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Survivor Spoilers: First Look At ‘Buoy Oh Buoy’ Immunity Challenge

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water - Immunity Challenge Week 6

The Survivor 2013 tribe swap is over and they’re ready for their first challenge as a new team. This week’s Immunity Challenge is called “Buoy Oh Buoy” and this does not look easy.

With six players on each tribe no one will have to sit out this week and instead all will compete together. The castaways from each team will go out in pairs to untie and release fish traps. Inside the fish traps are puzzle pieces, of course. Once all sets of pieces are back the teams will work to assemble their puzzle. First tribe to finish will win immunity and send the other side off to Tribal Council.

The new tribe arrangements will make for a very interesting challenge. I really wanted to see if Tadhana had finally found its groove after getting a win following four straight loses. We’ll never know though as it’s out with the old and in with the new Tadhana.

Check out the pics below of this week’s challenge and watch the Survivor Dream Team put it in to action as a preview for Wednesday’s Blood Vs Water episode.

Survivor Spoilers: Buoy Oh Buoy Immunity Challenge Preview

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Survivor Spoilers: New Tribes Revealed For Blood Vs Water

Redemption Island on Survivor 2013

This week on Survivor 2013 the Galang and Tadhana tribes will hit a stop, reset, and shuffle their castaways between them. We’ve got your spoilers on what to expect and which teams end up with which players. Read on for the details or steer clear to be surprised on Wednesday night.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water: Tribe Swap This Week

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water - Tribe Swap

You can drop your buffs. It’s time for a tribe swap on Survivor 2013. Castaways will be shuffled from Galang and Tadhana over to a chance to play with their loved ones, but not all loved ones are reunited.

According to the mini spoilers it looks like Tina gets reunited with her daughter Katie, but other couples like Hayden and Kat do not. Oh the drama.

We’re pulling together the full list of which players have landed on which tribes and we’ll post those Survivor spoilers later today.

It’s surprising to see a shuffle come the round after Tadhana finally, finally won its first Immunity Challenge. I’m not sure if Survivor has as free-flowing a schedule as a show like Big Brother where things can change on the fly.

It would have been fun to see if Tadhana could build some momentum, but maybe one win out of five rounds doesn’t provide a lot of confidence.

What do you think of the tribe swap on Survivor this week? Should the tribes have remained intact until the merge later this season? Share your thoughts!


Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 4

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Pavarti Shallow is back this week with the most recently eliminated Survivor castaway: Candice Cody. Pavarti kicks off the interview with a thought that many of us probably had too: Candice didn’t even really get to play the game!

Candice says she never saw it coming when she was the first one voted off Galang, but she did anticipate being forced to play against her husband rather than with him. Candice worked with John to prepare him before the season including learning how to make fire in their backyard using flint.

Since Candice’s experience on Survivor Blood Vs Water consisted nearly solely of Redemption Island, so their discussion focuses mostly there. She reveals their plan of “good cop, bad cop” where John kept his likable, nice personality going so she take on the rough attitude. Sounds like Candice was anticipating John could end up going farther than her.

Watch Candice’s “After Show” interview with Pavarti in the video below.

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 4


Survivor 2013: Candice Cody ‘The Day After’ Interview

Candice Cody on Survivor Blood Vs Water

Candice Cody survived for weeks at Redemption Island, but the game finally caught up with her and she was eliminated last night on Survivor. In this week’s “The Day After” exit interview Candice talks about her experience on Blood Vs Water and the challenges of playing the game with a loved one compared to what she had faced before.

Candice makes an interesting analysis of the difference in playing with the Redemption Island battles. She discusses the life or death scenarios in that arena as compared to losing an immunity challenge but still having the chance to talk your way out of potential elimination.

Talk turns how emotional it made her to watch other players threaten her husband. Candice admits her reactions were sometimes irrational and drove her behavior.

When it came down to her last duel she reveals a major mistake was when she tossed away the right board after thinking she had the wrong one. Candice believes that could have cost her the game.

Watch the rest of her interview from Survivor and see what she had to say.

Candice Cody – Survivor 2013 – “The Day After”:

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