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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 4

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Pavarti Shallow is back this week with the most recently eliminated Survivor castaway: Candice Cody. Pavarti kicks off the interview with a thought that many of us probably had too: Candice didn’t even really get to play the game!

Candice says she never saw it coming when she was the first one voted off Galang, but she did anticipate being forced to play against her husband rather than with him. Candice worked with John to prepare him before the season including learning how to make fire in their backyard using flint.

Since Candice’s experience on Survivor Blood Vs Water consisted nearly solely of Redemption Island, so their discussion focuses mostly there. She reveals their plan of “good cop, bad cop” where John kept his likable, nice personality going so she take on the rough attitude. Sounds like Candice was anticipating John could end up going farther than her.

Watch Candice’s “After Show” interview with Pavarti in the video below.

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 4


Survivor 2013: Candice Cody ‘The Day After’ Interview

Candice Cody on Survivor Blood Vs Water

Candice Cody survived for weeks at Redemption Island, but the game finally caught up with her and she was eliminated last night on Survivor. In this week’s “The Day After” exit interview Candice talks about her experience on Blood Vs Water and the challenges of playing the game with a loved one compared to what she had faced before.

Candice makes an interesting analysis of the difference in playing with the Redemption Island battles. She discusses the life or death scenarios in that arena as compared to losing an immunity challenge but still having the chance to talk your way out of potential elimination.

Talk turns how emotional it made her to watch other players threaten her husband. Candice admits her reactions were sometimes irrational and drove her behavior.

When it came down to her last duel she reveals a major mistake was when she tossed away the right board after thinking she had the wrong one. Candice believes that could have cost her the game.

Watch the rest of her interview from Survivor and see what she had to say.

Candice Cody – Survivor 2013 – “The Day After”:

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Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 5 Highlights

Brad Culpepper wins safety on Survivor 2013

Did you miss what happened on Survivor 2013 last night? Catch all the results highlights right here to find out who was eliminated at Redemption Island and who will head there next.

This was a pretty exciting episode with a lot of twists and turns so if you didn’t get to watch but have it on your DVR then check it out or jump over to to watch the full episode.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 5 – Redemption Island:

Brad arrives and immediately pleads for mercy from John and Candice. He’s actually very nice and apologetic about the situation, but Candice isn’t having anything to do with it.

At the competition Brad pulls out an upset and secures his safety after coming in second place behind John. That means Candice is last and eliminated from Survivor. She heads off in to the jungle after tossing her buff in the fire.

John again gives the clue to Monica and again Brad tells her to burn it. She does.

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Survivor 2013 – Episode 5 – Immunity Challenge:

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Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 5 Results

Survivor Blood Vs Water Episode 5

We’re back with another live recap of Survivor 2013 where we’ll find out who was voted off tonight. Will it be Tadhana or Galang facing a Tribal Council elimination this week? Yeah, that’s what I’m expecting too.

Before we can get to the next Immunity Challenge the three Redemption Island contenders will face off in a competition to build a bridge to safety. Literally. Too bad they passed on the opportunity to put together a puzzle that spells out Marissa’s catchphrase for Brad Culpepper.

CBS has teased us to get ready for another blindside at Tribal Council and there are arguments to make in both directions on which tribe that could be suggesting so let’s sit back, watch, recap, and discuss it through tonight’s Survivor.

Brad Culpepper arrives at Redemption Island and it greatly pleases Candice and John, but Brad profusely apologizes and even gives Caleb kudos on his move at Tribal Council. All the same, Candice is ready to play tough against him at their upcoming challenge.

As the competitors enter the arena Monica tears up and offers her spot to Brad, but he immediately declines. We get a quick exchange between Candice and Monica over Candice’s attitude toward Brad before the challenge kicks off.

Players have to disassemble their crate to create a bridge and then eventually a puzzle on the other end. Candice takes a huge lead in building her bridge. Brad and John are neck and neck.

Candice falls behind as John completes his first with Brad right behind him. Candice is several steps behind as the players start to work on finding their puzzle pieces. Brad is getting a lot of cheering and support from Galang as he continues to lead the race.

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Survivor Spoilers: Does John Sacrifice His Game For Candice?

Survivor 2013: John competes at Redemption Island

Tonight’s Survivor results have already been spoiled at least in part by CBS’s own episode description. Read no further if you want to remain surprised at what might be set to happen during tonight’s Blood vs Water episode.

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