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Survivor Cagayan 2014: First Look At Season 28 [PHOTOS]

Survivor 2014 Cagayan

CBS has just released our first look at Survivor Cagayan 2014 with photos from the camp including the Immunity Necklace, castaways’ torches, banners, and oh yes even the Tribal Council set up.

So far we know the Survivor 2014 twist this upcoming season will feature three groups: Brains, Brawn, & Beauty. Based on the provided Tribal Council photo it’s confirmed that there will be six castaways per group so eighteen players altogether for Survivor 2014! Even better news is what we learned before: all new players. Phew. No retreads this time around which makes me happy.

This season of Survivor was filmed again in the Philippines and the setting is gorgeous just as you’d expect though we’re interested in seeing just what sort of competition the scenery gets from that Beauty team.

Check out the photos released below and then get ready for the Survivor 2014 premiere in late February. The new season will be here soon and we’ll be covering it all for you once again.

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Source: CBS


Survivor Blood Vs Water Finale: Behind The Scenes Photos

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water season finale

The Survivor Blood Vs Water season wrapped up on Sunday with the unsurprising reveal that Tyson received the winning number of votes. Since then CBS released a batch of photos from behind the scenes of the Survivor finale party.

Looks like the castaways gathered together to watch the last episode backstage as they prepared for the live portion of the event.

Check out their photos below and then see the full set of pics here at

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Tyson Apolstol Celebrates His Survivor Win

Tyson Apolstol wins Survivor 2013

Congratulations to Tyson Apolstol on his Survivor win last night on the Blood Vs Water season finale. His steady hold on the reins of this season kept us expecting his win as inevitable and he proved it right when he took home seven votes to Monica’s one and secured the title of Sole Survivor. Oh, and he got a million dollars for his efforts. Not bad for 39 days on the beach!

This victory marks Tyson’s first win in the series but his third attempt after apperances on Survivor Tocantins and Heroes Vs Villains. It seems if you’re given enough chances and plenty of practice you can win Survivor! I guess that’s part of why I’m so excited for an all new-cast next season on Survivor Cagayan.

The only vote Tyson didn’t earn was Vytas so admitted he was keeping his word on refusing to vote for Tyson if he voted him out in the game. That seemed like a bitter move and I’d bet Vytas knows it. Gervase just never had a shot, but still played well. No surprises though when the game went to Tyson last night. It was a well deserved victory.

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Survivor 2014 Theme Revealed: Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty

Survivor 2014 Brawn Brains Beauty

During tonight’s season finale event Jeff Probst revealed the Survivor 2014 Cagayan theme to be… Brawn versus Brains versus Beauty. There will be three tribes with players fitting those specific categories. If this theme sounds familiar that’s because Big Brother did a very similar approach back in BB11 where the “Popular” player pulled off the win.

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Perhaps the best part of the upcoming season is that there will be no returning players. It’s all new castaways! According to Jeff they’re doing it because they know the fans want new players. No kidding!

Probst says producers try to give viewers “what they want.” Case in point: Next season is a “direct response to the fans,” he teases.

Almost as great of news is that there will be no more Redemption Island, according to Reality Blurred. This is all great news for the upcoming Survivor Cagayan season!

Are you excited for these changes with a fresh season of Survivor heading our way this spring?

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Survivor Results: Who Won Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water?

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water season finale

Who will win Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water? We’re set to discover who will be the season’s Sole Survivor when the remaining castaways are whittled down to a final three and sit before the Jury in a battle for their votes. We’ve got a long night before that reveal though.

Tonight’s Survivor will kick off a three-hour event with a two-hour episode followed by a one-hour reunion event. We’ll be here live blogging the whole thing so get that discussion going in the comments section!

The last members of Kasama will watch as either Hayden, Tina, or Laura M wins their way out of Redemption Island and rejoin them in the center ring. We’ve already taken a look at the last Redemption Island challenge and this one will be a definite endurance challenge. From there those five players will face a puzzle-based Immunity Challenge and then on to one heck of a final Immunity Challenge.

Stick with us as we update this post with the latest news, updates, and results throughout tonight’s big finale as we find out who won Survivor!

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Tyson, Monica, Gervase, and Ciera arrive back at Kasama’s camp and all is calm. Tyson decides to reveal his Hidden Immunity Idol to Monica and Gervase to gain more trust and confidence. He says he won’t be using it and offers it to Monica as a memento to take with her.

Redemption Island’s Hayden, Tina, and Laura receive notice that they’re heading to the very last RI duel where one of them will get back in the game. Let’s see who can win it!

Each of the three players will balance a ceramic vase on the opposite side of a long board. Last player with their vase in the air will win the competition.

Laura is already wobbling while Tina and Hayden keep their boards calm and steady. After 15 minutes it gets very, very wobbly for Laura but she manages to recover. Then out of nowhere Hayden drops his! He is out. Hayden was just eliminated.

Laura continues to struggle while Tina looks rock steady. Laura begs for Tina to let her have this (are you serious, Laura??) but Tina says no way.

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