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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 11 Preview: Three Amigos Go Recruiting


This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie scramble to keep their “Three Amigos” alliance in tact. They’ve played all the immunity idols, so it’s time to start recruiting.

From the preview below, it looks like they’re going for Sherri. And it looks like she might take the bait.

“If you can’t beat them, you join them,” Sherri says.

I do hope Sherri joins them. It will definitely make the game more interesting if this is how it plays out. If not, it’s going to be pretty predictable the next three weeks as the three strong guys are picked off one by one.

Also this week, is the highly-anticipated Survivor Auction. I cannot wait to see  what people will spend their Survivor cash on this season.

Be sure to check back in with us on Wednesday night for a live coverage of Episode 11 of Survivor 2013 and then look for the full recap the following morning.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Jeff Probst Talks Phillip, Tribal And Immunity Idols

Jeff Probst on Survivor

Last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan, fans were treated to one of the best Tribal Councils ever as Malcolm played one immunity idol and gave Eddie the other, forcing Phillip out of the game.

Survivor host Jeff Probst talked with Entertainment Weekly about everything that went down last week.

Jeff seemed disgusted by Phillip when he decided not to play in last week’s immunity challenge, but Jeff has nothing but respect for Phillip.

“Mostly I just love it when Phillip says… or does… anything,”Jeff said. “I would like to thank Phillip for all he gave this season. There are some who think we featured him too much, some who wish he had shown more of him and still others who wish he was never on in the first place. I am firmly planted in the “love me some Phillip” camp — and I’m sorry to see him go. But boy does it open up a whole new game.”

And what everyone is talking about is the big move Malcolm made during Tribal Council to ensure he, Eddie and Reynold survivor one more week.  So what did Jeff think of it?

“Ah, it’s up there for sure! I love big moves. Love them,” Jeff said. “I often reflect back on one of the great lines of cinema from the movie Wall Street. Charlie Sheen’s character is going to meet Michael Douglas. As he stands outside of his office he says to himself, “Life all comes down to a few moments and this is one of them.” The game of Survivor almost demands that you make big moves if you want to win. The key is picking the right moment… to make your move. For me, there are few greater moments than when something completely unexpected happens at tribal and changes the game. Beautiful.”

Hey Jeff, will there be any more immunity idols this season, EW asked?

“Good question …,” he says. “We do have a method to our madness and die hard fans have probably already figured it out. So without guaranteeing anything or relating specifically to this situation — I’d say it’s a safe bet that an idol played at this point in the game will go back out.”

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Phillip’s Exit Interview


This week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan we said goodbye to Phillip and his Stealths R Us “alliance” when he became the second member of the Season 26 jury.

And like all eliminated players, Phillip got cleaned up and sat down for an elimination interview the day after. And surprisingly, Phillip comes off way less crazy in his interview than he has the past couple weeks in the game.

I feel so blessed to be voted back as a fan favorite,” Phillip said of his time in the Survivor 2013 game. “And to play with such a great group of fan favorites. I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to come back out here and play again.”

So what did Phillip learn about Phillip?

“I learned that, Phillp, you can actually come into a game …” he said, “and have an impact. If Malcolm had not found that second Idol, I might still be in the game. I wouldn’t change one single thing about the way I played.”


Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 10 Recap: Best Tribal Council Ever

Survivor 2013 episode 10

In what people are calling the BEST TRIBAL COUNCIL ever (and by people, I mean me), this week’s Survivor 2013 Caramoan left not many people without their jaws on the floor. More on that later.

This week’s episode picks up right after the last Tribal Council. Stealths R Us, which is everyone (beyond their control) except for Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie, excuse themselves to talk about the other three. And they’re very obvious about it.

Phillip and company are talking about what they’re going to do next to get one of those three out. And at this point, Cochran is the only one as embarrassed by Phillip’s stupid alliance as I am.

The next day we get right into the Dawn insanity/breakdown. Everyone can hear her just throwing a complete crying fit. What we didn’t know during all the previews was that Dawn had a partial denture that she lost in the water. And she is so self-conscious about it she threatens to pull herself from the game.

But Brenda goes scuba diving and finds her fake teeth. So crisis averted. Embarrassment, however, was not averted.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 10 Results

Survivor 2013 Episode 10

Welcome back to Survivor 2013 with your host tonight, Drama Dawn. Things kick right off when we learn why Dawn threatened to quit the game. Her teeth. Dawn dropped her retainer in the water and lost it. Yep. They fixed that one quickly.

Let’s get to the real game with tonight’s Reward Challenge. Teams are split in to two sets of five. Orange team: Malcolm, Eddie, Sherri, Andrea, and Brenda. Purple: Reynold, Erik, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip. They have to run along beams, down a slide, find a bag of balls under mud, then lastly through a rice pit. Once they get to the other side they have to toss them all in a basket to win.

Malcolm leads off and tries to find all the bags in the mud pit first but he takes forever. Purple has a strong lead in the race after Malcolm’s delay and Sherri’s slow progress on the beams. Purple is there and throwing the balls before Orange gets their fourth person to the end.

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