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Survivor One World: Kat The Day After Elimination

Survivor 2012 Kat

This week on Survivor One World, young, naive Kat’s torch was snuffed, becoming the first woman to leave the island since around week five.

CBS sat her down the day after her elimination to talk about her experience on Survivor 2012 and what went wrong with her game.

“I felt like every single day I grew as an individual,” Kat said in the interview posted below. “I’m really proud of how I played.”

So she’s proud of how she played. Interesting. The best thing she says, though, is that she said she went into the game thinking she’d emerge as the leader. She actually thought everyone would follow her and do as she said.

Oh, and no one else wanted to win as bad as her.

“I wanted it more than anyone in the world,” she said. “I was really shocked when I was blindsided.”


Survivor One World Episode 12 Recap: The Women Finally Turn On Each Other

Survivor One World Episode 12

This week on Survivor One World, the women spared Tarzan, the only remaining man, for one of their own.

After weeks of picking off the guys one by one, the women decided that sending Tarzan home would’t have made sense when they have an immature idiot among them.

At the start of the show, the tribe gets some tree mail in the form of a Sprint phone. Oh, product placement, I love you so. The messages on the phone are recordings from the contestants’ loved ones. It turns out that the reward challenge this week will include the remaining contestants’ loved ones.

They head off to meet Jeff for the challenge and are soon faced with their loved ones in person. After several emotional reunions, the game gets under way. The winner of the challenge will be swept away for the afternoon with their loved one and treated to food and drinks. They also get to pick two other tribe members and their loved ones to go with them.

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Survivor 2012 One World: Episode 12 Results

Survivor One World episode 12

Tonight on Survivor 2012: One World we’ve got just one man left and unless something crazy happens we’ll probably end up with no men, unless you count.. no, nevermind. On to tonight’s challenges.

It’s family-visit week on Survivor. All the remaining castaway’s get a brief visit with a loved one and then are introduced to the luxury challenge. The reward this time around is a picnic alone with their family member and it will be well earned as they have to compete together to win.

The race comes down to Kat, Kim, and Chelsea. Sabrina is so far behind that Probst calls her a lost cause. It comes down to Kat and Kim and in the end it’s Kat who pulls out the win. Jeff informs Kat she can pick two other castaways to go on the trip with their family. Kat, being the clueless castaway she is, picks Kim and Alicia. The others are a little surprised that she didn’t pick Tarzan and Christina. I’m not. Kat is a knucklehead. Why would she do anything else?

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Survivor One World Episode 12 Tonight

Tonight’s Survivor 2012 sure promises to be one great big predictable snore if the women continue to their reign of terror and send poor Tarzan home just because he has a penis.

Tarzan is the last man standing and if Kim and the women stick to their plan to pick the men off one by one, they’ll achieve that tonight. They’ll also achieve in making this one of the most boring episodes ever. Unless Tarzan wins immunity. Come on world, let’s collectively cross our fingers that Tarzan wins immunity!

But wait, that will just mean that Christina will go home instead! Still predictable! GAH! OK, world, let’s collectively cross our fingers that Tarzan wins immunity and Christina finds an immunity idol! OK, we know she’ll never actually find one, so lets hope one falls out of a tree and hits her on the head.

I think we’ll just have to accept the fact that tonight is going to be a snore. Sure the promo below teases us with names like Sabrina and Kat, but do we really think anything exciting will happen?


Survivor One World Secret Scenes: Kim and Alicia Talk The Reward

Last week on Survivor One World, Kim ruffled feathers when she chose Chelsea to join herself and Alicia on the helicopter ride and pic that she won during the reward challenge.

Kat threw an infantile fit, which almost gave Troyzan an out, but not quite. In this week’s Secret Scenes, we’ve got Kim talking about how the reward wasn’t really worth it in the end because it felt more like a chore than a reward after having to do damage control with Kat.

Alicia’s scene is Alicia being Alicia. She doesn’t have much heart, so it comes as no surprise that she would have done the same thing Kim done without the whole feeling bad about it part, of course. I still can’t believe she’s a special needs teacher.

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