CBS has announced the Survivor 2016 start date for the Kaoh Rong premiere and return of Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty.

Survivor 2016: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty returns

Survivor 2016: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty returns – Source: CBS

Survivor returns on February 17, 2016 at 8/7c with a 90-minute season premiere that’ll take us back to the beach of Cambodia where we’ll watch the 18 castaways, the new cast of Survivor 2016, split in to three tribes each with their own strengths. Well, I guess beauty is a strength of some sort for the game, right?

The three Survivor tribes are Brains, Brawn, and Beauty like we saw the last time this theme was applied, but really the categorization of these castaways is a little silly. There are a lot of tough looking castaways so wouldn’t most of them get the Brawn group? I’m also questioning a few of the Beauty picks, but we’ll see how that turns out. After 30+ days on the beach I’m not sure anyone will still qualify for that last group.

Which tribe do you think will prove to have what it takes to send a member to the winner’s circle this season on Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong?