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Next Time On Survivor 2014 – Cagayan Episode 05

Survivor Cagayan Episode 05

Survivor Cagayan Episode 05 – Source: CBS

Next time on Survivor 2014 the drama boils over at Solana when Trish and Lindsey flip out at each other following Cliff’s elimination.

In the clip below we see the tempers flaring in the dark which makes me think it’s right after they get back from Tribal Council when the stress was already high.

That’s all we get from the preview clip so that’s a little weak and worrisome that the best they have to offer next week is just a fight between Trish and Lindsey. Lindsey should watch her step though because she was on the losing side of that last vote and it could easily happen again.

We’ll watch for more pics & preview clips in the coming days and will post them up there to get us a better idea of what’s coming up next week on Survivor.

Survivor Cagayan – Episode 5 Preview:

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 4 Pictures

Survivor Cagayan Episode 4

Survivor Cagayan Episode 4 – Solana at Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Last night on Survivor we were treated to an exciting tribe shuffle/merge where the Brawn, Brains, & Beauty elements combined to form new Aparri and Solana tribes. After a few fierce challenges the Solana tribe headed to Tribal Council for another fun blindside. The choice doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but we’ll see how it turns out for them soon.

Check out these pictures from last night’s Survivor 2014 episode and see if you can spot where Solana went wrong. That Immunity Challenge was right up their alley and they still managed to lose it. Wow!

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Image credit: Monty Brinton / CBS


Survivor Cagayan: Cliff Robinson “The Day After” Elimination Interview

Cliff Robinson interview on Survivor

Cliff Robinson on Survivor – Source: CBS

Cliff Robinson was the latest castaway to be voted off Survivor when his new Solana tribe turned on him at Tribal Council for another blindside elimination.

Reflecting on the season Cliff said he had a great time, enjoyed it immensely, and holds no grudges against any of the players. Of course he also hopes Trish and Tony don’t get near the money, but we don’t blame him for thinking that!

We really enjoyed Cliff on the show this season and are sorry to see him go so fast. He was a huge asset to his tribe week and week again yet here he sits doing an exit interview on Survivor Cagayan. Ah well.

Cliff Robinson – “The Day After” on Survivor 2014:

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Survivor Spoilers: Who Went Home Last Night? 3/19/2014

Tonight on Survivor 2014 the Beauty, Brains, and Brawn tribes vanished and two new tribes were formed two new teams using the orange and purple tribe colors. Aparri remained mostly intact while losing only Sarah and gaining LJ and Jefra. Everyone else left on Survivor moved over to the new orange tribe.

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’re live blogging the full episode recap here on the site tonight too, but these are just the highlights on who won challenges and who was voted off Survivor tonight.

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    New Tribes on Survivor Cagayan:

  • Aparri Tribe: Sarah, Spencer, Morgan, Kass, Tasha, Jeremiah, and Alexis
  • Solana Tribe: Woo, Cliff, Trish, Jefra, LJ, Lindsey, and Tony

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    Reward Challenge – Doughnuts & Pastries:

  1. Round 1: Aparri scores first point
  2. Round 2: Solana scores their first point
  3. Round 3: Aparri gets another point & wins Reward
    Hidden Immunity Idol:

  • Morgan gets out’d by Sarah & Solana learns she accepted an Idol clue instead of an extra bag of rice.

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Survivor Recap: Cagayan Episode 04 ‘Odd One Out’

Survivor 2014 Episode 4

Survivor 2014 Episode 4 ‘Odd One Out’ – Source: CBS

Tonight on Survivor Cagayan, the three tribes are no more when we get an early merge down to just two teams. How those new teams come together are likely to have a big impact on how the next round of votes go. Of course, a quick flip of loyalty to throw a wrench in a tribe’s plans and shift the power.

The show picks back up with Luzon returning from Tribal Council, again, where J’Tia’s nine lives had finally run out. Luzon is down to just three players from their original six and it’s time for them to prove their strength with the dead weight cut. Wait, hold that thought.

When the tribes arrive at the first challenge they learn it’s time to “drop your buffs” and draw new teams. Aparri (orange) and Solana (purple) tribe colors remain while Teal is done. The new tribes consist of Sarah, Spencer, Morgan, Kass, Tasha, Jeremiah, and Alexis on Aparri. Over on the Solana team we’ve got Wood, Cliff, Jefra, LJ, Lindsey, and Tony. Ouch. That means only Sarah was sent away from Aparri to help form the new tribes and Luzon got to stay completely together.

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Reward Challenge:

Now that tribes are set we’ll get the first reward challenge with the new teams. They’ll put a player on a telephone poll and the other tribe will use two players to try and pull that player away and over the finish line. The reward? A pile of doughnuts and pastries.

The ladies go first and it’s hilarious. No one is letting go and, wait, did I already use hilarious? Yeah, it is. Finally Morgan and Sarah drag Lindsey away from the pole and score the first point.

Next up it’s the guys turn. Spencer and Jeremiah try to unlock Cliff but it’s useless. Trish and LJ have no trouble getting Alexis off the pole and across the line.

Final round with the scores tied. Cliff is back on the poll and against Spencer and Jeremiah again. Hah. Good luck. Tony and Lindsey are working over Sarah. This shouldn’t take much longer… Well it did take longer than I expected. Kudos to Sarah on being a beast out there and making it hard for Solana to win. Cliff was just too much for Aparri to carry over that line.

Back at camp the new tribes are learning about each other all over. Solana’s LJ has hope when he finds out Trish is also from Boston and Trish can’t stop giggling around him. Over at the new Aparri Morgan gets out’d about picking the Idol clue instead of getting rice. Oops for Morgan.

Alexis decides this is her time to jump ship and join up with Brains. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She’s now bottom of a four-person alliance instead of sticking with old-Solana plus picking up Sarah who was isolated. Dumb.

Immunity Challenge – Gate Crasher:

Trish sits out for Solana and Morgan loses Rock, Paper, Scissors to Alexis so she sits out for Aparri.

Teams have to use a battling ram to break down two wooden gates, navigate a puzzle, and then ring a gong.

Solana takes a big lead after Aparri struggles at the first gate. Aparri is catching up as Solana starts to wear out. Wow! Aparri is now leading, wait, no Solana is just a step behind them.

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