Every now and then, we come across a Surivor Secret Scene that you can tell almost made it into the show and definitely should have. Today’s Survivor Philippines Secret Scene is one of those.

This scene shows Pete working on Abi to give him her immunity idol. Pete knows he’s a goner, so that’s probably why it was edited out, so we’d have some actual suspense with who was going home.

“I’m the solo soldier,” Pete says as he works on getting Abi’s idol. “I’m going to keep fighting right now. Otherwise it’s me (going home).”

As we all know, Abi used the idol on herself and Pete was sent out of the game.

“I love you, but I can’t do that,” Abi says in the scene below. “It would just be really bad for my image.”

Pete continues to work her.

“You’d be viewed as selfless,” he said. “You’re being selfish right now.”

Survivor Philippines airs again this Wednesday night. Be sure to check back here for live coverage of the episode and a full recap the following morning.