The Survivor 2015 finale arrives on Wednesday and delivers the news of who won Survivor Second Chance, but while we wait we can get a sneak peek of the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor finale Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor finale Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

Six castaways remain heading in to the episode, but three are about to be picked off starting with this first competition. Castaways will race across the beach, untie boards, build a staircase, and race up it to solve another puzzle.

We don’t get a look beyond this challenge just yet, but maybe CBS will let something else slip so we’ll keep watching. In the meantime, here we have a close look at the set up for this first challenge of the night. It won’t be easy, but really it shouldn’t be, right?

Which Survivor castaway do you think has the best chance to win this one? They’ve almost all played so strong that I could see most of them winning this. I don’t really expect Kimmi to win this one though. Yes there is a castaway named Kimmi. She’s the one that’s… well, she’s been there all season. I think.

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