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Tonight On Survivor 2017: Game Changers ‘Reinventing The Game’

| May 3, 2017 at 9:15 AM EDT

After last week’s flip by Sarah against her Survivor 2017 allies the pressure is on with a new majority control and probably a little revenge seeking against the betrayal as we wind down the Game Changers season.

Update: Find out who was voted off Survivor tonight!

Tai and Zeke on Survivor 2017 Game Changers

We’ve got a one-hour Survivor show coming up at 8/7c on CBS with ten castaways left in the game and seven more set to go before we get to the season finale. Time to start some rapid eliminations! But that doesn’t look to be something ahead of us tonight.

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Survivor Spoilers – Game Changers Week 9 Challenges Revealed [PICS]

| May 2, 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT

We’ve got your Survivor spoilers for this week’s Game Changers challenges with both the Reward and Immunity competitions revealed as we’re down to just ten castaways left in Season 34.

Survivor castaways struggle in the latest challenge on Game Changers

This week’s reward should do a solid job of refreshing these tired castaways while the other half left out will head back empty handed and sleeping on their same old bamboo beds. Of course one of them only has to put up with beach life for a few more days anyway.

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Who Is Left: Survivor 2017 Game Changers Week 09

| May 1, 2017 at 8:00 AM EDT

We’re down another player this week on Survivor 2017 as Debbie Wanner was voted off Survivor last week and has gone to join the jury at Ponderosa. I can only imagine the fun she’s added to Hali and Ozzy’s week!

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Back at camp we’ve got ten castaways left and a new alliance of six. Well, alliance is probably not the right word. More like a temporary shift in what worked for the moment. That should give us plenty of shifting in the weeks ahead in the final rounds of Survivor Game Changers.

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Next Time On Survivor 2017: On Board To Vote For Whoever

| April 28, 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT

Next time on Survivor 2017 the game is rocked loose from its course after the majority six are split up with Debbie’s elimination and Sarah’s flip. With the game down to ten and more secret powers then you can shake a fish spear at it’s anyone’s game.

Survivor 2017 Game Changers - Week 9 Episode

When there were eleven left at the start of the last episode it looked like the six could stick together and work down the line, but not anymore. Now things are split, the six has fallen to four and there’s a new six. Gee, I wonder how that’ll go.

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Survivor 2017: Ponderosa – Debbie Wanner Arrives [VIDEO]

| April 27, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT

Another big blindside last night led us to the next Survivor Ponderosa journey as Debbie Wanner was voted off Game Changers and sent away to join the Jury ahead of next month’s season finale. This is her Ponderosa.

Debbie Wanner at Survivor Ponderosa for Game Changers

It’s always easier to enjoy a post-elimination segment when the booted player isn’t bitter or upset. Debbie was definitely not upset. She smiled, congratulated those who bested her, and got ready to move on. But she did have a warning for whoever flipped.

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