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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Cagayan Episode 6

Tonight on Survivor 2014, the tribes are set to merge when Solana arrives at Aparri’s camp and the remaining castaways set off on the final twenty-two days of the Cagayan journey.

Tribe Merge on Survivor Cagayan

Tribe Merge on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

The lead drama / mystery of the night will be what direction Sarah decides to take as her old tribe and her new tribe are each trying to pull her so their side. Tony has been very convincing with her before, but did he burn their bridge after the tribe shuffle? We shall see.

Speaking of seeing things, hopefully we’ll soon get some previews of the challenges this week now that we’re moving on to the individual immunity rounds. We’ll keep an eye out for CBS to release a sneak peek of what we’ll see later tonight.

Join us tonight during the show for a live recap with Survivor results on who gets voted off this week.

Survivor Cagayan Episode 6 – Preview:

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Survivor 2014 – Sneak Peek Clip – Cagayan Episode 06

Survivor 2014 this week brings the coveted Tribe Merge for the remaining castaways with 22 days left to go in the competition. Wow they’re not even half way and this season is already awesome.

Survivor 2014 - Tribe Merge on Cagayan

Survivor 2014 – Tribe Merge on Cagayan – Source: CBS

Solana heads to Aparri’s tribe which makes Spencer even a more confident considering they also have the numbers on there side of Survivor Cagayan. Well, as long as Sarah sticks with her new tribe instead of going back to her original group which just might happen.

Funny to look back and remember how annoying Spencer was in his preseason content and Jeff Probst saying he didn’t think Spencer would last long at all with his attitude. Here he is at Tribe Merge after some close calls. This cast is really surprising me all around which is awesome.

Check out the sneak peek clip below for an early preview of this week’s Survivor episode and don’t miss our photo gallery over here too.

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan – Tribe Merge Sneak Peek [PHOTOS]

This week on Survivor 2014, the Cagayan Tribe Merge arrives when Solana heads for Aparri’s camp. Solana’s five castaways will join Aparri’s six strong in episode 6.

Tony, Jefra, & Morgan on Survivor Cagayan

Tony, Jefra, & Morgan on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

The big question on Survivor will be whether or not Sarah goes back to her old tribe. The previews have set her up as bitter and over being crossed by her original team, but we know how CBS likes to head fake us on these events. Which ever side Sarah decides to take will have the numbers advantage and can route the other alliance.

Here are a handful of pictures from the upcoming show featuring both tribes learning the pending merge, their arrival, and even a few shots from the Immunity Challenge though they don’t reveal any details on that.

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Source: CBS

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Next Time On Survivor 2014 – Tribe Merge! Cagayan Episode 06

Next time on Survivor 2014 the Tribe Merge has arrived for Cagayan’s remaining castaways and it could go in either direction.

Survivor 2014 - Tribe Merge on Cagayan

Survivor 2014 – Tribe Merge on Cagayan – Source: CBS

Old Aparri outcast Sarah is caught in the middle next week when her former Survivor tribe arrives five strong to take on her new tribe of six when the two groups merge.

Which direction will Sarah decide to go in? She could go back to her old group which just last episode proclaimed themselves the final five without her. Or she could stick with her new group where she’s still the outsider with three Brains and two Beauties.

What would you decide to do if you were in Sarah’s spot on Survivor Cagayan? I think I’d lean toward sticking with my new tribe, but this would be a tough decision.

Check out the pictures from next week’s episode below and then watch the preview clip to get ready for the upcoming Survivor show!

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Survivor Cagayan – Episode 6 Preview:


Survivor 2014 Cagayan: Alexis Maxwell ‘The Day After’ Interview

Alexis Maxwell was voted off Survivor last night and left Tribal Council in tears after her blindside elimination vote, but don’t worry because she’s feeling much better about things in her ‘The Day After’ interview.

Alexis Maxwell on Survivor 2014 Cagayan

Chalking a lot of her troubles up to “rookie mistakes” Alexis had a wonderfully positive attitude in her interview saying she had a great time playing the game and as a super fan of Survivor it was a thrill.

Her biggest mistake was being too trusting and placing too much faith in her allies who ultimately abandoned her in this week’s vote.

Alexis would love to come back and play again given the chance and while that’d be fun I’m hoping we don’t see any retread players again for a long, long time!

Check out these pics from Alexis’s time on Survivor Cagayan and her exit interview below.

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