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Tonight On Survivor 2014 Season Finale: Cagayan Episode 13

| May 21, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Tonight on Survivor 2014, the season finale of Cagayan: Brawn Vs Brains Vs Beauty arrives and brings us the results of who makes it to the final three, final two, and then is crowned the season’s Sole Survivor!

Survivor 2014 Final Four Castaways

Survivor 2014 Final Four Castaways – Source: CBS

This is the first time since the first season that the Survivor finale is on a Wednesday night but just as always the full show will run three hours starting at 8PM ET/PT. The main Survivor finale is two hours and the reunion is one extra.

It’s no secret that we’ll get a Final Two this season which makes for fun speculation over who can get there and which would win between them. The Jury’s decision will be made a little simpler with this move, but the pressure will be on the remaining castaways to make the right choice at their last Tribal Councils.

We’ll be back here live tonight throughout the 8-11PM airtime on CBS for all the Survivor results and updates during the show and follow-on reunion segment. Join us and discuss the show live with other fans as it happens! See you then.

Join us tonight during the show for a live recap with Survivor results on who wins Survivor Cagayan!

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan: Who Could Make The Final Two?

| May 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM EDT

The Survivor finale will be here soon enough but while we wait let’s discuss who could make it to the final two and who would take each other to that one last Tribal Council.

Spencer & Tony on Survivor Cagayan Finale

Spencer & Tony on Survivor Cagayan Finale – Source: CBS

Right now we have Kass, Spencer, Tony, and Woo left in the game and just two of those names will get down to this season’s final two.

I’m seriously expecting Woo to be the next player cut. Tony would have been his biggest supporter but we’ve already seen where that loyalty lies with Trish’s exit. There just isn’t much of an advantage for either Kass or Spencer to keep Woo around either. Woo has good relationships with everyone and I wouldn’t want to be up against him either. Unless he wins Immunity in that first challenge, I think he’s a goner.

That would leave us with Kass, Spencer, and Tony in a Survivor F3 situation.

If Tony wins Immunity I think he’ll side with Kass. We already heard him talking about the advantages of going with her to the end and I don’t think he’ll change that pattern now.

If Spencer wins Immunity I’m considering that he might take Tony. This one is iffy for him. Spencer has to see that Kass isn’t well liked, but he also knows Tony isn’t either. Tony’s accomplishments would be a risky obstacle if Spencer makes that choice. I wouldn’t.

If Kass wins Immunity she’ll take Tony. We’ve seen her discussing the advantages of keeping Tony when they had the chances to vote him out. She won’t want to be there against Spencer given the choice. They come from the same original tribe and Spencer hasn’t played nearly the dirty game she has.

As for the final Jury votes, this is a tough one. Kinda. Tony has played such an entertaining game as the “love to hate” castaway that he seriously deserves the win. Spencer has had his back against the wall since the start and he’s been the biggest 180 for me of all the preseason content we saw. I thought he’d be awful, but Spencer has been great as an underdog.

Then there’s Chaos Kass. Her erratic moves have kept the season moving and shaking, but I don’t think she’s done it in a way to not entirely burn those bridges. I just don’t see her getting close to the votes she’d need to overcome the remaining competitors.

Who do you think will make it to the Survivor Cagayan Final Two and who should win it all?

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Survivor Spoilers: Final Immunity Challenge On Cagayan [PHOTOS]

| May 20, 2014 at 9:15 AM EDT

The season finale of Survivor 2014 will include not one, but two Immunity Challenges and we’ve got your Survivor spoilers on what the Final 3 castaways will face for their chance at a F2 spot.

Jeff Probst at final Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at final Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’ve already reviewed the night’s first Immunity Challenge here and that one looks like child’s play compared to what the Survivor F3 will have to complete.

A massive maze puzzle awaits the Survivor 2014 season’s last three castaways and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for this one. We can see what looks like a gear puzzle with a lot of missing spots. The players may have to scour the huge arena looking for the right parts and then get them in to the right order to turn a crank and raise their flag on the other end of the playing field.

Complicating matters are an array of turnstiles littering the maze which probably only turn in one direction. These things are seriously everywhere. I’d go nuts.

Check out the pictures below of the second and final Immunity Challenge of the Survivor Cagayan season. Which player do you think will have the best chance at completing this challenge?

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Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge #1 – Finale Week Cagayan – Update: More Details & Pics

| May 19, 2014 at 11:30 AM EDT

The Survivor 2014 finale this week will feature three Tribal Councils which means we’ll have two Immunity Challenges to get there. Here are our first Survivor spoilers for what the final four castaways will face.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan - 3 Tribal Councils on Season Finale

Survivor 2014 Cagayan – 3 Tribal Councils on Season Finale – Source: CBS

CBS has released at least two commercials so far for the Survivor finale and both of those have contained footage from the first Immunity Challenge. We know it’s the first one because there are four players in the competition.

The challenge has the players perched atop a telephone poll and a small stand at the top. At first I thought it was just to see how long you can stay there, but in the second commercial we see the players rapidly pulling up a rope with a bucket of water attached.

You can also see climbing steps on the sides of each pole, so it’s possible the players are trying to work something up there and can climb back up if they fall, but I kinda doubt it.

If part of the challenge is “don’t fall off” then we can identify the final two players in this Survivor Immunity Challenge.

In one commercial we see Spencer falling off his post, but in the background there’s already an empty spot. Tony appears to be the first to fall and Spencer the second. If they can’t climb back up then that leaves Woo and Kass to compete.

Check out the pictures below and see what you think is going to happen in this week’s Survivor Cagayan Immunity Challenge.

Based on another picture we saw in the commercial some are thinking Woo is the next to go as we have a huddled shot of Spencer, Tony, and Kass sitting together. If that’s accurate then Kass won the first Immunity Challenge of the season finale.

Update: CBS has released more pictures of the F4 Immunity Challenge and it opens up a lot more details.

Seems the challenge is definitely not limited to just staying perched on the poles. Instead the players must lift up a bucket of water and fill the bamboo poles beneath them. From there they’ll race to the beach to complete a puzzle.

In that case it seems Tony could maybe be the first one done at the first stage followed by Spencer. Can Spencer catch Tony again this week like he did last time? That could explain how Woo gets voted out next if he’s still way back there while Tony and Spencer are at the beach stage.

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Survivor 2014: Tony Explains Voting Out Trish [VIDEO]

| May 19, 2014 at 8:15 AM EDT

Tony’s decision on Survivor 2014 Cagayan to vote out Trish last week left a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering why he’d do such a thing. Now we get to hear directly from Tony on his decision.

Tony on Survivor Cagayan

Tony on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

The choice to vote someone out is going to come down to whether this person could help or hurt your game. Trish was a very close ally to Tony and would likely have never turned on him. Keeping her in the game would be a smart move as it’s one less person to stab him in the back. But with just five people left in the game it’s time to start thinking about the Survivor Jury.

In a Secret Scene clip from CBS, Tony explains his Survivor strategy for voting out Trish. Tony knows that Trish is a locked vote for him as would be Woo. On the other hand, he does not think Kass would ever vote for him nor would Spencer vote for Kass. Considering the flow of votes Tony decided his best endgame move would be to send a locked vote to the Jury.

Considering the timing of this clip (before the latest Immunity Challenge), it seems Tony was ready to send Woo or Trish out last week and it came down to Trish since he became aware the others were moving in that direction. Too bad he didn’t decide to just roll with their votes and keep his in support of Trish to avoid her figuring it out, like she did at Ponderosa. Listen to his explanation in the clip below.

Tony explains his flip-vote on Survivor Cagayan:


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