Survivor 2013 Caramoan Episode 9 Recap: Tribal Council Gets Crazy


This week’s episode of Survivor 2013 Caramoan is being called one of the best in years because of what went down during Tribal Council. I’m just going to award it the most confusing episode ever.

At the start of the episode, we get a Phillip and Sherri scene that was just creepy and uncomfortable. Thankfully we get right to the reward challenge.

The tribe meets up with Jeff Probst. He tells him they’ll divide into two teams of five. It’s sort of a game of soccer only there’s water involved and they can use their hands.

The winning team will repell down a waterfall for a picnic lunch. Sweet.

Purple: Eddie, Erik, Reynold, Michael and Cochran

Orange: Brenda, Andrea, Dawn, Phillip and Malcolm.

Sherri was not picked.

Purple wins. Duh. The only surprise there was that Malcolm was not on the purple team.

The Purple Team does their thing and have an annoying bro, bro, I love you bro, man, dude, moment . Back at the camp, Malcolm and Sherri are talking game and trying to find out what’s going to go down this week.

And as soon as Malcolm steps away, the others gang up on him. They decide to let him think he’s making a Reynold/Eddie blindside but they’ll really be voting for a Malcolm blindside. Game on.

Showmance alert. Can Andrea and Eddie be falling for each other or is it just gameplay? Whatever it is, they cued the romantic music and we got a few “I like yous” and yada, yada, yada.

It’s Immunity Challenge time. Jeff tells them they’ll each take a spot in the water under a steel grate. And the water will slowly rise and they’ll eventually be submerged. The last person to remain under the water wins immunity.

Phillip is out first. Sherri is out second. Then Erik. Dawn is the fourth person out. Malcolm is out next. Michael is out. Eddie is the next out. Then Reynold and Cochran. In the end, Brenda wins immunity.

After the challenge, some serious games of deception take place. Malcolm thinks he’s running the game. Andrea thinks she’s in charge. Everyone is lying to everyone else and even I’m confused about what the hell is going on. Reynold shows Dawn his idol. Reynold threatens her. And I’m even more confused.

And then Andrea and Eddie talk and yeah. It’s your typical pre-Tribal council cluster that never turns out as you expect. So let’s just get to the vote before I go insane.

At Tribal Council Phillip shows all his crazy at once. And Eddie, Reynold and Michael learn that they’re in a group of eight versus three since Sherri has joined Phillip’s delusional Stealths R Us. Or at least Phillip thinks that’s what’s going on.

As Reynold is about to play his hidden immunity idol, Malcolm tells him not to because the others voted for him, Malcolm. He convinces Reynold to give him the idol and Reynold does. Which was just stupid. But in the end, it didn’t even matter.

The Votes


Michael is voted out. Where did that come from? I guess they knew Reyold was going to play his idol. I give up. I’m done with this episode. Ha.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Survivor 2013?


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