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METHADONE or Show of Choice???

| September 16, 2009 at 2:40 PM EDT

Hey ya’ll!  Well, well, well…  Here we are and it is time for Survivor’s NINETEENTH season! W..O..W!!  I have watched Survivor’s every season since Season 1 (Borneo- it was renamed when it became apparent that there would be more and more seasons).  I can remember rushing home from pee wee league football practice so we wouldn’t miss it.  (Both my boys are now in college-lol).  This is the Mack Daddy of all Reality Shows. The King.. Deserving of the Utmost Respect for all Reality Show buffs..

I love Survivor. … I do… For me, though, Survivor is methadone…  I am crashing down HARD off my Big Brother addiction.  I need some relief.  What about you guys??? IS Survivor Methadone for you??  Or is it actually your “Drug/ Show” of choice???  LOL!!! 

  Survivor is an amazing show, I just wish that it was possible for it to air more than once a week, and most importantly, I wish we could see the behind the scenes to get the true dope.. (Do you see that I am going with several drug metaphors here.. that is how that dang Big Brother affects me..LOL).  One big difference, of course,  is that as of this article,  Survivor Samoa is over and they are already filming Survivor 20- All Stars.  That bugs me a little, while at the same time, I REALLY admire that for 9 years, word has NEVER leaked out on the winner.

Even though I have watched all nineteen seasons of Survivor, I do not feel like I know it personally like I did BB. Because of the live feeds, and Showtime’s BBAD.  I spent WAAYYYY too much of my actual life living in that house, (at least in my head)  Who is doing what to whom and taking it very personally..  Survivor does not make me feel quite that way.  I cannot get nearly as invested mainly because I have no idea if what I am seeing on the show is the actual reality of the situation in the camps.  Editing, as we BB fans can attest, can REALLY skew the truth of the matter.  In any case, since we have no choice.. All we can do is go with what we see..

So.. I have not blogged before, because I was finishing up with my other love (sniff), and then i wanted to do my homework.  I am QUITE sure that no matter what kind of “read” any of us think we have on these people.. We will end up eating our words.  But.. from all the intel I could come up with at this outset, here is what I see so far…..

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Who will be the first castaway sent packing?

| September 15, 2009 at 7:50 PM EDT

So it is a new season and this one looks to be the best one yet!  With 20 new castaways, the largest number in the history of the show, and 1 man looking to be the biggest villain EVER; Survivor Samoa is gearing up to be the most drama and action filled season ever!!  

It looks like this year is turning into the season of lies and deception regardless of which reality show you are watching, and Survivor is falling right in line with the trend.

We have seen the clips of Russell H. and he is telling some whoppers from the get go and has at least 3 women eating out of his hand or does he?   Will these lies take him to the end, like the other shows we’ve been watching this summer, or will he get called out and face the tribal council?

Who do you think will be the first castaway evicted from Samoa?  My bet is either Laura or Brett. Laure because from what I’ve seen and heard of her, she seems like she is going to try to shove politics and religion down everyone’s throats and I don’t see anyone wanting her around long.  Brett because he just doesn’t look like he can hack it and may bring his team down.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments.


Beauties and The Beast…Will Russell H. be tamed by what he calls his “Dumb Girl Alliance”?

| September 14, 2009 at 3:54 AM EDT

Russell H. has been dubbed “The Most Evil Castaway” in Survivor history…He says, “Call me the Puppet Master.” This season’s villain says he will play in a different manner than anyone else has ever played the game.  He claims that it’s easy for him to read people, that he controls his job, family, and friends, and can easily make others think that they’re in control, when he is actually in control.  Haven’t we heard that every year?    

Russell H. has the key to survivor all figured out or does he?  Perhaps he’s forgotten the old saying, “can’t judge a book by its cover.” Apparently he has formed an alliance with three beauties who he affectionately (sarcasm) calls his “Dumb Girl Alliance”…He actually refers to them as the “dumb short haired blond, an even dumber long haired blond, and a dark hair girl.” Some of you may be thinking…Is this BB or Survivor?  Stop it and focus ;)

Ashley, “the dumb short haired blond”, admits that she may be a high maintenance city girl at home, but she is not weak and is a tough girl who tends to speak her mind.  She plans to hold her tongue, relate to those her age and be taken under the wings of the older castaways.  I like that she is no stranger to the game, has paid attention, and according to her, knows that timing is critical when it comes to the immunity idol.

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The King of reality Television is back…… Are you ready?

| September 13, 2009 at 3:07 AM EDT

Survivor is back to take its rightful place on the throne of reality television. Reality viewers are coming off a lack luster Big Brother conclusion will be in for new twists, bigger and better casts and new characters that will leave them forgetting about their BB11 faves….. Who do you think the villians and good guys will be? Who do you want to win?


Will the good guy/girl finish first and become the Ultimate Survivor in Samoa?

| September 13, 2009 at 2:45 AM EDT

People always say they want someone with good characteristics like honesty, loyalty, good morals and respect for others win. However, in past seasons, the Ultimate Survivor has had to backstab, lie and manipulate others to be succesful!!! Will good finally win against evil? To quote my favorite going into Survivor Samoa, Jaison (Law Student) “I don’t plan to lie or backstab but don’t hold me to that”!!!


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