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Survivor Spoilers: What to Expect in One World Episode 2

Survivor One World continues this week and if you’re the kind of impatient watcher who just can’t go without spoilers, we’ll give you a few teases of what we’re hearing here and there.

And if you want everything to be a complete surprise, then stop reading. Now.

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Survivor One World Secret Scene: Sabrina Interview

We’ve already jumped into Survivor One World and the game is in full swing, but if you’re anything like me, you might want to get to know the cast before the physical and mental torture of the game truly sets in. In this “secret scene,” Sabrina talks about her life outside the game as a teacher and then dips into how she thinks the game should be played.

She says she’s a “what you see is what you get” kind of person and that lying and game play is hard for her. BUT. There’s always a but when money is involved. So she’s ready to do what it takes to win.

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Survivor One World Secret Scene: Jay Interview

Survivor One World’s Jay hopes he’s not looked at like a “pretty boy.” So his gameplay plan to say he’s a landscaper instead of a model is probably a good idea.

His biggest concern seems to be “outwitting” others. I could see that being a model’s concern in a partially mental competition. OK, this guy is just too eash to cut on. I’ll stop and let you make your own jokes, if you choose.

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Survivor One World: Kourtney The Day After

Kourtney, the first person to leave Survivor One World sat down for an interview the day after her exit and we’ve got it here.

Of course Kourtney wasn’t voted off, but left because of an injury (YES, in the first episode). And from her interview, it sounded like she might not have lasted long without an injury. She talked about how sweaty and hard everything already was. But then she talks a little more about why she actually decided to be on Survivor.

Oh, and she likes killing chickens. Ack.

Did you miss the first episode and our recap? Then check it out here.

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Survivor One World Episode 1 Recap: Playing Dirty Right Away

It didn’t take long at all for the Survivor One World game to get dirty.

Right after Jeff Probst told the 18 castaways that the two tribes would be women vs. men, the two tribes were told they had 60 seconds to strip what they could from the truck they rode in on and while the women were busy pulling of what they could, Michael fron the men’s tribe was busy stealing their items, including an important axe. That might be the fastest dirty move I’ve seen in a competition show in a long time.

The women realized someone took some of their stuff, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Except maybe get even. And they do.

As the two tribes make their way to their camps, we start getting to know them a little. There are some strong women (Sabrina and Alicia) obviously, but there are a couple weak links (Kourtney). As for the guys, we get the typical studly male model types (led by King D-bag Matt) mixed in with the unassuming guys and the token gay (Colton). (If you’re like me and it takes you weeks to figure out who everyone is, you can check out our Survivor One World Cast list.

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