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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Will Gervase Flip On Tyson?

Survivor 2013 - The Coconut Bandits

The big hype this week on Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water is whether or not Gervase will flip on Tyson and vote him out. We know Hayden is going to be pushing for Kasama tribe to rally and turn on their perceived leader, but will it work?

In the “bonus video” segment from this past week we get to hear Gervase discuss how much he trusts Tyson and how well it’s benefited his game to align with him and then to also bring in Monica. There’s just no way Gervase is going to flip on Tyson. It won’t happen. Gervase would be at the bottom of the list if he moved over to join Hayden and he’d likely alienate the other remaining Vet, Monica.

CBS wants us to anticipate another blindside this week at Tribal Council, but it won’t happen. If you were Gervase would you consider going against your closest ally to benefit someone else’s game? Is there any way this move would be good for Gervase or is it only for the Newbie’s advantage? Share your thoughts!

Survivor 2013: Gervase On Tyson & Monica


Survivor 2013: Hayden Moss Attempts To Overthrow Tyson Apostol

Hayden Moss on Survivor

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water isn’t proving to be too kind to the Newbies this season as they’ve fumbled opportunities and watched their numbers dwindle. One of the few remaining Newbies, Hayden Moss, isn’t going to go quietly in to the night on this front. This week he looks ready to take a stand, but will it reward or cost him?

In the upcoming episode’s preview we see Hayden make their attempt on Tyson’s game fully transparent. Once the tribe arrives back at camp following Caleb’s vote-out Hayden announces that if anyone left doesn’t want to end up in second place then they better get rid of Tyson now. It’s a bold move.

Of course the Newbies tried last week when they needed four votes to send Tyson packing off to Redemption Island. Sadly for them Ciera thought she had a better shot among the Vets than the Newbies and so she turned on them to protect Tyson.

This week Hayden will need four votes yet again, but this time he’ll only have three Newbies which means he’ll need a Vet to turn on another Vet. Can Hayden pull that off? In the preview clip below we see him working on Gervase who just might be open to the idea. Think he’ll turn on his close ally Tyson? Why? So he can become the lowest member of the totem pole of the Newbies alliance? I doubt it.

Survivor 2013 – Hayden Makes A Move – Preview:


Survivor 2013: Who Is Left On Blood Vs Water? Week 12 Edition

Survivor 2013 cast - Blood vs Water

The Survivor Blood Vs Water finale is closing in and after last week’s surprising turn of events with Caleb’s vote-out we could definitely be in store for some more exciting fun. Vytas has been eliminated and sent off to Ponderosa which opens a new spot at the Redemption Island arena.

Here’s a run down of who is left on Kasama, the merged tribe for Survivor 2013:

  • Tyson
  • Katie
  • Ciera
  • Hayden
  • Gervase
  • Monica

Over at Redemption Island we’ve got:

  • Tina
  • Laura M
  • Caleb

And of course in the Jury you’ll find:

  • Aras
  • Vytas

So there are six players left on Kasama, three at the arena, and two in Jury. One of those three on Redemption Island will come back in to the game, and we should be getting close to when that happens.

Next up this week is yet another attempt by the Newbies to overthrow Tyson from his throne. I’m guessing it goes about as well as the last round!

Where do you see this going next on Survivor?


Survivor 2013: Vytas Arrives At Ponderosa (VIDEO)

Vytas eliminated from Survivor 2013

Vytas was eliminated this week on Survivor 2013, but on the plus side he was reunited with his brother Aras! Okay, that’s probably not much of a consolation. Here’s Vytas’s Ponderosa arrival video and it kicks off with him discovering he lost 19 pounds during his time on Survivor. Wow!

As Vytas heads off to the resort we hear a lot of smack talk over Laura’s decision to help Tina complete her puzzle. He was pretty upset (rightfully so) and he doesn’t hold back in his commentary. Then over at the resort he’s still busy blaming others for his loss.

Vytas says he’s sorry he didn’t win and was knocked out when he had so much game left in him, but he is happy for the time he got to spend with his brother and to have a chance at the game.

Watch the video below and see the rest of Vytas’s Ponderosa interview:

Survivor 2013: Vytas at Ponderosa


Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 11 Results

Ciera and Tyson on Survivor

Here we go for tonight’s Thanksgiving Survivor 2013 episode. We’re down to seven castaways left which means one more heads to Jury and another heads to Redemption Island. Let’s find out who gets cut!

Back at the Kasama camp we’ll get the fallout from the latest vote-out but with even Ciera voting out her own mother there shouldn’t be any animosity floating around. That also means the final pair on Survivor Blood Vs Water has been split. Of course Laura M could get back in the game yet again so maybe there’s a chance for a reunion. Well, unless Ciera is the next to follow…

Over at Redemption Island Laura arrives and joins Tina and Vytas. They’ll prepare for tonight’s RI challenge and from the preview clip it looks like Tina could be in trouble here.

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Jeff brings in the players to the Redemption Island arena. The players race to retrieve four cubes from a netted tunnel. Vytas and Laura are making quick work of the challenge while Tina lags behind.

Vytas and Laura are neck and neck as they begin to work on the puzzle portion. They must arrange the cubes so there are no repeating colors on any one side. Tina has now caught up but Laura finishes her puzzle leaving Vytas to play against Tina.

Wow. Laura is giving Tina precise instructions on how to arrange her cubes. That’s tough on Vytas! It’s very close but Tina pulls it out just a second ahead of Vytas. Sooo close. Vytas refuses a hug from Laura after her efforts against him.

Laura gives her clue to Ciera, of course, but Ciera decides to burn it. Considering the Hidden Immunity Idol has been gone for awhile it’s no big deal, but Ciera doesn’t know that!

Back at the camp the Newbies are starting to come together and figure out a plan to take control and turn on Tyson. It seems like such a smart plan I’m waiting for it to fall apart!

Sure enough, it falls apart right away. Caleb, Hayden, and Katie are on board, but Ciera is not. Ciera says she’s in on the plan but then runs to Tyson and spills the beans. Dumb, dumb, dumb. *Shakes fist in the air.* Ciera could have been 1 of 4 Newbies sticking together, instead she’s going for being 1 of 4 with the other 3 being Vets. Gee, I wonder who they’ll cut first?

The rest of the Newbies catch on to Ciera’s betrayal and strongly suspect the vote will not go their way after all. Immunity is important as always.

Tonight’s challenge is “Wrist Assured.” They’ll hold on to a respectively weighed bucket (25% of their body weight) until they can’t keep a hold on it and the bucket drops. Last person standing wins immunity. Oh, but there’s a twist. Jeff tempts them with a buffet of bbq foods to enjoy if they sit out.

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