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Survivor Philippines Finale: Challenge Sneak Peak

Survivor 2012 Philippines challenge

Time for one last Survivor spoiler of the season with a sneak peak at the final four’s challenge in the Survivor Philippines finale episode. This challenge is called “Dragon Slayer” in honor of repeat player Benjamin Wade.

In this challenge the castaways have to race a course, collect bags of puzzles, and be the first to assemble their dragon puzzle on the other side. Watch the Survivor Dream Team test out the challenge in the video below.

Don’t forget to catch the Survivor 2012 Philippines finale on Sunday night at 8PM ET/PT to find out who takes home the million dollar prize.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Abi-Maria The Day After Elimination


This week on Survivor Philippines, we said goodbye to Abi-Maria and had to come to terms that she would not be our sole Survivor or our sole source of entertainment during this Sunday’s season finale.

The day after her elimination, the spunky underdog sat down for her exit interview to talk about her experience, what she learned and how she made it as far as she did as a one-person alliance.

“I love everything that I went through, Abi says. “It was a learning curve. I was very surprised by being unliked. And I understood now that being too honest in the game is not the way to go.”

“Survivor made me a better person,” she continued. “It made me more patient. I used to get impatient easily. You learn how to depend on yourself a lot more and how to pay attention to everything around you.”

Abi should be proud of how she played the game. She might have gotten under everyone’s skin, but she played a good game near the end with her bluffing and bravery.

“I was a one-person alliance and I was able to fight on my own,” she said. “And I went home still fighting against a four-person alliance.”

Find out what else she had to say in her video below. Be sure to check back here on Sunday night for live coverage of the Survivor 2012 finale.

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Survivor Spoilers: Survivor Caramoan Cast Leaks

Jeff Probst on Survivor

CBS has announced the Survivor 2013 premiere of the Caramoan installment, but now we know even more. According to the latest Survivor spoilers the 26th run of the series will be a return to Fans and Favorites but with a little twist. Instead of playing against one another, the fans and favorites may be mixed together.

If you want to know more about the upcoming 2013 season and maybe even another spoiler for this season then read on. Otherwise, turn back now and avoid the spoilers.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines Episode 13 Recap: The Final Four Revealed


The Survivor Philippines castaways finally did what they should have done weeks ago and sent Abi-Maria off to the jury where she will be forced to vote for one of them.

That means your Survivor 2012 final four are Malcolm, Lisa, Skupin and Denise.

The episode opens on Abi thanking the others for keeping her, as if they did her a favor. That’s not exactly why they did it, but OK, Abi. She says she plans to play her fake idol again at next tribal, but she might not need it if people decide that she is the person to sit next to in the finale because she’s easy to beat.

Abi approaches Lisa and tells her to be careful because she’s on the bottom of her alliance and that Denise, Malcolm and Skupin are going to ditch her as soon as they can.

That leads to Lisa’s wheels turning. She doesn’t really believe Abi, but she does start thinking about what makes the most sense. She says she’d like to vote off Denise and keep Abi.

And then it’s time for the reward challenge. It’s the typical obstacle course/ring toss game. The winner gets a helicopter ride to board a boat for a pizza party and some whale watching. The winner gets to pick two people to join them, meaning two unlucky players will be left behind.

Skupin wins the challenge and he chooses Malcolm and Lisa to go along with him. Denise and Abi have to go back to camp empty-handed. Abi was crushed for some reason. Can someone tell me why she’s surprised she didn’t get picked? I thought she learned no one liked her two episodes ago.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 13 Results

Survivor Philippines episode 13

Tonight on Survivor 2012 Philippines, five castaways will fight for the chance to be one of the few remaining finalists. Time to find out who makes the cut to move on to Sunday night’s finale and who just gets cut.

We head right in to the first challenge and it’s for reward. Players have to race down the beach, over an A-frame, collect rings from the water, and then be the first to get five rings on their target. The winner gets a boat ride with two other players to enjoy pizza, soda, and probably some sort of deal making.

The men take off in the challenge and collect up their rings first. Mike is way ahead when it comes to tossing the rings but when he gets down to just one ring left Malcolm makes a comeback. Both men have just one ring left when Mike secures his win.

Mike has to pick two other castaways to go with him on the helicopter ride and boat trip for some pizza. Malcolm is the first pick as a thanks for his reward gift the previous time around. That leaves Mike to pick either Lisa, Denise, or Abi. Obviously Mike goes with Lisa and oh boy is Abi pissed. Get over it, Abi.

The castaways arrive at the Survivor challenge we watched earlier tonight. They’ll have to cross a rope bridge to get to their puzzle waiting to be assembled. Malcolm takes the lead crossing that bridge but falls off at the very last moment. He goes from first to way last.

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