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Survivor Philippines Returning Castaways Refresher

Survivor Philippines

Next week will bring us the premiere of Survivor Philippines and with it the return of three former fallen players: Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan. These returning castaways will join 15 new players to form three separate tribes. You can read about the Philippines tribes and how they’re split.

Here’s a refresher video with Jeff Probst detailing how and why each of the returning players had to leave the game. I can’t decide who had the worst reason to be evacuated. Well, probably Jonathan considering that infection could have spread and cost him his life. What do you think is the worst reason to be removed?

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Returning Castaways Confirmed


The final three castaways for Survivor 2012 have been confirmed. Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan will be making their return to the show in addition to 15 previously announced castaways.

Michael, Jonathan and Russell were all taken out of the Survivor game for medical reasons and have been given a second chance. Michael show’s first medical evacuation ever in Survivor: Australian OutbackJonathan’s return will be his third time playing the game. His last attempt ended in injury during the Micronesia season. Russell was removed from Survivor: Samoa for severe dehydration.

Survivor Philippines premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19.


Survivor 2012 Philippines: Cast Confirmed

Survivor Philippines Cast

The Survivor 2012 cast has been confirmed and there might be a couple of familiar faces in the bunch — even aside from the three returning players. Fans might recognize Lisa Whelchel from her time as Blair Warner on 1980s sitcom “The Facts of Life.” Also joining the Survivor Philippines cast is Major League Baseball All-Star Jeff Kent.

While the three returning players this season are to be confirmed later this week, they’re said to be Jonathan Penner – Cook Islands, Micronesia, Russell Swan – Samoa, and Mike Skupin – Australian Outback.

15 of the 18 Survivor Philippines Cast:

Kalabaw (Water Buffalo) Tribe

  • Sarah Dawson, 28, Silver Spring, Maryland, insurance salesperson
  • Katie Hanson, 22, Newark, Delaware, 2011 Miss Delaware
  • Jeff Kent, 44, Austin, Texas, former Major League Baseball All Star
  • Dana Lambert, 32, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, cosmetologist
  • Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach

Matsing (Monkey) Tribe

  • Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender
  • Zane Knight, 28, Danville, Virginia, tire repairman
  • Angie Layton, 20, Provo, Utah, model and former Miss Utah Teen USA
  • Roxanne “Roxy” Morris, 28, Brooklyn, seminary student
  • Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist

Tandang (Rooster) Tribe

  • Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student
  • Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, 27, New York, banker
  • Artis Silvester, 53, Terry Town, Louisiana, computer engineer
  • Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”
  • Peter “Pete” Yurkowski, 24, Holmdel, New Jersey, engineering graduate


Survivor 2012 Philippines: Cast Rumors and Spoilers

Survivor Philippines

We’re not far from the premiere of Survivor Philippines which means it’s time for rumors, speculations, and spoilers on the new season’s cast! We had heard from Jeff Probst that he’d like to work in returning Survivor players each season, blah, so those are part of the preseason spoilers too.

As part of the Survivor 2012 teaser video we saw at the end of One World we learned past players who were evacuated for medical reasons would return for this season. That seemed like a perfect segue to bring back Colton, last season’s “villain.” If these rumors are accurate then we won’t be seeing Colton again for this season of Survivor.

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Survivor One World: Winner’s Interview With Kim

Kimberly Spradlin

All season long, CBS has asked the Survivor One 2012 castoffs questions from fans on Facebook and Twitter and they’ve released the latest, which is actually for Survivor One World winner Kim Spradlin.

Here’s what you, the fans, and she had to say:

Sonya H.: KIM, what are some of the things you are planning to use the money for?
Kim – I have two bridesmaid boutiques that I could put a little money in to. I have some bills to pay and I’m looking to have a little fun and travel.

Ralph W.: Congratulations, Kim! Well earned. Were you surprised that Chelsea did not receive any votes at the final vote?
Kim: Yes initially. During the gameplay I thought she was my biggest competition

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