Survivor 2013 - Castaways prepare on Episode 12

We’re about to find out who was voted off Survivor tonight when the Redemption Island castaways make a house of cards to avoid elimination and the remaining six players take on one heck of an obstacle course slash balancing act. That’s all before Kasama heads to what’s reportedly an intense Tribal Council.

Tonight’s show kicks off with Kasama arriving back at camp and Hayden putting his new vote-out-Tyson plan in to effect by announcing just that. He knows his game is in danger and the Vets are calling the shots, but with the numbers tied this will be tricky.

Over at the Redemption Island camp Caleb arrives to join Tina and Laura. They’re preparing to head to the arena where one of the three will be sent home. This won’t be a quick challenge either as the players must stack wooden cards to create the tallest structure the fastest.

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Caleb, Tina, and Laura take their spots at Redemption Island and kick off the “House of Cards” challenge. They’ll have to build a stack eight feet tall using small wooden cards. Things get off to a very rough start as they continue to drop over and over.

Laura takes a HUGE lead and is about twice as far along as Tina and Caleb. She’s up to the very top when cards start falling but she’s able to recover and wins with a healthy lead over the others.

At this point neither Tina or Caleb look like they’ll reach 8 feet before the time runs out so the win will have to go to whichever one has the tallest stack when time runs out. Caleb is pulling away, but it’s still very close.

Ohhhh. Caleb. He’s nearly to the end when his entire stack falls. Everything. It’s all gone. Tina stops building and waits out the clock. Ouch. Caleb is eliminated from Survivor Blood Vs Water. Tina and Laura stay alive. Laura gets to hand out the clue to Ciera who decides to keep it this time.

Back at camp Ciera shares her clue with Tyson, Gervase, and Monica. The Idol is hidden somewhere in a tree near their water. Soon everyone is looking including Hayden and Katie. Who will find it first? No surprise. It’s Tyson. He decides to keep it a secret again and heads off to take a nap.

Hayden works on Gervase and while he might give Hayden lip service, we know Gervase isn’t flipping.

Immunity is up for grabs. Today’s challenge is called “Ram-Ball On” and requires the players to balance a cue ball on a stick and work it across an obstacle course without dropping the ball. Once they get to the other side they’ll throw bags on pedestals to knock off blocks. First to finish wins Immunity and the luxury of ice cream.

Monica is leading the challenge with Tyson not far behind her. Sure enough both are through and on to the second phase. The rest are way behind.

It’s still just Gervase and Monica throwing bags. Gervase has just one last piece left to knock down but keeps missing. Tyson shows up to start throwing as Monica closes in.

The race is tight between all the Vets when Gervase finally gets that last one and wins Immunity. Jeff lets Gervase pick two players to join him for the ice cream and he picks Monica then Tyson, of course.

The castaways prepare for Tribal Council and there’s a lot of time left in tonight’s show. This looks promising.

The choice is clear for Ciera. Vote with the Vets and stay safe. Tonight. Vote with the Newbies and they’ll tie and head to a rock-draw tie-breaker. Did Hayden sway Ciera to take that gamble?

Jeff offers a chance for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyson doesn’t flinch. Jeff reveals the votes: Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden, & Monica.

It’s a tie so neither Monica nor Hayden can vote, but the others can only vote for one of those two choices.

Jeff reveals the votes, again: Monica, Hayden, Monica, & Hayden.

Deadlock. The rules state the four voters must either agree on a name or they’ll draw rocks. Ciera protests that she knows she’s fourth with the Vets so they all agree to draw rocks.

White rock goes. Black rock stays.

The big loser is… Katie has the white rock. She’s knocked out and heads to Redemption Island.

Craziness! Jeff says that’s only the second time in 27 seasons that they’ve gone to a rock draw. It was a big move for Ciera, but in the end it wasn’t worth it. The Vets retain control and Tyson still holds the Immunity Idol heading in to next week’s episode.

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