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Survivor 2014: Reed Kelly ‘Day After’ Elimination Interview

Reed Kelly was voted out of the tribe this week on Survivor after playing a strong and entertaining game, but what does he think about his time on the beach?

Reed Kelly in his 'Day After' elimination interview

Reed Kelly in his ‘Day After’ elimination interview – Source: CBS

Reed says in his “Day After” interview that he’s actually very happy with the game he played. Yes, there are things he wishes he could go back and change (it’s so silly when eliminated players say they wouldn’t change anything), but Reed says he thoroughly enjoyed his experience.

He noted how complacent some of the other castaways became in their alliances and didn’t have to work as hard as Reed feels he did. Of course some of those players are probably still in the game, but I think his point is he didn’t coast and earned his place this far in to the season.

Watch Reed’s interview below and then get ready for his Ponderosa clip coming up soon.

Reed Kelly – Survivor ‘The Day After’ interview:

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Survivor Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 12/3/2014

Last night on Survivor 2014 the Huyopa tribe faced two more Tribal Councils where a pair of castaways were eliminated from Blood Vs Water. Find out who won the challenges and who was voted off Survivor this week.

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We live blogged the full episode recap here on the site too, but here are the highlights on who won challenges and who was eliminated on Survivor this week.

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Reward Challenge:

  • Game ends early & Missy is given the win by other players
  • Jon sent to Exile (volunteered)
  • Baylor and Natalie selected to join Missy on overnight retreat

Hidden Immunity Idol:

  • Jon receives a new clue & finds the Hidden Idol at Exile Island
  • Baylor & Natalie reveal to Missy that they found an Idol

Immunity Challenge:

  • Players must be the first to balance six balls on a paddle
  • Keith wins Immunity by beating out Jon who was close behind

Tribal Council – Eliminated Castaway:

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Survivor Recap: Blood Vs Water 2014 Episode 11

Get ready for double Survivor 2014 tonight with two episodes running back to back which is great timing for action-hungry fans like us after last week’s exciting turn of events. Let’s see what Survivor can offer up tonight.

Survivor 2014 Episode 12 Recap

Survivor 2014 Episode 11 Recap – Source: CBS

Eight castaways remain and it’s only going to be more brutal as allies will be forced to turn on one another, but could that come as early as tonight? Preview clips have shown us tension between Jon and Jaclyn, but I think we all know she’ll have his back at vote-time. That might not be the case with everyone though.

With double episodes tonight I’ll be recapping both shows right here in one giant post. So with that let’s get ready as things start off with Huyopa’s return from Tribal Council where Wes was just eliminated and Reed and Alec should be in the hot seat for their failed coup attempt.

Arriving back at camp Jaclyn praises Natalie for convincing Jon to use the Idol as he would have otherwise been voted out. Jon tries to suggest he would have done it (yeah right), but no one there is buying his story either. This leads to an argument between the golden couple where Jon is upset that Jaclyn would give Natalie credit for smart game moves this close to Jury. She’s right that Natalie saved his butt, but he’s right that they should keep that to themselves. Could this disagreement cause them trouble? I doubt it.

Reward Challenge:

This a big reward. Winners get to go on a horseback ride to a huge picnic and then stay the night at a resort before returning in the morning. Wow!

Players have to answer questions about the other players in the game to take a chop at other players’ ropes which are holding rocks over their “skulls.”

Reed is first to be eliminated, but there’s plenty of resentment to go around so this should be fun. Yep, there goes Alec, but Keith won’t be far behind. Sure enough, Keith is done.

Jeff doesn’t get too far with them when it’s just the five players who are all together. He sees this is going to be a friendly exchange so he ends things right there and it goes to Missy.

Missy then lets Jon volunteer to go to Exile Island and picks Baylor and Natalie to go with her. Jaclyn is left behind to be at camp with the three opposing guys.

We get a rough exchange between Baylor and Reed when Reed tells Baylor she’s being a brat. Missy gets pissed off and Reed stands by his statement and they continue to argue before the ladies quit and walk off to their reward.

Jeff is quick to note that Jaclyn has been left behind after Jon made the sacrifice for their alliance. Reed, Alec, and Keith reinforce Jaclyn’s resentment over this decision by saying how tight Missy, Baylor, and Natalie are in the game.

Exile Island:

Jon gets a new clue at Exile for the next Hidden Immunity Idol that leads him out down the beach. Sure enough it doesn’t appear to take him long to get yet another Hidden Idol at Exile.


Missy, Baylor, and Natalie dig in to all the food at their reward. Baylor and Natalie tell Missy that they found a Hidden Idol.


Jaclyn is still upset about being left behind and the three guys look to capitalize on the opportunity Missy’s choice has created. They try to convince her that Missy, Baylor, and Natalie will turn on her and Jon to pave the way for their F3 deal. Hmm, will it work?

Immunity Challenge:

Today’s challenge is “Paddle Out” and requires castaways to balance six billiard balls on an oversized paddle. First to get them all in place will win Immunity. There’s not “out” in this comp, just one winner for the fastest to make it happen.

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Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenges – Week 11 On Blood Vs Water [PICS]

Not one, but two Immunity Challenges await us tonight on Survivor 2014 when back to back episodes take us down to just six castaways left on the San Juan Del Sur beach. Here’s what those remaining castaways will face in their fight for safety and the million dollars.

Survivor 2014 delivers FOUR challenges tonight

Survivor 2014 delivers FOUR challenges tonight – Source: CBS

The first Immunity challenge will be “Paddle Out” and features six billiard balls that must be balanced, one at a time, on an oversized paddle which is itself balanced on a ball as well. In the video clip below it’s mentioned that this is a repeat challenge but with the added twist of a little bump on the paddle’s handle forcing the players to move around a bit more.

click images to see full-size views

‘Paddle Out’ Immunity Challenge Preview:

But wait, there’s more! The remaining seven castaways after the first Tribal Council will have another challenge and this one looks way worse to me (not that the first looked good either).

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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episodes 11 & 12

Eight castaways enter, but only six will leave tonight on Survivor when the double dose of episodes arrive with two straight hours of Blood Vs Water.

Survivor 2014 delivers two hours tonight

Survivor 2014 delivers two hours tonight – Source: CBS

Things are getting dicey on the San Juan Del Sur beaches and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Last week we saw a very messy Tribal where both Jon and Keith played their Idols to stay alive in the game, but that’s going to leave some angry players in the tribe.

From the Reward Challenge preview we had yesterday we know there’s going to be some jabs between Reed and Baylor & Missy which might have something to do with CBS’s tease: “first time ever, castaways give up their chance at Reward in the middle of a challenge…” Hmm, this should be good.

So who will become the next target? Natalie has the last Idol and told us she wanted to see Reed gone in the next round. According to CBS one player will target the game’s strongest castaway, so could that mean Natalie is going after Reed or would Jon be considered a bigger threat?

Watch the Survivor 2014 sneak peek clip below to see what is setting up the fight between Jon and Jaclyn. He’s not happy that Jaclyn praised Natalie for saving his butt by telling him to use the Idol. Doesn’t seem to be that he’s denying her credit, but at this close to the end he’s saying they can’t be giving other players a feather in their cap. It’s not a bad argument, but Jaclyn wouldn’t agree with me on that.

Get ready to join us tonight starting at 8PM ET for two episodes of Survivor run back to back. This should be good!

Tonight on Survivor 2014 – Preview clip:

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