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Survivor 2014 Jury: Who Will Be Deciding Survivor Winner?

This week the Survivor 2014 Jury will be deciding the Survivor winner with one final Tribal Council. So who will be making this huge decision?

Survivor 2014 Jury on San Juan Del Sur

Survivor 2014 Jury on San Juan Del Sur – Source: CBS

The last to head to Jury was Jon after his blindside where he joined Alec, Wes, Reed, Jeremy, and Josh. There should be two more players heading their way as well before the big decision.

During the Survivor 2014 season finale we’ll see two of the remaining five voted out and head to Ponderosa. Baylor, Jaclyn, Keith, Missy, and Natalie are all vulnerable to elimination and any two of them could be voted out of Huyopa just short of that final Tribal Council and Jury interrogation.

It’s a tough call to see where even the existing five Jurors will go with so much backstabbing this season that split up established alliances. Though I’d wager Natalie and Keith have a better shot at several of the votes than Baylor, Jaclyn, or Missy might if they’re against them.

Who do you think the Jury will pick to be the season’s Sole Survivor and who do you hope will be heading to the Jury next?

Find out what happens this Wednesday at 8PM for the three-hour finale. We’ll be live blogging the whole event so join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for more updates!


Survivor 2014: Who Do You Want To Win San Juan Del Sur? [POLL]

There are five castaways left on San Juan Del Sur as we prepare to find out who will win Survivor 2014 during Wednesday’s finale night. Who do you think it should be?

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor – Source: CBS

Baylor, Jaclyn, Keith, Missy, and Natalie remain after more than thirty days on the Survivor 2014 beaches facing off against loved ones and competitors, but only one of them can be the Sole Survivor. Here’s your chance to vote in our poll for who you want to win.

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If you were on the Jury this season, what would drive your decision for that final Tribal Council? Would you vote for a former ally, the player you simply liked the best, or who you thought reached the end by playing the best game? It’s a tough decision with a huge outcome, but one only a few people can make.

We might not be on the Jury, but we can still vote for who we want to win Survivor 2014. Of course not all five of these players will make it to that last Tribal Council as I’d expect two more to be cut in the build-up on Wednesday night so it’ll be interesting to see if any remaining fan favorites get cut along the way.

Vote now in our poll below for the winner of Survivor and then share your thoughts on your pick and tell us why you think he or she deserves to win the million dollars.


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Finale Week?

This week delivers the Survivor finale for 2014′s Blood Vs Water where we’ll find out who the Jury has voted to win Survivor Blood Vs Water, the series’s 29th season, out of the five remaining castaways.

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst awaits the next elimination – Source: CBS

Last week delivered the blindside of the season as Natalie finally got her man with the surprise elimination of Jon Misch following a cleverly planned vote split that left targets Jon and Jaclyn powerless at Tribal Council.

Now just five players remain on Survivor 2014 and one of them will be awarded a million dollars during the three-hour season finale on Wednesday night starting at 8PM on CBS!

The final castaways remain with an anticipated pair of Tribal Council eliminations to send us in to the live show with just three castaways ready to face the Jury’s decision. We’ll be ready to live blog the entire show and share the results as they happen so be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for the latest.

Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to finale week. Which of these final Huyopa members do you most hope to see in front of the Jury and then awarded the prize money as Sole Survivor? Share your thoughts below!

Huyopa Tribe:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Mischvoted off last week
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Keith Nale

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Survivor Blood Vs Water 2: Jon Misch Arrives At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

Voted off Survivor this week, Jon Misch became the next Jury member who would return to vote for the season’s Sole Survivor at next week’s finale. Now that he’s had time to step back and think about his game, Jon is ready to discuss what happened.

Jon Misch reflects on Survivor: Blood Vs Water - Source: CBS

Jon Misch reflects on Survivor: Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

Leaving Tribal Council and heading to Ponderosa Jon laments not using his Idol, but says the ladies lulled him in to a sense of security and comfort with them, especially Missy who used his faith to convince him to trust her.

Arriving at the resort Jon is greeted by cheers, hugs, and lots of food. There the other former players explain how the votes were flipped intentionally to vote out Alec and set Jon up for the fall, though it sounded like Alec suggested it was Missy’s plan, not Natalie’s.

Jon tries to talk with Jeremy and apologize for blindsiding him, but Jeremy isn’t having anything to do with it. It seems that even after all this time Jeremy is hold strong to his frustrations. Jeremy says he thinks Jon will be seen as a villain because of his lies.

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In the end, Jon says it was his efforts to try and make everyone happy that caused his downfall by focusing on them instead of himself.

Watch Jon’s departure from the game and his arrival at Ponderosa to see how he took his elimination.

Jon Misch arrives at Ponderosa:


Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Episode 13 In Pictures

Blindside was on the menu last night for Survivor 2014 as Jon fell victim to complacency and Natalie’s sneaky plans, but Missy made sure Jon wasn’t the only one breaking down.

Survivor Season 29 Episode 13 Photos

Survivor Season 29 Episode 13 Photos – Source: CBS

It didn’t take long in to last night’s Survivor for us to arrive at Missy’s injury where she severely busted up her ankle during the Reward Challenge. Her team ended up pulling off the win though and the group was off to enjoy a day spa.

Natalie spent her time at Exile Island alternating between crying over her sister and plotting Jon’s demise in the game. When she returned it came down to her and him in a battle for Immunity and that night’s votes revealed she had finally succeeded in Jon’s elimination.

Check out photos from this week’s Survivor for new looks at what took place.

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Image source: CBS


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