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Survivor Blood Vs Water’s Brad Culpepper Sued & Accused Of Fraud

Brad Culpepper appeared on Survivor 2013 (Season 27) as part of the Blood Vs Water twist with his wife, Monica, following her time on One World. Now the former NFL player and Survivor castaway is facing a new Tribal Council of sorts.

Brad Culpepper wins safety on Survivor 2013

Brad Culpepper on Survivor Blood Vs Water

According to ABC News, Brad Culpepper is being sued by an insurance company who paid him $175,000 in worker’s comp related to injuries sustain that supposedly made it difficult for him to get in and out of the bathtub. Imagine their confusion to see him leaping in and out of the water heaving large crates and competing in the weekly challenges.

While the insurance company is saying he “willfully and deceptively provided false information” Brad contends that he was and remains in rough shape. The claim to insurance had him set at 89% disabled, which Brad contends is a number and rating that he doesn’t understand during his interview with ABC.

If you still weren’t convinced, then you’re in luck because Brad takes off his shirt and flexes his torn bicep as supportive proof of his condition. Well I’m convinced.

As for Monica Culpepper, she says she regrets getting him on the show due to all the fallout their now facing. “I 100 percent wish I had never asked him to be on the show. For all that he’s going through right now and being this insurance company’s target, is not worth it.”

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Survivor 2015 Schedule: When Does Survivor 30 Start?

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart starts on Wednesday, February 25th when CBS debuts Season 30 with a 90-minute premiere featuring 18 new castaways split across three “collar” tribes.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

The new season’s Survivor theme features the White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar bringing back the 3-way power struggle that we recently saw work with great success last year. It’ll be very interesting to see if we can find a more compelling group of castaways over last season’s turn out.

Expecting roughly a twelve week run with this Survivor schedule and a late February start date for Survivor 2015 will put us right toward the middle of May for things to wrap up and a new Sole Survivor to be crowned. Last season Survivor went head to head with the American Idol finale and did quite well so they may not have any concerns about trying that again this year.

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First Look: Survivor 2015 Tribal Council & Location [PHOTOS]

Survivor 2015 cast has been revealed and now CBS is sharing more on location photos from Nicaragua where both season 30 & 29 were filmed.

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart flag

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart flag – Source: CBS

The location for Survivor Worlds Apart is gorgeous, of course, and we’re looking forward to seeing the all-new castaways hit the beach running in their bid to become the Sole Survivor and walk away with the million-dollar prize.

On top of the beautiful scenery we’re also getting a look at the new Tribal Council where someone will be eliminated each week. This one looks like something we might find at Disney World, but I guess they’re all a bit stylized that way. Can’t wait to see what takes place there.

Check out all the photos below and take a look at the new cast for Survivor if you missed that reveal earlier this month. Survivor starts on February 25, 2015 so get ready because it’ll be here soon!

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Source: CBS
Image credit: CBS


Survivor 2015 Cast: Worlds Apart Castaways Revealed

The Survivor 2015 cast of Worlds Apart, Survivor’s 30th season on CBS, has been revealed along with the three tribes used to make up the class warfare Survivor theme of White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar.

Survivor 2015 Cast - Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Cast – Worlds Apart – Source: CBS/Monty Brinton

18 castaways split across the three tribes, each representing a different class of players based on socioeconomic divides this year on Survivor. The three tribes are Nargarote (No Collar), Escameca (Blue Collar), and Masaya (White Collar).

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Here are the breakouts of each of those tribes with their six members:

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Survivor 2015: Survivor Worlds Apart Season 30 Theme Revealed

The next theme for Survivor 2015 has been revealed with a possible change back to a three-tribe approach when Season 30 debuts in the spring as Survivor Worlds Apart.

Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart logo

Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart logo – Source: CBS

Jeff Probst revealed the next season of Survivor would be Worlds Apart during the Survivor finale tonight, but he didn’t give much more of an explanation. We see the three divisions are driven by white collar, blue collar, and no collar.

According to Survivor Sucks’ Redmond, the “Worlds Apart” refers to division of tribes based upon a “combination of education and employment” which some have taken to mean a socioeconomic class-based split.

We’ve seen “One World” that brought the tribes together at one camp, so here we go in another direction and more in the style of Brains Vs Brawn Vs Beauty which separated out the castaways based on traits of the players.

CBS will eventually share more details on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart, but in the meantime we can keep on speculating and reading spoilers that hint away at what we can expect on Season 30. February 25, 2015 is the premiere date for Worlds Apart, so get ready!

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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Teaser:

Source: CBS, Survivor Sucks via Reality Blurred


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