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Survivor Philippines SPOILERS: A Twist Is Ahead This Week


It looks like we and the players might be in for a twist this week on Survivor Philippines.

“A twist in the game forces everyone to scramble,” says the announcer in the promo for Wednesday’s episode of Survivor 2012. Let the speculation begin. What is going to happen here? A merge? A tribe shake-up? Will everyone go to Tribal Council? What what whaaaaat?

If you want to know what’s happening keep reading. If you want to be surprised on Wednesday night, stop reading.

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Survivor Philippines: The Day After Elimination Interview with Katie


This week on Survivor Philippines, Katie was the next person from the Kalabaw tribe to be blindsided with an elimination.

The  next day, she got herself all cleaned up for her exit interview. And she might be out, but she’s not down. She took some valuable lessons from her Survivor experience and walked away with some lifelong friends.

“I am so not an outdoors girl but I came in, gave it my best effort,” Katie said on how she thinks she fared in the game. “I’m really happy that I hung in there and did it. I’m really proud of myself.”

So what was the most valuable part of playing the game?

“I leave this experience with a whole new outlook,” Katie said. “I now realize that food, you don’t need it as much as I thought you do. Your mind can do whatever you put it to. And I’ll live my life like that from here on out.”

She also talks about the bond she formed with her female tribe mates and weighs in on voting Dawson out the previous week. Find out what else she had to say in the video posted below.

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Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Recap: A Muddy Deal


Things are getting weird  on Survivor Philippines. People are making weird deals, Blair from The Facts of Life is mud-wrestling and for some reason rice is greater than sandwiches and potato chips.

Ahead of any weirdness, however, we learn that both tribes are ready to ditch the returning players. Skupin is eating all his tribe’s rice and Penner is just feeling like too much of a threat to the Tandang Tribe.

And then Penner and Skupin strike up the deal that will shape the rest of the episode. During the reward challenge, the players have to play soccer with a giant wicker ball in a field of mud. It’s basically just one big weird mud-wrestling porn though. We get Skupin sitting on Penner. Pete and Carter rubbing mud all over each other. Blair is being pulled around in the mud by Denise.

So that competition is going no where. No one is scoring because the ball isn’t going. They’re basically just holding each other back. After an hour-long test of endurance instead of a simple little soccer game, they strike up a deal. Skupin and Penner decide that if Kalabaw gives Tandang all of their rice, they can have the win. Oh, I almost forgot! The prize is a picnic of sandwiches, potato chips, brownies, soda and things of that nature in a dry hut.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 6 Results

Survivor 2012 Philippines episode 6

Tonight’s Survivor 2012 Philippines episode heads right in to the first challenge for a reward. This was the “Bog Roll” challenge we saw earlier in the sneak peek (which I incorrectly expected to be the immunity challenge). The tribes sent in five castaways on each side and had to push a giant hollow wood ball in to the other side’s goal.

The challenge launches and is a huge gridlock disaster. No one is going anywhere. Anywhere. Castaways are throwing each other to the ground, pulling legs, and even sitting on heads. It’s a big nothing. The challenge jumps ahead to show us the players have been sitting there for an hour and the ball has gone no where.

Finally Mike and Jonathan strike up a deal. Kalabaw can have the win and reward of a picnic lunch but they have to give Tandang all their remaining rice. Everyone finally agrees but some of Tandang isn’t terribly happy about it. Kalabaw is banking on the big meal to give them enough energy to pull out the win at the immunity challenge.

After a lot of grumbling from Kalabaw about their lack of food the Survivor Philippines tribes head on to the immunity challenge. This is a fun looking one involving slingshots and catching flying balls. Jeff on Kalabaw and Malcolm on Tandang prove to be the MVPs for their tribes with a bulk of the catches. It comes down to one last catch and Malcolm steps up as Jeff falls to the ground. Tandang wins and sends Kalabaw to Tribal Council for another vote.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines Episode 6: Challenge Sneak Peek

Survivor 2012 Philippines challenge

A little bit of Survivor spoilers for you today with a preview of tonight’s immunity challenge. We’ve seen short clips in the teaser videos already, but here’s a more detailed look at “Bog Roll.”

Since Kalabaw took a double hit last week there will be just five castaways from each tribe competing in this week’s challenge. In the test runs from the video the “Dream Team” worked with two men and one women on each team, two women and one man, and then a full five-member attempt. Oh boy does this thing look rough and messy. Things pretty much turn in to a wrestling match with players stepping away from the ball to throw one another to the ground to gain a brief advantage.

The “Dream Team” ends up playing for beer and food, but there’s more at stake for the Kalabaw and Tandang tribes out in the Philippines. They’ll be fighting for immunity. Can Tandang keep this winning streak going? We’ll know soon enough. In the mean time, check out the Survivor 2012 Philippines video below for tonight’s challenge preview.

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