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Survivor 2010 Premiere Recap

| February 11, 2010 at 11:00 PM EDT

I would say Survivor 2010 Heroes vs. Villains is off to a fantastic start.  It was even better than I anticipated.  I typed like 5 pages of notes as I watched because there was just too much going on to remember everything.  We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Was anyone else a little disappointed in Rupert?  I know his toe was broken but he was too crabby and couldn’t get things going.  During the puzzle making of the immunity challenge he just stood there and when they needed a fire he couldn’t bring it so JT stepped up.

The surprise for me was actually liking Boston Rob.  Where did that come from?  Perhaps married life and a child chilled the boy out a little.  He was almost charming, almost but not quite.  I also liked the flirting between Coach and Jerri.  Definitely didn’t see that one coming but I think they could actually make a good couple as the dragonslayer and black widow.

The episode started with the castaways arriving by military helicopter to an awaiting Jeff Probst standing on the cliffs of Samoa.  Coach coined the title of this premiere with his statement of “I slay everyone and trust no one.”  Now that is the typical dragonslayer comment I was waiting on. 

After a few pleasantries we go right into the Reward Challenge and WOW! what a challenge it was.  Teams of two from both tribes race out and dig in the sand for a bag and the first to bring it back to the mat gets a point.  First up was Stephanie and Cirie for the Heroes Tribe and Parvati and Danielle for the Villains and these girls fought it out like men.  It was awesome!  In the end Danielle brings the bag back to score the first point in the game.  Parv manages to dislocate Steph’s shoulder and they bring in the medics to pop it back in place.  OUCH!  Did yall see Jeff snickering as he walked back to begin the game?  He had to put a hand over his mouth to conceal it.  The next point goes to the heroes, a point scored by JT.  Next up was Colby and Tom vs. Coach and Russell.  I about fell out when Coach dragged Colby who held onto the bag over to the Villains mat to score a point.  I never would have guessed Coach had it in him.  Next we have Sugar and Candace vs. Sandra and Courtney and once again the girls do not disapppoint.  The highlight of the whole show, for my husband anyway, was Sandra undoing Sugars top and Sugar running topless with the bag to score a point for the Heroes and capped it off but giving Sandra the finger.  Last up we have our next injury with Rupert breaking his toe in three places while James takes the bag in for a Heroes win.  They receive flint as their reward. 

Everyone gets to camp to start building shelter and once again, it turns into the Russell show.  He immediately strikes a final two deal with Danielle and another with Parvati.  Parv says she knows what Russell is doing but would rather play with him than against him and says she is making a deal with the devil.  If you are on the Villain’s tribe, the devil is all you got so go with it Parv.  In this camp, no one is doing anything; no shelter, no fire, no water.  Rob takes it upon himself and rubs the large sticks together and low and behold we got fire.  At least someone finally took some initiative.

Over at the Heroe’s camp, things are running much more smoothly.  Everyone is working together and all are doing their part to build the shelter right.  While they are working, 3 chickens and a rooster come walking out of the jungle.  Now that is something you don’t see everyday.  They take their fishing net and trap the chickens on the first try.  Now they have eggs and JT breaks one of chick’s necks and they have a nice meal.  Thank God someone from down here in Alabama is on the show cause we know how to handle chickens.  A vast improvement over Sham last season.   JT strikes up an alliance with James and another one with Tom who has one with Stephanie.  Amanda and Cirie are also together so the game starts right off the bat.  Sugar starts trying to get it on with Colby who wants no part and pisses everyone off for keeping them awake, a foreshadowing of what is to come I guess.

We move on to the Immunity Challenge.  In this challenge 6 team members race to assemble a boat and use 7 planks to keep it together.  They then paddle out and grab a torch with fire and bring it back.  They disassemble the boat and bring the planks back to the starting line.  Four people put together a puzzle and lastly, they make a ladder with the planks and all members race up with the torch to light the fire.  The Heroes get an early lead but fall apart during the puzzle and the Villain’s come back and win. 

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks a variety of questions about prior relationships and whether or not the four who tried to put together the puzzle are at risk.  Cirie says “One challenge shouldn’t determine your worth in the game.”  I don’t agree with that statement at all.  One mistake can cost you the game and she needs to remember that.  Sugar is voted out by everyone except herself.  No surprise there. 

All in all the season is shaping up to be the best ever.  What was your favorite moment in the show?


Survivor 2010 Season Premiere Tonight 8E/7C

| February 11, 2010 at 8:00 AM EDT

Tonight we get to see our first Survivor 2010 episode of Heroes v. Villains.  I can’t wait for the two hour premiere to begin.  Who will start alliances and who will start chaos?  Will Russell burn someone’s socks and pour out their canteens?  Does Rupert get into it with his tribemates over a chicken?  Do the castaways play their same game or try a different strategy?  Be sure to tune in if you want to find out the answers to these questions and much more as we gear up for what is promising to be the best season ever!

As always, we will be here before, during and after the show to break it all down.  What are yall looking the most forward to in tonight’s episode?


Survivor 2010 Episode 1 “Slay Everyone, Trust No One”

| February 10, 2010 at 10:09 AM EDT

Is it really only a day away?  Thank God!  The two hour season premiere of Survivor 2010: Heroes v. Villains is tomorrow night at 8E/7C.  If you can’t wait until tomorrow to see some of the castaways, you can tune in to David Letterman tonight for the top ten list.  Ten survivors are presenting including: Russell, Rupert, Colby, Cirie, JT, Tom, Jerri, Rob, Stephanie and Parvati. 

The press release put out by CBS states, “In a special two hour season premiere, 20 of survivor’s most beloved heroes and most reviled villains arrive in the South Pacific to compete for the title of Sole Survivor.”  Don’t be late because within minutes of arriving we will have the first reward challenge which is one of the most physical in survivor history.  Two injuries will threaten to send two home before the challenge is even completed.

It is gearing up to be one fantastic episode.  Who do you think will strike up as an alliance right from the start?


Survivor 2010: Episode 1 Spoilers

| February 8, 2010 at 9:47 AM EDT

Finally, the new season of Survivor 2010 is upon us.  We’ve seen the previews and heard the rumors, now in just a matter of days we will watch the two hour season premiere of Heroes v. Villains.

Within minutes of landing back on the beautiful beaches of Samoa the tribes will face off in their first reward challenge called “Battle Dig.”  This challenge ends with a Heroes win.  Steph dislocates her shoulder and then Parvati tries to take her out by going for the already hurt shoulder and of course Sugar ends up topless which all you guys will enjoy. :)  Check out the pics!

Colby tackles Russell and gives him a face full of sand lol.

coby tackles russelltopless sugarparvati takes on stephanie


Next we move on to the Immunity Challenge called “Lock & Load, Light.”  All challenges this season will be a version of previous competitions from past seasons.  Part one consists of assembling various puzzle pieces into a 1 immunity

Part two of the challenge, the castaways will row out and get fire and come back to the shore and disassemble boats, race back in with fire and planks.

episode 1 immunity pt 2

In Part 3, the players put together another puzzel and then put their planks on the wall to build a ladder and then all members will climb the ladder to light a barrell at the top.  The villains come from behind to win immunity.  The final wall:

episode 1 immunity pt 3

The first boot of the season and only one for this episode is Sugar.  Guys get your fill of her during this episode because she won’t be back.  Thanks to missyae for all spoiler info again this season and TDT for challenge speculation.

Why do yall think Sugar is the first one voted out of Samoa?


Survivor’s Discuss Their Best Moments and Biggest Challenges

| February 4, 2010 at 9:10 PM EDT

It’s really too bad we won’t have Richard Hatch on Heroes v. Villains to battle it out with Russell Hantz.  That would have made GREAT tv.  In the words of Jeff Probst, ” Richard Hatch laid the ground work for how Survivor would be played for the next ten years.”  And how right that statement is. 

I enjoyed watching this episode and seeing all the contestants in their best moments and hearing about what they went through on the show.  Jerri said the worst night of her life was Panama during a storm and watching the beach disappear right in front of her.  She also said the mental aspect of the game was 75%. 

Seeing all the bug bites and hearing Parvati say she still had scars from mosquito bites made me realize I would not do well on this show.  I am a mosquito magnet.  They love my blood! 

Most laughable moment was when Russell said he played a great social game.  Come on!  Really?  How can he believe that?  His social game lost him a million dollars twice.  Whereas I do 100% believe he played the actual game, both mentally and physically better then anyone else, his social game is so terrible, it cost him.  If he ever gets the opportunity again, I hope he learns from these experiences.

I loved seeing the kids Rupert has helped in his charity.  What an amazing thing to do with his money.  To care about kids that much and donate his money and time to getting them on the right track is a hero and a great one at that.  I will say right now that I am 95% sure he will get my vote as fan fav for the sole reason that he has given back to his community in such an honorable way. 

Seeing the love and happiness between Ethan and Jenna was also a blessing to watch.  To hear Ethan say that Jenna is his rock and described his ordeal and how he couldn’t have gotten through it without her was a sweet moment.  I hope he gives her a ring soon. :)

Next week starts what could be the best season ever of Survivor.  Are you ready?


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