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| November 1, 2009 at 7:45 PM EDT


HALLELUJAH!  Finally the tribes come together and the real action can begin!  I have been looking forward to this since day 1.  Since Foa Foa could never win anything, we don’t know the contestants on Galu at all.  We have only really seen Shambo because she visited Foa twice. 

So what is in store for all of us on Thursday?  Each tribe will receive treemail in what appears to them to be a reward challenge and they are sent to crates on the beach where they find new buffs and a message telling them they have merged!  There is still speculation as to which tribe is chosen but if I were to guess then I would have to say that Galu would be the best because of the tarp and the two tree holes.  The four remaining Foa members must be ecstatic to unite with everyone else.  Yes Mick looks incredibly happy in this picture!

survivor episode 8episode 8 survivor 2    




 On to the immunity challenge!  This week it is called “Nut Cracker” and takes place two days after the merge.  They say it resembles skee-ball with a baseball bat.  Points are awarded for hitting the ball various distances from the tee and into the net.  Who wins?  I don’t know yet but if I find out anything before the show, I will update. episode 8 survivor 3episode 8 surivivor 4     So who is voted out this week?  In the previews we see the former members of Galu turn against each other.  John and Eric want Monica gone.  Shambo wants Laura to get the boot and vice versa and Kelly is targeting Erik.  My source says that Erik gets the most votes to evict however no one knows if he uses the immunity idol or not.  If he does then I don’t know who will go but if he thinks he is safe and doesn’t use it then I’m afraid he will be the one to go. 

I have an early prediction for the final 3 so if you don’t want to know then don’t read past this point:

Russell, Mick and Natalie!  This is in line with Natalie winning Survivor Samoa.  I will keep you informed.  If this turns out to be true then the final 3 will all be members of Foa Foa.  I guess they aren’t such losers after all.  :)  I’m happy with this news.  The members of Foa are my favs except John only because he is good eye candy! :razz:



Episode 7: Post Show Discussion

| October 29, 2009 at 11:01 PM EDT

So Russell H. finally got his wish and we said bye to Liz.  I was personally disappointed in this choice after seeing the way Jaison just gave up during the challenge.  Liz actually did well in the competitions so I don’t know what the tribe was thinking on that one.  Does anyone else think Foa Foa is cursed?  They were ahead and still couldn’t win.  Jeff said they had the worst record in Survivor history, and this with VERY capable individuals like a doctor, lawyer, ivy leaguers, a world champion and an owner of an oil company.  You would think they would have had this game in the bag.  At least they merge next week, and we can see them play as individuals.

On to Galu!  They just kick butt every time they get a chance.  I thought Shambo made wise decisions as tribal chief since they won both comps and Erik is standing out more and more to me as a strategic player.  I just don’t know anything about them because they don’t get much face time since they are all the time winning.  I guess this is a good thing for them but not for us as the audience.  

So what did everyone think about this episode?  Did Foa Foa make the right decision evicting Liz?  Were there any big standouts and Who will Russ butt heads with when they merge?? 



| October 29, 2009 at 7:00 AM EDT

Well I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I am looking forward to a much better show tonight then last week.  What a disappointment it turned out to be!  I am confident everything will be back on schedule this week and we should see some good challenges and drama unfold.

We have much to look forward to!  Shambo will get elected chief (who would have thought?); Russell and Laura form a secret final 2 alliance; and Foa Foa lose both the reward and immunity challenges AGAIN!!  We will see if the rumormill is true and watch Liz leave and this is the final episode before the merge.  Tonight should get real interesting!

What are everyone’s expectations about tonight?  Do you think Shambo will fail as the leader of Galu on her first day and do you think Russ and Laura’s alliance will stick?



| October 25, 2009 at 11:20 AM EDT

Update 3:  The reward and immunity challenge is separated this week.  The immunity challenge is called “dueling canoes” and yes, Galu wins yet again!  The challenge will be racing canoes and fishing something out of the water (puzzle pieces) and taking it back and putting the puzzle together.  I am assuming it is a puzzle.

Update 2:  apparently the TV Guide info is wrong and Foa Foa does lose the challenge which sends Laura over to their camp for a visit and according to my source, it is confirmed that Liz will get the boot this week.

Update 1:  according to the info on my tv for Thursday’s episode, Russell H. visits Galu and not Laura to Foa Foa.  So maybe Foa Foa can make a comeback and we will see Monica leave instead of Liz.

Hello everyone!  I finally got to see episode 6 and I have to agree with all of you that it was boring and the worst episode of the season.  Even though I am not a fan of Russell S. I did feel sorry for him.  He pushed himself too hard and tried to take on everything by himself and unfortunately, that led to his demise.  I do believe he would have gone a lot further in the game had he not been evacuated. 

What about Erik and Mick mouthing off at tribal council?  This was the highlight of the show for me and I found it funny.  Foa Foa would have won the challenge had Jeff not stopped it so I have to take Mick dreamy’s side.  I wish I could say the members of Foa Foa step up their game for episode 7 but it’s just not going to happen. 

I don’t have a lot of spoilers for this episode.  Things are being kept pretty hush-hush so far but I will update as I learn more.  What I have found out is this:   Most of my sources say the reward and immunity challenges are combined with Galu winning  yet again.  So this means that Laura visits Foa Foa and yes, she strikes a final 2 deal with Russell H.  She is in such a tight alliance with Monica that I would doubt she was being serious about the deal with BRuss but we will have to wait and see. 

So, if the rumors are true and Foa goes to council then we will say goodbye to Liz and if Galu does happen to lose this one, we will say bye to Monica.  I like Shambo so I for one am happy to see that she is in an alliance with the guys, especially John. :razz: 


According to one source, an early prediction for the winner of Survivor Samoa is…..


What do yall think of that?


Survivor Samoa Episode 6 Discussion

| October 23, 2009 at 7:02 AM EDT

So what did everyone think of this week’s Survivor Samoa? Should Russell have been evacuated? Is Survivor production overreacting to these medical emergencies or are they taking advantage of the opportunity to speed up the biggest game they’ve ever had?

If there had been an elimination at Tribal, then who would you have wanted to be sent away? Share your thoughts!


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