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Survivor One World Episode 8 Recap: Make 7-Up Yours

Survivor One World Jay and Michael

Last night on Survivor One World, the Tikiano Tribe made their biggest move yet. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t really get that. I feel like it was just the latest in a long line of dumb moves, at least on the men’s side of the game.

Before we get to all that, let’s back up. At the start of the game Jay and Troyzan are dead-set on a girl going home. Which would proabably be a smart move on their part. But then again, they’re trying to stay loyal to their former tribe which consited of a few girls. Aaaaagh the decisions! Too much for their brains!

Jay gets some tree-mail in a 7-Up bottle, which means Survivor will be whoring 7-Up this episode. So much so that it’s sponsoring the reward challenge. The tribe gathers to hear all about that. They’ll divide into two tribes for the game and they’ll have to slide down a giant water slide, run into the water and obtain large crates that will double as puzzle pieces. The first tribe to complete the challenge wins a trip to the 7-Up Oasis for a barbecue. Burgers, steaks and all the 7-Up you can handle.

The teams divide up as such: Jay, Troy, Kat, Alicia and Chelsea are the green team. Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Leif and Christina are the yellow team. Tarzan sits this one out. He’s probably afraid Chelsea will kill him in the water. That is if she could do so without actually touching him.

The yellow team wins and now it’s time to go wash the 7-Up filth off me. It had its way with me and I didn’t ask for it.

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Survivor 2012 Results: One World Episode 8

Survivor One World episode 8

Survivor One World opened tonight on the first luxury challenge featuring a 7Up promotional event: coolers full of 7Up and barbecue for the afternoon. After a sample bottle passed around the castaways were split in to two groups in a schoolyard pick. Blue team: Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Chelsea, and Alicia. Orange team: Kim, Michael, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif. Meanwhile Tarzan sat this one out.

After a neck and neck struggle of carrying huge blocks of wood as puzzle pieces the win went to the Orange team. Troyzan and his team were very close and just barely lost out. On to the next event.

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Survivor One World Episode 8 Tonight

Tonight we get our weekly dose of Survivor One World drama and if this week’s preview is any indication, we’re in for a treat tonight.

According to the preview (posted below), the girls are torn between alliances and the announcer promises “The biggest Survivor shocker yet!” Oh really? What would that be? That someone might actually make a smart move in this game for a change?

The announcer also says that a major player is about to get played. A major player? Name one. Seriously though, who could they be talking about? Alicia? Jay? Tarzan? Confused.

Be sure to check back during the show for Matt’s live coverage and elimination results and come back tomorrow for my complete recap of the episode.

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Survivor One World Secret Scene: More on Tarzan’s Underwear

Last week on Surivor One World, Tarzan’s underwear was the hot topic (at least it’s no longer Colton). Were they poopy or weren’t they?

In this secret scene Chelsea talks more about his “nasty, brown, stained underwear.” And I get where she’s coming from. The conditions on the island are unpleasant enough without throwing your cloting into  a pot of poo stew. I’m on your side Chelsea.

It’s not all about the underwear, though. She touches on how random he is and off-the-wall he can be. Then how others, he’s easy to get along with. There’s something deeper going on there with Tarzan. Dementia maybe? I tend to find what’s going on with him to be more sad than annoying.

I’m really starting to wonder what the casting directors were smoking this season when they cast these people. The casting was either amazingly stupid or amazingly brilliant. I’m not sure yet.

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Survivor 2012 One World: Jonas Answers Fan Questions

Last week we said goodbye to Jonas on Survivor One World and now we’ve got his answers from the questions Survivor 2012 fans asked via Facebook and Twitter.

Andrew S.: What’s your biggest regret of the game?
Jonas: My biggest regrets were that I was trying to fly under the radar and I was playing more of a passive game than a pro active game. I should have played more aggressively. I should have spent a little less time cooking and fishing and done a little more strategizing.

Carole N.: Are you sorry that you made such strongly worded comments at tribal now, or do you think your fate was sealed before tribal?
Jonas: Absolutely not. I’m glad that I went out fighting. In the end I went out knowing that I tried my hardest to stay in the game.

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