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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 9

Survivor 2015 hit the halfway mark last week when Joe Anglim was the 9th castaway voted off Survivor leaving us with eight losers and one Sole Survivor yet to be determined.

Survivor 2015 - Tribal Council

Survivor 2015 Tribal Council eliminates Joe Anglim – Source: CBS

Joe put up a great fight, but it wasn’t enough as he finally lost an individual Immunity challenge and saw his game slip away. Despite his best efforts with a fake Idol the controlling Blue Collars rallied and drew enough support to send him off to Ponderosa.

One of these remaining players will walk away with a million dollars and that’s kinda crazy since most of these are not players I would have expected to control the game as well as they’re doing. Check out who is left and guess who could pull off the big win.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Who do you hope is the next to go on this week’s Tribal vote?

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Survivor 2015: Joe Anglim Arrives At Ponderosa

Despite his best efforts, including a Fake Idol, Joe Anglim was voted off Survivor 2015 this week. Next stop for the former No Collar player was Ponderosa where he’d settle in with Hali Ford as the first two Jury members.

Survivor 2015 Ponderosa on Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Ponderosa on Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Heading off in to the jungle Joe was feeling down as he repeated that he wasn’t ready to leave yet and had really hoped to see his father there. Arriving at the medical station Joe finds out he’s lost just over 17lbs during his time on Survivor. Not too bad.

The relief for Joe comes at Ponderosa when he’s greeted by Hali and a big hug. Joe says it felt like he could finally breath as he shed his Survivor skin and was able to relax, but he does admit to sadness and a feeling of defeat in the process.

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As Joe settles in Hali makes him a crown so they could be the prince and princess of Ponderosa. She realizes Shirin was a potential ally and not their enemy. Joe explains that Hali was targeted because the power players were nervous about a girls alliance.

The next day Joe says he woke up crying after having a dream that he had made it to the family reunion where he had a chance to see his dad and hoped he was proud of him.

In his final thoughts Joe admits his strategy was terrible and he wishes he had laid low following the merge. Yeah, maybe winning week after week put a spotlight on his threat level. Well, maybe there’s another Survivor season out there for Joe Anglim.

Joe Anglim arrives at Ponderosa – Video:

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Survivor 2015: Episode 9 Gallery – Fake ‘It Till You Make It’ Idol

Tyler wets himself just a little on Survivor 2015

Tyler wets himself just a little on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Survivor 2015 pressed on last night with another emotionally flat, but albeit it exciting turn of events with Joe Anglim putting his real world skills to play with a Fake Immunity Idol. Despite his best efforts he was still voted out after Mike Holloway’s promises turned out to be just as unauthentic as Joe’s Idol.

Reward challenge sent five castaways to a chocolate bar, no really, a bar filled with chocolate and not just an oversized candy bar. I’m sure that sugar shock went over great for the castaways as they gorged on promotional marketing items.

Scroll through the gallery of pics from last night’s Survivor Worlds Apart for a look back at this week’s episode.

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Image credit: CBS

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Survivor After Show Reviews Week 8 Of Survivor 2015

Survivor After Show reviews Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor After Show reviews Survivor Worlds Apart – Source: YouTube

This week on the Survivor After Show Christina Cha (One World) joins Jerri Manthey along with host and Survivor super fan Justin Walter.

The trio breaks down Episode 9 “Livin’ On The Edge” as we said goodbye to another castaway and moved one step closer to finding Season 30’s Sole Survivor.

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Survivor 2015: Joe Anglim ‘Day After’ Interview

Survivor 2015’s biggest threat Joe Anglim had his torch snuffed Wednesday night, making him the second member of this season’s jury.


The day after the not-so-surprising vote, Joe sat down for his exit interview to talk about his game. In the end, he thinks he may have played too hard at merge and fought too hard to stay instead of surrendering.

“I want to say that I felt like I played a good game,” Joe says. “I’m proud of myself. I learned a lot about myself. But at the same time, in terms of the objective of this game, I came up short.

Joe, a fan of the show, realized that he was playing with some tough competitors, so he’s just focusing on the experience.

“I wanted this so bad for so long,” Joe says. “I tried to enjoy it, but at the same time you get lost in what’s happening. It’s so much harder than I ever thought. The game is just bigger — bigger than me. This season … it was an honor to play with so many gamers. I felt like everyone was bringing their A-game. It’s a lot easier sitting at home.”

But like most players who don’t win, Joe is just really thrilled he got lucky enough to be apart of Survivor Worlds Apart.

“I’m happy … I wouldn’t change it for the world,” he says. “I’m proud that I made the jury. I did things in this game that I wanted to do my whole life.”

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