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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 11/16/2016

| November 17, 2016 at 7:00 AM EDT

Last night on Survivor we discovered who was voted out in the second week of the recently merged tribe that has brought the Gen-X’rs and Millennials together at one camp. Their numbers are balanced and the game remains up for grabs on Season 33.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2016 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2016 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’ve got Hidden Immunity Idols still in play on Survivor 2016 as the this week’s leading thread appeared to be Taylor’s continued pursuit for Adam for his betrayal of true love and the purest of romances set about the shimmering shores of Fiji. Or something like that, I don’t know, I’m just ready to find out who was voted off Survivor!

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Tonight On Survivor 2016: Still Throwin’ Punches

| November 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT

Survivor 2016 is back tonight as Taylor continues his pursuit of Adam in the name of revenge but will he have any better luck this time around or will Adam continue to evade elimination from the newly merged tribe?

Castaways draw for captains on Survivor 2016

Last week the votes flipped around and the Millennials lost another number bringing us down to a level field between the two original tribes but we’ve had plenty of surprises in the way things turn out so far this season that I’m expecting nothing less this time around.

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Survivor Spoilers – Week 9 Immunity & Reward Challenges Revealed

| November 15, 2016 at 3:15 PM EDT

Two more challenges await the Millennials Vs Gen-X castaways this week with our Survivor spoilers first look at what they’ll be facing to win reward and a chance at individual immunity.

Survivor spoilers - 2016 Week 7 challenges

We’ve got food making appearances at both Survivor 2016 challenges with a delicious meal awaiting the winners of the reward comp and a tempting snack for those who drop out of the immunity challenge. We’re about to find out who takes part in each of those.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2016: Millennials Vs Gen-X Week 9

| November 14, 2016 at 9:15 AM EDT

We’re down to Week 9 on Survivor 2016 and there are still 47 castaways left on the season. With just a few more weeks to go we’ll need to start seeing some rapid fire, mass vote-off’s to get us down to the finish line as the Millennials vs Gen-X battle continues.

Castaways react on Survivor 2016 Millennials vs Gen-X

Last week the three newer tribes consisting of the two original divides all came back together with Millennials holding a numbers advantage that they decided to dismiss with the elimination of Michelle. Now the count is even as we head in to the next round of competitions and a new vote on Wednesday.

Check out who is left in the tribes for Week 9 of Survivor 2016 as the tribes have merged and now we’re working through the growing pain of old and new alliances colliding on the Fiji beach.

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Survivor 2016: Ponderosa – Michelle Schubert Arrives [VIDEO]

| November 11, 2016 at 9:30 AM EDT

This week on Survivor 2016 Michelle Schubert was the first of the merged tribe to be voted out when her Millennials alliance decided she was the one to go. Now as the first arrival at Ponderosa Michelle had the chance to quietly reflect on her game the direction of her life.

Survivor 2016 Ponderosa

Watching this week’s Survivor Ponderosa video reminded me of just how great these are and have been done in recent seasons. Really good work by whoever is putting these together. And of course it reminded me of how much I want to go on a vacation to somewhere like that!

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