season there are eighteen castaways across three tribes. Each tribe features a set of attributes they hope will help them win Survivor. Brawn, Brains, and Beauty will battle it out to become the Sole Survivor. I’m thinking the Beauty team might be in trouble from these previews but I hope they get to stick around at least a little while for some castaway candy!

Are you excited for the new season of Survivor with no returning players and no Redemption Island? Enjoy it while it lasts because we expect Jeff Probst and CBS to be back up to their old tricks in no time at all!

Check out these sneak peek pics from Survivor 2014 Episode 01!

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Survivor 2014: Cagayan Episode 01 Photos

Survivor 2014 Cagayan - episode 01

Survivor 2014 starts this next week with a two-hour premiere Wednesday, February 26th on CBS starting at 8PM ET/PT. We’ll be introduced to three tribes representing Brawn, Brains, & Beauty in the battle to become the Sole Survivor of Cagayan.

Here’s our first look at the upcoming first episode of the new season which returns us to the Philippines with some beautiful scenery. We’ve got scenes of the tribes arriving and meeting each other for the first time. Then there’s the Beauty tribe showing off why they’re in that tribe. Ahh and we also have the shelter-build. Now that’s always fun and stress free, right?

The premiere episode is entitled “Hot Girl with a Grudge” which leaves me anxious to find out just which lady from the Solana tribe is looking to make trouble. Could they be the first ones to head to Tribal Council for the inaugural vote-out of Survivor 2014? Don’t forget, there’s no Redemption Island this season so when you’re gone you are gone!

Join us next Wednesday night for a live recap of the Cagayan premiere!

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