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| October 25, 2009 at 11:20 AM EDT

Update 3:  The reward and immunity challenge is separated this week.  The immunity challenge is called “dueling canoes” and yes, Galu wins yet again!  The challenge will be racing canoes and fishing something out of the water (puzzle pieces) and taking it back and putting the puzzle together.  I am assuming it is a puzzle.

Update 2:  apparently the TV Guide info is wrong and Foa Foa does lose the challenge which sends Laura over to their camp for a visit and according to my source, it is confirmed that Liz will get the boot this week.

Update 1:  according to the info on my tv for Thursday’s episode, Russell H. visits Galu and not Laura to Foa Foa.  So maybe Foa Foa can make a comeback and we will see Monica leave instead of Liz.

Hello everyone!  I finally got to see episode 6 and I have to agree with all of you that it was boring and the worst episode of the season.  Even though I am not a fan of Russell S. I did feel sorry for him.  He pushed himself too hard and tried to take on everything by himself and unfortunately, that led to his demise.  I do believe he would have gone a lot further in the game had he not been evacuated. 

What about Erik and Mick mouthing off at tribal council?  This was the highlight of the show for me and I found it funny.  Foa Foa would have won the challenge had Jeff not stopped it so I have to take Mick dreamy’s side.  I wish I could say the members of Foa Foa step up their game for episode 7 but it’s just not going to happen. 

I don’t have a lot of spoilers for this episode.  Things are being kept pretty hush-hush so far but I will update as I learn more.  What I have found out is this:   Most of my sources say the reward and immunity challenges are combined with Galu winning  yet again.  So this means that Laura visits Foa Foa and yes, she strikes a final 2 deal with Russell H.  She is in such a tight alliance with Monica that I would doubt she was being serious about the deal with BRuss but we will have to wait and see. 

So, if the rumors are true and Foa goes to council then we will say goodbye to Liz and if Galu does happen to lose this one, we will say bye to Monica.  I like Shambo so I for one am happy to see that she is in an alliance with the guys, especially John. :razz: 


According to one source, an early prediction for the winner of Survivor Samoa is…..


What do yall think of that?


Survivor Samoa Episode 6 Discussion

| October 23, 2009 at 7:02 AM EDT

So what did everyone think of this week’s Survivor Samoa? Should Russell have been evacuated? Is Survivor production overreacting to these medical emergencies or are they taking advantage of the opportunity to speed up the biggest game they’ve ever had?

If there had been an elimination at Tribal, then who would you have wanted to be sent away? Share your thoughts!



| October 20, 2009 at 9:35 AM EDT

The last evacuation of the season will take place Thursday night as Russell Swan goes down in the reward challenge.   Jeff Probst is quoted in the promo saying “it was the scariest moment I’ve ever had on the show.”  So, what happens?  The reward challenge is underway with Liz from foa foa and Laura from Galu inside large purple and yellow balls with two of their tribe-mates blindfolded and pushing them while they shout directions.  This sounds fun and interesting.  They reach a maze and the two girls must guide the blindfolded contestants in navigating a ball into a hole in the maze.  It is not clear to me which tribe is ahead when Russell S. goes down.

Apparently, Russell S. is severly dehydrated and collapses in the middle of the challenge.  When he falls, he hits his head on the maze and Jeff stops the competition immediately.

episode 6 rewardepisode 6 reward 2





It is possible that Russell could have been re hydrated and returned to the game however when he hits his head, this seals his fate and he is taken out of the competition with a concussion.  This is only my opinion and not fact because it is only speculation that it is dehydration that causes him to collapse. 

So what is in store for the castaways and especially Galu now that Russell is gone?  I would think they will have to appoint a new chief and I believe they will pick Dave.  Of course we are closing in on the merge so maybe Jeff doesn’t make them pick anyone.  And what about the immunity challenge?  Here is where the opinions differ.  Some say there will NOT be an immunity challenge this week and both tribes go to council to talk about what happened.  Others say there will be a challenge and Foa Foa loses yet again with Liz or Jaison being voted out.  What do you think?  Should they go on with the immunity challenge or let it go with Russell being gone?  As another source pointed out, they will have to vote out 2 people in one episode in order to stick with the schedule or the producers will have to add an extra week to the program which would be fine with me.  

Be sure to tune in to all the action Thursday night at 8E/7C.  



| October 16, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT

What a GREAT episode!  This was the best one yet!  From the nasty reward challenge to the pouring down rain in the immunity challenge, to the eviction of Ashley, we are closing in on the merge. 

I was very impressed with Monica in the reward challenge.  I thought she would wuss out and either puke or quit like Ashley but she downed that drink like a pro.  And what about Ashley?  She had one more gulp and Foa Foa would have sent it to tie breaker.  WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??  She totally let her team down when they desperately could have used the nourishment.   I think Shambo got the shaft and I didn’t care for Russell S. saying the playing field was even because she lost a chicken.  Hell, he can’t even make fire.  I understand they need the chickens and they want eggs but how many eggs can two chickens produce anyway?  I know most of you don’t like her, but I think she is great.  She is a hard worker and takes on any task that is asked of her, including taking care of the chickens.  She downed her drink in one gulp and I believe she should have gotten to partake in the reward. 

How about those coconuts?  Russell H. did his best to hold on to his net for as long as possible.  Why couldn’t foa foa make any shots?  I mean, come on!  Jaison and Mick look athletic and for that matter, Jaison is an athlete.  They couldn’t get them in the nets and of course Galu was making the shot every time.  John kicked butt, making two at a time so I know it wasn’t hard.  Not taking anything away from my guy but he is more the brainy type.  I was totally disappointed in foa foa.  The merge should be coming up in what, 2 weeks?  It is looking like there will only be 4 left out of team foa foa. 

Who do you want to win it all?  My favorites are Russell H., Shambo, John and Mick.  I like all of them and think they are all strong competitors.  It looked like Shambo hurt her hand but they never showed it however she couldn’t participate in the challenge.  I didn’t see what happened so if anyone knows please enlighten me.  What did you think about episode 5 and did foa foa make the right decision evicting Ashley?



| October 15, 2009 at 12:03 PM EDT


There is much speculation going around about the challenges tonight so here is what we do know.  First the reward challenge is called “Samoa Smoothies” and it is going to be a gross eating competition as only survivor can do.  No one is real sure who will win this challenge and some are speculating that since Shambo is seen at camp Foa Foa then we will have another victory for Galu.

episode 5 rewardepisode 5 reward 2





After the reward challenge we will then move on to the immunity challenge which looks like it will be just awful in the pouring down rain.  Here we see a very wet team Foa Foa arrive at the challenge with their new friend Shambo.  Has she somehow managed to join their team?  No, but I would love to see her move over with them.  She is a hard worker and yes she did lose a chicken but I didn’t see anyone else taking care of them.   And then there is Russell Hantz.  Man, he is strong and great at the challenges.   He is the only one from Season 19 to make it to the All Stars so I cannot wait to see what he does tonight.  Galu apparently wins the immunity challenge however it is unclear who is voted out.  We know Russell S. leaves in a medivac and there are rumors that both tribes go to council and no one is voted out.  Of course if it is just Foa Foa who goes to council the top two favorites for elimination are Jaison and Ashley with Ashley being the obvious choice to go.  What do you think will happen tonight?  Be sure to tune in at 8E/7C and join us here for the post show discussion. 

episode 5 immunity 2episode 5 immunity


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