Survivor 2013 Redemption Island Week 3

Get an early look at this week’s Redemption Island challenge for Survivor 2013 Week 5. Brad Culpepper will join Candice and John in a three-way duel where one more castaway will be eliminated from Blood Vs Water.

So far we’re anticipating the tease from CBS about Brad and Monica swapping to be false. CBS has been careful to only show John and Candice competing in the challenge, but it’s probably safe to say they’ll be facing off against Brad rather than Monica.

The challenge will at least in part require the players to build a bridge one board at a time using a puzzle approach of pegs and matching boards. There have been challenges this season at Redemption Island that are both single and multi-step, but nothing so far indicates if there’s more to the race than just building a bridge to reach the other side of the arena.

Check out the pictures below from this week’s Survivor Redemption challenge:

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