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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water: Laura Boneham ‘The Day After’ Exit Interview

Laura Boneham eliminated from Survivor 2013

Laura Boneham joined John last night as the second eliminated castaway on Survivor Blood Vs Water this week when she lost out to Laura M and was sent hiking off in to the jungle. She definitely did better in that difficult challenge than I expected her to do when she outlasted John, but there was just no way she was going to do the same with Laura M.

Laura made it about half way through the season after initially being voted off her tribe on the very first episode. When Rupert gave up his chance at the game he took her spot at Redemption Island and Laura B was sent over to Galang. She was actually doing pretty well in playing it safe until she went and opened her mouth to Vytas and the whole thing came crashing down.

In her exit video below Laura discusses how all her plans with Rupert were thrown to the wind after they were split and sent in opposite directions that second day on the beach. Despite all the challenges Laura says she had a great time on Survivor and thinks the experience will make her marriage even stronger, especially after Rupert gave up his spot for her.

Laura Boneham – Survivor 2013 – The Day After:


Survivor 2013: John Cody ‘The Day After’ Interview

Survivor 2013 John Cody eliminated

John Cody struggled from the very first Survivor Blood Vs Water episode as part of a targeted couple with Candice. Despite all the challenges he faced John still says he had a great time and comes away with a new respect for the people who have played the game. He thinks Survivor is a lot harder than he ever imagined it could have been.

In John’s “The Day After” interview we hear a lot of interesting insight to the game as he discusses it from both the perspective of a new player and as someone who has heard a lot about Survivor from his wife. While the beaches look like a comfortable and exotic place to rest there’s very little comfort in the experience.

Watch John’s interview video below from after he was eliminated in Survivor 2013 and hear what he has to say.

Were you surprised that John lost out in his final shot at Redemption Island after being so successful for so long?


Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 8 Highlights

Survivor 2013 Kasama tribe

It’s the Survivor season of blindsides! Last night’s episode of Blood Vs Water was just as exciting as we’ve been expecting with the end of Redemption Island (more on that) and the beginning of a new tribe with the merge.

If you missed who was voted off last night on Survivor then check out our results highlights to get caught up and ready for next week’s fun.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 8 – Redemption Island:

Laura B arrives to join John and Laura M. It’s their last challenge before someone gets sent back in to the game while the other two will be eliminated. The castaways have to hold on to a pole for as long as they can without touching the ground.

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Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off Tonight? Episode 8 Results

Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water - Episode 8 recap

Tonight on Survivor 2013 the Galang and Tadhana tribes will end and one new tribe, Kasama, will be born. But before we can get to that we need to address that pesky Redemption Island twist. We’ve finally reached the end of those arena challenges and one of the last three there will get to join the new, merged tribe.

The last Tribal Council victim to be sent to Redemption Island this season was Laura B after a very entertaining blindside last week. Forget Blood Vs Water, they should have named this season Survivor: Blindside. Good times for all. Well, all minus one.

This week’s episode of Survivor will kick off with Laura B arriving at Redemption Island to join John and Laura M. Back at the camps we’ll see a very grateful Vytas who has now survived another elimination vote and has now made it to the merge. How many lives does that cat have left?

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Let’s find out who will make it back in to the game tonight and which castaway gets voted off tonight on Survivor!

Jeff tells John and the Lauras that what they’ve done so far doesn’t matter. It’s all about what they do right now in this challenge and the winner will re-enter the game.

The challenge is simple: hang on. Last player still hanging on their telephone pole will win the duel and get back in the game. Laura B immediately starts slipping and drops down a ring. After just 20 mins they look like they’re struggling. John starts to slide and kicks off his shoes to help. Uh oh, that sounds like a bad idea!

Laura B has found her comfort spot. Laura M has not moved at all. Oops! There goes John. He slides to the bottom and is out. What did I say? Way too heavy. This sort of thing is tilted toward a smaller framed woman.

Laura B is just about to the very bottom while the other Laura hasn’t budged. This shouldn’t take too much longer. Yep, that’s it. Laura B drops and that leaves just Laura M. She’ll return to the game and join the new merged tribe, Kasama.

Jeff says goodbye to Laura B and John before announcing the tribe merge. Next up is the Immunity Idol clue that Laura won in the duel. She can give it to herself, says Jeff, but guess what she does with it? Yep. Straight in to the fire. Sheesh.

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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 8

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 8

Survivor is back tonight on CBS and this is a big one in the storyline of the season. The tribes will merge as Redemption Island closes its doors and send one castaway back in to the game. Thankfully that means we can get back to focusing more time on players still in the game rather than competitions with a revolving door. Yeah, I’m not going to miss Redemption Island one bit. Bring on the extra luxury competitions instead.

Either John, Laura M, or Laura B will be back in the game by the end of tonight’s Survivor and I’m guessing it’ll be Laura M but that’s just speculation with no spoilers to back it up. Which castaway do you think has what it takes? This does not look like an easy challenge and it’s not like anything John’s be able to dominant in the past few weeks.

The tribes will merge and we’ve got spoilers on the new tribe name if you want to check that out. Once they get together there’s immediate action by Tyson to secure a new secret alliance and I’m thinking he’s going to do well with this one. Is it finally time to say goodbye to Vytas or Aras? Castaways having been craving a split on those two for awhile now.

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