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Survivor 2013: Vytas Arrives At Ponderosa (VIDEO)

Vytas eliminated from Survivor 2013

Vytas was eliminated this week on Survivor 2013, but on the plus side he was reunited with his brother Aras! Okay, that’s probably not much of a consolation. Here’s Vytas’s Ponderosa arrival video and it kicks off with him discovering he lost 19 pounds during his time on Survivor. Wow!

As Vytas heads off to the resort we hear a lot of smack talk over Laura’s decision to help Tina complete her puzzle. He was pretty upset (rightfully so) and he doesn’t hold back in his commentary. Then over at the resort he’s still busy blaming others for his loss.

Vytas says he’s sorry he didn’t win and was knocked out when he had so much game left in him, but he is happy for the time he got to spend with his brother and to have a chance at the game.

Watch the video below and see the rest of Vytas’s Ponderosa interview:

Survivor 2013: Vytas at Ponderosa


Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 11 Results

Ciera and Tyson on Survivor

Here we go for tonight’s Thanksgiving Survivor 2013 episode. We’re down to seven castaways left which means one more heads to Jury and another heads to Redemption Island. Let’s find out who gets cut!

Back at the Kasama camp we’ll get the fallout from the latest vote-out but with even Ciera voting out her own mother there shouldn’t be any animosity floating around. That also means the final pair on Survivor Blood Vs Water has been split. Of course Laura M could get back in the game yet again so maybe there’s a chance for a reunion. Well, unless Ciera is the next to follow…

Over at Redemption Island Laura arrives and joins Tina and Vytas. They’ll prepare for tonight’s RI challenge and from the preview clip it looks like Tina could be in trouble here.

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Jeff brings in the players to the Redemption Island arena. The players race to retrieve four cubes from a netted tunnel. Vytas and Laura are making quick work of the challenge while Tina lags behind.

Vytas and Laura are neck and neck as they begin to work on the puzzle portion. They must arrange the cubes so there are no repeating colors on any one side. Tina has now caught up but Laura finishes her puzzle leaving Vytas to play against Tina.

Wow. Laura is giving Tina precise instructions on how to arrange her cubes. That’s tough on Vytas! It’s very close but Tina pulls it out just a second ahead of Vytas. Sooo close. Vytas refuses a hug from Laura after her efforts against him.

Laura gives her clue to Ciera, of course, but Ciera decides to burn it. Considering the Hidden Immunity Idol has been gone for awhile it’s no big deal, but Ciera doesn’t know that!

Back at the camp the Newbies are starting to come together and figure out a plan to take control and turn on Tyson. It seems like such a smart plan I’m waiting for it to fall apart!

Sure enough, it falls apart right away. Caleb, Hayden, and Katie are on board, but Ciera is not. Ciera says she’s in on the plan but then runs to Tyson and spills the beans. Dumb, dumb, dumb. *Shakes fist in the air.* Ciera could have been 1 of 4 Newbies sticking together, instead she’s going for being 1 of 4 with the other 3 being Vets. Gee, I wonder who they’ll cut first?

The rest of the Newbies catch on to Ciera’s betrayal and strongly suspect the vote will not go their way after all. Immunity is important as always.

Tonight’s challenge is “Wrist Assured.” They’ll hold on to a respectively weighed bucket (25% of their body weight) until they can’t keep a hold on it and the bucket drops. Last person standing wins immunity. Oh, but there’s a twist. Jeff tempts them with a buffet of bbq foods to enjoy if they sit out.

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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Immunity Challenge Revealed – Week 11

Survivor 2013 Immunity Challenge episode 11

We’ve got your first look at this week’s Survivor 2013 Immunity Challenge, “Wrist Assured.” It’s another familiar one, but that won’t make it any easier for the remaining seven castaways on Blood Vs Water.

Each player will face a pulley system and hold a bar controlling a bag containing 25% of their own body weight. That makes each player’s station unique to them and should, in theory, make the challenge more level. While this may make you expect a stronger guy to pull out the win you’ll definitely want to check out the Dream Team’s test run of the challenge.

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In the preview video, hosted by Jeff, naturally, we see Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer join in on the competition but soon learn that he’s playing with significantly less weight than his fellow players. It’s a bit of silliness and fun, but while we expect John to skate through with just 25 lbs in his bag he surprises us by losing his grip. In the end it’s not the big tough guys that win but a smaller woman who proves to be the strongest. Now that could really make things interesting for tonight’s show!

Check out the challenge and decide which castaway you think will have the best shot at winning Immunity tonight on Survivor.

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Episode 11 Immunity Challenge preview:

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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 11

Survivor 2013 Episode 11 - Caleb & Monica

Tonight on Survivor Blood Vs Water we’re going to find out if the Newbies can take advantage of their numbers and out Tyson or if they’ll fumble the opportunity and let Ciera become the next target.

In the preview clips we’ve seen so far the new players realized this is their chance. With just seven players left in the main game and four of them being non-Vets they have control. Even if Tyson, Gervase, or Monica got the Immunity win then there are still two remaining options for them to target. Gee, why do I think they’ll flub this wide open shot?

As for the other hyped target we’re seeing some attention on Ciera. I really wouldn’t think of Ciera as any more of a threat than some of the other players, but CBS is pumping up her role for this week’s Survivor 2013 episode after last week’s betrayal of her own mother. I guess the others could be worried that if she’d cut her mom then who wouldn’t she betray?!

Check out the preview details for tonight’s Redemption Island challenge and we’ll get details up for the Immunity Challenge as well later this morning.

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 11 Preview:


Survivor Spoilers: Redemption Island Challenge Revealed – Week 11

Survivor 2013 Redemption Island arena

Redemption Island this week on Survivor 2013 features the return of Laura M after she successfully won her way back in to the game for a second life. Now she’ll fight for a third life in Blood Vs Water. Yeah, that doesn’t seem excessive at all…

Laura will face off against Tina and Vytas who managed to defeat Aras during last week’s duel. This time they’ll be working on retrieving four cubes from a mesh tunnel and then arranging them in a matching fashion in the second part of the challenge.

The whole thing looks familiar, but I can’t remember what the castaways have to do to get those cubes out of the tunnel. Remind me in the comments section below!

Ahead of tomorrow’s Survivor episode you can check out these preview pics of the Redemption Island challenge thanks to CBS.

click images to see full-size

Now that you’ve seen what they’ll be tasked with completing, which two do you think will survive and who will be the next to join Aras at Ponderosa?

Survivor 2013: Sneak Peek At Redemption Challenge:


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