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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Brandon Hantz Has No Regrets


This week we watched as Brandon Hantz was voted off Survivor 2013 Caramoan right on the spot just before the immunity challenge. The cast-off checked in with The Hollywood Reporter following the airing of this week’s episode and he has no regrets. In fact, he and the whole Hantz family had a viewing party for the episode.

“I really, really like my edit, man. I looked like such a crybaby the last time,” Brandon told THR. “It’s like I’m such a different person. [Viewers] got to see both sides of Brandon, good and bad. I’m the first Survivor to ever turn from hero to max-hero. I’m the biggest hero to ever playSurvivor. I’m a realist, and that’s what it is. Nobody ever went to those extremes. I legitimately made history on Survivor, and I’d like to continue that legacy and compete against my uncle. I want to show him, hey, little Hantz ain’t that little anymore. I think yesterday he got a little intimidated.”

Brandon seems the most pleased that he has his uncle Russell Hantz’s approval.

“He’s never been prouder of me. He actually said that to me. He wants me to compete against him on Survivor. I’ve always wanted to have his acceptance. He’s such a big deal for Survivor; it’s cool to have his respect. He’s like Boston Rob and Richard Hatch, who I respect. It’s cool to have a great on my side, especially when it’s family.”


Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 5 Recap: A Meltdown Leads To Immediate Elimination

Brandon Hantz on Survivor

This week Survivor 2013 Caramoan made history as a tribe member was voted off the island on the spot before the immunity challenge was even played.

The Brandon Hantz show starts off right away when he’s talking about feeling guilty about leaving his family to play Survivor and he says he’ll volunteer to go out during the next Tribal Council.

He also admits to the tribe that he was ready to pee on the rice and burn the camp down. He apologizes, but that doesn’t stop the others from thinking he’s crazy.

And the next day, he calls a meeting and he’s already changed his mind. That’s usually how a mentally unstable person works though. They go up and down and back and forth. I really don’t understand why he was allowed on the show. But whatever.

It’s reward challenge time. It’s a game of coconut basketball, only two tribe members from each team have to hold up the nets as they fill with coconuts. They have to try to not let their nets drop. If they drop, they lose.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 5 Results

Gota tribe on Survivor 2013

Tonight on Survivor we’re back to the grind with that grind being the slow destruction of the Gota tribe. Can they pull out of this tale spin or will things continue to crash and burn for the orange-tagged tribe. If what we were promised in some early promos the real fun might be coming out of Bikal with yet another Hantz family patented meltdown. We shall see.

Sure enough, we learn that Brandon is considering bailing on the game because he feels bad about leaving his two babies at home. Wait. Two babies? Okay, anyway. The Bikal tribe isn’t taking this well so we’ll have to wait and see what it means for this first challenge coming up. Oh, wait hold that thought. Brandon has decided to play hard after all.

And now on to the first challenge, Nut Bucket, for a luxury item, meat and veggies. Who will take back the prize? Andrea, Dawn, and Eric sit out for Bikal as they’re up three players while Gota needs every one of theirs. Michael and Matt hold up the ropes for their team while Brandon and Phillip are supporting the Fav’s buckets.

Brandon is getting heavily targeted by the Fans and is the first to fall on Survivor 2013 tonight. Matt falls next for the Fans and leaves Michael and Phillip as the last two “holders.” This looks brutal, but Phillip refuses to acknowledge how difficult this must be. Sure enough, the Favs get the gold and leave the Fans hungry as they take back the food prizes.

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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Caramoan Week 5 Challenge Revealed (Video)

Survivor 2013 Caramoan Challenges

It’s time for another episode of Survivor tonight on CBS and that means we’re getting some spoilers for 2013′s Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites.

This week’s challenge is called “Nut Buster” and will pose the two tribes actively working to sabotage the other. Each tribe will get two players to hold a rope with a basket on the other end. The remaining players will lob coconuts at the opposing tribe’s baskets to overload them with weight and cause the castaways holding the ropes to drop. Last player holding his or her rope will win the competition for their tribe.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 5 Tonight (Preview)


We’ve been teased that tonight’s episode of Survivor Caramoan is going to be historic, and according to the new preview, it will be!

Apparently, the Brandon Hantz meltdown is part of a Brandon vs. Phillip blow-up. The promo below describes the two as “ticking time bombs” about to go “over the edge.” And then, we get to the part where history is being made. “For the first time ever, an emergency intervention will shock everyone,” the announcer says.

And then it cuts to Jeff Probst. “We’re having Tribal Council right now,” he says as he holds on to Brandon.

This is going to be good! Like really, really good.

Be sure to check back later here for live coverage of tonight’s episode of Survivor Caramoan and tomorrow for a full recap of Episode 5. And as always, we’ll be here for all of your Survivor 2013 news, results and recaps throughout the week. And you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those sent right to you.

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