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Survivor Recap: Cagayan ‘Our Time To Shine’

Aparri prepares for challenge

Tonight on Survivor we’re recapping “Our Time To Shine,” the third episode of Season 28 where the fourth castaway from Cagayan will be sent out in to the dark, rainy night sans torch and fire.

I’m pretty excited to see what happens with two challenges in one night when neither happens to be a Redemption Island battle. Phew! Glad to see those gone so we can get back to the fun of a Reward Challenge. We’ve caught the previews of both the Reward & the Immunity challenges but now we get the official results on both.

Will Aparri throw the challenge and send themselves to Tribal Council to sabotage their tribe’s success? Let’s hope they’re not really that dumb, but it’s time to find out!

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At the Solana camp Morgan is pretty upset about having just seen Brice sent home so she starts mouthing off that Jeremiah was out to get LJ. Not everyone believes it, but she’s sowing the seeds of doubt.

Reward Challenge:

Tribes are playing for four chickens while second place gets a dozen eggs at tonight’s Reward Challenge. The castaways will be blindfolded and listen to the commands of one player in a tower giving them directions to gather items across the playing field.

Beauty is leading the challenge with three items while LJ can’t stop running this crotch in to the railings around the field. Luzon isn’t far behind while Brawn is slogging through in last.

Beauty and Brains are nearly tied when Brains let their wicker basket roll off the side of the lift platform. Brawn barely has a chance here.

Beauty has their flag on the way up… yep, Beauty wins reward with four chickens.

It’s so close now with Brains completely screwing up the final challenge to lift a flag on the platform. Brawn is now right behind them and… ahahah! Yep, Brains couldn’t lay a flag on the flat lift. Guess who couldn’t figure out that last step… J’Tia.

Over at the Beauty tribe there’s a big discussion over how chicken eggs happen. It’s just too stupid to type.

Let’s go for strategy and drama. At the Aparri tribe Sarah decides she needs to get rid of Cliff because Tony has her convinced that Cliff & Lindsey are coming after her. It was a lie, but she believes it and draws Woo in to help eliminate Cliff. They’re considering throwing the next comp to make it happen.

Immunity Challenge:

Okay, this is total BS. Survivor is offering up a basketball competition for Immunity. How slanted is that for Cliff, an NBA star? I like Cliff and all, but that’s crap for the other tribes.

Tribes have to release buoys from deep underwater then make five baskets. Aparri is going to try and throw the comp, if they can.

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Survivor 2014 Episode 3 Tonight On CBS

Tonight on Survivor 2014 the tribes are back at it with two new challenges where they’ll compete for luxury rewards and Immunity from a trip to Tribal Council.

Survivor 2014 - Aparri tribemates

Survivor 2014 Aparri Tribe – Source: CBS

Along with the double challenges during tonight’s show the suggested drama will be coming from Aparri who has decided its time to get rid of one of their male members. Initially I thought that might be Cliff, but looks like it could be Tony who is now on the outs with Sarah. We’ll have to wait and see how that all works out for them.

As for the challenges, Luzon is ready to push for the win (and I think they get it) in at least the reward challenge. In the video clip below the four members of Luzon are busy practicing the competition they expect by using blindfolds and searching for items on the ground. I guess they’re the Brains tribe for a reason after all. Kinda.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 3 – Reward Challenge:

click images to see full-size

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 3 – Immunity Challenge:

click images to see full-size

Join us tonight for our live results & recap plus like us on Facebook & get our Email updates for even more Survivor updates all season!

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan Luxury Challenge Spoilers

Survivor 2014 Luxury challenge in Week 3

We’re finally getting back to luxury challenges with this week’s Survivor 2014 episode on Cagayan.

With an extra round of competitions opened up thanks to the demise of Redemption Island there’s time again in the shows to get that second competition happening. This week we’ve already seen spoilers on the Immunity Challenge where castaways will shoot baskets to win Immunity, which works out great since either none of them are former NBA stars or all of them are, I can’t remember which it is.

Now we’re seeing what the teams will be up to when they compete to take some prizes back to camp. Seems like most the tribe will be blindfolded and running around (and into) things on the playing field. They’ll be scavenging for all sorts of items including baskets, sacks, and bundles of hay.

Above the fray will be a player on each team who shouts directions since they won’t be blindfolded. It looks like the players have to hoist their retrieved items up the tower to that player, but I’m not entirely sure on that part.

Check out the pics below and see which tribe you think can pull off this win.

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Survivor Spoilers 2014: Immunity Challenge ‘Octopus Garden’ Preview On Cagayan Episode 3

We’ve got your Survivor spoilers for this week’s Immunity Challenge on Cagayan where it looks like one tribe could plan to throw the battle and take an intentional loss. Check out our preview of “Octopus Garden” below.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan - Week 3 Immunity

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Week 3 Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

Nothing wild and fancy this week like we had with the maze puzzle last Wednesday. Instead the tribes will be shooting baskets out in the water. Now that’s something everyone can enjoy and compete fairly since it’s not like any of them played in the NBA or anything…

So will Aparri still be able to throw the competition with a former NBA star on their team tossing baskets? Perhaps they could have had him sit out, but that might have been too obvious.

The sit outs this week will be Alexis on Solana, again (Wait, they can keep sitting out the same players?), and on Aparri Tony and Lindsey will sit out. If the suspicions are right that Tony is the secret target on Aparri then a sit-out could have been a really bad move for him.

Check out the Immunity Challenge preview for this week’s Survivor.

click images to see full-size

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 3?

Survivor 2014 returns this week with one less castaway after last week’s Tribal Council sent another player out in to the jungle sans torch fire.

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan – Source: CBS

Last week we saw Luzon finally not lose though they still didn’t “win” a competition, but second place is good enough so far this season. So that meant another tribe would lose their first player and that honor fell to Brice Johnston on Solana. Brice took it well and understood LJ was just jealous of his “stranded on a beach” fashion. We barely knew you Brice, but we’ll miss ya!

So who is left on Survivor 2014? Let’s break down the tribes and see which castaways remain on their beaches.

    Aparri – Brawn:

  • Cliff Robinson
  • Lindsey Ogle
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Tony Vlachos
  • Trish Hegarty
  • Yung “Woo” Hwang
    Luzon – Brains:

  • J’Tia Taylor
  • Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen
  • Latasha “Tasha” Fox
  • Spencer Bledsoe
    Solana – Beauty:

  • Alexis Maxwell
  • Brice Johnstoneliminated last week
  • Jefra Bland
  • Jeremiah Wood
  • LJ McKanas
  • Morgan McLeod

Get ready for this week’s Survivor 2014 episode “Our Time To Shine” when Sarah decides its time to turn on her own tribe and possibly her own sub-alliance. What a terrible, self-destructive idea… should be fun!

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