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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 13

Monica & Ciera on Survivor 2013

Five remain on Kasama as we head in to tonight’s Survivor 2013 episode just ahead of the season finale. The Vets have the advantage both on the tribe and in Redemption Island. Now it’s a race to see which one can pull off the win.

We have two opportunities for some Survivor drama tonight when Ciera tries to convince Monica to flip and when Katie faces off against her mother at Redemption Island. CBS has teased this will be a wild Tribal Council which makes me think Ciera gets under Monica’s skin with her comments about Tyson and Gervase misusing her. I do not expect her to flip the vote though.

Over at Redemption Island we’ve already seen the Survivor spoilers for what the three castaways will face and once again I’d expect Laura to have a strong showing. Now that CBS has released the start of that challenge it seems like Tina and Katie will have to decide which of them has the best shot at a million dollar victory or at least besting Laura in a later round.

We’ve got a preview of tonight’s Immunity Challenge coming up later this morning so check back in for that. It’s going to be critical for one of the Newbies to win it to insure their safety. This could be Hayden’s chance at winning a physical competition if he’s going to make a move.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 13 Preview:


Survivor Spoilers: Blood Vs Water Redemption Island Challenge – Week 13

Survivor Spoilers - RI challenge - Week 13

This week on Survivor Blood Vs Water the Redemption Island castaways will face a familiar challenge revealed in these Surivor spoilers but that certainly won’t make this one any easier.

Tina, Laura, and Katie are set to arrive at the arena with three keys in between them and a chance to stay alive in the game and even a shot at getting back in to the main circle.

Each player will start with a set of sticks and twine which they must combine to create a poking stick long enough to reach out and snag three rings holding keys. Once they get those keys back they can unlock the three locks on their gate to stay on Survivor.

The concept is simple, but the execution is not. If they build out the sticks too flimsy then it’ll fall apart during the reach or be unable to hold the weight of the key ring.

Perhaps the bigger unknown here is what will happen between Tina and Katie. In this week’s preview we heard Tina tell Katie she’d take a dive for her. If Laura continues to perform as well as she has then we might see something interesting happen between the mother/daughter pair.

Would you throw a competition and chance at a million dollars for a loved one?

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Survivor 2013: The Vets Control Blood Vs Water

Survivor 2013 The Vets & Jeff

There are just five castaways left on Kasama, well that’s before one more return, and the odds are tilting toward one group: the Vets. They’ve had the built-in experience advantage all season and have shown that even when they’re down they’re not out. Well now it seems like they’ve got everything running in their favor.

Hayden and Ciera are all that remain of the Newbies and after this week I’d expect it to be just one of them left. Meanwhile the Vets have Monica, Tyson, and Gervase. They’ve stuck together this long and if they’re smarter than Ciera then they know not to turn on their own. That gives the Vets a 3-2 advantage in the vote this week. Even if Hayden or Ciera won Immunity they could vote out the other. This should be an easy week for them.

In this week’s preview we see Hayden and Ciera devising a plan to split the Vets apart. Ciera goes to Monica with the lie that Tyson and Gervase have been boasting of her as their lap dog. I wouldn’t expect this to work at all, but according to CBS it’s going to be an explosive Tribal Council so maybe Monica takes the bait. No matter if she does or not, I still don’t buy it that she’ll turn on either of her guys. They need each other and are so close to the end at this point it’d be crazy to risk it.

What do you expect to see happen this week on Survivor? Should Monica jump ship and work with the Newbies instead or could it cost her the game?

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Survivor 2013: Who Is Left On Blood Vs Water? Week 13 Edition

Survivor 2013 cast - Blood vs Water

We are so close to the Survivor 2013 finale and with just five Kasama tribe members left and one pending return from Redemption Island the game is set to close out quickly. Now that we know the remaining players are willing to gamble with everything just to move on we should be in for a great finish to the season.

The newbies are down a player and unless Katie comes back this week it’s most likely things will keep rolling until their done and gone. They can thank Ciera for that boneheaded move. There’s always time for a shakeup, but if the Vets keep playing like they have then this season is theirs.

Here’s a run down of who is left on Kasama, the merged tribe for Survivor 2013:

  • Tyson
  • Ciera
  • Hayden
  • Gervase
  • Monica

Over at Redemption Island we’ve got:

  • Tina
  • Laura M
  • Katie

That means in the Jury you’ll find:

  • Aras
  • Vytas
  • Caleb

So there are five players left on Kasama, three at the arena, and three in Jury. One of those three on Redemption Island will come back in to the game, and we should be getting close to when that happens.

Heading our way this week is an attempt by the Newbies to convince Monica she’s doomed, but didn’t we see this same thing last week by Hayden and Gervase? I’m expecting another flop.

Where do you see this going next on Survivor?


Survivor 2013: Caleb Arrives At Ponderosa & ‘The Day After’

Caleb eliminated from Survivor Blood Vs Water

Caleb was quickly eliminated from Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water after back to back episodes first sent him off to Redemption Island and then right on out of that arena. He entered the game anchored by the disliked and unpleasant Colton, but thankfully for all he quit and even Caleb admits that was a great boost to his game.

Despite being linked to Colton, Caleb actually turned out to be a fun player and even pulled out a few great moves this season including a sweeping turn on Brad Culpepper. Caleb couldn’t outmaneuver Tyson though and he’s at peace with how all of that turned out.

Caleb Bankston ‘The Day After’ Exit Interview:

Now on his trip to Ponderosa Caleb first meets up with the medical staff and discovers he lost over twenty pounds in just thirty days. Wow! He’s ready to get to the resort and enjoy a shower and tooth brush. Interestingly he mentions he’s not too worried about food since he feels full already. That’s something we’ve heard a lot about this season. Too much food. Where’s the survival?

As an entertaining, but entirely gross aside, Caleb shows us his tan t-shirt which started out bleach white. Gross.

Check out his Ponderosa arrival video below and see what Vytas and Aras had to say when they meet up.

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