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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Who Will Win Survivor?

Five castaways remain on Survivor 2015 and one of them is about to get a million dollar richer in one more day. So who will win Survivor? Let’s run through who is left and who will be calling the shots from Jury.

5 Castaways remain on Survivor 2015

5 Castaways remain on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Carolyn, Rodney, Will, Sierra, and Mike are all that remains of the three collar classes when 18 castaways hit the beach just a few months ago at the start of Season 30. Now two more will head to Jury before the last Tribal Council and the biggest decision of the season.

Lining the rows of the Jury we’ve got Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Tyler, and Dan. That’s 3 no collars, 2 white collars, and 1 blue collar just in case the old loyalties come in to play here. Who has the most potential support at the end? Maybe it’s easier to ask who has the least.

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Survivor Spoilers: Final 4 Castaways & Challenges On Worlds Apart [PICS]

The Survivor 2015 finale arrives this Wednesday at 8/7c when we’ll discover who makes it through the next two rounds of challenges and competitions to arrive before the final Jury for a chance to win Survivor and the million dollar prize.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2015 finale

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2015 finale – Source: CBS

Survivor always seems to do a great job of going out with a bang using even bigger than normal challenges and Worlds Apart doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint on that front. CBS has released a set of pictures and a Challenge video that reveals not only what they’ll be doing, but who will be doing it.

Yes, Survivor spoilers ahead on three of the final four castaways this season so stop now if you want to remain surprised on Wednesday night.

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This Week On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Finale

This week on Survivor 2015 the Worlds Apart finale arrives and one of these last five castaways will win Survivor and the million dollar prize, but not before a visit from family.

Survivor 2015 finale on Wednesday

Survivor 2015 finale on Wednesday – Source: CBS

We’re down to the last night of the season when the three-hour show kicks off at 8/7c on CBS for a two-hour finale and the follow-on Reunion Show. There will be 3 Tribal Councils, so two more castaways will be cut before the Final 3 goes to the Jury to argue their case.

Along the way we’ll get huge challenges but also an emotional one when the castaways each receive their loved one for a visit and competition. Who comes out on top and who just heads to Ponderosa to reflect on missed chances? We’re about to find out.

click images to see full-size views

Join us back here on Wednesday at 8/7c as we discover who won Survivor 2015 when Jeff Probst reveals the votes one last time.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Finale Week

Five castaways left on Survivor 2015 as we head in to finale week and prepare to see a new Sole Survivor crowned from the Worlds Away crew. Ready to find out who will win Survivor this week?

Survivor 2015 castaways head to Tribal Council

Survivor 2015 castaways head to Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Dan Foley was voted off last week in grand fashion when he played his special power to no gain as Carolyn offset him with her Immunity Idol. Now just five players remain with an expected two rounds of elimination before going in to a three-way Survivor finale.

Mike has survived the past three weeks with big wins and smart moves, but he’ll need to do it two more times to get the end. Meanwhile all the Hidden Idols have been spent leaving us with fewer surprises at Tribal and more pressure on the Immunity challenges.

Check out who is left and who could be this season’s Sole Survivor from Worlds Apart.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Who do you hope is the next to go this week’s and who deserves a spot in the F3?

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Survivor 2015: Dan Foley Arrives At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

Dan Foley was caught up in a double power struggle at the latest Survivor 2015 Tribal Council that made for one of the best closings to an episode this season. Dan leaves his role as a castaways and joins the Jury at Ponderosa while sharing his side of the story.

Dan Foley is thrilled to go to Ponderosa

Dan Foley is thrilled to go to Ponderosa – Source: CBS

I didn’t get a minute in to the video before rolling my eyes at Dan, but from what we saw all season should I really have expected anything different? Leaving Tribal Dan tells us he wanted to show that a hero could win this game and he thinks he was a hero the whole way through. Ugh.

Castaway Dan (I’m differentiating from Real World Dan, because I’ve never seen/known that Dan) was egotistical and delusional with a roaring god complex. I don’t know if many fans would call him a hero of the Survivor game, but Dan sure would. So let’s see what else Survivor Hero Dan thinks of his game.

Arriving at the medical station we find out Dan lost an amazing 42 pounds. That’s incredible. Now off to Ponderosa where he is well greeted by smiles and hugs, well not from Hali Ford, she rejects the hug offer.

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