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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Twists Pile Up

Survivor 2013

Survivor 2013 premiere of Blood vs Water arrives next week on Wednesday, September 18th at 8PM ET/PT for a 90-minute season debut. The premiere event will be followed by Big Brother 15’s own season finale and between the two there should be enough twists and turns to make your head spin.

Survivor will be bringing back a stack of twists, some new and some old for season 27. Here’s a rundown of what to expect next week with some new things plus new twists on old twists.

The season usually lasts for 39 days of gameplay, but this year it’ll be 39.5 days. Ooh. Ahh. Yes, that extra half day will start castaways out the night before in pairs as they’ll prepare for the game expecting to play together. That hope will come crashing down the next morning when Jeff reveals each couple will be split in to vets vs newbies.

Once castaways find out they’ll be playing against their loved ones each tribe will immediately vote out one person. They won’t be out of the game just yet though. Instead they’ll head off to the return of Redemption Island. Blah. Yeah, that’s back.

The paired castaway of the voted-off castaway will have the choice to swap places with them and compete on their behalf at Redemption Island. At each arena battle the couples will have the choice to swap out with them. The swapped castaway would go back to the opposite tribe (a newbie would go to the vet’s tribe and vice versa).

Redemption Island gets an added twist. There will be three players competing in each battle. The person who finishes last is out, but the player who gets first will receive a clue to an immunity idol to share with any one castaway from either tribe of their choosing.

Wow. That’s going to be a lot to keep track of this season on Survivor. Are there too many twists for Blood vs Water or do you think this will keep things exciting?

Survivor 2013 premieres Wednesday, September 18th at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Premiere In Three Weeks

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Blood & Water

We’ve met the new Survivor cast and have even read the alleged spoilers on who makes it to the final four, now we just have to wait three more weeks for the premiere of Season 27’s ‘Blood vs Water’.

The new season kicks off on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 8PM for a 90-minute debut and leads in to the season finale for Big Brother. From there the twenty castaways will kick off their 39.5 day journey. Yes, there’s an extra half day this season so the pairs can play one night together before host Jeff Probst crushes those dreams by splitting them in to the “Vs” part of the game.

Don’t forget to check out the cast which is half-filled with returning players and the other half being loved ones brought along for the ride. Can a newbie beat out a returning castaway? That’s what we’re going to find out in just three more weeks!

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Castaways

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Big Brother 15 HG Reveals Survivor 2013 Spoilers

Elissa Slater leaked Survivor spoilers

Big Brother 15 HG Elissa Slater leaked new Survivor 2013 spoilers today on the BB15 Live Feeds which air around the clock coverage for CBS’s reality series.

The spoilers include information on two members of the Survivor Blood Vs. Water cast, so if you’d prefer not to hear details revealing possible final four information then turn away now. Otherwise, read on for more info.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Cast Confirmed

Survivor 2013 cast - Blood vs Water

Survivor casts are notoriously poorly kept secrets and the 2013 season 27 group of castaways was no different. Having filmed back in May and June the cast has been unofficially confirmed for months. Now CBS is making the official announcements so here’s your rundown on the Survivor Blood Vs Water cast.

10 couples will compete featuring one returning player and one family or loved one in each pair, but they won’t be together for long. The couples will each have one night together before being split and sent to separate tribes as just one of far too many twists this season.

Tina Wesson & Katie Collins

Tina Wesson (Australian Outback) & Katie Collins (daughter)


Kat Edorsson (One World) & Hayden Moss (boyfriend)


Laura Morett (Samoa) & Ciera Eastin (daughter)

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Finale Recap: Dawn Goes Teethless and Cochran Wins!

Cochran wins

Survivor 2013 Caramoan crowned a winner Sunday night but not before Brenda made the whole season worthwhile when she made Dawn remove her false teeth during the jury/final three interrogation.

As you already know, John Cochran won the Season 26 $1 million prize. But let’s back up and see how he got there.

The episode picked up right after Brenda’s elimination and Jeff is called in when Erik is having some sort of medical problem. “Everything is spinning,” he said. Jeff calls in the doctor to check him out.

The doctor says he’s in the early stages of starvation. The doctor pulls Erik from the game. Which was probably a good move because Erik seriously looked like he was starving to death.

So just like that, there are only four that remain: Cochran, Sherri, Dawn and Eddie. How Eddie made it to the final four is kind of beyond me and sort of amazing in its own way.

Now that Erik is out, Dawn, Cochran and Sherri have to figure out what to do now. Is Eddie still the choice? Or is it time they turn on each other? Cochran is thinking about it right away. He wants to be the first person to get to Eddie since he’s most likely to win the next immunity idol and will decide will get o go to the final three.

And that’s what Cochran does. He and Eddie shake on a deal.

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