Recent Survivor 2012 castoff Jeff Kent went out with a bang with his end-credits remarks and his exit interview, and now the former baseball great is cutting on fellow contestant Lisa Welchel to People Magazine.

So what is Jeff saying about the former TV teen acrtress?

“She never played the game,” Jeff told People. “She stood around in groups and during the conversations said, ‘I’ll do what you tell me to do.’ She never once showed in any conversation that she was trying to play the game. We were ripping on her for not having any strategy.”

And hee feels really strongly about that statement.

“She had no game. No clue at all,” Jeff continued. “She was fighting her morals and ethics, worried about lying. And then she starts lying to people. The way she played the game really hurt her chances.”

His criticism doesn’t stop with Lisa.

That’s the thing: these people weren’t playing the game,” he said of the others on the show. “They weren’t playing well at all. I got out there and was playing hard, but I think I was the only one sometimes.”

It should be interesting to hear what Jeff has to say when it comes time to vote for the winner of Survivor Philippines.