What a night on Survivor 2017 that was for the latest voted-off castaway. Some players just can’t catch a break but you’ve got to be especially careless in your game to set yourself up for such an easy knockout.

Survivor 2017 Game Changers Episode 11

After the family visits for five of the castaways we were quickly back in to the game as sides were again wavering over which way the next vote should go. Just when it looked like we could get a blindside flip things went for the easy pick.

I don’t know what Sierra was thinking by telling Sarah she’d get her superpower if Sierra were to leave the game. Ya know, maybe you say “I’ve got this power I can use to your benefit, but only if I’m still in the game.” Hmm.

And this wasn’t Sierra’s first setback with Sarah. Remember that whole exchange between them that they should be the F3 along with Debbie? What happened next? Sarah voted out Debbie! Good grief. Well I imagine Sierra is kicking herself now while watching this all play out from home.

Check out these highlight moments from the latest Survivor Game Changers episode as we’re close in on just two more weeks of the series before the season finale crowns a new Sole Survivor.

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