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Survivor 2014 Cast – Blood Vs Water – San Juan Del Sur

| August 27, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT

CBS has released the Survivor 2014 cast of Blood Vs Water San Juan del Sur with all-new castaways for a second season in a row. Fantastic!

Survivor 2014 cast - Blood Vs Water on San Juan del Sur

Survivor 2014 cast – Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS / Monty Brinton

Considering how well last season went it’s very exciting to see them paying attention to the idea of ditching the retreads and bringing us new castaways even if it’s in an old wrapper of Blood Vs Water.

There were ten pairs as the game prepared to get going, but one of them had to leave for medical reasons as now we’re down to just 18 castaways on Survivor 2014 in its 29th season. Incredible.

Survivor 2014 Cast – Blood Vs Water – San Juan del Sur

Mother & Daughter pair – Missy Payne & Baylor Wilson
Missy Payne & Baylor Wilson

Missy Payne
Age: 47
Current Residence: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Owner of a Competitive Cheerleading Gym

Baylor Wilson
Age: 20
Current Residence: Nashville, Tenn.
Occupation: Student at Belmont University

Dating pair – John Rocker & Julie McGee
John Rocker & Julie McGee

John Rocker
Age: 39
Current Residence: Atlanta, Ga.
Occupation: Former Major League Baseball Player

Julie McGee
Age: 34
Current Residence: Atlanta, Ga.
Occupation: Model/Owner of Spray Tan Business

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Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water – Cast Spoilers Revealed

| August 27, 2014 at 7:45 AM EDT

The full Survivor 2014 cast for Blood Vs Water – San Juan del Sur, will be revealed later today, but now we’ve got our first look at three of the nine couples.

Update: Full list of the new Survivor cast has been released!

Survivor 2014 - John Rocker & Josh Canfield

Survivor 2014 – John Rocker & Josh Canfield – Source: CBS

There was supposedly a tenth couple which was forced to drop out early but eighteen castaways remain in the season which will pit loved ones against one another for a second time.

The all new cast for Survivor Blood Vs Water will feature at least one familiar face for sports fans with former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. Rocker made headlines with an article in Sports Illustrated fifteen years ago discussing why he wouldn’t want to live in New York to play for the Yankees. John will be joined by his girlfriend Julie McGee.

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Next couple for Survivor 2014 could be familiar to Amazing Race fans. Natalie and Nadiya Anderson return to CBS for another shot at reality TV after being the first pair eliminated in the All-Stars season of TAR. From some comments so far it looks like this could be a few of the castaways designed to annoy.

The third couple revealed as part of the Survivor cast spoilers and sneak peeks this morning are Reed Kelly and his boyfriend Josh Canfield. Reed has had roles in Broadway productions of Wicked and Spider-Man. Uh oh, I think Frankie Grande on Big Brother is going to be jealous to find out someone else from Broadway made it on Survivor after he tried out for years, unless of course if he wins BB16. Then he probably won’t care much at all.

The full Survivor 2014 San Juan del Sur cast will be revealed later today, but for now we’ve got our first sneak peek at who will be playing in the second edition of the Blood vs Water. We’ll keep you posted on the rest of the cast soon.

Survivor Blood Vs Water start date will be September 24, 2014 at 8PM with a 90-minute premiere event.



Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Start Date Announced

| August 4, 2014 at 5:56 PM EDT

Survivor 2014 start date has been confirmed by CBS. The San Juan Del Sur seasons will start on September 24, 2014 with a 90-min premiere episode starting at 8PM ET/PT.

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water

Premiere Date for Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

Season 29 of Survivor will bring back the popular “Blood Vs Water” theme but with the twist of all new castaways this time around as they’ll be forced to compete against their loved ones.

Great news about the all-new cast after last season’s fantastic group of castaways kept us thoroughly entertained as we got to know them instead of starting off the season knowing who we did and didn’t care to see move along each week.

Stack that on top of Jeff Probst confirming Redemption Island would not be back this season and you’ve got me hooked already. Thank you, CBS!

We’ll be back again for Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water with our daily coverage and live recaps so be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates to get all the latest Survivor spoilers and news all season.

Source: CBS


Survivor Alumni Whitney Duncan & Keith Tollefson On The Amazing Race

| June 2, 2014 at 1:15 PM EDT

Survivor South Pacific (Season 23) alumni Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson have made the CBS-jump over to The Amazing Race. The former Survivor couple were seen at the starting line this past weekend for the upcoming season.

Survivor South Pacific - Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson

Joining the season’s big cast of couples, Whitney and Keith won’t be lounging on the beautiful Survivor beaches this time but will instead travel the world in hopes of winning it all and taking home the million dollar prize.

Check out The Amazing Race starting line photo featuring Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson as shared on Twitter by user @Blueu22:

click image to see full-size

Whitney and Keith became a couple from their time together on Survivor that season which soon after revealed details that Whitney was actually married to another man at the same time. Oops. Supposedly Whitney and Keith are now engaged, but probably not a bad idea for him to decide to be with her on her next reality TV competition show…


Survivor 2014 Cagayan: Spencer & Kass Arrive At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

| May 23, 2014 at 10:15 AM EDT

The Survivor 2014 season of Cagayan might be over, but we couldn’t not share Spencer’s arrival at Ponderosa and his thoughts after his disappointing elimination on the season finale this week. Oh, and there’s Kass too. I’m just teasing ya, Kass.

Spencer and LJ toast at Ponderosa

Spencer and LJ toast at Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Since both Spencer and Kass were eliminated in the same Survivor episode CBS combined their eliminations and Ponderosa arrivals. The difference between their two experiences was extreme.

Spencer is greeted with a beer and a toast when he arrives. Everyone tells him they were rooting for him and would have had his vote at F2. They laugh and share drinks in a “hero’s welcome” as Spencer puts it.

Then you’ve got Kass arriving and no one having any interest in even acknowledging her existence. The other Jury members don’t respect her game and aren’t much interested in engaging her. Not hard to blame them.

There’s lot of history revisionism coming from Kass in her interview, but I think we all expected that. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s just the scapegoat. Uh huh. Her getting rid of Sarah so she could be the center of attention? Why that was her just getting Sarah out for playing both sides… okay.

Watch the Survivor Ponderosa arrivals for Spencer and Kass:


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