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Survivor 2012 Philippines Premieres Tonight


Survivor Philippines takes off tonight in a 90-minute premiere just ahead of the Big Brother 14 finale.

There’s going to be a former child star, a baseball great, three returning players and a whole cast of newbies. Are you ready for the new season of Survivor to start? We are. We’ll be here every week and every day with results, recaps, updates and news. So stay with us all season.

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in seeing how long it takes the castaways to recognize Blair from “The Facts of Life. She’s apparently not going to just offer up the information. Surely someone’s going to pick  up on it right away, right?

Be sure to check back later for a full recap of the premiere of Survivor Philippines.

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Survivor Philippines Cast: A Closer Look


Survivor Philippines kicks off Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS so it’s time to take a closer look at each of this seasons’s contestants. We’ve divided them up into their tribes and the last person in each tribe is a returning castaway.

Kalabaw (Water Buffalo) Tribe

Sarah Dawson, 28, Silver Spring, Maryland, insurance salesperson

Katie Hanson, 22, Newark, Delaware, 2011 Miss Delaware

Jeff Kent, 44, Austin, Texas, former Major League Baseball All Star

Dana Lambert, 32, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, cosmetologist

Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach

Jonathan Prenner, 50, Los Angeles, writer (previous seasons — Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia)

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Survivor Philippines Premieres Wednesday

Survivor Philippines Cast

This Wednesday, Survivor 2012 Philippines premieres just ahead of the Big Brother 14 finale.

As most of you know, the season will include several familiar names, including an athlete, a former child actress and three former contestants who were taken out of the game for medical reasons.

If you want to get ahead of the game and get to know the new castaways, CBS, of course has up videos from all the contestants. One of the contestants I’m most interested in is Lisa Welchel, from TV’s The Facts of Life. In her video, which I’ve shared below, she talks about her life after the sitcom and tells us that she was not recruited to be on Survivor. She said she had a friend make a video of her on her iPhone and then she sent it out into the Twitterverse as a campaign to get her on the show. And it worked.

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Survivor Philippines Returning Castaways Refresher

Survivor Philippines

Next week will bring us the premiere of Survivor Philippines and with it the return of three former fallen players: Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan. These returning castaways will join 15 new players to form three separate tribes. You can read about the Philippines tribes and how they’re split.

Here’s a refresher video with Jeff Probst detailing how and why each of the returning players had to leave the game. I can’t decide who had the worst reason to be evacuated. Well, probably Jonathan considering that infection could have spread and cost him his life. What do you think is the worst reason to be removed?

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Returning Castaways Confirmed


The final three castaways for Survivor 2012 have been confirmed. Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan will be making their return to the show in addition to 15 previously announced castaways.

Michael, Jonathan and Russell were all taken out of the Survivor game for medical reasons and have been given a second chance. Michael show’s first medical evacuation ever in Survivor: Australian OutbackJonathan’s return will be his third time playing the game. His last attempt ended in injury during the Micronesia season. Russell was removed from Survivor: Samoa for severe dehydration.

Survivor Philippines premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19.


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