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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 5

Survivor 2013 - Episode 5

Survivor Blood Vs Water is back tonight with the fifth episode in what’s quickly becoming a massacre by the Vets of Galang against the Newbies of Tadhana. This time around the slimming Tadhana tribe will try things without the guiding hand of Brad Culpepper who was voted out last week and sent to Redemption Island. There he’ll face off against John and Candice in a new competition we previewed yesterday.

When it comes to Redemption Island, we’ve been teased that there may be another swap between couples with Brad & Monica, but I don’t think many of us believe that’ll happen. Brad will likely opt to compete in the hopes of breaking up John and Candice in the arena.

Tonight’s challenges feature a bridge building race at Redemption Island, check out the preview of that here, and then an Immunity Challenge named “Slide Show.” The Immunity Challenge is simple enough that even Tadhana should have a fighting chance at finally winning a competition on Survivor. In fact, according to the preview video below Tadhana even takes an early lead. All the players have to do is go down a slide, stand up, and toss a ring on to a poll. Just toss a ring on to a poll. Come on, Tadhana, they’re dumbing these things down. Don’t disappoint everyone.

Do you think Galang will see their streak come to an end tonight or would you rather watch Tadhana continue to wither with another elimination? We’ll keep you posted on who was voted off Survivor with our live results recap later tonight.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water – Episode 5 Preview:

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Survivor 2013: First Look At Redemption Island Challenge In Week 5

Survivor 2013 Redemption Island Week 3

Get an early look at this week’s Redemption Island challenge for Survivor 2013 Week 5. Brad Culpepper will join Candice and John in a three-way duel where one more castaway will be eliminated from Blood Vs Water.

So far we’re anticipating the tease from CBS about Brad and Monica swapping to be false. CBS has been careful to only show John and Candice competing in the challenge, but it’s probably safe to say they’ll be facing off against Brad rather than Monica.

The challenge will at least in part require the players to build a bridge one board at a time using a puzzle approach of pegs and matching boards. There have been challenges this season at Redemption Island that are both single and multi-step, but nothing so far indicates if there’s more to the race than just building a bridge to reach the other side of the arena.

Check out the pictures below from this week’s Survivor Redemption challenge:

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Survivor Spoilers: First Look At ‘Slide Show’ Immunity Challenge

Survivor 2013 spoilers - Blood vs Water challenge

This week’s Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2013 is called “Slide Show.” Here’s your first look at what the dwindling Tadhana tribe will have to win if they want to finally avoid Tribal Council on Blood Vs Water.

Tribes will send one player each for mini-duels where they’ll have to slide down a huge water slide, grab a ring along the way, and then jump up and be the first to get it to land on a cross a short distance away. Each round gives a point to the player’s team that gets their ring on the cross first.

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From the video below you can see they are slowly adding more and more hooks and bars on the cross to make it easier for the players to land a ring. We’ll have to see just how easy it gets by the time the Dream Team is done and the Survivor castaways face off.

Do you think Tadhana has a shot at finally pulling off a win this week?

Survivor 2013 – Week 5 Challenge ‘Slide Show':

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Survivor 2013: Does Brad Culpepper Swap With Wife Monica?

Survivor 2013 Week 5 Redemption Island

In this week’s preview for Survivor 2013 (watch the video below) we see Galang tribe member Monica asking her husband, Brad Culpepper, if she can take his spot in Redemption Island. But does Brad swap places with Monica on Redemption Island?

The last time this “did they swap?” was played up by CBS we discovered the promo photos confirming that no, Tyson did not swap with Rachel. This time CBS is being more careful by only showing Candice and John performing in this week’s Redemption Island.

According to some spoilers we’ve read (stop now if you don’t want to read any potential Survivor spoilers) Monica ends up being part of the season’s final three. If true, it makes me doubt her swapping spots with Brad. Of course it’d still be possible for both to happen as she could switch and then win her way back, but I don’t know if I’d expect that to happen.

When Survivor Blood vs Water airs on Wednesday I anticipate we’ll see Monica offer the switch to Brad, but he’ll decline. In fact, in one of the promo pics released Brad seems to be waving to Monica either as a “hello” or a “no” in response to the exchange.

What do you think will happen? Would Brad let Monica swap or will he stand his ground and compete against Candice and John in Redemption Island on Survivor 2013?

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 3

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

This week on the “Survivor After Show” Pavarti Shallow is back with Marissa Peterson, the latest castaway to be eliminated from “Blood Vs Water.”

After watching episode 4 together Pavarti sits down with Marissa on the set and hash out the experience. We get a lot of interesting discussions over the 35+ minute interview.

Before heading in to the game Marissa and Gervase prepared for every scenario they could imagine, including being split on to separate tribes. The duo had devised signals to let the other know they needed to throw the competition if they were in danger of being eliminated during the next Tribal Council.

Of course Marissa never made it farther than the very first Tribal Council after being the first person voted out of her tribe. She wasn’t the first to leave the game though and her strength in the Redemption Island challenges supported her frustration over being eliminated when weaker members continued on in Tadhana.

Watch her full interview with Pavarti and hear what she had to say about her time on Survivor Blood Vs Water.

Survivor After Show – Pavarti Shallow & Marissa Peterson:

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