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Survivor 2012: Russell Swan The Day After Interview

Survivor 2012 - Russell Swan

This week on Survivor Philippines, we saw that Matsing Tribe lose another immunity challenge and this week, it was returning player Russell Swan who had his torch snuffed.

Now we’ve got his interview form the day after elimination and I’m not sure he ever makes a complete sentence or makes any sense for at least three minutes. And the fact that he says he didn’t learn anything from this experience makes this pretty much the worst exit interview ever.

So what did he have to say about his Survivor 2012 experience this time around?

“Straight up humiliation,” Russell said. “You take a risk every time you come out here. you never know.”

He does admit that he’s coming off as bitter and that it’s going to be a battle to get over the bitterness. He does end up saying “I can’t complain.” I guess he means that he can’t complain any more. Since the first few minutes was nothing but complaining.

He does finally acknowledge that he got to play the game of Survivor twice. Thank you. Some people only dream of playing the game once and never get there. So getting to play twice is rare and amazing. So yeah, in case you can’t tell, Russell’s interview left a bad taste in my mouth. Watch it below and let me know if you had the same response that I did.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Matsing Loses Again


This week’s episode of Survivor Philippines opened on the Matsing Tribe feeling defeated the day after their last trip to Tribal Council. It must be hard to swallow, losing the challenge (and a tribe mate) three weeks in a row. Things then started to look up as they vowed to make the best comeback in Survivor history.

Over at the Tandang camp, Pete has planted some chaos among his tribe. That’s all part of his game play. He wants to keep everyone confused and on their feet so they can play his game instead of their own, he says. So what did he do? He planted the immunity idol clue so that Abi and RC will freak out on each other. And it works perfectly. They go from a touch alliance of two to basically sworn enemies. Good gameplay, Pete.

Meanwhile, the Kalabaw Tribe is shifting. Jeff, realizing that Jonathan has the idol, has decided to change his focus from getting the veteran player out to aligning with him. Along for the ride is Carter. And left out in the cold are the girls. But of course they can just form their own alliance and be three strong when the merge comes. If they can wait it out.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 4 Results

Survivor Philippines episode 4

Tonight on Survivor 2012 Philippines we’re about to find out if Matsing has what it takes to pull out a fourth straight loss at the immunity challenge or if they’ll finally avoid Tribal Council for a change. Let’s find out!

We’ll save the drama details for the episode recap but Matsing is keeping their chin up, Tandang shows some claws, and Kalabaw puts together a new inner-alliance. Now on to the Survivor immunity challenge and results.

This week’s challenge requires the castaways to carry six pots across the playing field. From there they’ll have to smash the pots with a small wrecking ball. First tribe to finish gets steak, vegetables, and spices. Second tribe to finish gets a pot and a few extras. Since Matsing is down three players the other two tribes each set out all of their women and make it a boys only club this week.

Matsing kicks off with a lead for the first time in any challenge. Can they hold on to it? Tandang catches up while Kalabaw falls farther behind. Tandang pulls out the win and it comes down to Malcolm swinging for Matsing while Jeff swings for Kalabaw. It’s incredibly, incredibly exciting and close but sure enough, Matsing loses oh so barely. Another Matsing is going home tonight.

We arrive at Tribal Council and it’s pointed out that everyone was lying to everyone heading in to tonight’s decision. There’s still no immunity idol in play for Matsing (it’s still sitting on their rice bucket). This all comes down to how Denise votes tonight as Malcolm votes against Russ and Russ goes against Malcolm. Jeff reveals Denise’s vote. Russ is the fourth castaway to be voted off this season.

As the Council trip wraps up Jeff encourages the last two members that they have to fight to survive. Ouch. I don’t know how they’ll be able to stay positive.

Do you think Matsing made the right choice tonight on Survivor 2012?

In Russ’ parting words he says he’s clearly not a good match with Survivor and thinks he’s finally done with the game. We also get a teasing clip for next week’s episode where there may be a medical emergency in the Kalabaw tribe, but we don’t see who it is. Hmm.


Survivor 2012: Immunity Challenge Preview

Tonight on Survivor Philippines, the three tribes will continue their battle of survival and as always, that includes the immunity challenge.

This wee’s immunity challenge is called “Swing Break” and we’ve got a preview of it for you below. It’s a pretty intensive challenge, but the payoff will be worth it. And I’m not just talking about immunity and what ever this week’s rewards are. I mean, the last part of the challenge looks really fun. Who doesn’t like smashing stuff? Should be a fun challenge. Should also be fun to see how the Matsing Tribe does since they’ve lost the past three challenges in a row.

Be sure to check back here later tonight for the full recap of Survivor Philippines. And as always, stay locked in here for your Survivor 2012 news, results and recaps. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor Philippines Episode 4 Preview: Tribes In Turmoil


Tonight, Survivor Philippines returns and we’re all wondering the same thing: Is the Matsing Tribe going to lose for the fourth week in a row?

But the official CBS promo doesn’t mention that as a hot topic this week. Could that mean they finally pull off a win? Probably not. But it looks like the other tribes are in for some drama.

“Shifting alliances … and a devious scheme … leave tribes in turmoil,” the promo posted below says.

It looks like Jeff is changing his tune a bit on how he feels about aligning with a returning player and possibly helping a vet win the game. And it looks like Pete’s scheme causes some problems between alliance members R.C. and Abi. Can their drama distract them enough to save Matsing this week? Tune in and find out.

The CBS description: Fearing that they may be the next to go home, an aspiring Sole Survivor shares a shocking story from their childhood, and in an effort to escape the looming threat of elimination, sets out to find the elusive Immunity Idol on the next episode of Survivor: Philippines airing Wednesday at 8/7c.

Stay locked in here for your Survivor news, results and recaps. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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