Survivor 2013 Blood Vs. Water: Episode 2 Results

Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water - Episode 02 Immunity Challenge 02

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs. Water is back for week two and so are we. I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s episode, so please stick with us and follow along!

The episode opens on Marissa arriving at Redemption Island, joining Candice and Rupert. But let’s get down to actual business for this episode. Even before the opening credits, we see the return of the Colton we first met on Survivor One World. He’s not quite as vile, but it looks like his new Mr. Nice Guy image is already headed out to sea.

Cut to the Tadhana Tribe and they’re enjoying their fire. Finally. There’s a lot of suspicions going on among the tribe, but that breaks up when they get the tree-mail that they’re heading to Redemption Island to watch the showdown between Candice, Rupert and Marissa.

Before we get to the battle, Marissa gets to have some words to the tribe that just turned on her at the Tribal Council. The first person to finish the challenge not only gets to stay alive, they get to decide who gets a clue to the hidden immunity idle.  As for the person who finishes last, they head out of the game for good.

Rupert is just about to win the challenge, but his stack falls. That leaves it open for Candice to secure her spot and she does. She’s safe. Marissa finishes second and holds on to her spot on Redemption Island. Rupert is out and heads home. He’s officially the first one completely out of the game.

Candice gets to give the immunity clue and she obviously gives the clue to her husband, John. He now has to decide what he wants to do with it. Does he want to keep the information to himself and try to sneak away and find it or does he want to share the info with his alliance?

Over at the Galang Tribe, angry Colton is in full-force. And he’s ready for the chaos. Kat tells him that Tina is talking smack, so he gets excited over the prospect of drama. And it doesn’t take long for his tribe mates to know he’s really not any different than the first time he played. And it sounds like he’s going to do anything he can to make sure his tribe shows up at Tribal Council.

Which probably isn’t the best idea since his tribe seems to be already over his bullying. Aras called him a “gay Russell Hantz” even. So the heat was on Kat, but now it’s on Colton. And during all this, an alliance of five formed. So don’t expect any of these people to go home anytime  soon: Tyson Aras, Gervase , Tina and Monica.

It’s immunity challenge time and in addition to immunity, the tribes are also playing for a lot of fishing gear. The challenge: the tribes have to put one member in a barrel and roll them from station to station across the field. There the person will jump out, untie a bag of pieces, get back in the barrel, and be rolled off to the next stop.

Galang takes an early lead, but Tadhana isn’t far behind so don’t count them out. The loved ones end up taking the lead! And now it’s down between Hayden and Gervase in the final battle. In the end  Gervase wins. The returning players win their second in a row. The loved ones will again head to Tribal Council.

So who are they going after? The guys in the tribe are tossing around Rachel’s name. But John’s causing doubt among his tribe because he’s thinking ahead to Redemption Island because of Candice. He doesn’t want the wrong person going up against Candice. And that makes sense. But it’s putting a target on his back. And then there’s that immunity idol clue he has that he’s not sharing.

It’s time for the votes:

  • John
  • John
  • Ciara
  • Rachel
  • Rachel
  • Rachel
  • Rachel
  • Rachel … Rachel is the second person voted out of Blood vs. Water.

Rachel will join Candice and Marissa next week at Redemption Island. One of them will go home.


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