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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 4 Preview: A Storm Is Coming


This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, the villai isn’t a person, but nature. At least according to the promo for the fourth episode of the season.

I’m trying not to be a pessimist, but if I know Survivor, then this little storm will last about 2.5 minutes on our screen. But that doesn’t stop them from playing it up in the promo below.

“The fans think they’ve hit rock bottom …” Jeff says in his most dramatic voice … “but nature proves them wrong.”

And then we get wind of a hurricane hitting the island, which has the rats running for shelter in their shelter! Aaaack! OK, even if the storm only lasts 2.5 seconds, it should surely be worth it.

Be sure to check back here on Wednesday night for live coverage of this week’s episode of Survivor Caramoan. And as always, we’ll be here for all of your Survivor 2013 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Jeff Probst On The Shamar Situation

Jeff Probst on Survivor

Everyone’s talking about Survivor 2013 Caramoan’s Shamar and that was the topic of first question Entertainment Weekly had for host Jeff Probst this week.

Jeff explains to the magazine if he’d get rid of Shamar and if he were to do so, how.

EW: Let’s get your take on the Shamar situation. What would you do if you were playing and had a guy that you needed in terms of numbers for a majority alliance, but he was tearing apart tribe chemistry and had already threatened to quit once? Would you keep him or cut him loose?

JEFF PROBST: I would probably go to someone who I felt was on the bottom of the other alliance and make the following case:  “We have the numbers and we will vote your alliance out one by one.  There is an opening for you to make a move and join us but you have to decide right now.”  And then to add a bit of leverage I would add “and if you say no or if you tell anyone else — you will be the next one out.”  If they said yes — I’d make the switch and get rid of Shamar.  If not, I think you have to hold onto him a bit longer until you have enough numbers advantage that you can spare him.  At that point you get rid of him.


Survivor 2013: Hope’s Exit Interview


This week on Survivor 2013 Caramon, Hope became the third person to have her torch snuffed. And like every week, she took a shower the next day and sat down for her exit interview.

And per usual, she’s not happy that she’s already out of the game but values her experience (same story, different week).

“It was a little disappointing, but one of the most rewarding experiences,” Hope says. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would definitely do it again. I had a lot of fight left. I still want to be out there right now.”

And one of the lessons that she shares with almost all other castaways is that she surprised herself with how well she did on the island.

“I learned that I didn’t need half the things that I thought I would need,” she said. “I learned that I could  handle a lot tougher situations than I thought I could previously. I learned a lot and gained a lot.”


Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 3 Recap: Fans’ Tribal Dysfunction Continues

Survivor 2013 Caramoan - Episode 03 - Bikal tribe

This week’s episode of Survivor 2013 Caramoan picks up after Allie’s elimination and the fans are talking about what to do now that the click is busted up. Reynold tells them “game on” and Shamar starts in on everyone for the votes he received during Tribal Council.

“The camp is totally in chaos,” Lauren says.

Shamar keeps going and he’s getting more amped up and yells at everyone before the night is over. And he looks very scary in night vision.

The next day Reynold is still fired up and he calls what happened the night before “revenge of the nerds.” And his Eddie’s focus is still on Shamar.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 3 Results

Survivor 2013 episode 3 results

It’s time for the third episode of Survivor 2013 Caramoan as the two tribes, Fans vs Favorites, are tied back up after each suffering one elimination over the past two weeks. Tonight that balance will be thrown as another castaway is set to be sent home so let’s find out who it will be.

Before we get to the first challenge of the night we get a rehash of last week’s drama involving Shamar and boy is it ugly. Seems the part of Gota that took his side is regretting that decision. Maybe they’ll get a second chance tonight at Tribal Council.

There was no Survivor 2013 spoilers for this week’s immunity challenge like we saw the past few weeks so tonight will be a complete surprise aside from pictures we saw earlier. Let’s see what Jeff Probst and company has in store for us tonight on Survivor 2013.

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