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Survivor Spoilers: ‘Mazed And Confused’ Immunity Challenge [VIDEO]

Survivor 2014 Spoilers - Challenge Preview

We have a new spoiler preview of tonight’s Survivor Cagayan Immunity Challenge “Mazed and Confused.” I did a lot of speculating earlier this week on just how the challenge would go and I nearly got it right until the puzzle portion.

So as the pictures showed us, the first player scoops water out of the surf, tosses the entire buck to the second player who tosses it to the third. The third castaway on each tribe then tosses only the water from their bucket to the fourth player. That fourth player pours it into a bucket which will force down its side of a board once it weighs enough.

Now here comes the really cool part. The puzzle portion is a giant circular puzzle with an oversized pinball in it that must be guided through the maze using ropes held by two players. First to release their pinball wins the competition and Immunity.

I can’t wait to see this Survivor challenge in action tonight! Check out the pics and watch the spoiler preview below.


Survivor 2014 Returns Tonight: Cagayan Episode 2 [VIDEO]

Tonight on CBS the Survivor 2014 castaways return at 8/7c after last week’s double-round beatdown of the Luzon “Brains” tribe who proved to be anything but.

Cold life on Solana

The big question for tonight’s Survivor is how the Brains tribe can recover after such a knock to morale combined with the loss of two stronger males. We’ve taken an early look at tonight’s Immunity Challenge “Mazed and Confused” and this could be an opportunity for Luzon to catch up. Of course neither of the other challenges looked particularly daunting either so this could be a coin-toss scenario.

Should Luzon end up back at Tribal Council then Spencer could find himself in real danger as the last male on the team since we usually see the sexes band together for voting. Speaking of putting yourself in danger, I’m looking forward to seeing how Luzon is doing without any rice. Enjoy that situation, J’Tia.

So which tribe do you think can pull off the win tonight? The top two placing teams will remain safe while the last place tribe heads to Tribal Council.

Join us tonight for our live results & recap plus like us on Facebook & get our Email updates for even more Survivor updates all season!

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Survivor 2014 Looks Miserable – Episode 2 Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Survivor is all about toughing it out in the elements and while some seasons have delivered beautiful, enjoyable weather to the castaways, Survivor 2014 Cagayan is not one of those seasons. This looks downright miserable.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan - Rough Seas

In this preview clip from Wednesday night’s episode we can see Aparri huddled under their shelter trying to avoid the rain, wind, and cold. The tribe is working hard to keep themselves covered from the elements, but when things are this nasty it’s hard to avoid.

While we saw tears over at the Solana tribe from the terrible weather there’s a balance in attitude coming from Woo. He can’t be feeling great in these conditions, but he sure doesn’t let on in the clip below.

“It’s pouring. It’s terrible. But uh [with a big smile] this is what Survivor is all about, baby!” exclaims Woo as he jumps around on the beach and talks to the camera crew. Speaking of the crew, I hope they have some really sweet sleeping quarters to get in out of this mess!

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Survivor Spoilers 2014: Challenge Sneak Peek On Cagayan Episode 2

This week we’re back to just one round of Immunity Challenges on Survivor 2014 when the Cagayan tribes face off in another three-way battle for Immunity. Presumably the champ wins Immunity and a big luxury while second place remains safe and takes something back home with them.

Survivor 2014 Week 2 challenge

Survivor 2014 Week 2 challenge – Source: CBS

Survivor castaways will facing another two-part challenge this week with the first leg being physical and the second being a puzzle. Oh boy! I wonder if Luzon will let J’Tia finish their puzzle for them?!

Speaking of Luzon, since they are now down two players the other tribes will have to sit out two of their own to keep things balanced. Then they’ll also each have to take four shots, again to try and balance out the game for Luzon.

Here are your Survivor spoilers on what to expect at this week’s Immunity Challenge. Stop reading now if you want to be completely surprised on Wednesday night.

Aparri, the Brawn tribe, will sit out Tony and Lindsey. Solana, the Beauty tribe, will sit out Jefra and Alexis.

The challenge will require one player on each tribe to scoop a bucket of water from the beach, run up and toss the bucket to the next player on their tribe. That player in turn tosses the bucket again to their next tribemate. The third player will then keep a hold on the bucket and toss just the water over to the fourth member of their team. That player will pour the water in a seesaw-type bucket.

Once they get enough water in their bucket it looks like a bag holding pieces to play the puzzle portion will drop. Using those elements in the puzzle maze the teams will race to clear the maze and raise their tribe’s Survivor 2014 flag.

First team to finish wins Immunity. Last one there wins a date night with Jeff Probst. Who do you think will pull out the win this time around? Both Solana and Aparri have one win each under their belt while Luzon has back-to-back losses.

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Image credit: CBS / Monty Brinton


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Cagayan?

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan – Source: CBS

This week on Survivor 2014 the remaining Cagayan castaways press on in the competition with two less players and only one chance for elimination this Wednesday night.

Last week Luzon took two heavy hits with back to back losses in the Immunity Challenges. In a move that did not seem to help their odds the tribe voted out stronger male competitors (David Samson and Garrett Adelstein) in favor of puzzle-failing, rice-burning members. Go figure. Could Luzon, the “Brains” tribe, be in a death spiral there leaving the game to be decided by Beauty and Brawn? It’s still very early.

So who is left on Survivor? Let’s break down the tribes and see which castaways remain on their beaches.

    Aparri – Brawn:

  • Cliff Robinson
  • Lindsey Ogle
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Tony Vlachos
  • Trish Hegarty
  • Yung “Woo” Hwang
    Luzon – Brains:

  • J’Tia Taylor
  • Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen
  • Latasha “Tasha” Fox
  • Spencer Bledsoe
    Solana – Beauty:

  • Alexis Maxwell
  • Brice Johnston
  • Jefra Bland
  • Jeremiah Wood
  • LJ McKanas
  • Morgan McLeod

Get ready for this week’s Survivor 2014 episode “Cops R Us” when Tony confirms to Sarah that he’s a cop and the Brains take another swing at challenge-losing. Good times ahead. Join us!

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