Survivor Cagayan - Life At Ponderosa

Survivor Cagayan – Life At Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Sarah was voted off Survivor last night which makes her the first to arrive at Ponderosa this season, a dubious honor for sure. So how long did it take her to figure out why she was there? Not long at all.

Sarah quickly identifies Kass as the source of the flip but then starts digging in to her ability to be a mother and the impact on Kass’s daughter and all that. Come on, Sarah, it’s a game. Bad move or not, they’re all up for grabs without impacting your personal life.

On the other side of that she does give a lot of credit to them for catching her off guard and is very positive especially given her position in the game.

Once Sarah settles in to her resort life there’s a funny segment on getting to see herself in the mirror for the first time in nineteen days. She isn’t too happy that we’ve been looking at her in this state, but her first step is to grab the toothbrush and give ’em a go. Oh that’d be on the top of my list too. Ugh that’d be nasty.

Check out Sarah’s full Ponderosa arrival video below and see what she had to say on the experience and what she thinks might happen on Survivor Cagayan now that she’s gone.

Survivor Cagayan: Sarah Arrives At Ponderosa