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Survivor 2012 Results One World Episode 9

Survivor results: One World episode 9

Survivor One World opens with this week’s luxury challenge and it’s one of those IKEA styled “do it yourself” challenges. No Probst. No problem. The castaways split in to two teams: red and black. On the black team we’ve got: Christina, Sabrina, Leif, Chelsea, and Kim. On the red team you’ll find: Tarzan, Jay, Troyzan, and Kat. The red team wins out with 6 to 1 points (Christina scoring the only point for her team) and they head off for an afternoon of food and plotting.

It’s immunity challenge time! Like we saw earlier with the sneak peak it was the balancing act in exchange for safety.

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Survivor Spoilers: One World Episode 9 Immunity Challenge Sneak Peak

Survivor 2012 One World spoilers

Get your sneak peak at some Survivor spoilers for tonight’s immunity challenge. The remaining members of Tikiano will face off in “When it rains it pours,” a classic Survivor challenge all the way back from season 3.

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Survivor One World Episode 9 Tonight

Survivor One World Episode 9

Are you ready for tonight’s Survivor One World? Do you have your frosty 7-Up in hand for all the drama on CBS?

Let’s hope this is a 7-Up-free episode. One thing we will be getting more of is some underwear talk. “You’ve got to put on your big girl panties and make some big girl decisions,” Sabrina says in the episode preview below. At least it’s no longer about Tarzan’s alleged poopy drawers. And for that we should all be thankful.

Speaking of Tarzan, it looks like he might be the only one actually on to the girls, or should I say Kim. It’s her that seems to be running the show right now. And the guys are going to be picked off one by one if they don’t start listening to … as hard as it is to say … Tarzan.

Be sure to check back during the show for Matt’s live coverage and elimination results and come back tomorrow for my complete recap of the episode.

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Survivor One World Secret Scenes: Christina, Leif and Sabrina Talk More 7-Up

In this Survivor One World Secret Scene, Christina and Leif talk about the reward challenge and the huge slide while Sabrina talks about how mad the losing team was that they didn’t get the 7-up and the barbecue.

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Survivor One World: Mike Answers Fans’ Twitter, Facebook Questions

Michael Jefferson Survivor One World

Survivor One World said goodbye to Michael Jefferson this week when he was blindsided during Tribal Council. All season long, CBS is letting fans ask the ousted contestants questions via Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what fans asked Mike and what he had to say about his Survivor 2012 experience.

Laura B.: Did you have any suspicion on being voted out or were you completely blind sided?
Mike: I would say that I was completely blindsided. I had a good thing going with the Salani tribe and I just didn’t think that it was my time yet.

Cyndi M.: Who do you think was the leader in getting you voted off? And do you think that he or she will make it to the final 3?
Mike: I think that Kim did start the drama with Troy and myself so she did know how to pull his strings but it was a collective effort by the new Salani tribe. It is hard to say who will make it to the final three.

Manjari R.: Do you think you have underestimated women in the show?
Mike: Not at all. I went into this game, in pre-game interviews saying that I know girls stick together, and that is one of the biggest fears that I had.

Roland J.: Mike what was the Hardest part living on the island?
Mike: The hardest part was the constant drama and the bamboo bed.

Janet S.: What did you learn about yourself?
Mike: I learned that I shouldn’t take anything for granted like access to food and water and how great my friends and family are.

Jason L.: Mike will you hold a grudge as most blindsided jurors do?? and who made you the maddest?
Mike: I’m not going to hold a grudge. I think it was actually pretty cool that I was blindsided. I think I’m a pretty smart guy but I had no idea that was going on. I think Troy made me the maddest out there. I think he just cast judgment on me without even knowing me.

Karen S.: Do you think the women will turn on each other before or after they get rid of all the men?
Mike: I think that is tough to say. If they are smart they would take off the men now while they have the chance, but if the numbers were even they might not get that chance.

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