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Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 9 Highlights

Survivor 2013 Tribal Council episode 9

It was a busy night on Survivor Blood Vs Water with a double round of challenges and Tribal Councils as the show worked quickly to restock the arena. With just one castaway waiting at Redemption Island without any challengers we jumped straight ahead to the first Immunity Challenge of the night.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 9 – Immunity Challenge #1:

It’s the food challenge and every bit as disgusting as you’d imagine. After the mealworms round only Tyson, Monica, Vytas, Hayden, Gervase, and Caleb move on to eat pig intestines. Sure, mealworms are gross but watching Caleb chew at the intestines was enough to get me groaning.

Only Monica and Gervase survive the piggy bits and face off in the final round: a pair of grubs. This is of course the item that Gervase couldn’t finish in the first season of Survivor. He won’t repeat that mistake this time though and immediately throws both in his mouth. Nasty blood or juices are running down his face as he eats away at them.

Monica is slow and steady to win the race just barely ahead of Gervase. She secures her immunity at the next Tribal Council.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 9 – Tribal Council #1:

Vytas knows he’s in the danger zone and he comes in to the Tribal Council swinging. He’s calling out everyone he can for their move last week of voting out Aras, but it doesn’t work. He gets five votes and is sent to meet his brother at Redemption Island.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 9 – Immunity Challenge #2:

Now here’s a nice challenge that doesn’t require eating nasty food. Castaways have to balance coins on a sword handle as it rests on a shield. Drop a coin or lose your stack and it’s over.

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Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off Tonight? Episode 9 Results

Survivor 2013 Episode 9

The tribes have merged and so tonight on Survivor 2013 the new Kasama tribe will continue their march toward the season finale but this week they’ll be quicken the pace with a double elimination episode.

First thing is to get everyone caught up so we’ll see Aras heading off to Redemption Island after his blindside led by Tyson, Gervase, and Monica. He’ll arrive there alone, but that won’t last for long. Vytas is now left behind in the tribe from his brother and is sure to want revenge though he might not want to go shouting the obvious.

Back at the campsite Vytas congratulates the tribe for the blindside. He’s sorry Aras was targeted, but says as a fan he appreciates the move they made. After that Tina goes after Tyson and Monica for betraying them, but Tyson shuts her down. Did Tina damage her game right there?

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It’s time to find out which castaways can withstand the “Pesky Palate” food challenge and which two castaways are voted off Survivor tonight to join Aras in the renewal of Redemption Island.

Immunity Challenge – Pesky Palate:
Round 1 – 40 mealworms: Tyson, Monica, & Vytas move on – Laura & Katie eliminated
Round 2 – 40 mealworms: Hayden, Gervase, & Caleb move on – Tina & Ciera eliminated
Round 3 – 3oz pig intestines: Monica & Gervase move – Tyson, Caleb, Hayden, & Vytas eliminated
Round 4 – 2 grubs: Monica wins! So close, so close, Gervase!

Monica wins Immunity! It’s her first individual immunity win.

That. Was. Disgusting.

Ahead of tonight’s first Tribal Council the group’s plan is to split the votes 4-3 against Vytas and Katie. Vytas asks Hayden to be straight with him and he learns it’ll either be him or Katie. Vytas pleads to flip the votes 4-3 over Katie instead of him. Let’s see where this goes.

Tribal Council time. Vytas is making waves and going after Monica and the move to flip on Aras last week.

Jeff reveals the votes: Vytas, Katie, Tyson, Vytas, Vytas, Vytas, & Vytas. That’s 5, that’s enough.

Vytas was voted off Survivor tonight. He heads to Redemption Island.

Immunity Challenge #2:

It’s time for the second Immunity Challenge of the night! Players have to balance a sword on a shield while slowly stacking coins on the sword’s hilt. If their coins fall then they are out. Well, at least they don’t have to eat anything!

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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 9

Survivor 2013 Episode 9 tonight

Tonight on Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water we’re in for a busy, busy show. After last week’s blindside of Aras with his vote-out and a blindside at us that Redemption Island is back we’ll be running at full speed with not one, but two Tribal Councils. Looks like Survivor needs to quickly restock its arena for another Redemption Island challenge.

We’ve already seen tonight’s first individual Immunity Challenge and it’s going to be a nasty one. “Pesky Palate” will require the castaways to eat some nasty stuff and keep it down in the battle to avoid elimination. Here are a few pictures of what they could end up eating tonight:

Once we get through that challenge the castaways will have to rush off to the first Tribal of the night. From an earlier teaser we know (obviously) that Vytas is seeking revenge so that should make him a prime target. The other option? Tina. Tina is seen in this week’s preview telling Monica that she’s at the bottom of the tribe rank which wants us to think Monica is in trouble. But we know how Survivor likes to try and fake us out so flip that around and Tina should be the one in trouble. At least that seems to be the general consensus.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Episode 9 Challenge preview:

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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: ‘Pesky Palate’ Immunity Challenge

Survivor 2013 spoilers - Blood vs Water challenge

This week on Survivor 2013 the individual immunity challenges continue on and I think most will wish it was back to a team effort. The challenge this time around, stop now if you don’t want those spoilers, will be the food challenge.

Entitled “Pesky Palates” this week’s immunity challenge requires castaways to eat some really nasty stuff. Really nasty. Sure, not all of it is that terrible, but a lot of them are very disgusting.

click images to see full-size

In the clip below we get to watch the Survivor Dream Team give the challenge a test run though Jeff explains they won’t be getting all the same items as the real castaways so they have enough for the main event. The Dream Team still gets to contend with meal worms, pig intestines, cow eyeball, and more. Mmm mmm! I know I wouldn’t do too well at this challenge. What about you?

Survivor Spoilers – ‘Pesky Palate’ Immunity Challenge Preview:

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Survivor Spoilers: Double Elimination This Week On Blood Vs Water

Survivor 2013 - Episode 9 - 2 Tribal Councils

This week we’ve got some mini Survivor spoilers to get you ready for the next episode. Now with Aras’s elimination and the return of Redemption Island we’ll need two more vote-outs to prime the pump and get the arena action rolling.

Wasting no time, Survivor 2013 will deliver both of those Tribal Council events this week in episode nine. We’re teased that drama will break out between Tina and Monica with the latter being told she’s on the bottom rung. I think we could be looking at another fakeout by CBS. Could this be Tina’s week to go?

Along with the Tina-Monica drama we’re teased with a vengeful Vytas who wants retribution for his brother’s betrayal. See, I don’t think I’d go announcing that even if it was obvious.

If you got to pick two Survivor Blood Vs Water castaways to send to Redemption Island this week, who would it be? Watch the preview clip below and then share your thoughts on the castaways’ choices this week.

Survivor 2013 – Double The Tribal Councils:

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