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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episode 9

| November 19, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

Tonight on Survivor 2014 we’ve got the “Biggest Blindside Yet” promises CBS as we continue through the backhalf of the Blood Vs Water season with just ten castaways left in the race.

Biggest Blindside Yet on Survivor 2014

Biggest Blindside Yet on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

Someone is about to get a serious blindside and Wes just hopes it won’t be him from what we’re seeing in this week’s Survivor 2014 clip below. I guess that rules him out of winning this week’s foot-fetish Immunity Challenge!

Last week Josh was eliminated and that didn’t really surprise anyone, so this should be fun to see what twists in Huyopa’s plans are heading our way. Can Jeremy regain control and keep pressing on to the end? Maybe Jon and Jaclyn’s power-couple status is put in to jeopardy? I can’t wait to find out!

Don’t miss our preview of one very messy looking Reward Challenge coming up where we’ve learned two of the winner’s will give up their spot at the prize to prove their loyalty. Hmm. So many mysterious ahead on Survivor this week.

Tonight on Survivor 2014 – Preview clip:


Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge – Week 9 On Blood Vs Water [PICS] – Update: Video Added

| November 19, 2014 at 7:00 AM EDT

Immunity is back up for grabs in these Survivor spoilers featuring this week’s Individual Immunity Challenge, but no hands allowed to secure your safety this time.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2014's Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2014’s Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

I’m ready to watch the behind-the-scenes challenges clip from CBS on this Survivor competition because it sure seems like a weird one. (Update: Video added below.)

Every castaway has their own station, of course, and they’ll be using their feet to lower a bundle of blocks which appear to be transferred over to a basket in front of them. I don’t even know where to begin.

So are we starting to think of who might have the strongest toes or what here? Could be another up-in-the-air battle and with the promise of a huge blindside heading our way there may be an unlikely win.

Can’t wait to see this challenge play out on Survivor 2014 tonight. Check out the sneak peek pics below and see what you think of this weird looking comp.

click images to see full-size views

Update: Jeff explains “The Game Is Afoot” is a brand new challenge for Survivor. Watch the video clip to see how it’s done. Yeah, this looks crazy hard. Good!


Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Reward Challenge – Week 9

| November 18, 2014 at 7:30 AM EDT

Things are about to get messy on Survivor 2014 this week when it comes time for the latest Reward luxury challenge. Very messy!

Jaclyn Schultz on Survivor 2014

Jaclyn Schultz on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

Ten castaways remain on Blood Vs Water which gives us a nice even split for reward this time around, but there won’t be anything nice about what happens next.

The teams will face off one at a time on Survivor 2014 over top a muddy pool that they’ll want to avoid in pursuit of this week’s prize. Looks like the castaways will each have a set position on a balance beam and have to knock the opposing player off their perch. None of this week’s sneak peek photos show any contact between the players so maybe it’ll be just a shake and rock mission to see who can hang on.

Here’s another surprise, according to a preview description from CBS, two of this week’s Reward winners will trade their win-spots to “prove their loyalty.” Interesting.

Castaways form teams consisting of Alec, Baylor, Jeremy, Natalie, and Reed on Red while Blue has Keith, Missy, Jaclyn, Jon, and Wes. Which group do you think has the best odds this week on Survivor?

click images to see full-size views


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 9?

| November 17, 2014 at 7:00 AM EDT

First post-Merge Tribal Council of Survivor 2014 arrived and took a big player as its victim with Josh Canfield. Now just ten castaways remain.

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge – Source: CBS

The balance of power may have shifted when Jaclyn convinced Jon to vote along her plans rather than their earlier idea of working alongside Josh and the other remaining couples. The Singles may be growing in strength and target the pairs, but it’ll be interesting to see how long Jon & Jaclyn can hold on to their position of strength.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to Week 9:

Merged Huyopa:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch
  • Reed Kelly
  • Josh Canfieldvoted off last week
  • Jeremy Collins
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Wesley Nale
  • Alec Christy
  • Keith Nale

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Next Time On Survivor 2014 Episode 09 – Keith’s Hidden Idol Is Exposed

| November 14, 2014 at 2:45 PM EDT

Busted! Next time on Survivor 2014 it looks like Keith has exposed himself to danger after sneaky Reed digs through Keith’s bag and discovers a big clue.

Keith Nale on Survivor 2014

Keith Nale on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

In our sneak peek preview clip for next week we see Reed decides to go digging through Keith’s bag and discovers a paper trail that leads back to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Keith’s got the Idol, but now Reed and everyone he tells also knows the truth. Uh oh, Keith.

Now that the rest of the tribe is on to him and his fading power we may see them try to flush the Idol out or keep that card in their own pocket and see if they can use it against him. Should be another interesting week of Survivor ahead of us!

Reed says in the clip below that he didn’t like going through Keith’s belongings to gain this information, but justifies the choice with his current position of vulnerability. Do you agree that it’s okay and part of the game or was that too sneaky of a move by Reed?


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