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Survivor 2015 Spoilers: New Tribe Divisions Plus Probst Explains The Reason For The Switch

Last week on Survivor Second Chance after Shirin Oskooi got eliminated, we saw the preview for this week’s episode and we saw that the two tribes will now be split into three tribes.


How will the new tribe divisions change the game? Source: CBS

But why? And what will we see with the new tribe divisions? ¬†Well, let’s go to host Jeff Probst for the first question: why?

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Second Chance Week 3

Last week we saw Shirin become the Survivor Second Chance first boot so now 18 castaways remain to fight for the one million dollar Survivor 2015 prize.


The Bayon Tribe will soon be split up. Source: CBS

Ta Keo took its second hit of the season, but they won’t be working about numbers when they all drop their buffs and split into three tribes. Ta Keo and Bayon will remain, but a third tribe will also be named and the players will be divided up among the three.

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Survivor 2015: Second Chance Episode 2 “After Show”

Survivor After Show - Second Chance

Survivor After Show – Second Chance – Source: StreamTV/YouTube

Check out this week’s Survivor After Show with hosts Justin Walter and Jerri Manthey plus additional guest, Andy Dehnart, along the way. They’re taking a look at what happened this week when Shirin Oskooi was voted out and the balance between Old School Survivor players and the New School way of the game.

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Survivor 2015: Shirin Oskooi ‘Day After’ Interview [Video]

Shirin Oskooi was voted off Survivor Second Chance this week and it sounds like she might have needed a little more time to recover from her previous season.


Shrin Oskooi was the second person voted out of Survivor Second Chance – Source: CBS

She does acknowledge that she was better positioned this time around than she was the last time, but knows what went wrong.

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 9/30/2015

Last night on Survivor 2015 another castaway was sent home as the Bayon and Ta Keo tribes competed for safety in a bid to make it to the upcoming shuffle and beyond for their Second Chance season.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Ta Keo was looking for redemption, but will their choice to cut Vytas and keep Abi-Maria help their chances during tonight’s show?

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