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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Power Rankings Week 11

Survivor 2015 continues to be all over the place, and therefore, so do the Survivor Worlds Apart Power Rankings. Last week Shirin’s luck finally ran out, so now it’s time to see where everyone left in the game falls.


Survivor 2015 Power Rankings For Week 11

1. Mike. I’m boosting Mike back to the top tonight because he had back-to-back immunity challenge wins and that hidden idol trick he pulled at Tribal Council was smart and almost worked. It’s proof that he’s one of the better players from the season, even if he’s going home the second he doesn’t have immunity.

2. Carolyn. Also winning immunity was Carolyn. And she’s still got her idol tucked away as well. She steals the No. 2 spot though because she knew that Mike was bluffing and stuck with her vote for Shirin. She’s definitely one of the smarter players in the game.

3. Rodney. Even though Rodney falls to the No. 3 spot, I think he might be in one of the best positions in the game. By the time he becomes the main target, they will be at the end of the game. So unless something plays out weird, I think Rodney is good.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 11

Things are getting tight on Survivor 2015 as we’re down to just seven castaways left on Worlds Apart and only one underdog against the large alliance.

Castaways on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart

Castaways on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Shirin Oskooi was sent off to Ponderosa this week leaving Mike as the last player between the power alliance and their plan to make it to the final six. Unfortunately for them they won’t make it while he’s got that Immunity Idol in his pocket.

So who will be the odd man out from the alliance of six? We’ll get to see if this is finally the time for Dan to put his special vote to use. Can Tyler smirk his way out of this one or would they go for a bigger target? We’ll find out on Wednesday’s Survivor episode.

Check out who is left and guess who could be this season’s Sole Survivor from Worlds Apart.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Who do you hope is the next to go on this week’s Tribal vote?

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Survivor 2015: Shirin Oskooi Arrives At Ponderosa

Shirin Oskooi arrives at Ponderosa on Survivor 2015

Shirin Oskooi arrives at Ponderosa on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Shirin Oskooi was voted off Survivor 2015 this week when a valiant effort by Mike Holloway managed to only disrupt the power alliance instead of keeping them both in the game.

Now at Ponderosa Shirin focuses on her conflict with Will and its deep roots in her childhood. It’s an emotional backstory but definitely gets heavy for Survivor. Luckily Jenn is there to break it up with some joking about Shirin’s heavy handed demands at their resort life.

Check out the pictures from Shirin’s arrival at Ponderosa including some beautiful scenery at their break from the game as the Jury prepares for its upcoming role of deciding who will win the million dollar prize.

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Survivor 2015: Episode 11 Gallery: Double Immunity & Tribal Fireworks

Mike Holloway and Chicken Little get ready for lunch

Mike Holloway and Chicken Little get ready for lunch – Source: CBS

What a tense Survivor 2015 episode this week as the pressure mounts on the underdogs as the numbers continue to shift against them. Despite their disadvantage things were kept interesting at the Tribal Council and it looks like that could make things fun to watch next week.

Scroll through the gallery of pics from last night’s Survivor Worlds Apart for a look back at this week’s episode.

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Image credit: CBS


Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Shirin Oskooi ‘Day After’ Interview

Despite annoying everyone, Shirin Oskooi outlasted many of her fellow Survivor 2015 castaways. For a minute it even looked like she might be carried to the end. But her luck ran out this week when she was eliminated from Survivor Worlds Apart.


Following her elimination, Shirin stopped by for her exit interview, where she owned up to all of her missteps, but kept us hanging on whether or not she actually had fun or would play again if given the opportunity.

“I think I was often on the bottom,” she said of her game. “I never let it get me down. I always had a positive outlook. I never took the easy route.”

As a fan of the show, Shirin knows what she did wrong in the game, but she also knows what she did right, and she’s proud of that.

“I thought I was pretty good at identifying secret alliances — I had the axis of evil pegged — even though I could do nothing about it,” she said. I played to win. I didn’t do it successfully, but I took risks. I’m happy with that.”

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