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Survivor One World: Troyzan The Day After Elimination

Survivor One World Troyzan eliminated

This week, the women continued to shut the men as Troyzan was sent packing form the Survivor One World island.

The day after his elimination, CBS sat him down for an interview, after he shaved and cleaned himself up of course, and asked him about his Survivor 2012 experience.

He talks about finding the immunity idol, winning immunity and how it felt to be one of the few people to actually play the game hard. He says he’s proud of his accomplishments even though it put a target on his back.

He also says he’s kind of surprised he made it as far as he did. He says he thought he’d be seen as a threat earlier on and be sent home right away. Sure, maybe in a normal season of Survivor, but this one is special. On the planet where special means terrible.

Find out what else Troy had to say in the video posted below.

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Survivor One World Episode 11 Recap: The Girls Continue to Rule

Survivor One World Chelsea episode 11

As if we didn’t already know it, I think we have our proof now. Yes, the Survivor One World men are some of the worst players in the show’s history.

They walked in with attitudes and literally strutting around like roosters. They picked the biggest coc rooster of them all as their leader – Matt – and we all know how that went. And now, in Episode 11, there’s only one left. And he’s the oldest and the weakest of all the men. Amazing.

That means this week, Kim’s master plan is near completion and Troyzan was the latest to have his torch snuffed by Jeff. That means poor old Tarzan will go next week and the girls can finally start their civil war. Well at least after they eliminate Christina the following week.

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Survivor 2012 One World: Episode 11 Results

Survivor 2012 One World episode 11

Tonight on Survivor 2012: One World we’ve got another installment of the “Troyzan Fights For His Life” series. The show leaps right in to its first challenge: luxury. The reward is a picnic for three, but we’ll get to that later. The castaways are playing “mob rules” where everyone answers a question about the other castaways. Those who get it right take a hatchet to their competitors’ effigy. After three strikes the effigies fall into the flames and leave behind a skeleton. It’s quite clever. It’s also quite creepy.

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Survivor One World Episode 11 Tonight

Tonight on Survivor One World, the drama looks to be coming all from the girls. And we knew that was bound to happen since there are barely any guys left.

According to the promo below, things heat up between Kat and her alliance. Could a guy be spared this week? Could the girls’ alliance be weakening? Let’s hope so. It’s time for things to be shaken up this season!

The official CBS show description: A hissy fit turns into a full-blown Kat fight! Will the women turn on each other?

Be sure to check back during the show for Matt’s live coverage and elimination results and come back tomorrow for my complete recap of the episode.

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Survivor 2012 One World Secret Scenes: Kim Confesses to Troy and Tarzan’s Soulmate

Following the last Survivor One World Tribal Council that resulted in Leif’s elimination, Kim explains herself to Troy.

She confesses that all of Troy’s fears from the past two week were warranted and that all the girls are back together as one alliance.

And what was in Tarzan’s letters from loved ones that wasn’t shared during the broadcast? Well, after he rambles on about his Jeep needing shocks, he finally tells us in the secret scene below that he gave $500 to get a letter from his wife – his soulmate. He goes on to talk about how long they’ve been married and what she means to him. Apparently Tarzan is a private person and apparently he rambles on too much for CBS to show us during the telecast when he finally opens up. But you can check it out below following the Kim and Troy secret scene

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