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Big Brother’s Hayden Moss Celebrates Back to Back Wins

Hayden Moss on Survivor Blood Vs Water

After finally breaking their losing streak on Survivor 2013, Tadhana has now gone on to win two, read ‘em: TWO, challenges in back to back victories.

“I’m full. I’m happy. I don’t have to go to Tribal for at least two nights,” says former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss on their new found success.

Moss explains how the simple things back home become luxuries like ham sandwich on the Survivor beach.

As for what he’s hoping to see happen on the other tribe that was just sent to Tribal Council, well let’s just say he’ll be surprised and disappointed. Hayden would like to see either Laura B or Monica voted out next while keeping Kat and Vytas safe.

Since Kat was voted out Hayden will have the option to switch places with Kat at Redemption Island next week, but we don’t think that’ll happen.

Watch Hayden’s bonus scene from this week’s Survivor 2013 episode here:


Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 5

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Love him or hate him, “F U Brad Culpepper” was on this week’s Survivor After Show with Pavarti Shallow and he was a good sport about most of the craziness including wearing a shirt with the infamous phrase plastered across his back.

If you watched yesterday’s “The Day After” interview with Brad then you won’t be surprised to hear him faulting his relationship with Monica as the reason he couldn’t play Survivor like he had hoped. Brad says he could have played much differently and put himself first if he had played with someone like a brother instead of a wife.

We learn a few interesting things from Brad Culpepper that we didn’t see on the show including destroying the Immunity clue was Monica’s idea. Monica originally tried to tear the clue up but it was Brad’s idea to burn it and that’s the rest of what we saw in that episode. Then there’s the “P” hat we saw on Brad and Monica. That’s for their son’s high school.

Watch Brad Culpepper’s “After Show” interview with Pavarti in the video below and then share your thoughts on one of this season’s most outspoken castaways.

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 5

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Survivor 2013: Brad Culpepper ‘The Day After’ Interview

Brad Culpepper loses on Survivor 2013

Brad Culpepper was eliminated last night on Survivor 2013 and he’s back with his “The Day After” exit interview. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but guess who’s fault it is that Brad Culpepper lost his way out of the game? It sure wasn’t Brad Culpepper’s fault, says Brad!

Brad complains for several minutes that while other castaways got to play with a sibling or other blood relative, he had the daunting task of playing two games at every move because he was there with his wife, Monica. Brad suggests the other tribe members were playing for Tadhana while he was playing every game for Galang. I guess we know which approach works better.

Culpepper says he has no regrets and doesn’t second guess any moves he made on Survivor Blood Vs Water. He says he thinks his best move was helping Monica in the game and thinks she’s got a real chance at bringing home the half-million dollar prize.

What do you think of Brad’s game on Survivor 2013? What do you think he should have done differently in the hopes of lasting longer?

Brad Culpepper – Survivor Blood Vs Water – The Day After:


Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 6 Highlights

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 6

If you missed last night’s Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water, here’s a quick rundown of the results and highlights to get you caught up and ready for next week’s episode.

After Tadhana finally secured a win last week the tribes were scuttled and new tribes were randomly assigned. The result was yet another very uneven balance of the sexes yielding a surprisingly close Immunity Challenge in the process.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 6 – Redemption Island:

Laura M arrives as the latest castaway to be voted off a tribe. She immediately rejects the idea of swapping spots with her daughter, Ciera. I bet John and Brad wish she had!

Laura demolishes the guys as she tears through the challenge which required players to recover bags of pieces from a balance beam and then put the pieces in numerical order. Yes, the puzzle this week was counting. Sigh.

Laura wins and John comes in second. That means Brad Culpepper is out of the game and gone from Survivor.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 6 – Tribe Shuffle:

Instead of a merge the castaways get a tribe swap. Each player picked a bamboo canister with a new buff inside which determined if they’d be on Galang or Tadhana.

Galang tribe now includes: Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B, Vytas, and Kat.
Tadhana tribe now includes: Ciera, Aras, Hayden, Caleb, Gervase, and Tyson.

Only Tina and Katie were re-united, though most pairs have already been broken through Redemption Island. Aras and Vytas will continue to play apart as would Kat and Hayden.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 6 – Immunity Challenge:

The new tribes look very unevenly matched with only one guy on Galang and only one girl on Tadhana. Despite a potential advantage things were very close.

Tina and Laura B managed to forget to bring back their fish trap in the first pass which let Tadhana lap them in the water portion of the contest. Then at the puzzle phase Galang twice finished their puzzle and twice had it wrong. Tadhana barely pulled out the win and avoided Tribal Council.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 6 – Tribal Council:

As Galang prepared for Tribal we saw Kat let paranoia get the better of her as she decided to turn on Monica and her all-girls alliance. Kat floated the idea of voting off Monica over to Tina who immediately told Monica. Now it became a question of Vytas or Kat.

When Jeff revealed the votes there were four against Kat and one against Vytas. Kat heads off to Redemption Island to compete against John and Laura next week in the arena.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 7 – Next time on Survivor:

We’re getting another round of “we must get rid of Aras” in the weekly teaser promo. Could this be the week it happens? We’ll find out next time on Survivor.


Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 6 Results

New Galang tribe on Survivor 2013

Tonight on Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water the tribes shift (can’t wait? get those spoilers now), one more player is eliminated, and a tribe votes out another castaway. It’s time to find out what happens next.

CBS is calling this week’s show “One-Man Wrecking Ball” and after we watch the tribe shuffle that name should be explained. Yes, the new tribes are extremely off in their sex-balance but we’re yet to see which side makes that an advantage.

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Picking up where we left off last week Laura M has been voted out of Galang, the victim of their first visit to Tribal Council, and is off to join Brad Culpepper and John Cody on Redemption Island. Meanwhile, back at the Galang tribe the castaways react to what’s just happened.

The tribes and competitors arrive at Redemption Island. Ciera tears up seeing her mom walk in, but will she take her place? Laura immediately rejects the idea when Jeff brings up the idea of a swap. Let’s get to today’s duel. Players move along a balance beam collecting bags of puzzle pieces. On the other side of the beam they must assemble the puzzle. The puzzle? Putting numbered tiles in numerical order. Yeah, it’s that lame. First two players to finish stay in the game. First place gets an Immunity Idol clue to hand out. Last place goes home.

Laura has a strong lead as John stumbles and falls to last place in the second round of bag collecting. Brad and John are tied up while Laura has a healthy lead over them.

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