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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Reward Challenge – Week 11

It’s time for Reward on Survivor 2014 by way of petty arguing and sniping among the final eight remaining castaways on Blood Vs Water

Survivor 2014 Reward Challenge in Week 11

Survivor 2014 Reward Challenge in Week 11 – Source: CBS

The set up is fancy, as usual, but seemingly simple. Each player is represented by a skull with a hanging rock above it, but not for long. In one of the preview clips we can see the castaways scribbling on a board so they may have to guess at things in each round.

Players will take the axe seen in the middle of the playing field and chop the rope above a competitor’s “skull” with what looks like two cuts required to drop the rock and crush their token skull.

We also see in the episode preview that Reed is likely targeted by Baylor and calls her a brat as a result. Well that’s probably not a good idea unless Missy was already eliminated, or if that was the chop that sent Reed out of the comp.

Check out the photos below and see what we can expect on this week’s Survivor episode:

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 11?

Only eight castaways remain on Survivor 2014 as we close in on the season finale which means a lot of players will soon be eliminated in rapid fire succession.

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst awaits the next elimination – Source: CBS

Things got pretty wild there in the last Tribal Council when Reed’s big plan to send Jon out in a blindside fell apart when Keith’s own paranoia resulted in his son, Wes, being voted out of Survivor.

Immunity Idols are running thin fast after two were spent last week and just one remains hidden between Baylor and Natalie. Can the ladies use this advantage to take control of the game and continue their streak of sending the men off to Ponderosa? They’re three for three so far!

Just a few more days until we find out what happens next and I’ll be watching for new sneak peeks to share as we close in on Wednesday’s new Survivor episode.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to Week 11:

Merged Huyopa:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch
  • Reed Kelly
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Wesley Nalevoted off last week
  • Alec Christy
  • Keith Nale

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Survivor Blood Vs Water 2: Wes Nale Arrives At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

Survivor sent out its third string target this week after a run of Immunity Idols kept the castaways guessing what would happen next. Now Wes Nale, this week’s fallback option, is resting at Ponderosa in our latest video update.

Wes Nale settles in at Ponderosa

Wes Nale settles in at Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Wes observes that his dad Keith may have sunk their entire plan by announcing “stick to the plan” when he told him to play it cool and not act like Jon was going home. I’d say that was definitely a turning point in this week’s Tribal Council. Jeff did all he could to wave the warning flag at Jon, but it wasn’t until Keith got nervous that things really seemed to fall apart.

Checking in with the doctor Wes discovers he has lost nearly twenty pounds after dropping from 180 lbs down to around 160. He’s quick to working on back that up when he arrives at Ponderosa and starts chowing down. So much so that he manages to gain ten pounds back overnight. I’m not sure that’s possible, but that’s what the scales say.

Jeremy and Josh work their hardest to get more info out of Wes, but he’s more interested in living the good life of modern civilization and free flowing food.

Wes says his experience on Survivor has made him appreciate his family and life back home as he considers the bigger picture of things. Now he just hopes his dad can go far in the game and get to the end.

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Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Episode 10 In Pictures

What a night on Survivor this week as things looked like we were closing in on an exciting blindside only to have it ripped away after a panicky Tribal Council.

Baylor Wilson crumples after losing another competition

Baylor Wilson crumples after losing another Survivor competition – Source: CBS

The pieces were coming together for the underdogs to turn on power couple Jon and Jaclyn after Reed won immunity and kept himself safe another round. Once the castaways arrived at Council there were loose lips running fast and sinking their own ships even faster.

Jeff Probst pushed the Immunity Idol to the point of obvious but it wasn’t until Natalie explicitly instructed Jon to use his Idol did it sink through the thickness. With both Jon’s and Keith’s Idols in play the hammer fell on Wes Nale who was voted off Survivor last night.

Check out photos from this week’s Survivor for new looks at what took place.

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Survivor 2014: Wes Nale ‘Day After’ Elimination Interview

Falling victim to the failed blindside Wes Nale finds himself on his way to Ponderosa with a stop over at the “Day After” interview station.

Wes Nale reflects on his Survivor game

Wes Nale reflects on his Survivor game – Source: CBS

Wes admits he wasn’t a power player in the game, but he did try to make moves despite not having the numbers they needed to overcome the opposing alliance. Nale says his game was going great until the Merge, as is often the case, but once that happened it was difficult to make things happen.

He may have been eliminated, but Wes is satisfied that he played a clean game and had he made it to the final Tribal he thinks he had a solid chance at securing the votes to win. Maybe we’ll still see a Nale at the end, but after this week’s Survivor it won’t be Wes.

Wes Nale’s “The Day After” Elimination Interview:

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