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Survivor One World: Episode 4 Preview

The drama continues to shift from the women to the men this week on Survivor One World as we see in this week’s peview.

Troyzan and Tarzan (still confused as to which is which  – ha) seem to be acting as crazy as they look and of course Colton is still focused on getting Bill off his island. “I want his head on a platter,” he says.

So the Survivor 2012 drama heats up this week! Stay tuned as we’ll be recapping the Survivor episodes and posting results all season. Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all the happenings.

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Survivor 2012: Matt Quinlan Exit Interview

Survivor One World said goodbye to its head rooster Matt Quinlan this week and the contestant sat down for a conference call to talk about his time on the island and what went wrong with his game.

Question: What did you think of your portrayal on the show because a lot of people thought you were arrogant?

Matt Quinlan: I think I was portrayed like that and that was somewhat disappointing to me. There certainly were times where I was brash and cocky, and that’s the game that brought that out in me. That’s just kind of the competitive nature of being in this situation. That’s what came out. But there’s also lots of times, of course, that I was being humble, and friendly, and laughing and enjoyable with everybody. I don’t think America got to see that. I ended up being a character who was either loved or hated. I got a lot of that. There’s really no in-between ground in terms of how people viewed me. People either loved it or hated it. That’s fine. I’m OK with that. I think that’s a lot better than being invisible or “who is Matt again?” I certainly don’t want to be there, but I do want people to know that I’m not a jerk. You don’t have to hear it from me, just ask any of my tribemates down the road and I feel confident that they would agree. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but to some extent I feel the need to defend myself because I’m not a jerk. Do I have an edge? Yeah. Are there times I would get loud and cocky? Yeah, there are, but that’s not all the time. That’s not what makes me.

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Survivor 2012 Secret Scene: Kat Interview

At the beginning of this week’s episode of Survivor One World, all eyes were on Kat. The women of the Salani Tribe were preparing who should go home next and it looked like she might have been sticking out as the weakest link. But as we now know, they were not sent to Tribal Council again this week. And no one’s happier than Kat.

In this Survivor 2012 Secret Scene, Kat explains the importance of winning the reward challenge to the Salani tribe.

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Survivor One World Episode 3 Recap: The Women Make a Comeback

Survivor One World Matt

Last night on Survivor One World, it wasn’t the women of the Salani Tribe that were falling apart all over the place. The men of the Manono Tribe are the ones who lost everything and starting falling apart at the seems.

Finally, after losing everything for two weeks, the women were able to redeem themselves. It all started with the Survivor reward challenge. Up for grabs were a fishing supply kit and a canoe with paddles. Since it finally wasn’t a physical challenge, but a game of memory, the women killed it. They easily defeated the men and walked away with the fishing gear and boat.

Of course just when you think the Salanis are no longer going to irritate you to the point of wishing death on yourself, we’re reminded that their shelter sucks and they suck at building fire. And it’s rainy, cold and wet. They keep going to the men to steal fire then basically refuse to do anything for the men in return. Isn’t that the story of life? Ha. I’m kidding. I promise.

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Survivor One World Episode 3 Results

Survivor One World episode 3

Survivor One World Episode 3 results time tonight as the women’s tribe, Salani, is poised to potentially take its third straight week of losses against the Manono. Read on to see if Salani made a good choice in last week’s elimination or if Kat is up to her usual flubs in this week’s Survivor immunity challenge.

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