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Survivor 2012 Philippines Secret Scene: ‘I Don’t Want a Veteran To Win’


Like most reality shows, Survivor has a thing for bring back veterans, or All Stars, or whatever you’d like to call it.  In this Survivor Philippines Secret Scene, Jeff talks about how annoyed he is with Jonathan and that he’s ready to send him packing. And his thoughts on Jonathan represent a lot of the other castaway’s thoughts on the other returning players.

“I dont want a vet to win this game and I’m trying to convince my other tribe mates that we should not be stupid enough to allow a veteran to come in and schmooze us,” Jeff said. “If we’re going to allow somebody who has played this game three times, then we are stupid.”

Find out what else he has to say in the Survivor Secret Scene below.

What are your thoughts on returning players? Do they make the game more exciting and fun? Or would you rather get to know an all new cast? Survivor Philippines continues on Wednesday night.

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Survivor Philippines Secret Scene: Premiere Party Interviews!


We might be watching all the Survivor Philippines cast running around an island in their underwear looking for food, but as we all know (I think we all know), this was all filmed months ago and the cast has been back in civilization for a while now. In fact, they were all on hand at the Survivor 2012 fall premiere party a couple weeks ago, and we’ve got our hands on some blue carpet footage.

Find out what some of the Survivor Philippines cast had to say on the carpet. What are they most happy about after getting off the island? Russell is glad that he has access to toilet paper. Lisa “Blair Warner” Whelchel says she ate ice cream for “ten days straight.”

Andrew Freund catches up with some of the castaways from Survivor: Philippines on the blue carpet, as the stars of CBS get together to celebrate the new Fall season — CBS

Check it out after the jump!

Survivor Philippines episode 3 airs Wednesday. Stay with us throughout the week for all your Survivor news, secret scenes and recaps.

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Survivor Philippines: Week 2 Secret Scene With Angie Layton

Angie Layton

Cookies, anyone? Matsing’s Angie Layton is here with this week’s “Secret Scene” for Survivor 2012 Philippines. Angie details what went wrong during their immunity challenge with some valley girl flair. She might not have helped to lead Matsing to victory, but I guess she was willing to go out there and run that sled twice which wasn’t easy. I still don’t get why we didn’t see anyone at Tribal Council discuss efforts over emotions, but maybe that’s due to editing.

If Matsing continues to falter then a partnership between Angie and Malcolm could be just as dangerous as Roxy warned. Do you think Malcolm would vote out Angie before Denise? What about before Russell? We should have another fun week ahead of us on Survivor. Enjoy Angie’s “Secret Scene” clip below and see if you can get through the whole thing. Challenge!

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Roxy ‘The Day After’ Video

Roxy Morris

Roxy Morris had a rough night last night on Survivor Philippines. After struggling with the bad weather, a loss at the immunity challenge, and fits of paranoia she was voted off her Matsing tribe. Luckily it seems a good night’s rest helped clear up her perspective and it shows in her “The Next Day” interview with CBS. Good to see her smiling again after that rough patch on Survivor.

Roxy says she thinks Survivor helped her develop a thicker skin and taught her to cherish the little things in life. She says she went down, but she went down proud and even compares it a little to Jesus. Um. Anyway. Roxy’s big regret in the game is voting out her strongest alliance, which I assume she means Zane but I guess she doesn’t know that he had an “alliance” with everyone when he left.

Check out her exit interview below and then get ready for another round of Survivor next week. Hopefully the Matsing tribe can pull out of this tailspin but I’ll be surprised if they do.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 2 Results

Survivor 2012 Philippines Matsing tribe

Jumping over the initial drama (though it’s worth noting RC finds the idol clue for Tandang and she shares the news with Abi) heading straight in to tonight’s Immunity and Luxury challenge. This is the first chance for the other two tribes to meet the new Matsing and learn that Zane was voted off at Tribal Council. The big prize for the first two tribes is immunity, but there are luxury rewards to boot with blankets, rope, and a tarp.

If you missed this week’s sneak peak at the challenge you can watch the preview video for this week’s Immunity. This is another really physical challenge with castaways forced to drag sleds up and down the playing field before assembling a giant puzzle. Matsing can’t catch a break as they lag behind the other teams through the sled phase. It all comes down to the puzzle though and Matsing catches up quickly after falling so far behind the other two tribes.

Tandang pulls out ahead during the puzzle just like they did during the drag portion. They’re the first to finish and win the most luxury prizes along with Immunity. It comes down to Matsing and Kalabaw and looks close but, no surprise, Kalabaw jumps ahead and finishes their puzzle to win luxury and a tarp. Bad news for Matsing. They’re heading back to Tribal Council tonight.

Leading in to the Tribal Council things look bad for Angie and it’s driven by Roxy who doesn’t like the attention Angie is getting from Malcolm. Russell can’t help but agree and is worried that if Roxy goes he could be next. This could all come down to Denise who seems swayed by the anti-Angie but says she will do what’s best for her.

Tribal Council is focused on the Angie and Malcolm relationship instead of any debate of physical capabilities and the weakest link at challenges. This should be a close vote. Sure enough, Jeff reveals a 3-count vote against Roxy. She’s voted out and it looks like Denise sided with Malcolm and Angie over Russell and Roxy. At the very end we see that it wasn’t 3-2, but rather 4-1 with Russell also against Roxy.

Do you think Matsing made the right choice at Tribal Council?


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