Settle in for Wednesday night’s Survivor 2017 because we get not one, but two full hours of Game Changers goodness starting at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

Survivor 2017 Immunity Idol with Jeff Probst

Survivor 2017 Immunity Idol with Jeff Probst – Source: CBS

After last week’s memorable Tribal Council we’re going to see Jeff Probst and company keep the momentum rolling with a pair of eliminations as we wind down the backhalf of the Survivor 2017 season on Mamanuca Islands.

This week we’ve got the Tribe Merge showing up and that’s going to send thirteen castaways over to one camp as one big happy family. Well, of course not.

As for the numbers advantage, the new-new Mana will have a seven to six lead over the new-new Nuku, but come on. These are the third iteration of tribes and alliances that come with them. Things have been stirred and shaken so much it’s hard to be sure where the alliances will be redrawn when this merge hits.

We’ll get back to back episodes so that should drop us to just eleven castaways with double vote-outs on Wednesday night. You won’t want to miss this one, but if you do there’s always CBS All Access to catch you up. See you back here Wednesday night at 8PM ET for our live show coverage.