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Tonight On Survivor 2015: Episode 10 ‘Bring The Popcorn’

The Survivor auction has arrived on Worlds Apart and this one will be very special as a brand new twist is about to hit Survivor 2015.

Survivor host Jeff Probst leads the auction

Survivor host Jeff Probst leads the auction – Source: CBS

Jeff Probst has revealed all the twist details as one castaway will be able to buy an amazing opportunity: double votes at one Tribal Council. That’s huge and we’ll soon see which castaway gets the power to make that choice.

With the auction taking place there will be just one challenge and that’s obviously for Immunity. The castaways will be playing “Soul To Squeeze” where they’ll have to carry billiard balls across the playing field and stack them on the other side. Now with Joe out of the game we’ll have to find out who the new comp dominator will be!

We’ll be back here at 8/7c with our live coverage as we wait to find out who was voted off Survivor tonight. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for even more Survivor fun.


Survivor 2015: Jeff Probst Reveals New Twist – Double Votes

Double your pleasure, double your votes. This week on Survivor 2015 a brand new twist will be introduced to the franchise at the Survivor auction coming our way. Here’s how it’s going to work.

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2015

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

While we’re used to seeing the advantage item at the Survivor auction that gives a castaway a leg up at the upcoming Immunity Challenge, this season there will be something new. Host Jeff Probst revealed to EW details on the adventure ahead.

This new mystery item will secretly give its holder the one time chance to vote twice at a Survivor Tribal Council of his or her choosing. As for the “secret” part, the power will not be announced and it will be up to the holder to decide when and how to make it known.

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Survivor Spoilers: Worlds Apart Immunity Challenge – Week 9 [PICS]

Immunity is back up for grabs on Survivor 2015 when the remaining 9 castaways face “Soul To Squeeze” for their big challenge this week on Season 30.

John Kirhoffer introduces Survivor Immunity Challenge

John Kirhoffer introduces Survivor Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

With Joe Anglim out of the race we’ll have to find a new “most likely to win” castaway on Survivor 2015. Who has a big shot at this one? They’ll need speed and agility. So we’re all thinking Will Sims and Dan Foley, right? Right??

Check out the pics below plus the video and then join us back here Wednesday night for Survivor 2015 as we live blog the new episode.

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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Power Rankings Week 9

We finally said goodbye to Joe last week on Survivor 2015 after a very strong showing, leaving what many are calling some pretty weak players. Will any of the remaining nine really step up their game to game enough to earn respect of sole survivor?


Last week I decided to start doing the Power Rankings more on how the players played the previous week instead of who is safe and who is at risk of going. I think it’s more interesting that way. So let’s get to this week’s refreshed Power Rankings list.

1. Mike. I’m leaving Mike at the top, only because he has the hidden immunity idol and he’s been pretty much getting what he wants in the game. I think he will be targeted soon, but also won’t be going anywhere soon.

2. Tyler. He moves up a few spots this week after winning individual immunity and because he’s managed to work his way into the Blue Collar group as often a swing vote, which has managed to keep him safe. Unless something happens soon, though, he will be at the top of the pecking order when the Blue Collars are down to just them, Tyler and Carolyn.

3. Sierra. I think Sierra is staying in this position only because she’s been imprint in so many votes and preventing so many power shifts. What she might be helping make into boring TV has actually helped her game greatly.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 9

Survivor 2015 hit the halfway mark last week when Joe Anglim was the 9th castaway voted off Survivor leaving us with eight losers and one Sole Survivor yet to be determined.

Survivor 2015 - Tribal Council

Survivor 2015 Tribal Council eliminates Joe Anglim – Source: CBS

Joe put up a great fight, but it wasn’t enough as he finally lost an individual Immunity challenge and saw his game slip away. Despite his best efforts with a fake Idol the controlling Blue Collars rallied and drew enough support to send him off to Ponderosa.

One of these remaining players will walk away with a million dollars and that’s kinda crazy since most of these are not players I would have expected to control the game as well as they’re doing. Check out who is left and guess who could pull off the big win.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Who do you hope is the next to go on this week’s Tribal vote?

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