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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Cast

Survivor Caramoan cast

CBS has announced the official Survivor Caramoan cast for the first 2013 season and just as the spoilers suggested, we already knew the returning cast of “Favorites.” Those returning Survivor castaways will make up the Bikal tribe while the new castaways will form Gota as they face off for the million-dollar prize in Season 26.

The full cast and bio details are broken out below but first we have the official Survivor 2013 Caramoan cast introduction video that will give you all the soundbites you need to find out which players they want you to love and which ones you’ll love to hate.

Survivor Caramoan – Gota Tribe – Fans

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Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs Favorites: Preview and Details

Survivor Caramoan

Survivor Caramoan arrives in February 2013 and just like past seasons we already know lots of details of what to expect and who to expect thanks to early Survivor Caramoan spoilers. Last week we shared the list of “Favorites” returning to the Philippines setting for Survivor Season 26 and now we’ve got the official preview from CBS and some thoughts from Jeff Probst.

Watch the Survivor 2013 Caramoan preview:

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Malcolm The Day After Elimination


Survivor 2012 might be in the history books and Malcolm might not have won, but the last thing we wanted to do was slight the 4th-place finisher by overlooking his exit interview.

After Malcom was cut loose by Survivor 2012 winner Denise, Lisa and Skupin, he joined the jury and stopped for his exit interview to discuss his time on Survivor and what he learned about himself and his fellow castaways.

He also echoed what most of us were thinking and that was that Malcolm played the best game and made the bold moves that made the final four what it was.

“I think I was playing the best game,” Malcolm said. “I think I had this thing in the bag. It stings. It’s a game. Well done, guys.”

He doesn’t hold any hard feelings, though, he says.

“I hope that I’m mature enough to understand that and separate the personal disappointment  and the bitterness I feel from actually being able to look at them,” he said. “They definitely hitched a ride though.”

Find out what else Malcolm had to say in his exit interview after the jump.

Malcolm fans who are bummed that he didn’t win Survivor 2012 might get another chance to see him in the winner’s seat. According to our Survivor 2013 spoilers, Malcolm will be returning to the game along with other familiar faces!

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Survivor Philippines’ Lisa Whelchel To Co-Host ‘The Jeff Probst Show’

Lisa Whelchel might not have won Survivor Philippines but she’s about to walk away from the experience with more than just the $100,000 “fan favorite” prize money. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whelchel has revealed she’ll be guest co-hosting “The Jeff Probst Show”:

The great part is that it hasn’t really ended and the dream has not stopped because I got to play Survivor and now I’m actually going to be doing some co-hosting on Jeff’s talk show for the next couple of weeks. So the prizes just keep coming.

We’re going to try out a little co-hosting and see how that works so I’m gong to try a handful of shows with him this week that will air in January. We really did have some good back and forth at Tribal Council. It felt right, and it was fun and easy and hopefully we can bring that to his talk show too.

According to Jeff Probst in an interview with Larry King, the show’s ratings are not doing well which is likely driving their interest in trying something new, like bringing on Lisa Whelchel.

Will you tune in to watch Whelchel guest co-host with Jeff Probst?

Sources: EW & Reality Blurred


Survivor 2012 Philippines Finale Recap: The Winner Is …


The Survivor Philippines winner was announced Sunday night following a bitter jury interrogation. It was all down to Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Skupin. So who won? Let’s do this chronologically.

After multiple delays and hefty flashback on the season, the first part of the Survivor 2012 Philippines season finale took off. We first pick up right after last week’s elimination of Abi-Maria and the final four are not sad that she’s gone.

“That’s like having a tumor removed,” Skupin said about Abi having her torch snuffed.

The castaways find some tree mail and it says “winning this next challenge will be worth of your brag gin” … then it goes on to say … “when you finish the dragon”… it’s a reward challenge teaser.

They head off to the challenge where they find out the reward means the winner wins a secret advantage in final immunity challenge. Jeff calls it the biggest reward f the season. The challenge is an obstacle course/knots/puzzle game. It’s a close call between Malcolm and Denise but in the end, Malcolm wins the reward. We will find out what he won just before the immunity challenge.

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