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Survivor 2010: Episode 3 Spoiler Alert

| February 22, 2010 at 10:19 AM EDT

Episode 3: “That girl is like a virus”  CBS press release states “One tough villain has the whole tribe on edge as everyone sets their sights on a very dangerous alliance,” next time on Survivor 2010: Heroes vs. Villains.  “One of the most powerful women in the game targets a worthy adversary and gets aggressive in her efforts to oust an immediate threat.”  I’m thinking the two women are Parvati and Jerri.  Coach and Jerri are in  a good position with their possible alliance as are Parvati and Russell.  Perhaps we will see the true villainous side of these people finally come out.

There is a reward challenge this episode but no speculation as to what it is.  The preview shows dejected looking heroes returning to camp and James kicking a shoe in anger so the villains may win.  However, we know Tom finds the immunity idol and uses it for episode 4 so heroes need a clue and will probably win next week or Tom searches on his own.

Immunity Challenge this week is an all out brawl with a challenge seen first in Fiji and reused in Palau called “Sumo at Sea” and “Kung Fu Cannibals.”  Tom has the experience for this challenge and he goes against Russell and quite possibly defeats him as his last opponents did not fare too well either.

episode 3 immunity

In the challenge one member from each tribe face off and try to knock each other off the platform into the mud.  Courtney and Candice sit out for the villains.

episode 3 immunity 3episode 3 immunity f4episode 3 immunity 2

Parvati and Candice fight it out and both end up in the mud with Parv on bottom so Candice could be the victor here.  Coach is the obvious winner from this shot as he went against Rupert who still has the broken toe.

episode 3 immunity 7episode 3 immunity 6episode 3 immunity 5

James goes up against Randy and enjoys some taunting as he easily defeats the old man.  Rupert gives a roar of approval as the heroes win their first Immunity Challenge.  According to missyae, a machete disappears from the Villain’s camp and Randy is in the middle of this drama with Russell and apparently gets the blame as he is the first one evicted.  I have no idea who hid the machete or what the actual story is so I guess we will wait until Thursday to find out.

Is Randy a good choice as the first boot for the Villains?

Thanks to TDT for pictures and challenge speculation.


Survivor 2010: Boston Rob Steps Up and James Goes on a Rampage

| February 18, 2010 at 9:10 PM EDT

I am so shocked at Rob right now on Survivor 2010.  He actually worked so hard he made himself sick.  Who woulda thought?  I have to admit that I am pulling for the villains tribe even though it seems that there is more drama at the heroe’s camp.  Probably just because they keep losing.

What about Rupert and James?  They were hell bent on getting rid of Steph!  James thought she was bad luck and I don’t know what ole Rupert was thinking.  I’m going on record as saying I do not like James anymore.  Who put that big chip on his shoulder?  I don’t remember him being such an a hole before and I don’t like this side of him.  Telling Steph to shut her mouth?  I would have slapped his face.  Just telling it like it is guys.  I know most of you love him but I was disgusted by his actions tonight.

What about the Villains rallying around Boston Rob?  Even Russ almost admits he was worried about him lol.  The whole tribe thought they would fall apart if he left due to his illness.  They definitely would not have won the challenge if it wasn’t for him. 

The immunity challenge was again an endurance challenge.  Two competitors from each team raced out to roll a large crate back to the start.  When all the crates were back they then turned them into a staircase with the names of their tribe on either side.  The first tribe to complete the puzzle and climb the staircase wins.  The heroes branch out to an early lead but are once again defeated when it came to the puzzle.  Boston Rob won it for the team as he figured out how the crates should be positioned and used his strength to push the crates up.  The immunity and reward challenge was combined so the villains win immunity and also a much needed tarp.  They haven’t been dry in days.

At tribal council, James turns the heat on Steph and Colby and Tom jump in to defend her but in the end Steph is voted out.  What do you think is causing James to self destruct and will Boston Rob return to his villainous ways?


Survivor 2010: Episode 2 Tonight 8E/7C

| February 17, 2010 at 8:00 AM EDT

Here is the preview for the next Survivor 2010 episode of Heroes vs. Villains.

Be sure to watch what happens to Boston Rob as he goes down in this episode and find out what goes wrong at the Heroe’s Tribe during the explosive Tribal Council.


Survivor 2010: Spoiler Alert Episode 2

| February 15, 2010 at 9:17 AM EDT

In the upcoming episode for Survivor 2010 Heroes v. Villains, the CBS press release states:

In one of the most explosive tribal councils ever, secrets and strategies are revealed as tempers flare, and a heated argument threatens to tear the whole tribe apart.  Backstabbing and dissention run rampant in one tribe as a castaway reveals that old grudges die hard and makes a move to put a former ally on the chopping block.  Meanwhile, one villain pushes so hard to provide for the tribe he passes out cold. 

It sounds like a lot of drama to fill up the hour long episode airing February 18.  For those concerned about Boston Rob, he does not leave this episode and from what I have read, he is dehydrated.  He will be around a while longer. 

I don’t have information on the Reward Challenge yet but the Immunity Challenge for this show is called “A Crate Idea.”  This was used during the Tocantins season so great news for Coach and Tyson for the Villains and JT for the Heroes.  The castaways go out in pairs and roll the large crates to the stacking area where they assemble them into a certain shape.  Everyone then climbs to the top and cheers.

episode 2 immunity heroes

episode 2 immunity rob

Villains once again win Immunity!  The heroes boot out Stephanie at Tribal.  A couple things from missyae, she says Steph does not leave due to her injury but because of her alliance with Tom.  She says Steph and Tom do not fit into the LA clique.  For the next 3 weeks, it is Tom vs. the rest of the heroes.  He finds the hidden immunity idol which saves him either this week or next before they finally bring him down.  Missyae also wants me to stress the fact that Parv did not injure Stephanie’s shoulder.  They did not show all of the Reward Challenge and in the first round Stephanie injures her shoulder as she is diving onto the mat to score a point for the heroes.  This is why you hear Courtney yell to Parv during the round they did show us “break her shoulder” because it was already hurt.

The finale will come down to Russell, Parv, and Sandra with Russell receiving 0 votes.  The vote between Parv and Sandra is 5-4 with the projected winner as Sandra.  I’m curious to see how editing comes into play where Sandra is concerned and really hope to see her step up if she wins the game.

Thanks to Survivor Fever for pictures and challenge information. 

How do you feel about Steph getting eliminated and Sandra winning the whole thing?


Survivor 2010 Premiere Recap

| February 11, 2010 at 11:00 PM EDT

I would say Survivor 2010 Heroes vs. Villains is off to a fantastic start.  It was even better than I anticipated.  I typed like 5 pages of notes as I watched because there was just too much going on to remember everything.  We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Was anyone else a little disappointed in Rupert?  I know his toe was broken but he was too crabby and couldn’t get things going.  During the puzzle making of the immunity challenge he just stood there and when they needed a fire he couldn’t bring it so JT stepped up.

The surprise for me was actually liking Boston Rob.  Where did that come from?  Perhaps married life and a child chilled the boy out a little.  He was almost charming, almost but not quite.  I also liked the flirting between Coach and Jerri.  Definitely didn’t see that one coming but I think they could actually make a good couple as the dragonslayer and black widow.

The episode started with the castaways arriving by military helicopter to an awaiting Jeff Probst standing on the cliffs of Samoa.  Coach coined the title of this premiere with his statement of “I slay everyone and trust no one.”  Now that is the typical dragonslayer comment I was waiting on. 

After a few pleasantries we go right into the Reward Challenge and WOW! what a challenge it was.  Teams of two from both tribes race out and dig in the sand for a bag and the first to bring it back to the mat gets a point.  First up was Stephanie and Cirie for the Heroes Tribe and Parvati and Danielle for the Villains and these girls fought it out like men.  It was awesome!  In the end Danielle brings the bag back to score the first point in the game.  Parv manages to dislocate Steph’s shoulder and they bring in the medics to pop it back in place.  OUCH!  Did yall see Jeff snickering as he walked back to begin the game?  He had to put a hand over his mouth to conceal it.  The next point goes to the heroes, a point scored by JT.  Next up was Colby and Tom vs. Coach and Russell.  I about fell out when Coach dragged Colby who held onto the bag over to the Villains mat to score a point.  I never would have guessed Coach had it in him.  Next we have Sugar and Candace vs. Sandra and Courtney and once again the girls do not disapppoint.  The highlight of the whole show, for my husband anyway, was Sandra undoing Sugars top and Sugar running topless with the bag to score a point for the Heroes and capped it off but giving Sandra the finger.  Last up we have our next injury with Rupert breaking his toe in three places while James takes the bag in for a Heroes win.  They receive flint as their reward. 

Everyone gets to camp to start building shelter and once again, it turns into the Russell show.  He immediately strikes a final two deal with Danielle and another with Parvati.  Parv says she knows what Russell is doing but would rather play with him than against him and says she is making a deal with the devil.  If you are on the Villain’s tribe, the devil is all you got so go with it Parv.  In this camp, no one is doing anything; no shelter, no fire, no water.  Rob takes it upon himself and rubs the large sticks together and low and behold we got fire.  At least someone finally took some initiative.

Over at the Heroe’s camp, things are running much more smoothly.  Everyone is working together and all are doing their part to build the shelter right.  While they are working, 3 chickens and a rooster come walking out of the jungle.  Now that is something you don’t see everyday.  They take their fishing net and trap the chickens on the first try.  Now they have eggs and JT breaks one of chick’s necks and they have a nice meal.  Thank God someone from down here in Alabama is on the show cause we know how to handle chickens.  A vast improvement over Sham last season.   JT strikes up an alliance with James and another one with Tom who has one with Stephanie.  Amanda and Cirie are also together so the game starts right off the bat.  Sugar starts trying to get it on with Colby who wants no part and pisses everyone off for keeping them awake, a foreshadowing of what is to come I guess.

We move on to the Immunity Challenge.  In this challenge 6 team members race to assemble a boat and use 7 planks to keep it together.  They then paddle out and grab a torch with fire and bring it back.  They disassemble the boat and bring the planks back to the starting line.  Four people put together a puzzle and lastly, they make a ladder with the planks and all members race up with the torch to light the fire.  The Heroes get an early lead but fall apart during the puzzle and the Villain’s come back and win. 

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks a variety of questions about prior relationships and whether or not the four who tried to put together the puzzle are at risk.  Cirie says “One challenge shouldn’t determine your worth in the game.”  I don’t agree with that statement at all.  One mistake can cost you the game and she needs to remember that.  Sugar is voted out by everyone except herself.  No surprise there. 

All in all the season is shaping up to be the best ever.  What was your favorite moment in the show?


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