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Survivor One World Secret Scenes: ‘The Guys Are Dumb’

Even though we already know all about how smart the Survivor One World guys are, the girls still want to point it out.

In our Secret Scenes this week, we’ve got Alicia flat out saying how dumb they are and then we’ve got Sabrina weighing in on poor Jay’s not-so-smart decision to take the wings and beer last week instead of immunity.

So which of the guys will be next to go this week? Will Troy’s paranoia get the best of him or save him?

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Survivor One World: Jay Answers Fans’ Twitter, Facebook Questions

Jay Byars

Last week on Survivor One World, Jay was blindsided and sent packing and this week he continues to answer the questions we’re all wondering. Why did you trust so much? Why did you throw away immunity for chicken wings?

Find out what Jay had to say about his experience on Survivor 2012 in the answers to fans’ Facebook and Twitter questions below (courtesy of CBS).

Natalie G.: Why did you tell the girls about the idol and what made you think that you were safe after seeing the others guys voted off back to back?

Jay: I told them about the idol because I trusted Kim and Chelsea. I thought they would go along with the normal plan. I knew the girls would turn on me at some point but I thought the other guys would go before I did. I just trusted them.

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Survivor One World: Jay The Day After Elimination

This week the Survivor One World girls continued their wrath as they blindsided Jay. The day after his elimination, CBS sat Jay down for an exit interview. After a shower and a shave, of course.

Jay talks about his Survivor 2012 experience making him appreciate the things he has in life like family. He now plans to spend more time with his family.

He also hopes he didn’t make a fool of himself too often. And he didn’t. Until he gave up individual immunity. He talks about that. And it all comes down to trust. But if you’ve ever watched a game like this, you know you can’t trust anyone. Poor naive Jay.

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Survivor One World Episode 9 Recap: The Blindsiding Continues

Survivor One World Jay eliminated

This week’s Survivor One World opened on some major foreshadowing. Jay tells the others that he had a dream he got shot. He shrugs it off and moves on.

Tarzan is trying to convince the other guys that the girls are still working together and will pick the men off one by one. He’s finally making some sense, but no one is having it. Oh Tarzan. The tribe gets tree mail telling them about their reward challenge. It’s a do-it-yourself challenge. I guess Jeff needed the day off. The tribe has to split into two teams and the winning team wins a boat ride from the Survivor 2012 island to a private island for a barbecue.

The red team consists of Kat, Troy, Jay, Tarzan and Alicia. The black team is Kim, Leif, Chelsea, Christina and Sabrina. The red team wins and they head off on their boat ride to good food. They enjoy fish, crab and chicken and some rum and beer.

Gameplay talks soon start and Jay is trying to make sure his “alliance” is on his side. He wants Kim and the other girls to vote Christina or Alicia off this week and they all play along, all while planning to blindside him or Troy. So the suspense of this episode leaves right then and there. We know that Troy has immunity and if Jay doesn’t win the immunity challenge, he’s gone.

There’a glimmer of hope for Jay when Chelsea starts feeling bad for lying to his face, but the other girls reel her in and make sure she’s thinking with her head and not her heart.

The women are sticking together and that’s that.

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Survivor 2012 Results One World Episode 9

Survivor results: One World episode 9

Survivor One World opens with this week’s luxury challenge and it’s one of those IKEA styled “do it yourself” challenges. No Probst. No problem. The castaways split in to two teams: red and black. On the black team we’ve got: Christina, Sabrina, Leif, Chelsea, and Kim. On the red team you’ll find: Tarzan, Jay, Troyzan, and Kat. The red team wins out with 6 to 1 points (Christina scoring the only point for her team) and they head off for an afternoon of food and plotting.

It’s immunity challenge time! Like we saw earlier with the sneak peak it was the balancing act in exchange for safety.

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