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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 11 Results

Survivor 2012 Philippines episode 11

Once we get past the rehashing of the Abi drama on Survivor 2012 Philippines we get right to the first challenge of the night. Well it’s not really a challenge. It’s Survivor Auction time! Each castaway receives $500 and heads out to meet Jeff.

Denise wins a pancake breakfast for $500. Yes, she spent all her money on the first item. Not to be outdone, Mike spends all his money on a cheese and wine platter and the man doesn’t even drink. Malcolm uses $200 to get donuts and an iced coffee. The next item is a blind-item and Penner gets it for $100. It turns out to be chicken and fries and Penner is thrilled. Another blind-item comes up and it’s a betting battle that Carter wins for $200. Carter ends up trading the prize, a baked potato, for a new supply of beans and rice for the whole tribe. Lisa puts down $320 for a giant sub that looks like more food than she could possibly eat.

Here comes the big prize and guess who is the only person left with all the money? Abi. She gets the secret message which we assume is a hint for another Survivor Immunity Idol or the next challenge. There’s one last item and again Carter gets stuck with the “it’s for everyone” card when he discovers veal shanks. They have 60 seconds to eat as much of it as they can. It’s not a pretty sight but I’m sure they’re happy.

Back at camp Abi sneaks away and reads the secret message she won at auction. It’s not a clue or hint for anything but rather a pass that takes her straight to the final round of the Immunity challenge. She will have a 1 in 3 chance at Immunity with that pass.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. Abi will get to jump to the last round automatically. Before each round the players have to answer a question and if they are wrong they are saddled with an extra 5% of their body weight.

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Survivor 2012 Episode 11 Preview: It’s Auction Time


Tonight it’s time for the Survivor Philippines auction! Yes, it’s that time when the castaways are given $500 and a number of tasty and tempting items to bid on.

In the preview posted below, we get to see the start of it and it looks like Denise was very eager for some pancakes and bacon! We don’t get a lot out of the preview, but it sounds like someone in the group is trying to buy some votes according to the official CBS description of tonight’s show:

Castaways exhaust their funds on tasty rewards while one generous castaway makes two bids for his tribemates during the hearty food auction, on the next episode of Survivor Philippines. — CBS

Be sure to check back later here for live coverage of tonight’s episode of Survivor Philippines and tomorrow for a full recap of episode 11. And as always, we’ll be here for all of your Survivor 2012 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor 2012 Secret Scenes: Pete Works On Abi


Every now and then, we come across a Surivor Secret Scene that you can tell almost made it into the show and definitely should have. Today’s Survivor Philippines Secret Scene is one of those.

This scene shows Pete working on Abi to give him her immunity idol. Pete knows he’s a goner, so that’s probably why it was edited out, so we’d have some actual suspense with who was going home.

“I’m the solo soldier,” Pete says as he works on getting Abi’s idol. “I’m going to keep fighting right now. Otherwise it’s me (going home).”

As we all know, Abi used the idol on herself and Pete was sent out of the game.

“I love you, but I can’t do that,” Abi says in the scene below. “It would just be really bad for my image.”

Pete continues to work her.

“You’d be viewed as selfless,” he said. “You’re being selfish right now.”

Survivor Philippines airs again this Wednesday night. Be sure to check back here for live coverage of the episode and a full recap the following morning.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Jeff Probst Calls Abi-Maria Hall Of Fame Villain

Last week on Survivor 2012 Philippines, we watched as the castaways and host Jeff Probst tried to understand just what is up with Abi-Maria. Is she a bad guy or is she just misunderstood?

Jeff seemed to wonder during the episode if the issue with Abi was cultural. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he’s still wondering that, but he makes no qualms about calling her out as a villain. He even goes as far to say she’s earned a spot in the Survivor Villain Hall of Fame.

“Abi-Maria is completely clueless about the impact of her behavior on others,” Jeff said. “This is equally fascinating because we are amazed that she has no idea! I do think some of it is cultural, but the part that is cultural is the awareness of her behavior. The behavior itself is not cultural — that’s just selfishness and entitlement.

“Regardless of her approach, she has planted herself firmly in the Survivor Villain Hall Of Fame, which I would have never predicted pre-show. I thought she was very charming and funny and that she could flirt away deep into the game. I never saw this coming. Equally interesting is the fact that she is still in the game, and at this point is someone it makes a lot of sense to take to the end.

What do you think of Abi’s behavior? Be sure keep up with us for your Survivor 2012 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor Philippines: Pete The Day After Elimination


This week on Survivor Philippines, Abi played her idol, which helped send Pete packing from the game. And like every week, a cleaned-up Pete sat down for his Survivor exit interview the day after.

And Pete actually comes off as a much nicer and likable person in his interview. During the game he was a bit hard to like, but he redeems himself in the video posted below.

I particularly like what he says about why he came on Survivor and what he’s taking home from his experience.

“This is my personal therapy,” Pete said. “I needed a real kick in the butt. And this just gave me everything I needed to bring home and apply it to my life. At home I got complacent and I knew that coming on survivor was going to put me into high gear.”


“I’ve learned that I can dig deep,” Pete continued. “When I get home I’m going to use this game as an example to attack life.”

Find out what else Pete had to say about his Survivor Philippines experience and be sure to check back here for all of your Survivor news, results and recaps.

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