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Survivor 2013: Jeff Probst Admits He Doesn’t ‘Really Care What Happens At Tribal’

Jeff Probst on Survivor

Last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, returning player Corinne was blindsided and voted out and while some fans are up in arms about it, show host Jeff Probst doesn’t really care. Nor does he care what happens at any Tribal council, he tells Entertainment Weekly.

Well, he might care if the season is going badly and a really great player gets voted out. But he apparently doesn’t put Corinne into that category. In fact, from the quote below, I don’t think he like Corinne much.

Okay here’s my truth. Philosophically I don’t really care what happens at Tribal so long as the season as a whole is going well and since we have no control of the vote it’s silly to get worked up about it. But from a producing point of view, for a season to go really well we need to lose the boring people and keep the interesting people — villains or heroes. Blindsides are always great, but if they cost us our most memorable people then there is definitely an invoice. So separating myself from the show and just answering as a fan of the show, I was okay with Corinne being voted out.  And with that, you can add Corinne to the list of former players who don’t like me.

Way to tell it like it is, Jeff! I love him and his honesty.



Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Corinne’s Exit Interview


This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan we said goodbye to our first “Favorite” when Corinne was voted off the show.

Like always, she sat down for her exit interview the day after her elimination and I must say, she’s a fantastic interview. Not all players give an interview like her. Some are downright boring and hard to listen to. Not Corinne.

One thing she makes sure to point out in her interview is that she has no regrets.

“I was trying to make the game interesting,” Corinne explained, defending her downfall. “I didn’t really care for taking all the favorites to the end. I didn’t really like most of the favorites. I tried to flip. In this game, you’ve got to take some risks.”

In the end, she’s happy with her run this time around on Survivor.

“How can you be anything but proud when you sit your ass on a beach for 22 days without food or sleep,” she said. “To have the balls to play period. You have to be proud of that.”

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 8 Recap: A Merge And A Blindside


This week’s episode of Survivor 2013 Caramoan opens with more Phillip craziness. I’m almost tiring of it. This time he is saying “I thew the challenge.” Blah, blah, blah. What is wrong with this person? And what is wrong with everyone who has not voted him off the show?

After the credits the Gota Tribe sees a boat coming their way. The men on board deliver a letter that’s basically telling them it’s merge time. They load up their belongings, jump on the boat and head to their new home as a merged tribe.

They get a little celebratory feast and new buffs.

But what about a name? Enil Edam. Malcolm says it means new beginning, but it’s really just his mom’s name backward. Horrible tribe name, but a clever way to nod to Malcolm’s mother.

And now the moment I know I’ve been waiting for. It’s an eating challenge! And it’s for immunity.

The rules are simple, race to get down local delicacies. They will square off in rounds. The first three to finish move on. The first delicacy is beetle larvae. Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie move on from the first round. Sherri, Corrine and Erik are out.

For the next group of six, it’s also beetle larvae. Cochran, Phillip and Michael move on. Reynold, Dawn and Brenda are out.

So now they’re down to six. And this time they have to eat ship worms. They’re called ship worms because they eat through wood (boats). Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran move on.

The three remaining guys have to eat duck embryos. Feathers and all. Cochran and Malcolm move on. Eddie is out.

So Cochran and Malcolm have to eat pig brain. That’s so gross. Cochran wins!

You know what time it is! It’s time for the who are we going to send home!? Mash-up! Also known as: My least favorite part of every single episode.

So let me sum it up briefly: they all talk about who they want to go home and toss around 10 different names, then change their minds, then say the word blindside two or three times, then decide and we all get really confused and then we head off to Tribal Council.

The Votes

  • Sherri
  • Sherri
  • Sherri
  • Sherri
  • Sherri
  • Corinne
  • Corinne
  • Corinne
  • Corinne
  • Corinne
  • Corinne
  • Corinne

Corinne is voted off Survivor 2013 with a blindside. And Phillip survives another week.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 8 Results

Survivor 2013 Tribe merge

Twelve are left. Who will be voted off Survivor tonight? It’s going to be an exciting episode with the upcoming tribe merge so let’s see what’s in store for us!

Here comes the merge. Gota is picked up in a boat and taken over to the Bikal camp and beach. Reynold points out it was nice to have a warm welcome considering they were battling as groups the day before. The newly formed group gets their color, green, and sets on a name “Enil Edam.” It’s Malcolm’s suggestion and turns out to be his mother’s name backwards, Madeline. Andrea thinks it means “new beginnings.” Sure.

It’s time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge. The castaways will be competing in an eating challenge. Eating disgusting stuff, that is. Just like we saw in this week’s spoiler of the challenge preview they’re about to eat some awful looking things.

Beetle larvae is the first tasty treat. Six castaways with the first three done will move on. Andrea, Malcolm, and Eddie is in. The rest tried that bug for nothing. Now we get the next group and Dawn can’t wait to eat hers whole. Ugh. Cochran nails it with no delay. Phillip and Michael join him to move on.

Next round… “ship worms” which aren’t really worms. Jeff says they’re like termites of the ocean. I don’t think I’d want those in my tummy. Malcolm, Eddie, and Cochran move on with Andrea just barely missing the chance to move on.

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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Caramoan Episode 8 Challenge Revealed (Video)

Survivor 2013 Caramoan Challenges

Ready to be grossed out on Survivor 2013 tonight? Well we’ve got your spoilers for tonight’s first immunity challenge of the season and this one looks nasty.

The castaways will be eating local delicacies that for the most part sound disgusting. You’ve got meat on a stick, no problem, grubs, nope I’m done, and unborn chicks. Yeah. This looks awful and it only gets worse. You’ll have to watch to see the last item. Disgusting.

Best part of the preview video below is that when the Dream Team competes the final three players are all women. I’m impressed. Let’s see if the same thing happens tonight on Survivor Caramoan.

Survivor Spoilers: Caramoan Catering – Video

Join us tonight for a live blog recap of Survivor 2013 Episode 8 as the tribes merge and the battle continues to become the Sole Survivor.


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