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Survivor One World: Winner’s Interview With Kim

Kimberly Spradlin

All season long, CBS has asked the Survivor One 2012 castoffs questions from fans on Facebook and Twitter and they’ve released the latest, which is actually for Survivor One World winner Kim Spradlin.

Here’s what you, the fans, and she had to say:

Sonya H.: KIM, what are some of the things you are planning to use the money for?
Kim – I have two bridesmaid boutiques that I could put a little money in to. I have some bills to pay and I’m looking to have a little fun and travel.

Ralph W.: Congratulations, Kim! Well earned. Were you surprised that Chelsea did not receive any votes at the final vote?
Kim: Yes initially. During the gameplay I thought she was my biggest competition

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Survivor 2012: Jeff Probst Calls One World A Let Down; Ratings Agree

Survivor One World watchers weren’t the only ones who thought this season was a bit of a bore. Even host Jeff Probst revealed his true feelings about the season to Entertainment Weekly.

“I think this season was a bit of a letdown,” Jeff said. “No fault of the Survivors, we are the producers. We just didn’t have the standout moments and characters needed for a great season.”

Jeff says that won’t be the case for next season. Survivor Philippines “is going to be a return to GREAT Survivor. I really believe we will remind the audience of how fun Survivor can be.”

Ratings for the finale were also down. Looks like after about week four when it became clear Kim was going to steamroll all the way to the end a couple of folks decided they could use that three hours on Sunday for something more productive. According to reports, the ratings were 10.22 million for the finale and 8.07 million stuck around for the live reunion. That’s down 30 percent for the finale compared to last Spring. The reunion was down 29 percent.


Survivor Philippines: Season 25 Begins Fall 2012

Survivor Philippines

Last night on the Survivor One World finale we learned a little more about the next Survivor 2012 season: Philippines. Host Jeff Probst introduced us to next season’s twist and it’s a twist on a twist that I’d rather not see again: returning players.

On season 25 of Survivor there will be three tribes, presumably six castaways in each, and one of those castaways from each tribe will be a returning player who was previously eliminated for medical reasons. I wonder how long after Colton’s departure during One World the production team decided they needed to find a way to get him back because this seems tailor made for just that reason. Don’t forget Jeff Probst also asked Colton during the One World Reunion show if he would come back for another season.

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Survivor One World Finale Recap: Who Won Survivor 2012?

Survivor One World winner Kim

Survivor One World – what’s been called by many the most predictable, boring and dumbest season of Survivor yet – concluded Sunday night with more predictable, boring and dumb stuff.

And even though there’s really nothing to spoil to anyone who has watched any of this season, I’ll still write this recap in consecutive order in case some still wants to pretend there might have been some suspense in tonight’s Survivor 2012 finale.

At the start of the three-hour finale (two hours were pre-taped on the island and the third hour was the live crowning and reunion), we get the big flashback scenes. It was nice to be reminded that only two things happened all season: Colton was a bully and Kim steamrolled all the way to the end.

And like any competition show at this point, we get the who is aligned with whom and who is going home. And all the flip-flopping and all the pointless talk. Is Kim taking Christina and Alicia or is Kim taking Chelsea and Sabrina? Those were apparently the only two possible options. Which says even more about this season.

At the first immunity challenge, for a split second it looks like Christina might win. Then maybe Chelsea. And that’s a good thing because for at list 30 seconds or so, Kim plans to send Chelsea home that night because she thinks the guys would vote for her to win the $1 million. But like always, Kim wins. So we can all go back to sleep until the next challenge.

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Survivor 2012 One World Finale Results

Survivor 2012 One World finale

It’s time to find out who won Survivor 2012 One World. When tonight’s show begins we’re left with just five castaways but by the end of the night there will be only one Survivor! The only thing we know so far: it’s going to be a woman.

The first challenge of the night is for immunity. Castaways will start with a knot challenge that leads to a balance beam maze requiring a complete start-over if they fall off. From there they’ll have to collect bags of puzzle pieces to get another combination lock code and unlock immunity.

Alicia is the first through the maze with Chelsea right behind her. They were the last two through the knot challenge, so leading didn’t help them. Chelsea is the first to the final puzzle with her parts while Alicia ends up second to last there after screwing up the parts collection. Kim is the first through the puzzle, but she still has to figure out the clues to unlock immunity. After several failed attempts and a close race with Chelsea and Alicia the win goes to Kim, her third of the season.

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