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Survivor One World: Jonas’ Exit Interview

The day after becoming the lastest tribe member voted off Surivor One World, Jonas sat down for his exit interview.

And for the first several minutes he rambles on and on about a bunch of nothing. I think they gave him the left over champange from the tribe merger or something.

He final starts talking about turning points and what went right and what went wrong. He also talks about being pride of his Survivor 2012 game because he “went out swinging.” He promises he didn’t take anything personally and he’s proud of that. But what about the scheming and plotting? He doesn’t get into details, but he shares what he did to not go crazy with the mental scheming.

Find out what else Jonas had to say below:

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Survivor 2012 Episode 7 Recap: One World Again

Survivor One World Christina Kim Chelsea

Last night on Survivor One World, we got our first taste of the merged tribes and life without Colton. And I must say, it was almost as messy and tragic if none of the things that happened last week happened.

The new tribe, deemed Tikiano, not only bickered most of the episode, they sent home yet another person they shouldn’t have. It was as if they were channeling Colton. I’ll get to that later.

At the top of the show, we’re tipped off right away that no one was actually ready for the Survivor 2012 merge. They’re all back together and sharing one camp and basically no one is happy about that.

At the reward challenge, the tribe splits into two tribes just for the challenge. One one team it’s Leif, Kim, Kat, Michael, Tarzan and Jonas. On the other we’ve got Jay, Chelsea, Alicia, Sabrina, Troyzan and Christina. With Jay and Michael split up, it’s anyone’s game.

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Survivor Results: One World Episode 7

Survivor 2012 One World episode 7

Tonight on Survivor One World the show launched with a luxury challenge. The castaways were put back in to two tribes, orange and blue, just for the competition. The reward was pizza, cold beer, and a secret note.

After squandering a huge lead, the orange tribe is the first to bring back all the buried puzzle pieces, but just barely. It’s neck and neck as the puzzles are assembled, but the orange tribe pulls ahead. Troyzan, Alicia, Christina, Jay, Sabrina, and Chelsea take home the luxury prizes.

The orange group winners learn in the secret message that there’s another hidden immunity idol someone around their camps.

Back to individual challenges the remaining castaways head to the immunity challenge. This week’s battle is balance. Each castaway has a round tray and has to balance on a beam while making sure not to let the ball roll off. More balls will be added as the challenge goes on.

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Survivor One World: Episode 7 Tonight

Tonight on Survivor One World it looks like, from the clip below, that Tarzan grosses everyone out and the contestants start looking for the one coveted immunity idol. Will someone find it before it’s time to send another Survivor 2012 contestant home tonight? We’ll have to see.

I have a feeling some people might start missing Colton and the drama he brought to the island soon.

Be sure to check back during the show for Matt’s live coverage and elimination results and come back tomorrow for my complete recap of the episode.

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Survivor One World: What’s Ahead this Week On Episode 7?

Colton is gone from Survivor One World and that seems to be what everyone wanted.

So now it looks like the only drama we’re getting is that “Tarzan walks alone.” According to the preview below, “alliances are shattered” and Tarzan disconnects himself from his alliance. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Is this really all they have to promo after Colton’s exit? It might be a slow week on Survivor 2012. Brace yourselves.

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