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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Probst Says It’s Still Anyone’s Game

Jeff Probst on Survivor

Survivor 2013 Caramoan host Jeff Probst says the game is still anyone’s game. OK, it’s still any favorite’s game. So that means one of the players given another shot at the game is almost definitely going to win this season.

During his weekly interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeff said that the Favorites are playing the game to win.

Cochran is definitely playing a major game. He has put all of his knowledge of the game together with a much bigger sense of confidence. It’s deadly. Andrea had a great teacher in Boston Rob and she is performing exactly as I knew she would. She is using her smarts of the game along with a very refined charm to put her smack dab in the middle of this whole thing. I wanted her back the moment she lost her final duel on RI the first time she played. Dawn has stepped up her game in a big way as well. She’s still crying but she’s doing it while making big moves! I think Brenda is playing a good game as well. It’s a quiet game but it’s cagey. Everybody knows that Brenda is a threat to win — it’s not sliding past anybody. Erik is playing the same kind of game and I think Malcolm played pretty close to the way he played last time. The only thing that hurt him last time was losing a challenge. He had the social game from day one.

And even though most everyone is looking at Cochran to win at this point, Jeff says not to count the others out.

Here’s something that will make you think I’m crazy — I believe any of the remaining Favorites could still win this game. I really do. How often does that happen? Even Dawn thru the tears — if she is with the right two people could make a very good case of strategy. Erik, though quiet, is very likable. The others — it would be a dogfight and I wouldn’t want to go up against any of them. They are all super deserving.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Malcolm Freberg Exit Interviews

Survivor Caramoan Favorite Malcolm

This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, we said goodbye to Malcolm Freberg a week after an epic Tribal Council move.

Following his elimination, he sat down for his Survivor exit interview and we’ve got that for you below. He’s also hit the interview circuit and he gave some good answers to some burning questions to the Hollywood Reporter. And they come after he had time to let the whole game and experience sink in.

We all saw him and the other amigos working Erik and Sherri, so a lot of fans were surprised that they didn’t vote with the guys. Was Malcolm? According to his THR interview, not really.

“I had no faith in Erik whatsoever,” Malcolm said. “I thought I had a decent shot that Sherri would flip. I really thought it was in her best interests to come along with us. I told her I’d go to the end with her, and that was true in that moment. But I didn’t realize how much she hated Eddie and Reynold; I had no idea about the loathing that went back to day four with those guys.”

And what about that insane Tribal Council where he played two immunity idols, saving himself and Eddie from an almost definite elimination.

“It wasn’t supposed to go like that,” Malcolm explained. “The plan was to get away with playing neither, and get Phillip voted out, and me and Eddie not playing the idol. The worst-case scenario was that we played both idols. But then Erik called it and got everyone to switch their votes back to me and Eddie, and we were forced to play it. The plan was not to give up the idols. I still think that plan was good.”

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 11 Recap: The Three Amigos Scramble To No Avail


This week’s episode of Survivor 2013 Caramoan picked up right after that insane Tribal Council from last week and the others are actually praising Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold. But Malcolm knows that he and the other two guys can’t make it without bringing some of that alliance over to their side.

Erik realizes this is his shot to ride the fence and might be able to play both sides and vote with either of his choosing. Cochran praises the move saying it left him “breathless” and “terrified.” Us too, Cochran, us too.

OK, as hard as it is to leave behind last week’s episode, we must. So the Tree Mail comes along with envelopes filled with $500 each. It’s time for the Survivor food auction.

The first item up is beer and pretzels. It goes to Malcolm for $20. The next item is a blind item. It goes to Reynold for $180. He finds out it’s one slice of pizza. But he gave up the rest of the pizza. Then Sherri shouts out that she will give her whole $500 for the pizza.

Up next is a roasted chicken. And Dawn shouts out $500! And it goes to her. Why aren’t these people negotiating?

After that is information in the game. It goes to Malcolm for $480. It’s a clue to finding a hidden immunity idol.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 11 Results

Survivor Caramoan episode 11 luxury challenege

Tonight’s Survivor features the obviously-save-your-money-and-don’t-buy-peanut-butter auction competition. Gee, I wonder if there’s something better at the end than a hot shower or a letter from home? Time to find out who can hold on and win the Immunity Challenge clue. More importantly, tonight’s Caramoan episode will be Phillip-free. Bonus!

Let’s see if the Three Amigos can do their thing! Who will be voted out tonight on Survivor 2013?

The castaways head off to the food auction as their luxury challenge substitute for the week. Each player has $500 to use with no sharing of money or food.

First item is beer and peanuts for $20. Malcolm buys it! What?! He immediately admits it was a terrible mistake.

Second item is blind. Reynold buys it for $180 and discover it’s one slice of pizza. Sherri buys the rest of the pizza for $500.

Third auction is for a whole roasted chicken. Dawn jumps on it with $500.

Next round is the coveted game information and Malcolm gets it for $480 without contest. It’s a descriptive map to another Immunity Idol. Malcolm has 60 seconds to study and memorize it.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 11 Photo Gallery

Survivor Caramoan episode 11 Andrea Cochran & Reynold

Tonight on Survivor Caramoan the remaining castaways continue their pursuit of becoming the Sole Survivor. We’ll get to watch the always fun luxury auction all in the setting of an expectantly calmer camp dynamic with the elimination of Phillip last week.

Here’s a photo gallery from Season 26 Episode 11 “Come Over to the Dark Side.” Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie are fighting hard to stay alive and they’ll need the numbers to make that happen. Now with the ringleader special agent out of the way this sounds a lot more feasible.

Join us tonight for a live Survivor results recap and see what happens next.

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