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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 2 Results

Survivor 2012 Philippines Matsing tribe

Jumping over the initial drama (though it’s worth noting RC finds the idol clue for Tandang and she shares the news with Abi) heading straight in to tonight’s Immunity and Luxury challenge. This is the first chance for the other two tribes to meet the new Matsing and learn that Zane was voted off at Tribal Council. The big prize for the first two tribes is immunity, but there are luxury rewards to boot with blankets, rope, and a tarp.

If you missed this week’s sneak peak at the challenge you can watch the preview video for this week’s Immunity. This is another really physical challenge with castaways forced to drag sleds up and down the playing field before assembling a giant puzzle. Matsing can’t catch a break as they lag behind the other teams through the sled phase. It all comes down to the puzzle though and Matsing catches up quickly after falling so far behind the other two tribes.

Tandang pulls out ahead during the puzzle just like they did during the drag portion. They’re the first to finish and win the most luxury prizes along with Immunity. It comes down to Matsing and Kalabaw and looks close but, no surprise, Kalabaw jumps ahead and finishes their puzzle to win luxury and a tarp. Bad news for Matsing. They’re heading back to Tribal Council tonight.

Leading in to the Tribal Council things look bad for Angie and it’s driven by Roxy who doesn’t like the attention Angie is getting from Malcolm. Russell can’t help but agree and is worried that if Roxy goes he could be next. This could all come down to Denise who seems swayed by the anti-Angie but says she will do what’s best for her.

Tribal Council is focused on the Angie and Malcolm relationship instead of any debate of physical capabilities and the weakest link at challenges. This should be a close vote. Sure enough, Jeff reveals a 3-count vote against Roxy. She’s voted out and it looks like Denise sided with Malcolm and Angie over Russell and Roxy. At the very end we see that it wasn’t 3-2, but rather 4-1 with Russell also against Roxy.

Do you think Matsing made the right choice at Tribal Council?


Survivor Philippines 2012: Episode 2 Challenge Sneak Peek (Video)

Survivor 2012 Philippines challenge

CBS has just released this sneak peek at the Survivor Philippines episode 2 challenge for tonight’s show. You can watch it at the bottom of this post. The challenge is called “Manila Folders” and it does not look easy, but what fun would it be if it was easy?

The challenge requires the castaways to drag sleds down a path to retrieve three sets of tiles. Each run to grab new tiles is further and further from the starting point so the big guys better go last.

Once all the tiles have been brought back to the beginning the castaways will work in pairs to assemble a puzzle for each of the three sections. The second part can’t be started until the first part is approved by Jeff and so forth.

The “Dream Team” of challenge testers is promised a case of beer for the trial run winner, but I’m guessing there’s something more important for the real castaways to win. I know, I know, there isn’t much they’d probably rather have than a case of beer, but immunity is good too.

Check out the preview for tonight’s Survivor challenge and let us know which team you think will have the best chances of pulling of the win.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 2 Preview

Survivor Philippines episode 2

Survivor is back tonight with the second episode of the 2012 Philippines season. Last week we saw Matsing take the first loss when Zane’s master strategy worked and he got himself evicted. Great job, Zane! Hopefully we won’t have to see anyone else pull a trick like that tonight.

From the preview clips released by CBS we’ve seen Lisa Whelchel stressing her outsider status in her tribe while Jeff Kent is struggling with his knee injury from the very first moments of the game. You can check out the “tonight on Survivor” clip below to get a glimpse of what the castaways will be tackling next. We see some dragging of heavy objects, puzzle pieces thrown around, and Jeff Probst narrating the whole event. You know, just regular ol’ Survivor.

I’ll keep an eye out for more sneak peeks for tonight’s challenge and then post that up there so be sure to check back in later. You can join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you. We’ll see you here tonight for the show!

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Week 1 ‘Secret Scene’ With Tandang

Survivor Philippines Episode 1 Tandang tribe

The Tandang tribe seems like a friendly place to be unless you’re Lisa Whelchel. We already had a glimpse of a few conversations during the premiere of Survivor 2012 last week that Lisa could be an early target and in this Philippines “Secret Scene” from CBS we get another look at just how close she may have been to being voted off.

In the clip below the Tandang tribe has received their Tree Mail which brought along some new clothes and swimwear for the tribe. While everyone was off getting changed Lisa took the longest and the rest of the group decided she’d be the one to go if they lost the immunity battle. Considering they came in second in that race it was nearly a bad situation for the former “Facts of Life” star.

We’ve already seen in the next episode’s preview that Lisa Whelchel continues to struggle with group “togetherness” so this could be an ongoing challenge. We’ll keep an eye out for any new Survivor spoilers that could reveal how things went.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Zane Talks Elimination

This week on Survivor Philippines, we watched as Zane was the first castaway to have his torch snuffed. And what none of us could believe was it was all because he offered himself up on a silver platter.

He wasn’t ready to go though. He had a plan. Zane explained himself to The Hollywood Reporter.

“As soon as we lost the challenge, I knew what was going to happen, Zane told THR. “We were going to go back to the beach, and Russell would have his little talk, and we would run away from each other for the rest of the day. Nobody wanted to go home. I said, I know we have to vote somebody out, and let it be me.’ I just wanted to put everything at ease with everybody else.”

So what he really wanted was to make everyone respect him for offering and then they’d actually vote out returning vet Russell swan. His plan, of course backfired.

“Everybody in their minds were thinking, ‘He was good enough to [sacrifice] himself for us, we need to keep him as part of our tribe,’ ” Zane told THR. “When we got to tribal and Russ threw himself at the mercy of the court, and he was like, ‘Give me one more chance. I’ll change, I’m sorry.’ In the back of everybody’s minds, they thought, ‘The boy did ask for it. Zane did say, “Put me out.” ‘ I think I put too much sauce on it and made it a little too convenient that I wanted to leave. They took the easy way out.”

What did you think of Zane’s move?


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