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| November 12, 2009 at 8:10 AM EDT

We have a lot to look forward to on Survivor tonight.  Russell is the target and has to fight to stay in the game.  If he doesn’t win the immunity challenge then he will have to pull some powerful strategic moves in order to continue on. 

One of the ladies kills a rat to help out her tribemates so we will get to see who coined the title of tonight’s episode, “Tastes Like Chicken”.  There is speculation on the web that they will not be allowed to eat it for health reasons but I believe this has happened before on the show.  Does anyone remember contestants in the past eating a rat?

TV guide says that this tribal council will be one of the most memorable so I don’t have a clue what is in store for us in that regard but it will be interesting to find out.  There are not many spoilers for this episode but we do know that there is a great possibility that either John of Laura will be gone to the jury. 

What do you guys think?  Can Russell save himself?  What will go down at Tribal and who do you think eats a rat?



| November 8, 2009 at 9:23 PM EDT

Update 2:  According to TDT, Laura is in line to get the boot this week and Kelly will win the reward challenge, however no one is sure what kind of challenge it will be.  So my source is still saying John but I hope they are wrong!

Update:  I am so sad to write this but it looks like the next person to go to the jury will be John. :(

Hello everyone!  I don’t know if I really want to see what actually tastes like chicken but the popular theory on the internet says that someone snags a rat (possibly Shambo) to cook for someone who needs nourishment.  You would have to be absolutely starving to eat a rat and I just don’t know if I can stomache watching it.  Yuck!!

So the spoilers I have for this week are coming from TDT as my usual source is telling me NOTHING!!  So here is what I know (which isn’t much):

It seems like the immunity challenge is going to be a repeat of “Snag, Drag, and Bag” seen in Survivor Tocantins.  In the challenge the players used grappling hooks to collect bags  and the first three to do so would move on to the next round.  It is not known if there will be a second round to this challenge as nothing has been seen in the promos.

episode 9 immunityYou can’t really tell much from this picture except that they are all using ropes to try and catch something.  So who wins the challenge?  According to what I have read it seems like it will be either Russell or Laura with the popular choice as Russell since he needs to win to stay in the game. 

From these pictures it looks like Russell, Laura, and Natalie are in the finals for the win.

So who gets evicted this week?  Last weeks targets were Laura, Monica and Jaison and you would think it would remain the same.  For all the members of Foa Foa to remain, they would have to bring Shambo and someone else over to their side.  I would think this person could be John since he and Russ made allies last week.  Of course, I did read a boot list that had John going this week so who knows?   

episode 9 immunity 2episode 9 immunity 3





So what do yall think?  Will Russell win immunity and save himself?  Will he convince everyone to vote out Laura or will the unsuspecting John leave?



| November 5, 2009 at 10:48 PM EDT


We have a new tribe and it is called Aiga!


It was nice to see the tribes come together and share a wonderful meal and have a few drinks together.  Foa Foa was absolutely ecstatic.  They were waiting on that and it was a good reward for them to finally have a moment of peace.  Of course this feeling was short lived when they arrived at the Galu camp and began to feel like fish out of water.  There is going to be so much us vs. them and from the looks of things, Galu isn’t ready to accept any of the members of Foa Foa just yet.   

What was Russ thinking?


I am definitely disappointed in Russ.  I can’t believe he showed everyone the immunity idol, especially Laura whom I don’t care for at all.  Now he played his idol when he didn’t need to and it is gone.  It looks like he will be a target next week so the “king” might be dethroned.  I was pleased to see he and Shambo strike up a partnership and for some reason I knew they would bond instantly but then she played tee ball and I lost all respect for her.  She looks like she should have been able to nail that ball but she totally bombed.  I do not believe I will ever understand Russ’s strategy in this game.  It was easy to manipulate the members of Foa Foa because they lost so many challenges that they needed him, but Galu isn’t taking to kindly to him and his manipulation tactics.  He may have serious trouble making it to the final 3. 

Erik the Manipulator?


Erik thought he had it all in the bag, running his mouth about evicting Monica and then being a total jerk in the tribal council.  He did manage to scare Russ into using the idol but that was just a bonehead move on Russ’s part.  I was so happy to see him leave and was thrilled to see Jaison vindicated.  Did yall see the look on Shambo’s face?  It was priceless!  She was absolutely shocked and I was proud that the other tribemates were able to keep it from her.  I thought with Erik gone that maybe the former tribes of Galu and Foa Foa could come together and strike up some new alliances but it looks like next week, Galu will stick closer then ever.  At least that is what I took from the previews.   
What did everyone think about the show?  Did it live up to the hype?  Will next week be the end of King Russell? 
Share your thoughts.


| November 5, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT


Is everyone else looking forward to Survivor this evening?  The previews looks so good and from what I’ve seen, it looks like Russ is targeting Shambo.  Why am I not surprised?  I don’t think he cares much for strong women.  Ha! 

I really want to see someone besides Russ start playing the game and manipulating the others.  I think it would be awesome if that person was Natalie.  I really want a woman to step it a up!

Be sure to tune in tonight to see what I hope is going to be the best episode yet and join us here for a post show discussion immediately following.

Who does everyone want to see get evicted and how will you feel if that person really is Erik?  Do yall have as much expectation on the merge as I do? :razz:




| November 4, 2009 at 10:39 AM EDT


I cannot wait until tomorrow night!  I may be a little optimistic here but I think it is going to be a GREAT show.  With the members of Galu turning on each other and not having a clue which way Russell is going to go, this is gearing up to be one helluva episode. 

Who is this new master manipulater we have been hearing about?  I have no idea but can’t wait to find out.  Who is the next big standout to come along and will we finally get to see more of Brett and Kelley?  I sure hope so!  Will Erik really get the boot and if he does use the immunity idol, who is everyone’s guess as to who will be leaving?

Share your thoughts…


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