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Survivor Spoilers: Blood Vs Water Week 4 Immunity Challenge – Pics & Video

Survivor 2013 spoilers - Blood vs Water challenge

This week on Survivor 2013 the remaining castaways will face off at another Immunity Challenge. We’ve got your spoilers on what that challenge will be with pictures and video below. Read on to know what to expect on Wednesday night or steer clear to keep it a surprise.

John from the Survivor Challenges team is back with another challenge preview video. This week the castaways will face off in “Boats, Brains, and Brawn.” Seven players will head out in their tribe’s boat where they’ll paddle out to a series of five crates floating in the water. A castaway will have to swim down and release each crate one at a time.

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Once all the crates are released the team will bring them back to shore and stack them to form a stair case. From there they’ll retrieve a set of puzzle pieces, uh oh Tadhana. The assembled puzzle reveals the correct key they’ll need to unlock their tribe’s flag and secure immunity from the next Tribal Council.

This one doesn’t look too bad. Can Tadhana finally, finally pull off a win? This week’s “shocking firsts!” makes me think they might lose this one again.

Survivor 2013: Week 4 Immunity Challenge Spoilers Video

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Survivor 2013: ‘Two Shocking Survivor Firsts’ In Blood Vs Water Episode 4

Survivor 2013 - Blood Vs Water episode 4

This week’s Survivor 2013 episode title, “One Armed Man and Three Moms,” appears to reference Tyson’s shoulder injury from last week and his tribe’s stock of moms. While Tyson’s arm might be a compromising condition, we did see two of those moms beat their much younger daughters to bring home Immunity. Can that do it again this week?

CBS is teasing us with some pretty big surprises for episode four. “Not one, but TWO shocking Survivor firsts,” reveals the voice over along with host Jeff Probst announcing, “first time that has ever happened.”

From the video clip below Jeff appears to make that statement from the Redemption Island arena. The three castaways there will be competing to put together a three-dimensional puzzle. Could we see either Candice or John forfeit their chance to let the other stay in the game?

Update: Spoiler-ish – Seems the “never before” part is when a castaway refuses to accept the hidden immunity clue won in this week’s Redemption Island Challenge.

Next we see Jeff tell castaways “that was one of the biggest shifts of power to ever happen in Tribal Council.” Could Brad Culpepper’s control on the game have finally slipped? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tadhana back at Tribal Council again and what other power shift could there be when Brad has been calling the shots?

We’ll keep an eye out of spoilers on this week’s Redemption Island challenge, the Immunity challenge, and how things turn out at Tribal Council. Check out the pics and preview video below then share your thoughts on what you think might happen this week on Survivor 2013.

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Survivor 2013: Secret Scene – Hayden Moss On Fearing John Cody

Hayden Moss on Survivor

One of this week’s secret scenes from Survivor 2013 features Big Brother’s Hayden Moss talking about John Cody, the latest castaway to be voted off Tadhana.

This video clip (watch it below) was definitely shot before the latest Tribal Council because Hayden discusses his plans to keep both John and Brad in the game as a shield from Galang post-merge. I guess when he went in to sheep mode along with the rest of the tribe those plans went out the door.

Despite having abandoned his game plan to keep John, his reasoning is sound on why he was a viable target. Candice continued to win at Redemption Island and that meant more clues for John to find the Immunity Idol. Unfortunately for John, it seems he didn’t work hard enough to find that Idol and ended up trusting the wrong guy with the information.

Check out Hayden’s secret Survivor scene from Blood Vs Water and then get ready for the next round of challenges.

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 2

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Pavarti Shallow is back for this week’s “After Show” featuring two Survivor 2013 castaways: Colton and Rachel. Yes, they interviewed the manchild who quit the game during this week’s episode. Once we get Colton out of the way Pavarti spends a good long time talking with Rachel about her experience.

From Colton’s discussion we learn that he does not agree with Jeff’s accusation that he quit the game on One World. He’s argument is reasonable. Why would he quit when he had the Idol and a strong position in the game. Then again, Colton the castaway isn’t exactly a logical, reasonable person so I’m not so sure I believe him. I think I’ll have to stick with Jeff’s side of the argument here.

On to Rachel’s segment we hear about how she wouldn’t have wanted Tyson to swap with her and how this experience helped build her relationship with Tyson. Rachel doesn’t have any regrets from the game and feels she was voted out because of Tyson and not because of her performance in the game. Hmm, well I have to point out that if her team had won then they wouldn’t have been at Tribal Council that night. But yeah, she probably would have eventually seen the same thing happen anyway.

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Watch the Survivor After Show with Pavarti Shallow in the video below. If you’d prefer to watch the show without seeing or hearing Colton, then use this link to jump ahead to the start of Rachel’s portion of the interview. You’re welcome.


Colton Cumbie Quits Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water

Colton quits Survivor again

Colton Cumbie, the villainous One World castaway who returned to rehabilitate his image, quit Survivor. Again.

During last night’s show we watched events led up to an anti-climatic exit by the widely disliked player after deciding he didn’t want to play with his tribe anymore. Jeff Probst seemed to immediately jump on the idea and pushed Colton to leave. Clearly Jeff didn’t want him there anymore than we did.

Perhaps the most interesting thing we learned from the exchange between Jeff and Colton was that Colton faked his medical emergency to get out of One World. At the time Colton suggested he had the symptoms of appendicitis, but that was not true. Jeff offers Colton the opportunity to own that situation, but of course Colton denies it and says there was something wrong with him, even if it wasn’t his appendix.

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