Survivor South Pacific episode 7

Survivor South Pacific continued to run strong this week in the ratings after pulling in roughly 11.8 million viewers and tieing its season premiere level. Could CBS’ teasing of Ozzy’s wild gamble have been the key to the episode’s slight jump? If that’s the case then next week’s should do even better.

So far we don’t know much about what will happen next as CBS was expectantly tight lipped in their preview of episode 8 for just what would happen with the potential tribe merge. When Entertainment Weekly spoke with Survivor host Jeff Probst he hinted that we’d see another big event:

EW: Tease us up for next week’s episode, Jeff.

Probst: If you thought Ozzy’s move was good, just wait till next week. Game Changer.

Game changer? Could Ozzy come back and Cochran decline to return the immunity idol? I know I’d have a hard time letting that one go!

What do you think will happen next week on South Pacific?