Survivor Caramoan - Final Five

The Survivor Caramoan finale is this Sunday at 8PM on CBS and one of these final five castaways will become the Sole Survivor. Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Dawn, and Sherri are all that remain. The “Favorites” have walked all over the “Fans” but the numbers are now just 3 against 2 which means the Favorites will have to stop eating their own and band together if they want to shut out the Fans.

Teased in the next episode’s promo we learned that someone may have a medical emergency as we see Jeff Probst visiting the camp in the middle of the night and telling them the game had just been “rocked.”

Let’s take a vote. Who do you think will win Survivor 2013 Caramoan? You can either vote on who you want to win or who you think will win, if those two are different answers. Then share your thoughts on why.

Join us this Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 8PM for a live recap and discussion throughout the finale results show.