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Next Time On Survivor 2017: Lines Drawn In Concrete

| April 24, 2017 at 2:45 PM EDT

Next time on Survivor 2017 we’ve got the fallout from Zeke’s attempt to start a “war,” Debbie’s possibly too-soon excitement over controlling the votes, and a supposedly inspirational moment at this week’s reward challenge.

Brad Culpepper on Survivor Game Changers

Last week before Tribal Council Andrea discovered that Zeke was trying to stir the pot and cause some misdirection and that didn’t go over so well with his former allies. Now he could find himself on the outs of the majority, unless it’s not really a majority.

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Who Is Left: Survivor 2017 Game Changers Week 08

| April 24, 2017 at 8:00 AM EDT

Double eliminations last week on Survivor 2017 have taken us down to only eleven castaways left in the running for Sole Survivor of Game Changers as the season continues on this week.

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Hali Ford and Ozzy Lusth were dispatched to Ponderosa, a well documented journey, to launch the Season 34 Jury but they won’t be alone for long. One of these other remaining players will soon be voted off and heading to Ponderosa this week on Survivor Game Changers.

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Survivor 2017: Game Changers Jury Has Begun

| April 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT

Wednesday on Survivor 2017 the first member of the Game Changers Jury was voted out but the isolation didn’t last long and we’re now up to two voting members for the season’s big decision next month.

Survivor 2017 Jury member Hali Ford

The week started off with 13 castaways but now we’re down to eleven at the Maku Maku camp and two off to Ponderosa to suffer the tough life of unlimited food and drinks. If you can’t win then you better make that a million dollar vacation!

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Survivor 2017: Ponderosa – Ozzy Lusth Arrives [VIDEO]

| April 20, 2017 at 8:15 PM EDT

We’ve got our second juror joining the big decision makers at Survivor Ponderosa for 2017’s Game Changers. Ozzy Lusth fell victim to opportunity and a frenzied pace from Debbie during the second round’s Tribal Council on Wednesday night. Now he’s off for some relaxation with Hali.

Survivor 2017 Ponderosa with Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy stumbles out in the darkness of Fiji and is clearly surprised and rightfully disappointed having just been voted out even with a special power to boot. Of course we know that power was wasted by Debbie, but it’s still fresh in his mind. It’s the end of Ozzy’s fourth time on Survivor and his least successful attempt so far as this was the earliest he had ever been voted out.

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Survivor 2017: Ponderosa – Hali Ford Arrives [VIDEO]

| April 20, 2017 at 3:30 PM EDT

Hali Ford became the first member of Survivor Ponderosa, again, this week after the newly merged Game Changers tribe, Maku Maku, took aim at her game. Now if only she knew why.

Hali Ford at Survivor 2017 Ponderosa

On her way to Ponderosa Hali reflects on the similarities this season with her last time on Survivor’s Worlds Apart when she became the first member of the Jury that season as well. No matter her elimination, Hali was determined to enjoy her 18 days at the resort and it looks like she’s following through on that.

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