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Next Time On Survivor 2015: Tribe Shuffle & Double Episodes

It’s a big week on Survivor 2015 when the Worlds Apart tribes rush through a night of double episodes where three tribes become two and one Survivor castaway is injured.

Blind leading the blind on Survivor 2015

Blind leading the blind on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

After just three weeks it’s already the end of the season’s twist with the three Collars coming together to form two new tribes. Looks like the castaways were ready to get out of those tribes anyway as Lindsey Cascaddan is spouting off at Rodney Lavoie and Sierra Thomas is telling us her old tribe “is dead to me.” Good times ahead. Well, not for everyone!

It’s the blind challenge in the first of two Survivor 2015 episodes starting at 8PM ET/PT on CBS this Wednesday and things do not go well for Kelly Remington. During the challenge it looks like Sierra drops the lift platform on Kelly’s head and causes a nasty wound. Jeff calls for everyone to stop as blood runs down her Buff. Will Kelly have to leave Survivor? I’m holding out hope for her that she’ll pull through and keep playing.

During the second episode we’ll get the tribe swap/shuffle so that’ll be exciting to see how things end up and who is the first to turn on one another. I’m not sure loyalty is going to play a big role for most of these Survivor castaways.

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Survivor 2015: Nina Poersch ‘Day After’ Elimination Interview [VIDEO]

Nina Poersch was voted off Survivor this week and I don’t know if you knew this, but she’s deaf. And everyone hated her for it. It was the reason she was eliminated and possibly even causing the polar ice caps to melt. Good grief.

Nina Poersch 'Day After' Interview on Survivor

Nina Poersch ‘Day After’ Interview on Survivor – Source: CBS/YouTube

Jeff Probst says age is a big factor in Survivor and I think he’s right, but as the season’s oldest player Nina saw things differently and couldn’t stop leaning on her deafness as the root of all her struggles. In her “Day After” interview Nina says this was why she was eliminated and goes in to detail on how it stunted her game.

I would absolutely believe it was a challenge and obstacle for her, but unless cruelty was edited out of all three episodes so far on Survivor 2015 then her tribe did not reject her over losing her hearing. Seems more likely it was the chip on her shoulder weighing her down.

Nina Poersch says she would not do Survivor again because the competitions were too hard. I’m kidding. She wouldn’t do it again because of her hearing. Seriously. She thinks maybe if she had been on a different tribe that wasn’t so mean to her then maybe it would have worked out okay with her disability, but she isn’t willing to take that chance. I’m okay with that.

Watch Nina’s “Day After” interview and find out more about her time on Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart.

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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Episode 03 Recap In Pictures

Another week of Survivor 2015 and another flop by the red “No Collar” tribe as they completely flubbed their Immunity Challenge and ended up back at Tribal Council.

Survivor 2015 castaways on Worlds Apart episode 03

Survivor 2015 castaways on Worlds Apart episode 03 – Source: CBS

Expecting Worlds Apart to balance itself out this week and the pending meltdown of Mike Holloway with his fellow tribe members I thought we’d be seeing the Blue Collars head to Tribal Council. Nope. Instead they argued at camp but played smart at the challenge and won not only Immunity but also the big reward of comfort items.

White Collar also managed to win Immunity which put No Collar in the hot seat as they had a horrible, terrible, no good performance in the competition. I mean really, what were they thinking? Joe’s big plan was to have Nina run ahead and do what? Watch the water drain from holes she could have plugged? Sheesh.

No Collar lost and Nina played the victim card over and over until the corners were worn down and tattered. We kept seeing her tribe try to prop her up while Nina worked hard to knock herself down while blaming those around her. While Will, who was the runner-up in elimination votes, has had a pretty lousy track record in the comps his attitude looks to be leaps and bounds over Nina’s. I know who I’d rather be stuck with for three more days.

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Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS
Image source: CBS

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 3/11/2015

Last night on Survivor 2015 another castaway was eliminated and the path to Sole Survivor had one less obstacle as the remaining 16 castaways battled for Immunity on Worlds Apart.

Blue Collar tribe on Survivor 2015

Blue Collar tribe on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Following last week’s drama focus on the No Collar’s trouble with Nina Poersch feeling left out over skinny dipping we’re shifting to the Blue Collar camp. Mike Holloway is stressing out and pushing his tribe’s limits with his nagging to keep them working instead of relaxing on the sunny Survivor 2015 beaches.

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Hidden Immunity Idol:
Masaya (White Collar) is out hunting for the Idol. Well, all of them but Carolyn who volunteered to be back and watch the fire. Heh. They’re not find it because Carolyn already found it.

Joaquin shares his clue to Tyler, but Tyler knows Carolyn has it already. But wait, Tyler didn’t fill Joaquin in on that knowledge. Interesting.

Survivor Immunity Challenge:
Tribes are facing the “Dear Liza” challenge this week on Survivor. They’ll have to work together to carry a leaky bucket across the playing field after filling it up at the far end. Survivor challenge producer John Kirhoffer says this season’s implementation is a lot more difficult than when we saw it last on One World.

Players must carry the water across until they’ve collected enough to tip the board and raise their flag. First place gets a comfort reward with chairs, a hammock, blankets, and pillows. Second place actually gets a small reward as well with a tarp. Last place heads to Tribal Council.

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Lindsey Cascaddan sits out for Blue Collar and they’re moving fast but like all of them they’re dropping a lot of water. Oddly on the No Collar tribe we see Nina Poersch running ahead each time instead of staying with them to help plug holes.

Looks like things are neck and neck for Blue and White while Red has to be struggling. Yep, things look bad for Red Collar here. Blue Collar wins first place with Immunity and the big Reward. White Collar also picks up Immunity and a new tarp. Red Collar is heading to Tribal where another castaway will be eliminated.

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Tribal Council – Eliminated Castaway:
No Collar arrives at Tribal with a possible plan to target Will. Nina keeps riding her disability as the reason the tribe doesn’t like her, but she’s the only who seems to think this is an issue. Could it cost her her place on Survivor?

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Tonight On Survivor 2015: ‘Crazy Is As Crazy Does’

Tonight on Survivor 2015 it’s time to find out which tribe will lose its footing and face the next elimination as sixteen castaways remain on Worlds Apart.

No Collar castaways struggle on Survivor 2015

No Collar castaways struggle on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

This week’s episode is “Crazy Is As Crazy Does” and after the first few weeks I’m thinking that could apply to most of these wild castaways! Though the drama has been hyped as an issue on Blue Collar when Mike Holloway continues to heckle his tribe to match his work ethic.

Of course that’s not an issue for Survivor 2015’s No Collar tribe where Hali Ford and Jenn Brown are back in the surf, but this time with their tops on as they catch some waves, brah.

Immunity is back up for grabs in “Dear Liza” where the tribes have to move a leaking barrel of water from one end to the other, but this familiar Survivor challenge has been “upgraded” since One World with double the size and effort required. Top two tribes win Immunity with the loser heading to Tribal Council.

Join us tonight at 8PM ET for our live coverage and chat with other Survivor fans throughout the show. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more coverage.

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