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Survivor Samoa: Finale Preview

| December 18, 2009 at 1:54 PM EDT

Get ready for the Survivor Samoa Finale! Who do you think will win it all?


Survivor Samoa: Two Brains Are Better Than One

| December 17, 2009 at 10:04 PM EDT

Night 33:  Brett is making Sham happy by massaging her head.  My question is how can he touch the mop on her head?  I mean none of them have bathed or washed their hair and she has got a lot of hair on top of that head.  Even Russ is disgusted with her hair and said if he didn’t need her that she would be gone because of her nasty hair.  Meanwhile, Russ and Jaison discuss sending Brett to the jury IF he doesn’t win immunity again. 

The reward challenge:  Natalie is captain of the purple team and Russell is the captain of the yellow team.  She chooses Brett as her first pick and Mick second so Jaison and Sham are with Russ.  Russ and Jaison are concerned about how close Nat and Brett have become.  The challenge is pulling an intertwined rope (1 of many) to drop as few coconuts as possible.  The first team to drop 100 coconuts lose.  After the first round it appears the yellow team is going to lose because they drop 19 coconuts to purple’s 4.  As the game progressed however, Russell pulled it together and dropped 0 and Brett was the last one for purple and pushed them over 100 coconuts.  Russ, Sham and Jaison enjoy a huge feast in Samoan village of all kinds of seafood and an entire pig and plot to become the final 3.  Russ says he needs to pull Nat aside when they get back and spend 2 hours with her to get her head right.  They spend the night in the village and sleep on pillows and cover up with blankets.

The Immunity Challenge:  The contestants race to a field where there are 6 different stations.  They have to count the objects in each station and use the numbers as a combination to open a lock and then break a tile.  Russ, Mick, Jaison and Brett all finish counting and race to break the combination.  Mick is wrong and then Jaison is wrong and they go back to recount but Brett is right and wins immunity for the second time.  Jaison decides that Sham is not helping them enough in challenges and she must go.

Russ lies to Sham and tells her the plan is to vote out Mick and then he gets Mick on board to vote her out. 

Tribal Council:  Sham admits she was a traitor to Galu.  There is a lot of talk about it being the end game and Russ claims this is the first time he feels bad about voting someone off.  Russ also says he is going to keep the immunity idol for a souvenir and then Sham is eliminated.  Russ wouldn’t even look at her and I know he did feel bad about the decision.

Well, not as much drama as I was expecting for this episode but it was still pretty good.  In my opinion, Russ should have kept Sham because everyone on the jury dislikes her and probably would have voted for him over her but that isn’t going to happen.  Sunday night is the 2 hour finale so be sure to watch and see if Brett can make it 3 in a row and find out the winner of Survivor Samoa.


Survivor Samoa: Penultimate Episode Tonight 8/7C

| December 17, 2009 at 8:38 AM EDT

Well guys we are almost to the end of our journey in Samoa and what an awesome 39 days it has been.  Tonight we will find out if Mick and Nat turn on Russell and force him to use his idol or if he will once again manipulate his way straight to the finale.  It is gearing up to be one of the most memorable episodes of the season as we will say goodbye to one of our outspoken players who shouldn’t go down without a fight.  I hope you all will join us here before and after the show as we break it all down and discuss the possibilities of what will happen on this show as well as the next.


Survivor Samoa Episode 13: MORE SPOILERS

| December 15, 2009 at 12:17 PM EDT

Thanks to TDT and Survivor Fever for the following reward information and pictures.

The reward challenge for this Survivor Samoa episode is called coconut nets.  The contestants are split into two teams of three.  The yellow team is Brett, Mick and Natalie and the purple team is Russell, Sham and Jaison.  It looks like each team takes turns pulling a rope out of a configuration that is holding up a load of coconuts.  When the remaining ropes can no longer support the coconuts, they begin to fall down.

episode 14 rewardepisode 14 reward 2





episode 14 reward 3

Russell is concentrating hard here trying to figure out which rope to untie.  The winners of this challenge was previously thought to be Brett, Mick and Nat but now it looks like the winners are the purple team who will go on an overnight adventure to possibly either Sua Ocean Trench or swimming with the sea turtles at Satoalepai Wetlands.  Wherever they go, it leaves the other team to stay behind and plot.  Perhaps Russell will have to play the last immunity idol Thursday night.  There is no specualtion on the Immunity Challenge for this episode but I will share it if it becomes available, but we do know Brett wins leaving Sham to get the boot.  Hopefully she won’t go down without a fight!  Will Mick and Nat turn on Russ in favor of Brett and force him to play the idol and who will Sham go after in order to save herself?



| December 13, 2009 at 10:55 AM EDT

Hey guys!  So I am going to break down the next episode, as much as I can, and then the final episode.  Can you believe there are only 2 shows left?  It is kind of sad to see the season winding down. 

The penultimate episode:

There is a reward challenge but not sure what the game is about but the winners are clearly Natalie, Mick and Brett as seen from the pictures below.

survivor episode 14 rewardsurvivor episode 14 reward 2





The trio leaves by boat and returns later in the day but what the reward is and the location is unknown to me.  Can Brett work his charm on Nat and Mick for a possible Russell boot?

I have no idea what the immunity challenge will be this week but I can tell you that Brett wins.  As you can barely see in the picture, Brett is in the middle on the return to camp wearing the necklace.

survivor episode 14 immunity

So with Brett winning immunity, the person to leave this week will be Shambo.  I heard the producers wanted to devote an entire episode to this particular boot as I’m sure she will not go without a fight.

As far as finale night we are left with 5 contestants and all 4 foa foa’s.  You would think Brett would be the next to go and obviously he would if he had not won immunity again.  So Brett is safe at 5 and Jaison is the next to go after Sham.  When it gets to the final four, Brett is then voted out leaving our final 3 as Mick, Natalie and Russel with Natalie as the projected winner.  The rumor is that Russell does not get a single vote so it appears that for this season of Survivor that the social aspect is way more important then game play.  You also have to consider that the jury members know Russell is a self made millionaire and with Mick becoming a doctor, he will also make good money so that leaves Natalie as the one who needs it the most.  You never can tell what drives the jury to do what they do. 

So this is it for the spoilers for this season.  What do you think of Brett winning back to back immunity challenges to advance his game and why did Russell not get any votes from the jury?

Thank you missyae for all your spoiler info this season.  We hope to see you back for Survivor 20.


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