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Survivor 2015: Jeff Probst Reviews No Collar Tribe ‘Nargarote’

Survivor 2015 host Jeff Probst wraps up his review of the Worlds Apart cast with a look at the “No Collar” tribe of Nargarote and its six castaways.

Survivor 2015 - No Collar Tribe on Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 – No Collar Tribe on Worlds Apart – Source: CBS/YouTube

This group of free spirits looks well rounded and ready for the action, but only Jeff and the Survivor crew have seen them in action. So what does he think of their chances?

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Hali Ford – Jeff highlights that Hali is going to school to be a lawyer (wait, no-collar what?) but says she’s getting in to this for a different reason. Hali Ford explains that she wants to be a lawyer to help the poor and shake up the legal system. Jeff suggests this gives her the perfect “no collar” attitude for that tribe.

Will Sims II – “Will is a barrel of laughs,” says Probst. He loves Will Sims and thinks we will too for what he’ll add to the tribe and Survivor 2015.

Nina Poersch – “Nina is going to have a tough time,” admits Jeff, but it’s not because she’s older than the other castaways or because she’s deaf. Nina Poersch frequently mentioned her family back home to Jeff and he says if she hasn’t left her “old world back behind” then you’re in for some trouble.

Joe Anglim – Jeff thinks “everybody is going to like Joe” and he seems to lack a dark spot behind that sunny exterior. If Joe Anglim makes it to the individual immunity stage of Survivor 2015 then there’s a good chance he’ll run the show.

Jenn Brown – We could have a wolf in sheep’s clothing, thinks Jeff about Jenn. She’s silly and driven which could help keep this no-collar player off the downside when things get rough. Jenn Brown is looking forward to the challenge of starvation mixed with comps and seeing others forced to live with people they don’t like.

Vince Sly – This guy sells coconuts on the beach, but Jeff says he’s outsmarting the customer by marking them up ten times over. Jeff thinks this gives Vince Sly the sensibility of the white-collar with the work ethic of the blue-collar and no-collar enough to wear feathers in his hair.

Nargarote Tribe – “No Collar”:

  • Hali Ford – 25, San Francisco CA, Law Student
  • Jenn Brown – 22, Long Beach CA, Sailing Instructor
  • Joe Anglim – 25, Scottsdale AZ, Jewelry Designer
  • Nina Poersch – 51, Palmdale CA, Hearing Advocate
  • Vince Sly – 32, Santa Monica CA, Coconut Vendor
  • Will Sims II – 41, Sherman Oaks CA, YouTube Sensation

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart starts on Wednesday, February 25th at 8PM ET/PT on CBS. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for the latest Survivor results and news.


Survivor 2015: Jeff Probst Reviews Blue Collar Tribe – Escameca

Jeff Probst continues his review of the cast of Survivor 2015 with a look at the Escameca tribe, or “blue collar” as their team color reminds us.

Jeff Probst is excited about Survivor 2015 cast

Jeff Probst is excited about Survivor 2015 cast – Source: CBS/YouTube

Making up the tribe we have six members including Dan Foley, Kelly Remington, Lindsey Cascaddan, Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., and Sierra Thomas. Can their suggested rough and tumble background make them the perfect storm of threats in the Survivor Worlds Apart challenges?

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Mike Holloway – Jeff says he liked Mike the moment he met him. He’s from Texas, works in oil, and has earned what he’s gone. Jeff worries that Mike, a Survivor super fan, might play too hard too fast and suggests he has the potential to “be a slow burn.”

Sierra Thomas – Can Sierra blend in with the tribe? That’s Jeff’s question and he thinks if this tall, model-esque woman can pull that off “then she’s going to be in there awhile.”

Dan Foley – “I think Dan is going to have a hard time,” says Jeff. In part that goes to Dan Foley’s age and there’s not a thing he can do about that, admits Jeff. He likes to put on a show, but there’s concerns that this could wear out quickly.

Lindsey Cascaddan – “I love Lindsey. I love her story,” explains Probst. Jeff likes her overflowing body art and says it makes her even more attractive and shows off her self confidence. “Lindsey would be an amazing winner,” adds Jeff.

Rodney Lavoie Jr. – Rodney has a lot of hustler in him, but down to his core he’s a worker, according to Jeff. He’ll need to figure out “what parts of himself he needs to put in to the game” to be great Jeff suggests.

Kelly Remington – Jeff thinks her cop background could force Kelly to lie right off the bat to avoid the Tony stigma (and hey, the Derrick stigma from Big Brother). Jeff says Kelly is tough and should be a formidable challenger along with the rest of her tribe.

What do you think of the Blue Collar tribe on Survivor 2015? Think the Sole Survivor winner is in this mix of castaways? It all starts next week so get ready!

Escameca Tribe – “Blue Collar”:

  • Dan Foley – 47, Gorham ME, Postal Worker
  • Kelly Remington – 44, Grand Island NY, State Trooper
  • Lindsey Cascaddan – 24, College Park FL, Hairdresser
  • Mike Holloway – 38, North Richland Hills TX, Oil Driller
  • Rodney Lavoie Jr. – 24, Boston MA, General Contractor
  • Sierra Thomas – 27, Roy UT, Barrel Racer
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Survivor 2015: Jeff Probst Reviews White Collar Tribe – Masaya

Jeff Probst is back and has brought his Survivor 2015 cast review this week with the his focus first on the Masaya “White Collar” tribe.

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart preview

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart preview – Source: CBS/YouTube

With the three opposing tribes it’s going to be interesting to watch not only the internal tribal dynamics but also how they’ll interact with the other tribes. With the added pressure of not just being divided, but being divided by “class” could that add to the expectations and their behavior? Will the “white collar” tribe get all hoity toity when it comes to the others or will the class walls fall much easier?

Jeff runs us through the yellow tribe, Masaya, with his initial thoughts and expectations on each of these Survivor 2015 cast members.

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So Kim: “If she lasts awhile, is going to be delicious to watch,” says Jeff. Now maybe he has reason to think she could be an early vote-out or maybe he’s just anxious to see her stick around and cause some trouble. Jeff says So is charming and beautiful but she’s also very competitive which should make her a fierce member of the white collar tribe on Survivor.

Joaquin Souberbielle: Jeff says Joaquin is a smart, good looking guy who doesn’t mind owning up to his ego. His charm and flirty ways could help Joaquin with the ladies, but he also risks another alpha male deciding there can be only one.

Shirin Oskooi: Shirin’s biggest challenge will be her intensity, says Jeff. She’s really, really smart but Shirin will have to scale back her intensity if she wants to last on Survivor, observes Jeff.

Tyler Fredrickson: First trouble spot here. Jeff says he thinks Tyler “will have trouble in this game because I don’t know how well he blends.” There’s an expectation that Tyler could be left waiting to be invited in to the fold while the tribe moves on without him.

Carolyn Rivera: Jeff thinks we might have our sleeper here with Carolyn. He warns she could be someone the tribe underestimates if they don’t dig deeper and find that she’s a “really savvy player.” Jeff sees an “east coast street sense about her.”

Max Dawson: Not only a student of Survivor, but also a teacher. Max taught a college level course focused on Survivor, but can he put academia in to practice on the beaches of Survivor Worlds Apart? Jeff is uncertain if Max is really so arrogant as he looks or if that’s just part of his plan. Probst likes that Max knows the game but admits it’s no guarantee he’ll win Survivor 2015.

Masaya Tribe – “White Collar”:

  • Carolyn Rivera – 52, Tampa FL, Corporate Exec
  • Joaquin Souberbielle – 27, Valley Stream NY, Marketing Director
  • Max Dawson – 37, Topanga CA, Media Consultant
  • Shirin Oskooi – 31, San Francisco CA, Yahoo Exec
  • So Kim – 31, Long Beach CA, Retail Buyer
  • Tyler Fredrickson – 33, Los Angeles CA, former Talent Agent Assistant

Survivor 2015 starts on February 25th so join us on Facebook & Twitter for more!

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Survivor 2015 Sneak Peek: Season 30 Premiere Photos Revealed

The Season 30 premiere of Survivor 2015 on CBS is just a few weeks away and the excitement is building for the potential of another great season with a solid cast according to host Jeff Probst. Now we’re getting our first look at the first episode of the season, which starts on February 25th, thanks to new photos from CBS.

Max Dawson & So Kim on Survivor 2015

Max Dawson & So Kim on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

In our sneak peek look at Survivor 2015 we see the 3 tribes consisting of “white,” “blue,” and “no collar” arriving at the beach and jumping out of their color coordinated trucks in red, blue, and yellow. They’re greeted by Jeff before receiving a map and heading off in to the jungle to find their camps.

It’s early in the game in these photos so you see lots of smiling, laughing, and getting along. Time will fix that soon enough. By the end of the Survivor Worlds Apart season premiere we’ll be missing one of these happy faces after a Tribal Council elimination.

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Ready to find out who will be voted off first from Survivor 2015? Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for lots of Survivor updates all season long!

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First Look At Survivor 2015 Immunity Idol & Torches

When Survivor 2015 starts later this month with Season 30’s “Worlds Apart” theme the 18 new castaways will be competing to win Immunity and avoid Tribal Council, though a first look at this season’s Idol might have them hoping to avoid both.

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart tribe flag – Source: CBS

At first I was a little taken back by the new Immunity Idol up for grabs each week on Survivor this year, but the more I look at it the more I like it. Made of metal parts, wood scraps, and nightmares from your childhood. The small figurine offers up his sharp teeth and clawed feet along with his metal shield and rusty spear. It’s enough to make you want to take your chances with Tribal Council, but then again that might not be much better.

Hobo Alley is the theme of the “fire is your life on Survivor” torch this time around. The bamboo staff is adorned with a tin can and torn rags that’ll have you longing for your home under the bridge which would probably be nicer than the makeshift tent they’ll be constructing on the beaches of Nicaragua on Survivor 2015.

All kidding aside, I do like the creativity and atypical designs that went in to the Worlds Apart gear this season. They’re certainly different from what we’ve seen in the past and when you’re coming up on thirty seasons of the show, they can’t be easy.

Image credit: CBS

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