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Survivor Recap: Blood Vs Water 2014 Episode 03 ‘Actions vs Accusations’

| October 8, 2014 at 7:30 PM EDT

Survivor 2014 “Action Vs Accusations” arrives as the third episode in the season and poses the flailing Coyopa against the two-weeks dominating Hunahpu tribe.

Keith Nale on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water

Keith Nale on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

We’ve seen in the preview that Jeremy didn’t seem to take kindly to John letting Val get voted off Coyopa last week. Jeremy outs Rocker’s past drama to his tribe and that lingers in to tonight’s Immunity Challenge. We’ll find out if Coyopa sees his strength as a boost or his drama a detriment to the tribe’s efforts.

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Things pick up tonight as Coyopa returns from Tribal Council where a re-vote left Baylor in the game and Val on her way off the beach. John is worried that Jeremy will be upset about Val, but he doesn’t understand why she didn’t play her imaginary Idol like they planned.

Josh reveals to John that he was the one who flipped his vote and we also learn he’s not too keen on John. That shouldn’t impact the guy-strong alliance though as Josh thinks Baylor and Jaclyn will be the next to go.

Exile Island Challenge:

Two players will face off as they transfer plates across a suspended balancing board. Yikes. This does not look easy, but I guess that’s the point, right? The reward is a set of blankets or last week’s traded reward, fishing kit.

Wes says his dad would be bad at this so they face off. Keith actually starts ahead of Wes. First to six plates will win it the round and the loser is off to Exile Island.

Keith and Wes are neck and neck when Keith stumbles, drops his plate, and has to go back. Wes has a nice lead if he can hold on it. Yep! Coyopa gets their very first wins. Keith chokes up and says he’s proud of his son.

Wes selects Josh to head off to Exile Island where they’ll stay until the Immunity Challenge. Coyopa picks the fishing gear over the blankets and heads back to camp. On their way out John Rocker whispers to Jeremy that he did all he could, but we hear from Jeremy that he’s gunning for Rocker now.

Over at Hunahpu the drama flares up when Jeremy starts telling everyone about Rocker’s past and that gets Julie upset. This could be bad for her if there’s a decision for them to make later tonight.

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Immunity Challenge – Week 3 [PHOTOS]

| October 8, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Immunity is back up for grabs tonight on Survivor 2014 as Hunahpu looks to continue their domination over Coyopa in “Game of Throw-ins.”

Survivor 2014 Week 3 Immunity Challenge - Coyopa Tribe

Survivor 2014 Week 3 Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

The challenge this week requires the teams to be split in to pairs and tethered up before entering the arena. The tethered tribal pairs will race through an obstacle course to find their team’s colored ball before snaking their way back to the center. Once they get close enough the players will shoot baskets in to a center column. First tribe to make a basket in each round scores a point.

In the video clip below John says this could be a Survivor classic, but let’s wait and see how it plays out. Speaking of classics, I’m waiting for a water challenge. Where are those these days?

See photos below of the Survivor 2014 castaways in action and watch the video of the Dream Team putting the Immunity Challenge to the test.

click images to see full-size

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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episode 3

| October 8, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Tonight on Survivor, Blood Vs Water continues with the third episode following last week’s elimination of another Coyopa castaway and offers a chance for Hunahpu to finally find their way to Tribal Council.

Hunahpu tribe on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water

Hunahpu tribe on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

After back to back Immunity Challenge loses, well really all competitions, Coyopa is in desperate need of a win if only for emotional support. Could that either be with this week’s Exile challenge between Keith and Wes or a chance at immunity with the tethered ball toss challenge.

There’s also more drama coming up with John Rocker so I guess CBS will get their money’s worth out of bringing him back to the spotlight for seemingly no other reason than his interview from fifteen years ago. I’d rather just have Survivor drama.

We’ll be back here live tonight at 8PM ET for all the Survivor results and updates during the show. Join us and discuss the show live with other fans as it happens to find out who gets voted off this week.

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Exile Island Challenge – Week 3

| October 7, 2014 at 2:45 PM EDT

Another pair of loved ones on Survivor 2014, Blood Vs Water, are preparing to enter the Exile Island area this week and here’s your first look at what to expect.

Survivor 2014 Exile Island challenge Week 03

Survivor 2014 Exile Island challenge Week 03 – Source: CBS

This week on Survivor (spoilers ahead) we’ll see Keith and Wes Nale enter the arena and face off in a plate stacking contest. Time to see if Wes can erase that flint-losing screw up from their arrival night and prove his chops against his dad.

The overall challenge doesn’t appear to be too complicated and may simply involve (heh, “simply”) taking the stack of plates from one table across to the other and resting them on top of a small block. I’m guessing slow and steady wins the race on this win. Probably a good choice for Coyopa that they didn’t go with John again for that.

Take a look at the Survivor photos below and see which castaway you think will have a better shot at winning this Exile Island challenge.

click images to see full-size

Source: CBS


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 3?

| October 6, 2014 at 9:15 AM EDT

Entering the third week of the Survivor 2014 season only sixteen castaways remain on the San Juan Del Sur beaches with another preparing to depart this week.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2014 season premiere

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

Coyopa continues to struggle after another week of losses in every competition they’ve faced. Is Coyopa trimming the dead or just getting cut to pieces here? If they keep down this path then Hunahpu will have a healthy lead going in to the Merge, but we’ve still got plenty of time for that.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways on each of the two tribes:


  • Val Collinseliminated last week
  • Baylor Wilson
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Alec Christy
  • Josh Canfield
  • Wesley Nale
  • Dale Wentworth
  • John Rocker


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