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Beauties and The Beast…Will Russell H. be tamed by what he calls his “Dumb Girl Alliance”?

| September 14, 2009 at 3:54 AM EDT

Russell H. has been dubbed “The Most Evil Castaway” in Survivor history…He says, “Call me the Puppet Master.” This season’s villain says he will play in a different manner than anyone else has ever played the game.  He claims that it’s easy for him to read people, that he controls his job, family, and friends, and can easily make others think that they’re in control, when he is actually in control.  Haven’t we heard that every year?    

Russell H. has the key to survivor all figured out or does he?  Perhaps he’s forgotten the old saying, “can’t judge a book by its cover.” Apparently he has formed an alliance with three beauties who he affectionately (sarcasm) calls his “Dumb Girl Alliance”…He actually refers to them as the “dumb short haired blond, an even dumber long haired blond, and a dark hair girl.” Some of you may be thinking…Is this BB or Survivor?  Stop it and focus ;)

Ashley, “the dumb short haired blond”, admits that she may be a high maintenance city girl at home, but she is not weak and is a tough girl who tends to speak her mind.  She plans to hold her tongue, relate to those her age and be taken under the wings of the older castaways.  I like that she is no stranger to the game, has paid attention, and according to her, knows that timing is critical when it comes to the immunity idol.

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The King of reality Television is back…… Are you ready?

| September 13, 2009 at 3:07 AM EDT

Survivor is back to take its rightful place on the throne of reality television. Reality viewers are coming off a lack luster Big Brother conclusion will be in for new twists, bigger and better casts and new characters that will leave them forgetting about their BB11 faves….. Who do you think the villians and good guys will be? Who do you want to win?


Will the good guy/girl finish first and become the Ultimate Survivor in Samoa?

| September 13, 2009 at 2:45 AM EDT

People always say they want someone with good characteristics like honesty, loyalty, good morals and respect for others win. However, in past seasons, the Ultimate Survivor has had to backstab, lie and manipulate others to be succesful!!! Will good finally win against evil? To quote my favorite going into Survivor Samoa, Jaison (Law Student) “I don’t plan to lie or backstab but don’t hold me to that”!!!


Survivor Samoa…….The Hotness Factor

| September 12, 2009 at 10:22 AM EDT

Alright!!!….Its time to cast our eyes on 20 lucky castaways!!     Survivor Samoa is ON!!!!

Get ready!    This year we get more than we bargained for.     A full 20…yes, count em…20 castaways.     All with outrageous game strategys and ready to prove their the ultimate sole survivor.

We’ll be island hopping (well..actually island sitting)  with some real Hotties!!       My personal fav is John, the Rocket Scientist.      I guess i always had a thing for guys with brains, gorgeous eyes and pocket protectors  :)      Also lined up in the Hottie category is Erik, a bartender,   Ben a bar manager,   and Brett, a t-shirt designer.     These three will want to play Tarzan!       Theres potential for a showmance with several of the lovely ladies willing to play “Jane”.     Monica, a law student,   Kelly or Yasmin, both hair stylist or even Marisa, a student.     All say their willing to use their sex appeal to futher them in the game.

It wont be hard to distinguish between the two Russells.     Russell S….the sensitive type,   Russell H….his claim to fame…missing a tooth and refuses to get it fixed.     Ok so Russell H is a Nottie instead of a Hottie!

Bear with me here…this next sentence is hard for me to type.      Hands shaking…..Natalie is my fav female!!!!      You hard core reality fans will understand this one.      Everyone else….The chick’s  name bugs me!!!!!!!     Wonder if this beautiful southern belle (we southern belles stick together), would be willing to change her name?

Oh…Two more things and i will move over and you can have your say.      Id like to play operation with Doctor Mick…hes also funny.      And dont get rid of the oldies but goodies so fast.       Mike a 62 yr old personal chef and Betsy the 48 yr old police officer.      Age is not a factor with these two.

Thats just some of the Hotties (and a couple of Notties) that we will trek through the jungle with.      Make sure you go to the home page and read all their bios.       Pick your fav and Let The Games Begin!!!!


Survivor is back, bigger and better than ever!!!

| September 9, 2009 at 5:13 PM EDT

Survivor Samoa starts next week, Thursday, September 17th on CBS.

Do you have a favorite? tell me who it is and why?


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