This week on Survivor 2012, we said goodbye to three-time castaway Jonathan Penner. The day after his elimination, he sat down for his exit interview and, as always, he had  A LOT to say.

“I played hard and I accomplished much of what I’d wanted to accomplish,” Penner said of his Survivor Philippines experience. “I played the game I wanted to play. I talk a good game, but I don’t play a good game. I really don’t lie and I don’t cheat. I use words to try to craft the truth. I don’t use words to obscure my meaning.”

He goes on about that a bit longer, and it gets confusing because he says he played the game he wanted to play but then says he’s not a good player. So yeah. Not sure about all that.

He also talks about how he couldn’t possibly imagine playing Survivor a fourth time, so it sounds like he’s done.

“I’ve learned that I am done with Survivor,” he says. “I needed to do this. But I’ve gotten everything out of Survivor that I could have. [besides the money].”

Find out what else Penner had to say in his exit interview below. And be sure to stay here with us for all of your