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Survivor 2012 Secret Scene: ‘I Just Want To Win One’


For three weeks in a row, the Survivor Philippines Matsing Tribe has lost the immuninty challenge and a tribe member. Returning player Russell Swan addresses the heartache surrounding that in today’s Secret Scene.

Just before last week’s Tribal Council, Russell sat down to talk about how it feels to have lost the first three immunity challenges.

“We’re down three, it’s day eight,” Russell said. “This is tough. This feels like a dream turning into a nightmare.”

He doesn’t plan to give up, however, despite having the smallest (and obviously), weakest team now.

“We’ll keep figting I just want to win one challenge,” Russell added. “I can’t come out here and just do the planning and the scheming. I can do that. but at the same time I’m a competitor.”

Find out what else Russell had to say in the Secret Scene posted below.
Survivor 2012 Philippines is back again Wednesday night. Stay locked in here for your Survivor news, results and recaps. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor Philippines Secret Scene: RC on Abi-Maria


Last week on Survivor Philippines, we saw RC and Abi-Maria’s alliance start forming some cracks in the foundation and now we have a Secret Scene with RC addressing that. Oh, and she also mentions that she’s pretty much running the show.

“I feel like she’s almost like a loose cannon,” RC said of Abi-Maria. “She can go off like that and that makes me nervous.”

RC also says she’s in control of the Tandang tribe and that Abi-Maria is her #2. “I still feel like I’m the top dog,”  she said. Wow. this girl is just a little full of herself. Find out what else she had to say in the secret scene below.

Survivor 2012 Philippines is back again Wednesday night. Stay locked in here for your Survivor news, results and recaps. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Angie Answers Fans’ Questions


Each week, the eliminated Survivor Philippines contestants answer questions from fans and this week’s questions, of course, were answered by Angie Layton. Here’s what she had to say in response to what fans asked.

Edward D: What would change in your gameplay if you had the chance?
Angie: That is a hard question. I think maybe I would have tried to get closer with Malcolm and Denise. Plus, it all came down to that last challenge. I tried to explain why I did what I did, but I think I played well. I don’t know if I would really change anything.

Missy P: Do you feel if you were on a different team you would still be there? If so, which team?
Angie: Yes. I know I would still be there. I would want to be on Tandang.

Mary J: Any ill feelings toward Malcolm? Was there more to your relationship?
Angie: I was a little hurt but I realize you have to take your emotions out of the game because it is a game that everyone is playing for a million dollars. So there are no hurt feelings now.

Joshua R: What is your biggest regret that lead to your elimination?
Angie: I should have tried to get closer with both Malcolm and Denise. I should have formed closer allies.

Michael G: Do you think your looks put a target on your back and gave you more incentive to prove your inner strengths?
Angie: Yeah – definitely at the beginning. After the first challenge happened and everything went down I think that my tribe saw that I was in the game mentally and physically and I wanted to win.

Monika P: Would you come back if given the opportunity to redeem yourself?
Angie: Absolutely – in a heartbeat.

Alexandra M: Being such a young age, coming out of post-secondary education and placed on an island with complete strangers, what’s one thing that you learned about yourself that you never knew, previous to your Survivor experience?
Angie: To be honest I learned that I am stronger mentally than I thought. Even in all that rain I never broke down once.

Source: CBS

What did you think of the questions and Angie’s answers? What would you have asked Angie about her Survivor experience?

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Survivor 2012: Angie The Day After

Angie Layton

On Wednesday night’s Survivor Philippines, Matsing Tribe member Angie Layton became the third person to be voted off the island.

So what did a cleaned-up Angie have to say the day after about her time in the game?

“I appreciate my life so much more now. Even the little things … My bed, my car, my food. My family,” Angie said. “Now I just appreciate it so much more. And I think that’s the best thing I’ve taken out of this experience.”

She’s also proud of giving it her all in the challenges. She feels that she competed right up there with the best of them. As for when her torch was snuffed, she was dazed and didn’t even realize it was happening. What’s next for the former Miss Teen Utah? Miss Utah USA, she says. She plans for that challenge to be her next focus.

Check out the video below to find out what else she had to say about her Survivor Philippines experience.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 3 Results


At the top of tonight’s episode of Survivor Philippines, we’ve got 16 castaways remaining and the Matsing Tribe will have to work hard to avoid Tribal Council for a third week in a row.

With the small, but solid, alliance of four, the Matsing Tribe heads into tonight’s challenges with at least the most trust in each other? Maybe?

Speaking of Tribes that aren’t too tight, Jeff is ready to send Jonathan out of the Kalabaw Tribe but they’ve figured out he has the hidden immunity idol. So the word blindside is being tossed around. Meanwhile, the Tandang Tribe is talking about their own blindsides. Lisa and Pete are dating on who they want to send out. Lisa is ready for RC to go but Pete has someone else in mind.

At the Reward/Immunity challenge, the losing tribe of course goes to Tribal Council, and the tribe to finish first wins a huge fishing kit. Second place wins a less cool fishing kit.

The challenge results:

  • 1st place — Kalabaw
  • 2nd place — Tandang
  • 3rd place — Matising

So Matsing will head to Tribal Council. For the third week in a row. Who will be the third person voted of Survivor Philippines?

It was looking like Russell was going to be the one to go because Malcom wasn’t ready to let Angie go even though Denise was. Then Angie opened her mouth and got Russell going and that helped him? I’m not sure how but it did.

By a vote of 3-1, Angie Layton is the third person voted off Survivor Philippines.

Who do you think should have gone home tonight? Are you happy or not with the outcome?


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